Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Day 5 (if you start from where I started.) Technically, its the second day of the program. Regardless:

I'm LOVING Korea! This is an awesome trip! It's practically a vacation, the "classes" don't require much work - just exploring aspects of Korean culture. Yesterday we learned about Hangil the Korean written alphabet, and did two hours of practicing that. Also were invited to the awarding of an Honorary Doctorate to a national celebrity, and today we learned about Korean history and the differences between Korean culture and western culture.

The first two days were unbearably hot and sunny, thought I'd sweat away my ... I dunno, there's not "DeF. phrase" for this situation. But since then its been very rainy, muggy, wet. But cooler, woohoO! Everyone else hates it, I'm loving it.

Remarkable Observations:
Koreans rarely wash their hands in the bathroom x_x I still have.
Because of that, there are sinks but *NO* paper towels/air dryers. ANYwhere.
Korean chopsticks are thinner and flatter than Chinese or Japanese chopsticks. Imagine my shock when some Chinese students were confused by the Korean chopsticks. It led to a fun conversation.
Most Koreans speak a tiny bit of English, but will tell you they don't speak any because they are shy about using it. But they are understanding you.

Remarkable facts:
Also on this trip are students from Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Romania and Morrocco.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starbucks in Korea, the Plane Ride

Andrew's log, Korea, Saturday June 27th - Day 01.

I am presently in a Starbucks at Seoul Gimpo airport, enjoying an "iced orange black" (i presume tea.) Though they have free wifi, you need to be a Korean citizen (and have a draft registration number...) to access it. The trip here so far has been largely stressless, thank God. (P.S. The American song "can you believe, they put a man on the moon..." is playing. In English. How odd.)

Delta Airlines was average by all measures. Korean Airlines was very hospitable, as Mrs. Marx said they would be! The touchscreen built into my seat was kind of annoying, but I was glad it existed at all for my 13 hour plane ride from Atlanta to Seoul Incheon! During those 13 hours, I slept for 2 hours, had two meals (Chicken and Beef, the chicken came with a side of sushi I tried and did not like.) Haha, I was totally offered wine but declined. During the trip I watched (in entirety) Taken, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bride Wars, and Yes Man. Other options I didn't watch, but may on the way back: The International, Bolt, and Caroline. So yay for catching up on movies I wasn't interested enough to see in theaters but would rent one day! And the Korean lady next to me was very nice (no menopause woman like last time.) and helped me fill out some immigration forms.

OMG! I'm the first DeF. to go to Asia this millenium n.n I think Grandpa DeF. went there in the 50's. And Grandpa Chv. was here in the 50s too. Wow, Asia, its so cool! I was thinking on the train from Seoul Incheon to Seoul Gimpo (as Megan called it, the "Seoul-train!") how many things will be different. I can't wait to talk to my roommates about accents, customs, how even the average bird is going to be completely different species compared to the American Robin we see all the time in Ohio. (A species I've come to think of as "generic bird that's not a pidgeon.") It's also very mountainous here. And even the trees are a different style, very long thin leaves rather than the maple/elm style abundant in America!

In regards to time travel, I am 13 hours ahead of Garfield/Akron/etc. So it is 6:15 PM Saturday here, but it is 5:15 AM Saturday in Garfield. So just add 12 (change the M) to Garfield time, and then add one more hour. Simple enough.

I've already encountered the Asian Hannah Montana and Katy Perry, photos to follow.

I miss everyone! And I hope I find a converter for my labtop charger, like my phone came with, otherwise it may become difficult to post anything... ever.

End log. 5:27 AM, Garfield timeframe.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Zero Hour

End of Volume 5.

[v.o.] "Previously, on The TV Show that is My Life..."

[Montage of Summer adventures, culminating in clips of my arranging for the South Korea trip. Last party of the year at Kayla's, Jen's grad party, Circle K Spring Board Meeting, road trip to Rio, the haunted castle at night, the abandoned castle during the day, Cedar Point, driving aimlessly through Medina County, getting pulled over in Bedford Reservation, the abandoned school, 24 hour Walmart, Donut Depot, IHOP, Kim's picnic, The Melt, Edgewater, buying fireworks, setting them off,...

