Monday, May 31, 2010

Party All the Time

Wow, what an active Memorial Day weekend :D

First, Friday we had Patsy & Ritz' going-away-to-camp party at our house! Which I gotta say, was by far the most successful party this (half of the) house has ever held! Had a good number of people, and I would say the crazy was for the most part well within acceptable tollerances. (at least until I went to bed at 3 something, after which I'm told it got significantly crazier. But I won't blog about things I wasn't present for.) Except that apparently an ambulance was called for a diabetic emergency, and some were up literally all night!? Well, the best thing to come out pretty much was -- oh! And Patsy met her soul mate, a guy who loves Boy Meets World, makes random references to Pokemon, and is getting a job/doing an internship at Disney World!? Ahahaha, oh Patsy. Right, but pretty much the best thing to come out of the night was the discovery that there are MORE "literal music videos" out there! I totally saw the one: Take On Me, but didn't know there were more! The one we considered most funny would def be: Total Eclipse of the Heart. In fact, I declare "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)" to be my Song of the Day.

Then you have Saturday. Worked the Census, then it was off to Garfield for Kayla's graduation party! Which was awesome, got to see a bunch of cool people I don't see often enough like Meg (though I didn't really get to talk to her), Renata, Kim, and Kayla's awesome family! I heartz them. As her mom put it, "If you go away from a McKay family party hungry, you're DUMB!" or something to that effect, lol. Food was delicious, and we basically sat at a picnic table and just chatted a bunch. Nothing exciting, but it was really cool actually. Then I wanted to help as they started to pack stuff, but Danielle got all crazy-fussy about her "plan" - which consisted of going to the rib cook off. By "The" rib cook off, I mean the second and less popular of the TWO rib cook offs going on in Cuyahoga County that weekend. We gave into Danielle's demands and went to the Cuya County fairgrounds, 5 bucks to get in because despite what Danielle us, it did cost money. Then me and nata bought 13$ metal steins at an "old fashioned pop" stand, where we got unlimited refills. Worth it? Probably not, but it was cool. Then when we left, Danielle had some craziness about medicine and bathrooms I'm not getting into - but the three of us went to Kayla's house for a fire in her back yard which was also alot of fun! :D

Then Sunday, had to Census - errr. To get off Monday (for Memorial Day) we needed to work Sunday. For the federal government. WTF! Well I did it anyway, err. Then Sunday night was Gaga night at the Interbelt, and you know I can't pass up a good Gaga-event.

So our long list of interested people eventually wittled down to Renata, myself, and Panda (and Brit made a last second appearance, and got Shawn/Ryan/Nick (I can never remember his name - that's one person) to come too.) We got there WAAY too early, there was no one there really, so me and nata played pool a couple times while me and Panda had some drinks. Haha, I argued with the two of them about Hairy/Buttery Nipples (the mixed drink.) Apparently, the "Buttery Nipple" is a mixed drink mentioned in the lyrics of "Shots" by LMFAO. "Hairy Nipple" - what I thought the drink was called, but is in fact simply a second drink, who knows where I got it, probably 1-800-BAR-TEND. But we argued about what it was called, and I ordered one for Panda. She hated it, tasted like Toffee. Well, it was Sunday so cover was 3$ (cheaper than I expected :D) and we really only got to reeeally dance the last half hour, other than that it was drag people (who creep me out) singing gaga songs, and me not-winning an iPod :( Me and Panda had an awesome walk to McDonalds afterward though, oooooo good night! Ahahaha, the last half of the night def made up for the more boring early part. We'll plan better next time.

Pictures that make Amanda in particular look flattering!

Then today, Memorial Day, I spent the day in Garfield with the family. Sort'v. Saw Iron Man II with Mom; I know what you're thinking: "But Andrew, you hate Iron Man, and said you wouldn't see that movie!" Well, Mom was otherwise set on seeing "Robin Hood" and after watching the preview on Youtube, I said "um, is there anything else out..." and she said she would LOVE to see Iron Man II Again. Um, again!? Well, if mom's paying... so I saw it, and it really wasn't that bad. Kinda long, cause I had to pee through the second half of it but I hate going to the bathroom during theater-movies. Thing I particularly liked in the movie? The Obama-style poster of Iron Man featured rather prominently. Also Pepper, I find her character entertaining. What I didn't like: I don't know what it is about Robert Downey jr. that annoys me so much, but it does. I just get the impression his characters always portray his real personality. Maybe that's just incredible acting and I'm barking up the total wrong tree and should be complimenting his awesome work, I dunno. I just can't stand when he says thing in a smug way (either in character or not, Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes...)

