Monday, June 22, 2009

The TV Show that is My Life: On Location!

Haha, so anyone who knows me knows I like referencing "The TV Show that is My Life." Because my life is a TV show, with repeats, guest stars, and cliff hangers. Well it seems like lately the show went on location in this forest near a huge-round onramp. And I've encountered this exact image (in different places) like four, five times this week (twice supposed to be the same place.) But I've been joking with Panda and Sarah that we just filmed on location for one day, and my character just changed clothes three times.

Long story short, me and Amanda returned to the scene of the crime so to speak and found a castle in the woods we'd been looking for earlier but couldn't find.
Remember my blog is like the bonus features and in depth story of my Facebook albums, so these pictures are all different (and usually more intersting) than the ones on Facebook - but should be read in conjunction with. The story of Faymore's castle is that a pharmacist got rich off selling illegal prescriptions, started building himself a castle in the woods of North Ridgeville/Eaton/Elyria, but got caught by the FBI for fraud before he could finish it.
Lol, Amanda: "What the F***, it's like Legends of the Hidden Temple in here..." -- haha, climbing through these crazy passages was kinda LotHT'-y. But don't worry, we tried desperately NOT to touch any and all of that Posion Ivy kinda everywhere.Tho I did take a picture of it. Ladies and gentleman, Poison Ivy. Identifiable by its vine-nature, and three-leafed accenuations. It's poison - Urushiol - creates urushiol induced contact dermatitus, or an itchy rash on the skin.Curiously, every time I upload this pic it flips to the side -- oh well, its off center anyway. And that was my trip to Faymore's Castle with Panda. Special thanks to, a website that tho does not promote people tresspassing, was very valuable for informational purposes!

Fireworks, btw, went excellently! I totally didn't shoot them off in Ohio, PA all the way yo. I got tons of abandoned building pictures to post now - I hope I can fit them in before I leave, cause once I'm in Korea I want my blogs to be all about Korea. But when I get back in August - it's back to exploration, and boldly going where no man has gone before... [by which I mean no man has been there for legitimate purposes in a long time.]

Song of the Day: "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas. Haha, another song from the "The E.N.D." album -- which stands for "Energy Never Dies" btw. Hehe, always a good CD to start a hangout with - and I could listen to "I gotta feeling" over and over and never get tired of it.

Quotes of the Day: (Dedicated to Mom...)

"Mom, I'm looking for a place to [do illegal thing] any ideas?" - Me.
"Well, not near a fire station or police station. But happy hunting!" - Mom, being AWESOME

"Sorry I left the can of pop in the freezer [and it exploded] mom." - Me.
"It's okay, I've done it before too, as they say 'Out of Sight out of Mind'." - Mom's phrases.

"Mom, lets say I called you and said I got arrested on one of my adventures, how would you react -- aside from the disappointment and anger?"
"Well, first I'd be unhappy you woke me up [Lol!] and then I'd check how much money I had in the bank account..." - Mom is really the bestest. She also offered to bail friends out, depending on how many and how much, rofl!

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