...Eventually fading to live-- Andrew, sitting at the Cleveland Hopkins international Airport. It's 7:45 AM. He has his labtop and carry on bag, and his large travel case finally packed with clothes. Passport in hand, he waits patiently to head to Atlanta, Georga. His plane leaves at 9:30 AM.]

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So ends the second-to-last episode of the season. But don't worry, The TV Show that is My Life may be going on hiatus for a month - but you can still follow our made-for-TV-movie! Andrew Goes To Korea!

Countdown to Korea: 20 hours.

Well it's been a busy last episode or two X_X I've been shuffled office to office all over the University of Akron to get the last form filled out before I can leave. Turns out -- the History department doesn't keep any advisers on campus for summer (unlike ALL THE OTHER DEPARTMENTS) so I'm going to have to email and fax while I'm in Korea. On top of that, I got my first bloody parking ticket ><;;;; ERRRRR!!!! On campus, it's only 25$ but I'm still pissed. And ya know how Akroners get one free parking ticket? Well you need to have a parking pass to do that. You Need A Parking Pass, to get rid of your ticket, for Not having A PArking PASS!? ARRR

It's just been a very frusterating week. The upside has definitly been I've argued Verizon into giving me my new upgrade early - so despite previous reports to the contrary, I will be able to call and txt and facebook from Korea! I have the new Blackberry Storm, its so perty n.n

In other news, my bff's are arranging a dinner in honor of my leaving at Mongolian Barbecue in Coventry -- I may make fun of Moon to much, but she really is the bestest!!! Now I just have to pack and get my final things in order before then.

Well this is my second to last post from the United States, I'll update you on our season finale later. I think I'll get to packing and the other tons of things I have to do before I leave and tonight!

Song of the Day: Party All The Time by the Black Eyed Peas. You guessed it - another B.E.P. song. I LOVE this new album!!!

"If If We Could Party All Night
And Sleep All Day
And Throw All Of My Problems Away
My Life Would Be Eaaasy...
My Life Would Be Eaaasy...
I Would Drink And Go Out, Out
With My Crew
Party, Party all night
Yeah, That's What I Do

Housemate perk of the day: Clearly my future roommates will be able to answer any and all technology questions I have, based on the extended conversation about my phone they've been having on my facebook -- lol.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sorry James, my new middle name is ADVENTURE

Woo! So I'd been hoping to devote a road trip to another pseudo-major city in Ohio for abandone buildings, particularly one that had many on websites like Illicit Ohio or the No Tresspassing one - and when Sarah wanted to go on such a road trip, Youngstown seemed like a great idea! Especially since rather than one abandoned building, they had a whole abandoned military base!

On top of getting a late start, it took us quite a while to find the place! We saw a bunch of apparently abandoned steel factories, and any other kind of establishment you can imagine in "The Incredible Shrinking City." One gas station tried directing us to the Ravenna Arsenal, but that turned out to not be it (and be much more heavily guarded than I would want to try to break into. It had a tank!) But after hours of searching, we found it! But had to find a good place to park, a closed car repair shop with a near-full lot was perfect cover! After the hike up a hill (I removed my sunshine yellow polo because I was visible even to low flying aircraft) we found it!

Alot of hallways like this, delapedated. But AWESOME!
More delapedation, the roofs and flooring in none of the buildings were particularly trust worthy. A building or two even had clear sagging and caved in floors that we explored quickly and hopped out.

The websites I'd found and my personal opinion says the base consisted (or at least does today of) 2 classroom buildings (identical), 2 baracks (identical), a kitchen/lunchroom building (seen above), a garage, and 3-6 other buildings of unknown purpose.

Building of unknown purpose -- I like how the thing on top looks like the Star Trek ships' shuttlebay control room. (Seen here sortof.) Also that funny table with a bunch of drawers (a repair shop or engineering room of some sort?) had a bunch of moss growing on it that made it kind of look like a natural model trainset landscape. Haha, I dunno, when it came to trainsets the trains were never as interesting to me as the little houses and trees and mountains and whatnot.

Moving on, here we see the barracks from the outside (look very M*A*S*H*-like.) The inside of one had old fashiond, but relativly preserved chairs (likely put there recently.)

In other News: I took David driving today! He wasn't great, but it was his literally first time. I noticed he tended to want to drive like it was a go-cart, hands at ten and two and never letting go of that position, which dramatically restricts your movements. Ugh, he will learn to drive in August when I get back. And he better have a job by then too.