Poster available from this website.

After the movie, me and Panda got Yours Truly, then explored a park some. Then the rain went CRAZY and tried to kill us all while I hunted for cheap gas! The ride home to Akron was even crazier, the rain was like CRAZY CRAZY! I hydroplaned half the way. All in all, an awesome Weekend! =D

Quote of the Day: *me and Panda drive up to the Salvation Army bin to drop off two bags of clothes I put together cleaning up my room*

Me: "Hm, I don't think these plastic bags are gonna fit in that bin."
*drive up closer to it. Pause as we both read.*

Both: "Psh, AHahahaha"
Me: "I guess I was wrong."


This post is dedicated to the memory of David I., my bff Danielle's ex-boyfriend and bff Amanda's friend who died Saturday. Though I never met him, I want to send them and all his friends and family my sympathies. And I want my friends to always know I am there for them no matter what they need.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abandoned Hospital in Cleveland: Recon

MWAhahaha! After a long winter, consider this the return to abandoned building exploration!

A few weeks ago, me and Panda went a-drivin' to give her some more 'sperience, and when I saw this and we had an afternoon to kill - we had to stop and do some reconnaissance on this Abandoned Hospital in Cleveland! The Dudley P. Allen Memorial Building, aka: Saint Luke's Hospital. This article on Cleveland History suggests that it was built in 1894, and closed in 1999.

I dunno what this glass thing at the bottom is, but I can't wait till Sarah gets back and we try to explore our way into this building! A green house does not seem very logical to me. Hmm.

This is a look at the side, from where another wing was demolished at some point. Next to this building is another medical center, significantly smaller but is still active so exploring during the day/work week even during the summer is not very likely without them reporting us. There is also a brand spankin new pre-school on the opposite side, which comes with a bunch of cameras because this is the ghetto.

But just to reiterate one more time, look at how many floors this place has *U*

This is the back side of the building. Note the clock tower. There are SO many floors to this building! It is, simply, huge. Unfortunately it is surrounded by barbed wire and fencing, with occasional cameras. Note the awesome clock/bell tower on top.

Creepy window, this was a hospital - and you KNOW those are always haunted!

One potential way in, Amanda saw that this open door in this Garage extension thing.

In 2009, this news article suggests the building will eventually be turned into apartments for the elderly as part of a major revamp of the area. According to it, grants are in the works and philanthropic donations are also going into it in some fashion. So it could be un-abandoned soon! :( But yay for Cleveland trying to clean up it's act.

Apparently, there used to be many more buildings. The is a "from back-left" aerial view, ie: we can't see the front of the building in this image. That white building in the middle has been torn down and replaced with a temporary construction pond and ducks, lol. The building on the right is the still active building. There appears to be a wing in the center of the main complex that has been torn down (the middle - line in an E, sorta.)

And now a little randomness, once Grizzlies learn they can eat humans -- they do! And every bear that tries to eat a human must be shot. Also, AriZona Green Tea is awful compared to Sobe Green Tea -- I can't find Sobe anywhere lately for some reason, but I could use it to help my throat - I've had this stupid flu-thing for like two weeks. The other day I had the random urge to have a pet hedgehog again. The other day me and Brit had Chipotle for lunch, and I decided if I ever have a pet Chihuahua I will definitely name it Margarito -- Brit noted the male version of a margarita.

Unfortunately Named Seed of the Day: Rapeseed.

Quote of the Day: *as we climb-walk a ridiculously steep hill*
"uuugh" - Me.
"Come on! We're working our buns and thighs!" - Panda.
"I- cannot believe you just said that..." - Me.

"IT'S JUST A MOIST TOWELETTE!" - Kurt, Glee episode 1.20 "Theatricality" (aka: Glee Goes Gaga)

Video of the Day: So, I may have been overzealous to make "California Gurls" my song of the day a week ago -- cause I like it EVEN more now! It's by far going to be the anthem of early summer, as Ryan Seacrest put it. Here is a video from youtube of Katy Perry meeting up with Snoop Dog to work on his lyrics. She is using a hookah :( ouch, points of Katy Perry's hot-o-meter. And snoop dog is smoking in the recording studio, whaaat?! Anyway -- she mentions how she was listening to the "Empire State of Mind" song and said, "What!? California needs that!" Which is just what I said! lol.

Song of the Day: "I'm Awesome!" by Spose. Hm, I thought I'd already used this -- guess not. A few weeks before school was out, this was played three or four times on 96.5 over the course of a few days -- but I haven't really heard it since. Ala' Eminem, it's pretty white-rapper-y. Kinda also has a flair of regular, everyday normal guy in it. Some awesome lyrics from it though:
" neck's not icy,
eatin' at McDonalds because Subway's pricey..."


"Suit untailored,
ringtone: Taylor Swift,

Can't tweet up on my twitter
cause I haven't done shit..."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Happens in Pyongyang...

So I was logging into my blogspot account, and saw in the feed of blogs I follow: "Interesting Analysis of North Korea" and was like "WHAT!? WHich of my friends wrote about that - that is so what I was just about to blog about!?" But then I saw it was one of the Hillary Clinton blogs I follow, not one of my friends, so alls good - lol.

Anyone following the news lately surely knows that the evidence (and anyone with an ounce of logical deduction) says North Korea sank a South Korean military vessel and killed over 40 South Korean young soldiers. I'm sorry, but killing another country's soldiers on purpose is war in my book. And I understand we all want international peace, but if North Korea refuses to cooperate maybe it's time the international community kicks their ass.

No big surprise, I don't like North Korea. And I don't like when people talk about sanctions as a punishment, then no real change happens. It's the same with mom and Dave. Mom giving some generic punishment she won't even remember five minutes from now does not fix the problem. And that's the approach people take with North Korea! I don't get it! Well, I could rant on and on in circles about N. Korea - but I'd rather just share some of the interesting tidbits I've learned about them in the past two days as I googled.

Awesome Building: the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Pyongyang btw is the capital of N. Korea. The Ryugyong Hotel was, back in 1987, set to be the tallest hotel on Earth! It was likely intended to be finished by the Seoul, South Korea Olympics in 1988 - but supplies and money ran out before it could be completed. !? lol, then it sat there for twenty years. Never having been used at all, if workers wanted to continue construction on it they would have to tear it down and start from scratch because the concrete used is unsafe! How very North Korean to try to build this ridiculously ugly building (many international websites label it the ugliest building in the world. I personally don't think it's deserving of the worst title, but...) and run out of money and just Fail. Even though it dominates their capital skyline, they have erased it from tourist brochures and maps! They airbrush it out of official images of the city! Asking a North Korean about it will just force them to change the subject. (cite.) What an oddity.

I was feeling the urge the other day to visit North Korea. I think it would be fascinating, but they would probably jail me for something and I certainly don't want that. If the State Department warns me to stay out, I'll listen. Hill knows whats best for me!

Quote of the Day:
*A guy calls Patsy about the room she and Kat are trying to rent*
"Hi, is this Allen?"
"Um, no you have the wrong number. Wait, who is this?"
"I'm calling about a room."
"OH! No, the house is on Allyn - my name is Patsy."
"Oh, are you a friend of Kat's?"
"Um, I can tolerate cats..."

Song of the Day:
"I Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus. Haha, take that North Korea. That's right, pop culture sensation huhNA mun-tuhNA (AKA: Alaska Nebraska.) has made it into this blog of freedom of speech. This is the song in which the news said the video was kinda racy for her, I think it was a very tame (irony) Gaga, or a very uninteresting Britney video. I feel like it needed more variety all around. In the video, she plays a wild animal (a bird, Avis cyrus) that cannot - as you can imagine - be tamed. I dunno, I kinda like it.

(Lyrics: "For those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy..."
Oh, She's just bein' Mi-a-ley.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inheritance = Drama

I miss Sarah! :"( I'm so bored without her, even doing nothing is more fun when she's around. And lately I've been doing less than nothing - it's been class, work, sleep all week. I have done practically nothing fun all week and all I have to show for it is a little extra spending cash, which I can't spend! Cause I have to save up for a security deposit. Sigh.

So grandpa passed away over a week ago. I don't think I'll go into funeral details, but it was very sweet and appropriate and I am glad we were able to honor his memory in the way he wanted at his funeral. And I am again incredibly thankful to the awesome super-fantastic friends that were able to make it. But now I think I'll share some family drama because it's just so darned entertaining.

Firstly, Aunt Betty mentioned to us that we'd be taking a limo from the church the funeral was held at to the cemetery. The day of the funeral, she mentioned how her "car was so low on gas, she didn't want to go refill it cause of the rain. Would it be alright if she too rode in the limo?" wtF? Why come up with a so-clearly contrived story. You set up the limo, there's room for 7 and we are 5 -- it's fine. Not to mention you organized the whole funeral proceedings. Jesus.