Song of the Day:
"Ring-a-Ling", Black Eyed Peas. Most of the lyrics to the song are "ring-a-ling" (I know, big surprise from the people who brought you My Humps...) but it took me a dozen times hearing the song to realize it's about a midnight booty call - lol. Early in the song there's this weird chipmunk-esque voice with an entertaining line that's hard to transcribe. But yeah, that's almost all the B.E.P.'s songs from this CD I can stand. "You don't wanna have sex with me? Then why you keep txt'in me..."

Oh darn! I had that song playing on iTunes, and another song from that album I love just came up. Nah, I'll save it for tomorrow. Sorry people who are tired of the B. Eyed Peas.

Quote of the Day:
Hung with Cassie, Moon, and Matt tonight - Cassie has a phrase she likes using "C*ntalaneous moth*r f**ker." While Moon was trying to say something about it, she said:
"Cu*talicious" - Moon
"So delicious!" - Me
"But, she ain't promiscuous!" - Cassie

Korean Countdown: Something like 3 days til I leave! My trip will take me to Georgia, then to Korea; my return trip is through Los Angelous [LAX]. Unfortunatly, the Japanese portion had to be cut for cost.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The TV Show that is My Life: On Location!

Haha, so anyone who knows me knows I like referencing "The TV Show that is My Life." Because my life is a TV show, with repeats, guest stars, and cliff hangers. Well it seems like lately the show went on location in this forest near a huge-round onramp. And I've encountered this exact image (in different places) like four, five times this week (twice supposed to be the same place.) But I've been joking with Panda and Sarah that we just filmed on location for one day, and my character just changed clothes three times.

Long story short, me and Amanda returned to the scene of the crime so to speak and found a castle in the woods we'd been looking for earlier but couldn't find.
Remember my blog is like the bonus features and in depth story of my Facebook albums, so these pictures are all different (and usually more intersting) than the ones on Facebook - but should be read in conjunction with. The story of Faymore's castle is that a pharmacist got rich off selling illegal prescriptions, started building himself a castle in the woods of North Ridgeville/Eaton/Elyria, but got caught by the FBI for fraud before he could finish it.
Lol, Amanda: "What the F***, it's like Legends of the Hidden Temple in here..." -- haha, climbing through these crazy passages was kinda LotHT'-y. But don't worry, we tried desperately NOT to touch any and all of that Posion Ivy kinda everywhere.Tho I did take a picture of it. Ladies and gentleman, Poison Ivy. Identifiable by its vine-nature, and three-leafed accenuations. It's poison - Urushiol - creates urushiol induced contact dermatitus, or an itchy rash on the skin.Curiously, every time I upload this pic it flips to the side -- oh well, its off center anyway. And that was my trip to Faymore's Castle with Panda. Special thanks to IllicitOhio.com, a website that tho does not promote people tresspassing, was very valuable for informational purposes!

Fireworks, btw, went excellently! I totally didn't shoot them off in Ohio, PA all the way yo. I got tons of abandoned building pictures to post now - I hope I can fit them in before I leave, cause once I'm in Korea I want my blogs to be all about Korea. But when I get back in August - it's back to exploration, and boldly going where no man has gone before... [by which I mean no man has been there for legitimate purposes in a long time.]

Song of the Day: "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas. Haha, another song from the "The E.N.D." album -- which stands for "Energy Never Dies" btw. Hehe, always a good CD to start a hangout with - and I could listen to "I gotta feeling" over and over and never get tired of it.

Quotes of the Day: (Dedicated to Mom...)

"Mom, I'm looking for a place to [do illegal thing] any ideas?" - Me.
"Well, not near a fire station or police station. But happy hunting!" - Mom, being AWESOME

"Sorry I left the can of pop in the freezer [and it exploded] mom." - Me.
"It's okay, I've done it before too, as they say 'Out of Sight out of Mind'." - Mom's phrases.

"Mom, lets say I called you and said I got arrested on one of my adventures, how would you react -- aside from the disappointment and anger?"
"Well, first I'd be unhappy you woke me up [Lol!] and then I'd check how much money I had in the bank account..." - Mom is really the bestest. She also offered to bail friends out, depending on how many and how much, rofl!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go out and smash it, Like Oh My Gawd...