Then on the ride there there was an interesting note. Apparently, some advertising company was interested in getting the guest sign-in condolence book. It's their main source of advertising or something -- I didn't really get it. But I got to hear my family talk as a family about having to protect the book and "we won't let them get the book." n.n for a split second I had the feeling that my family had it's own little Book of Shadows to protect. It was a nice feeling.

The ride back was far more stressful. Me, Mom and Dave sat in the back row (imagine a rowed set up rather than a traditional around-the-edge limo) and were silent the whole way there and back, for the most part. Aunt Betty and Aunt Mary on the other hand found *Everything* under the sun to talk about, most of it not particularly somber or scene appropriate. When the conversation of inheritance came up (which I'd wished it hadn't until after that day) Aunt Betty noted that there's a large inheritance that must be split evenly between Aunt Mary and Mom, because everything grandpa left is to be split evenly between them.

Aunt Betty noted to me "you won't have to worry about paying for school, that's for sure" though I'm not certain how much or what that means. I'm worrying about paying for school right now with FASFA, so the sooner the better Aunt Betty. The initial topic starter was actually Grandpa's house, which Aunt Betty suggested mom try to buy out Aunt Mary's portion of it. "You have more than enough to buy Aunt Mary's half!" So apparently mom is inheriting more than half a pretty good-house's cost. Good, considering our slight homeless issue. The problem came with Grandpa's car: Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan want it, and already had their eyes on it. They already were planning to test run it to keep the battery active (?) or something. Well, when mom suggested she wanted it (cause her car sucks) - Aunt Mary got all defensive. Aunt Betty then said something troubling: "You can each get a car." Which makes me think she thinks MY CAR is in play somehow. Well, that will be settled eventually I'll keep you updated -- but they better not try to use my car as a bargaining chip. At this point we all agree it is not the time for that conversation.

Now it's Friday: I work 4am-6am at Exchange. Mom calls me at 6am. "Mom... did you know I was working 4-6am this morning? Do you know my work schedule?" I didn't think she did. "No. I just figured you might be up." Really mom? At 6am on a Friday in Summer? What about anything in what strange logic made you think that? UGGGGH Great start to the day. She wanted me to contact grandpa's pastor about having a grief counseling session with David because he spent the night at his friends house. !? Big whoop, he spends 4 nights a week at friends' houses. Add to that I needed to get my paycheck, cash it, contact the source, ,take care of other matters, and get a haircut. And attend summer class. Somehow I got everything I needed to get done between noon and 1. Go Me!

But mom updated me on the inheritance talks. Aunt Betty is under the weather so postponed them, and Aunt Mary is worried about my involvement. As mom put it: "With grandpa passed on, you are the sole member of this family with any sanity or intelligence." Apparently, what I thought was Aunt Mary's anger at me being involved and trying to take all of grandpas money was actually her angry about Aunt Betty secretly taking part of grandpa inheritance and keeping it from both of them. "But also you." Mom noted. Their worried about my ability to change things in my favor. And they should be, to an extent. They certainly won't be dealing with the push-over mom they were expecting, if they want a fight they've got one and I'm a match for them.

Well, that's where we're at now. Also some craziness where David thought he was going to have to buy a store, but luckily I fixed that too in my free time. Oh being wonder-me. So exhausting.

Song of the Day: "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City, dedicated to by babe who's out in China without me.
"The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake I miss you,
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'll send a postcard to you dear,
Cause I wish you were here..."

Video of the Day: Also in regards to Owl City, Key of Awesome made a hilarious parody of "Fire Flies".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assignment: GAGA

Okay. It's time to get out of my rut and go on with my life. When I'm not living each day to the fullest, it just makes me more depressed - so I should be more determined to have fun and be productive!

So some pieces of good news have come my way. First, a Lady Gaga Breaking News Update: Leaked Photo from the Alejandro music video....

Found via a French Gaga fansite. Haha, no music video will reach the awesomeness that was Telephone. I foresee Telephone being the next "Andrew song" in a long line of ridiculous Andrew songs, from Independent Women, Part 1, Milkshake, Cameltoe, Lipgloss, ... ah, its fun to be crazy. And I can't wait for the Three Stooges jokes with those wigs. And note the Gaga cross on the robe-thing she's wearing.