Woo, so for some reason I was up till like 6:30 -- but my insomnia finally got me to clean my room significantly. So the other day I did some preliminary explorations around various places - abandoned paint store in Garfield, abandoned school and house in Garfield, etc. So I haven't actually gone in any of these, but am considering in the future.

Here we have the abandoned school by Dan's house on the outskirts of Garfield Heights, in the ghetto-est part of the city. Lol, I actually didn't compute that this school existed where it did. My mom actually worked here very briefly in the 1990's as an office clerk. All I really remember is that she taught a bunch of hoodlums to make paper airplanes and she felt accomplished.

Another thing that never computed: a former school in Garfield was named after one of my two favorite Presidents! OMG! *u* Likely Franklin D., as it was built in 1960. Still, reminds me of a scene from Star Trek where they time travel back in time and find the U.S. Naval vessel with the same name as their ship, and they're like "Oh, and sir, the ship, it is the Enterprise..."

The inside is in pretty good condition, even the windows are almost all there and complete. Getting in would be difficult without damage, and the Urbanite motto is "Take only pictures, Leave only footprints..." So I'll have to scheme my way inside another day. Dan says the place is filled with Rats anyway.
A peek inside (glare unavoidable, this was the only pic that actually came out with the inside visible.) My last camera had a focus setting where you could have the focus set at so many meters, and anything between would almost be invisible. I haven't found that setting on this camera yet.The back of the school. A kid was playing on the basketball court when I got there, after I appeared he left pretty quickly. And that was my day trip alone to Roosevelt School in Garfield Heights, Ohio. It later became a Community Center apparently before ultimately closing. (Just had to include those keywords in case someone googles "Roosevelt School Garfield...")

So the agenda for today includes buying some fireworks "that we will then proceed to take directly to the Pennsylvania border and shoot off there, we have no intention of shooting them off in the state of Ohio, because that is illegal and I would not want to break the law." Then stopping at a friends random summer party, and hopefully exploring something abandoned -- I better come up with an idea quick actually, I'm running out of time. Maybe we'll try the first castle again. Oh well, I'll try to update this tomorrow with pix of whatever I do.

Countdown to Korea: I leave in like, 6 days! HOLY COW! I'm totally like leaving the country, and gonna be on a plane for 21 hours. What will I do with myself.

Awesome trivia of the Day: Katy Perry's pet cat's name: Kitty Purry.

Song of the Day: "Now Generation" by the Black Eyed Peas. AWESOME song! For some reason when I first heard this somewhere else I thought it was about the 90's, but on closer inspection its just a good song about the Now Generation (us) wanting everything right away and instant gratification (which is sooo true.) I think about this occasionally, I'm so impatient. But anyway, good song, and one line in particular entertained me - lol.
"...Really quick like torpedo
Need for speed is my credo
You need to feed this negrito
Sender, buyer, brother boat
Rapid like a thunder bolt
Activated rock the boat
Just ask Barack, who brought the hope
To Now!..."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tonight's the Knight

Oh. Desperate for a clever title, I settled for that. So last night me, moon, nata, panda and dan (sort of nicknames and aliases I guess) went out to a supposedly-"haunted" castle in Willoughby Hills in the middle of the night. First off, yay for getting to hang with Renata! I never get to cause she's busy.

Because it was night, (night, knight, it's a castle-- get it) the pictures did not come out very good at all unfortunately.

In this one you can see a camera glare in the fireplace and by the window. If the "haunted" stories are true, I guess some ghost hunters believe these to be the ghosts/spirits? I dunno, I think its the flash reflecting off the water particulars in the air, it was a very misty night.

The story apparently goes, that (Oh-- this place is called "Squires Castle" btw, and its in a Cleveland Metropark) turn-of-the-century Cleveland Oil Tycoon Squire built the castle to serve as the groundsmens house for *his* huge-uber castle mansion. During construction, he lived in this castle as a summer home with his wife - who died. He then gave up on the idea, and it remained unfinished. The rumors are his wife died in some fashion by the fire place, there are actually a variety of rumors, many appear to be false - but entertaining none the less!

Haha, I think I'll keep the printed out directions and ghost story I put together for this place (always the chief of Research and Development, I am ;) and give'm to Dave. He and his friends don't seem to go on any adventures. How boring.

Quotes of the Day:
Danielle: "He took his virginity... of the butt." (lmao -- Had to be there. But she said this with a completely straight face, and me and 'nata cracked up!)

Danielle: [At newly discovered 24-hour donut place, Danielle stares intently at a TV showing images of them making the fresh donuts in the back.] (completely serious) "...that's not how they make donuts!"
Me: "...no, they faked the footage just for those monitors - like the moon landing."

Song of the Day: "Self Inflicted" by Katy Perry. The Katy Perry CD is one of the few CD's I listen to the not-so-popular songs off of, also Black Eyed Pea's "The End" which I actually bought (I don't buy many CD's, so that's a great honor.) But I like the song Self Inflicted because every time I hear part of it I think of my fave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! We all remember Hillary's lifelong policy devotion. I'm not quite sure what the actual lyrics are, but when I hear it I hear...
"I can't help Health Care if I lose..."

Song of Yesterday: "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas. My favorite song off they're new CD "The End" which I bought at Target the day it came out for 10 bucks and got a bonus CD with it n.n This song is like, the theme song of my summer with the Summer gang (Brit, Sarah, Danielle, Amanda.) Hm, I'm considering how much of the lyrics I want to put up. I'll try to summarize, cause just so much of it is good! Ah what the heck, here's the lyrics link.

"I gotta feeling
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good good night...

Tonight's the night
Let's live it up
I got my money
Let's spend it up

Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God!..."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Abandoned Pregnant Girls School

Well this exploration was a little bit ago, but we've been going to this abandoned school for years! For some reason I've never brought a camera with me :( but this summer I was determined to change that in case Village Council decided to vote to demolish/sell it to the Cleveland Clinic. Danielle is actually interested in buying it - lol, and research indicates it would cost about 2 million, and 5 million to renovate. That seems a bit extreme, I could do it for 1 million I bet! Credit where credit is due: this abandoned building was discovered not by me, but by my and Amanda's friend Amy - who's awesome! I need to see her before I leave and get some starbux.

The school is actually two (or three) buildings. This is the classrooms buildings, primarily destroyed by fire in the early 2000s.
"Built By
Construction, Inc.

Staircase, fire damage.Classroom, fire and water damage. On the left you can see where the chalkboard used to be. The right wall looks very Silent Hill-y.

And from the dormitory building, this is a basement/heating room thing.

Quote of the Day: So we have these carpenter bee's eating away at the roof of the porch. Mom called me in the middle of the day to tell me "they do exist!" ...??? wtf. She then, when I got home, said she had a chat with a co-worker on how to get rid of them...
Mom: "Andrew, when you get a chance, search on the internet how to get rid of carpenter bees."
Me: [blank stare] "I've been trying to kill them for years mom, I know to google them..."
Mom: "Well, I tried getting tips from Jane but all she said was "fire" and "night."
Me: [more blank stare] "Well we're gonna need more clues than that to solve the family secret...!"
Song of the Day: "Summer Girls" by LFO - lol, so like the first week of summer I heard this song on the Top-40ish radio stations I listen to like 3 seperate times, and never having heard the song I assumed it was a new song - which I liked. But then I asked Amanda about it, and she's like "um, no, that's really old." Then I found it on the iPod and was convinced. But it's still a good song. "When I met you I said my name was Rich, I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch..." really, best you could come up with?

Hahaha! I just watched the video to this, and it is hilariously 90's. I didn't know it was THAT old! Haha, LFO btw stands for "Lyte [sic] Funky Ones".

Song of Yesterday: "Goodbye" by Kristinia DeBarge. "I got that new 'I'm a single girl'-swag,..." Haha, favorite part. Apparently "swag/swagger" is the word of 2009 - it's in like every song. (Black Eyed Pea's Boom Boom Pow: "They jackin my style, they try to copy my swagga',...")

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travels Across Ohio

So to those not in the know, mom/grandpa/I (in a strange ownership circle) are now the temporary/long story proud owners of a 2009 White Toyota Yaris. Bought it with 70 miles on it, this morning I put my 1,700th (I've had it a little over a week or two.) But until I leave for Korea, the car's mine :D so the other day I did some traveling across Ohio, and found two abandoned buildings. Thought I'd put some explorations on here.