In further Gaga news, (I swear-- soon Gaga will not be the center of all my blog posts. Even I have gotten tired of only ever writing about her.) The Gaga Glee episode is this Tuesday!! So you can imagine where I will be at 9:00p -- that's right, the Rec Center. Where us poor converter-box-less go when there's live TV to be watched! Plus I want to work out some, haven't had much time to lately.

But my summer class is going well. I predict it will be a piece of cake, so far my assessment of the class is all the points come from 3 point essays that we have like every other day. And there 20 points of extra credit opportunities. The teacher seems very nice, and walks with a shillelagh!

I got paid this morning n.n So I just have to fight the urge to spend money until after I pay rent and my credit card bills, SUCH A HARD URGE TO FIGHT ><;; But I don't want to be poor. Ugh, working the Census more this afternoon- but woohoo, almost done with this assignment (last assignment I took 10 days, this one I've finished all but 3/33 in like 7 hours...) Best part of the day was the brief period I got to talk to my babe on AIM. :( it sounds like her internet connection is no longer active, darn it. Still gotta get my labtop fixed too.

Quote of the Day:
"That Powerpuff Girls show is crazy, little kids shouldn't be watchin that shit. The Gangrene Gang, and Chemical X, and (other adult reference....) ...Mojo JoJo!" - Kelley R.
"Mojo Jojo, like from Powerpuff Girls!" - Danielle

Lol, oh Danielle. That was funny, a group of us went to Don Tequila's for some kind of Happy Hour I think? I dunno, I didn't partake in the goblets of margarita Moon, Kelley and Panda got to enjoy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'll be missin' you...

Grandpa died on Wednesday, May 12th at 8:00 pm at Akron General Hospital.

I don't handle loss well, anyone who has known me for any length of time probably understands that. I've gone through a lot of loss, this is a boy who lost his best friend-role model-hero at age 8, his home, pets, and vast majority of his possessions at age 16, and now the only male figure left in my life at 21.

I keep thinking of 8 year old me on the morning I asked mom if dad had died, or days later when I was the center of attention at his funeral balling my eyes out and all the visitors couldn't help but wince at how agonizing it was that this little kid no longer had a father.

These past few days I've been trying to find things to occupy myself so I don't have too much down time to think about all this, or worse write it in a blog -- and I've been pretty successful. I know my loving awesome super-fantastic girlfriend wishes she could be here to comfort me, but I would much rather her be off enjoying China and Korea and bringing me back a million out of this world stories and pictures.

But I've done stuff, blog worthy I know and I hope I get to them soon. Got to hang out with Jen for her birthday, Danielle and Amanda in Garfield, and get some cleaning done back home. Tomorrow is the funeral, I've got my new clothes ready, and now I'm off to Census -- then dinner with Van der Kamp before he heads back to Korea.

Song of the Day: "Ave Maria" by Beyonce. I know its just generically church-y and not situation-related, but for some reason that makes me feel better a little. If it was a Taylor-Swift-match-the-situation-perfectly song, that would probably be annoying.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boiling Point

Well followers, it's been quite a stressful May I have to say. Grandpa is likely spending the last of his nights in the hospital, as his treatments aren't working and he isn't responding to medications - so his wishes are that he be taken off the breathing tubes. He was breathing with struggle on his own when I had to leave earlier to come to work (cause I couldn't get ahold of my boss.) I don't want to lose grandpa, but the Doctors seem to indicate that it's only a matter of time.

Then there's the, by comparison, comically unimportant issues of working the Census and CAing and trying to figure out when each is. Add to that starting Monday I start classes. And thanks to enrolling in another class (3 credits) I don't risk losing a chunk of my CA paycheck to something, and I get a parking pass included in my tuition. (Parking was going to be an issue: taken care of.) Then Sarah goes off to China tomorrow morning, driving her to the airport in Cleveland.

Is it any wonder that I likely have high blood pressure which lead to a subconjunctival hemorrhage? (There is a spot on my eyeball that is bleeding under the surface, resulting in a big red spot.) No worries I'll be fine. Grandpa is the one any and all sympathy needs to be going to.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bored out of my Mind

Wow. Left to my own devices (or rather Sarah's) I sure got bored quickly into Summer. Working the desk AGAIN cause stupid me picked up a bunch of shifts at Summer CA Schedueling when I was worried about my finances. Didn't think about how little time I have with Sarah before she goes to China :( But at the same time, I have like $2,000 in credit debt I defs need to pay down.