Well, I'm reminded of one instance last year camping with Brit and Sarah, when I wanted to explore an abandoned house on the side of the road in the middle of no where but it wasn't a good idea. So I was driving past these two buildings - across the street from each other - then decided to turn around and check them out.

Here we have a barn thing. Falling apart, apparently abandoned, it was in the middle of no-where Southern Ohio, down the road from a cement/sand plant kinda place.

The inside was pretty basic what I expect out of an old abandoned barn. After this exploration happened, I went driving around Medina county with Amanda -- and she noted that "every barn looks abandoned, most of them aren't." It smelled like a chicken coop, though I ran into no animals. And note the giant tires.

Across the street is this old house, which apparently had a fire based on some scorch marks left on its frame. The floor (and walls) of the building have clearly been destructed.

Yeah, didn't want to go down into this cause I was wearing my nice "Laser Lemon" shirt and didn't want to get it dirty, or fall. Note the fireplace.

Quotes of the General Time period:
"I've got the urge... to merge!" - Amanda, while practicing driving. One of my summer goals has been to get her her license. Speaking of, David got his temps the other day.

Song of the Day: In other news, Amanda gave me 3 CD's to honor the fact she bought 100 for 15$ and that I now have a car I must fill with music. The "Stuff is Messed Up" song is off of one of them. Another song I heard for the first time that I liked off one of them is "Smile" by Lily Allen.
"At first when I see you cry, it make me smi-i-i-ile...
At worst, I feel bad for a while, but then I just smi-i-i-ile..."
Song of the Other Day: "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry -- in SIMlish! That's right, the non-senseical language used by the Sims. The Sims people have actually gotten several real performers to redo hits in Simlish - including the Black Eyed Peas. Me and Brittany have found the Simlish version hilarious, I love it! I even went on an internet scanvenger hunt to find what the lyrics are.At first, I found nothing :( but then I found someone who put what they thought the lyrics were to video -- but unfortunatly they were German, so the lyrics were all with weird accents. Then I found the Official Katy Perry Forums. That included a link to her "vidmeo" (I think a video form of Twitter) which included a video of her showing the lyrics SIMS sent her to the camera! Also a brief rant about annoying people calling her a lesbian and her appearance on Young and the Restless. Producing the screen cap above, from which my eagle-Star Trek eyes were able to discern the lyrics as the follwing:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abandoned Car Parts Storage Factory

Happy summer all! As it's been a while, I felt the urge for some urban exploration! And find abandoned buildings I did.

On the outside, this abandoned-car-parts factory looks potentially still in use, its a little boarded up, but not so much as many buildings. On the East side of Cleveland, alot of the houses around it were more boarded up than this place.

After a long walk along the side, we found we didn't even need to vandalize/break anything to break in.

The back of this place is used for storage of a bunch of crazy things, from old car-odometers, tail lights, and bumpers -- to the largest collection of abandoned boats I've ever come across.

Inside, creepy generic abandoned room. I didn't get too indoors cause I didn't want to stay long in case the police came - and knew I'd want to come back.

As many abandoned buildings have, creepy abandoned dirty bathroom! Still not as impressive as the one with the haunted water fountain.

For next time: The Upstairs. I didn't go too deep into the building part of the building, it was kinda C-shaped but I did explore alot of the piles and stacks of odd extra dangerous parts.

Quotes of Lately:
"Like I always say, you need to buy pants, to wear pants..." - Me, with Jen at Crocker Park Outdoor Mall

"SUDOWOODO!" - Me, making fun of a stuffed Pokemon animal with a little kid near by looking at me funny. Now a symbol of me and Panda's ridiculousness.

"Risque!/Risk-KAY!" - Sarah, learning some new vocabulary this summer.

Song of Lately: New favorite song (even if just for a couple days) was "Stuff is Messed Up" by The Offspring. Lol, it was entertaining to blast driving through farmland-Ohio. There's a fast part in it i'd like to learn for no apparent use but to say I did...
"...Shopping Sprees, RPG's
Ecstasy, Atrophy,
Genocide, Pimp my ride,
Politize, Euphemize,
Injustice everywhere,
Apathy, I don't care,
Hurricanes, Climate change,

Therapy, I won't tell,
Rehab and LOL,
Worldwide calamity,
TV Reality,
Euthanize, supersize,
Death squads and boob jobs,
VIP infamy,
Gratify instantly...."