Another boring day of Census work, but at least I got to catch up on some sleep. Tonight will be much more fun, somehow, because I don't work Sunday! But Sunday's mother's day, and I want to give mom her gift and we're going to visit Grandpa who's been moved in and out of Intensive Care alot this week. The details of his condition are not known by my branch of the family, Aunts Betty and Mary keep giving us contorted and conflicting details that we don't know what to believe anymore and I don't think Grandpa knows all the details himself.

Working the desk is ridiculous, it's Friday night - there's gotta be like 4 people still here. And the zipcard numbers shut down at 12, so even RA's aren't coming up in the computer - so I have to handwrite EVERYONE. Err. I should be out having fun celebrating school being over. Eh, even if I wasn't working I'd probably still be bored -- Sarah and Brit are partying with Sarah's ex's BFF before he goes to Arkansas apparently. But I'm not jealous or anything.

(Video of the Day: Amanda just txted me to watch this. "Fat Kid Singing Bad Romance." AWWW, Poor Fat kid. Thats funny though, lol. Little boys should not be singing this dressed like that.)

Apparently I have a shift this upcoming Wednesday I forgot about, but luckily I got someone to take it tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll buy a webcam, work less than 5 hours of Censusing (because I'm close to my 40 for the week) and hang out with my boo.

I'm sorry the blogs lately have been so boring. I still intend for these to be the "behind the scenes, special features" of my life -- I just haven't had much interesting going on lately to provide background on. In the next few weeks though, you can look forward to an abandoned building or two, more clubing pics, hopefully I'll get a new digital camera, maybe take a road trip somewhere, and updates on my Summer classes. Okay, rest assured I'll find more exciting to do. If a blogs not exciting, why follow it?!

Upcoming Movie I Have No Urge to see Whatsoever: Iron Man 2. If Sarah wants to see it, I will for her -- but otherwise I am just not interested. Robert Downy jr.'s acting style does not appeal to me at all. He is annoying, and there's alot of actors who do that sort'v-annoying acting that appeals to people (*coughjonnydeppcough*) but it just annoys me. I really can't stand to watch him. And I do not expect big things for the story, I'm betting it's another Transformers II where they knew they had to pack a ton of action into two hours to please movie goers. I don't think movies should ever be considered "going to be the blockbuster hit of summer." Blockbuster hits should be surprises, like Avatar. I really never thought Avatar would be very popular - went and became the best grossing movie in history. Good for you Avatar. Good- For- YOU!

Hahaha, according to the wikipedia article the movie came with a novelization. I think it'd be hilarious if I read that this summer instead of seeing the movie. I may do that, I have quite the optimistic reading list for this summer...

Quotes of the Day: I'm working the desk, and thought it was funny when a persons mom was got a diet Pepsi from the vending machine. "THIS is Diet Pepsi?!" Trying it for the first time. Later when I had to let her into the Elevator lobby: "I do NOT see how people Drink this!"

But for real. Awesome quotes of the day? The whole conversation about my friend B.'s having old-person named-children, like Doris -- which led to her new nickname "Notorious Doris Norris!"

Video of the Day: Haha, this is the guy who sang "Pokemon, What Happened to You" dissecting the lyrics to Telephone! I love it! From the video describing the lyrics: "It's like Lady Gaga's gone, 'Hold up, speak to Beyonce...'"

Song of the Day: Err, I cannot find the song I want to use. Googling is not finding me the songs name, I think it has something to do with neighbors or something? But the lyrics go something like "...think they're better than me." So until I find out the name of this song -- I'll use this song, which I do not like much right now - but it's been called by at least one outlet "the new anthem of summer." So maybe it'll become more popular this summer and'll grow on me?

"California Gurls" by Katy Perry, ft. Snoop Dog. This song is okay. But like I said, it hasn't grown on me yet. But it's more of the anthem to California, in response to and ala "Empire State of Mind." (Here's a link to a youtube video that has the song and lyrics, that first link is to a blog that first introduced it.) And follow the songs popularity on it's Wikipedia page. Apparently it's the first single from Katy Perry's next album - set to release soon (possibly named "Summer Starts Now.") The track list for that CD will likely be:
Just a little bit of interesting, not yet released information (or at least not widely popular yet.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Parkour Hannifin

Okay, I admit it -- Sarah has discovered this thing that is "Parkour" (or "Freerunning," depending on how picky you are) and I want to be able to do that! :( That is sooo cool. Long story short, it's like a running-gymnastics where you do crazy flips and things to jump over and around obstacles in modern urban environments. All I keep thinking is "Wow, that'd help me get into Abandoned Buildings WAY easier!" Sarah busted her knee a tad at Kyuhun's going away party, adding that on top of her ACL damage from last year. I'm sure otherwise she would be just as eager to find some kind of class to learn how to do this in!

It was mentioned in a second season episode of Heroes that Monica used it. Her power being she's a "muscle mimic" - or she can recreate any motion she sees without formal training. So by watching a video of parkour (pronounced to rhyme with hardcore - it's French) she was able to perform it to jump in/aroud buildings.

Seriously, been making an effort not to use my free time to go to the park and try to learn all that! A major help to that is the total lack of free time between working the desks or the census :( Work 4p to dunno on Friday afternoon. And then I picked up a shift Friday night 12-4 (DUHRR! Stupid me ><;; But I need moooneeey...) Figured it'd be easy. No one left on campus. But I want to be out hanging with friends. Guess I'll have to wait til Saturday :( :( :( Sigh. Today at work went into the field for NRFU for the first time. Conducted 11 complete interviews. Got a whole binder to do asap. Boring stuff, but others have noted I should get a nice tan. The CLA (Crew Leaders' Assistant) who does not technically outrank me, but I can turn stuff in to in a certain way is a College Freshman whereas I'm a junior. Err. He looks way older than me, wtf -- and is a secondary social studies Education major here at Akron. I'll have to keep an eye out for him now that I'm the College Senator. Video of the Day:

Quote of the Day: While out censusing, I encountered a very elderly woman who couldn't read so I had to read her form for her. When I asked her for her race, listing the options "Black/African-American/Negro" her friend (a polite, also elderly gentleman) mentioned that he:
"Put down Negro on my form. I don't like that "African-American"... I ain't from Africa, don't know anything about Africa..."

Awesome Picture of the Day: A bunch of images from the later-seasons of ALIAS' opening theme.

Song of the Day: "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha. Or as Sarah calls it, "The Jugular song." (She interprets the lyrics, "your love is my drug, your love, your love, your love..." as "your jug- your jug- your jug-ular...") Haha, Ke$ha you're such a love-sick crack head slut. But man are you entertaining, and clearly that's the image you're going for - so salami success to you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That Was Quick

Huh. My finals week is over before I even knew it. I had my Japanese final on Tuesday morning (it went... eh. If I want to have a prayer in Japanese 201 next semester I'd better study ALOT this summer.) And with my Macro final last Thursday, and most of my Ed classes didn't have "traditional" finals -- one was email in answers to five questions the teacher asked on the first day, and another was "participate in a class discussion on being a teacher." So yay for a light finals week which is over, even if I didn't do too well on Macro or Japanese. Eghhh.

(Book for next sem of Japanese. Remarkable prices:
Amazon new, 48$
Amazon, used: 62$ (wtf?)
Random Used Book Site: 36$
Better World Books: 134$
Yeah. Screw you Better World Books.)

The rest of my spare time this week has been reserved for Census training. Now that "GQE" (Group Quarters Enumeration) is complete, we're moving on to NRFU ("Nar-Fu") or Non-Response Follow-Up. AKA: I go after the people who didn't turn their forms in! Training went really well, and we had a young and entertaining (some would say, Sassy) instructor. Only problem is training was short, she taught so quickly (and effectively) we went home really early all three days and didn't get the highest number of hours we could have. I dunno how, but the other training sites actually had issues finishing on time - and we were light years ahead of them according to my friend in one of them.
RANDOM News story of the Day: "Chicago Census Takers told to 'Work Slow'" -- (April) Due to a shortage of packets, Chicago Census enumerators were told to work slowly to... blah blah blah. If you want the details read the article yourself. What I find important is that Enumerators in Chicago are paid $18.25 an hour! WTF!? Akron Census workers are paid much less, though still comfortably above minimum wage.

(Insider Scoop: Office Workers, because they have set hours (ie: 9-5) are paid less than Enumerators (who go out in the field and are subject to 'harsher conditions.' This is info we are not supposed to mention to office workers because they may not know. Particularly during the week we were working the Office on Enumerator pay...)

Will I get fired for revealing this? I don't believe so, it doesn't appear to be confidential information, just info that may be rude to tell to their face. I know at K-Mart Kim was strictly forbidden from discussing how much they were paid, especially when Ross worked there because they were being paid differently for different jobs. But that's not really related to anything.
I did however have to come in late Tuesday because my Japanese final ran into training. And after I got back from training so ridiculously early (I think it was 12:45 that day...) had lunch with Ritz and Patsy at Cilantro's downtown, which was cool. I'm not actually a big fan of Cilantro's -- I much prefer cheap greasy Chinese food. And what is it with Asian restaurants forgetting my drink order this week? That happened on Tuesday AND Wednesday!!! (Wednesday went to House of Hunan, which I like WAY better than Cilantro's. Both are over priced though, but the food is way better at HoH than Cil. And we went on half-priced sushi day!) Saw my Japanese teacher (likely) leaving Cilantro's -- haha, waved to her but she really awkwardly waved back and moved on. Which leads me to...

Quote of the Day:
"She probably thinks its awkward to see a student outside of class." - Me
"She probably thinks awkward, that's the boy that failed my test..." - Patsy

Video of the Day: This is the most hilarious thing EVER. That is all I can say. Brit told me about this, and I am still laughing. I am probably gonna watch this a dozen times at the desk tonight... (*note, this actually happened Thursday night.)

It really reminds me of the "I Gotta Feeling" video the Canadians did. Cause we follow someone's face the whole time if ya know what I mean.

Song of the Day: "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars. I heard a remix of this in the car on the way into work. I really like it! It's pretty catchy. And the lyrics are kinda funny, I originally thought it was Jason Mraz for some reason, maybe combined with Gym Class Heroes. It's not. And ya know what? I wanna be a billionaire. Chorus (from lyrics):

"I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had

Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Monday, May 3, 2010

I will return to this link someday...

This link includes an interview with a guy who claims the government operates top secret Time Travel portals. This will be entertaining soon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kyuhun's Going Away Party

Saturday night we had a going-away party for Kyuhun, who this week is returning to Korea! =( Even decorated Sarah's house, we put the South Korean flag on the one blank wall in the living room and had a diplomatic table flag for the kitchen! Fabio's thought-board even said "Good Bye Kyuhun!" in Korean. Attendance wasn't as unmanageable as the Halloween or Gaga party, but it was just the right number of relatively big I think! :)

"Once you kill the cow, you gotta make a burger."

We had a big cookout before the party with slow-cooked barbecue chicken, scalloped potatoes, and macaroni and cheese - mmm. Some korean friends of Kyuhun's and Van der Kamp's from Kent stopped by, and taught some people Korean dances - lol. It was like a cultural exchange!

Also, a person invited by a person that was invited through another person (?) mentioned to me (after trying to steal some of my drinks...) that he parties and drinks with my brother (!!WHAT?!) and showed me a picture of my brother in a Sailor hat. So I took a picture of it on my phone, and txt'ed it to David with the caption: "I know." He replied just with "What?"

The fun and games (which was quite fun) included the new "Five jive" waterfall rule - where you have to add to a dance. When it came to me (followed by brit) I of course had to add the Telephone shake. Brit appreciated it. I also got to practice my Japanese with one of the Koreans that knew Japanese. And they tried to teach me how to say "What is your name?" but I forgot it everytime they said it.

Sarah tried to swing like a monkey of some type from the banisters, and fell on her ACL wound. After carrying her to rest up on her bed and getting her some ice, I fell asleep and missed any further hilarity at the party. Rumor is Danielle peed in the bathtub again, pissed off Amanda (safe to say "again"), and not sure what else. So overall, another successful Sarah's-house-party!

On a more somber note, mom called me Friday noting that she didn't want to tell me because of finals week - but Grandpa is at Akron General hospital with pneumonia. He was having trouble breathing last Wednesday. I've been visiting him as much as possible, and I pray he gets better as soon as possible. I love grandpa and want him to live many more years, to see me graduate college, get elected, have some grandbabies, get married (not in this order) etc. So PLEASE get better soon Grandpa! I love him so much, he's been the nicest person to me and our family ever.

Link of the Day: Transcript of this weekend's White House Press Association dinner. A dinner where the President traditionally pokes fun at himself and his opponents, even the Bush ones were pretty entertaining.

Song of the Day: "Hey Soul Sista" by Train.

Quote of the Day: Haha, Sarah noted the number of shoes on the ground. And I suggested we arrange them into some pattern and see if the more people that come add to it. Sarah chose a person, or more accurately, Kyuhun.

Patsy: "So, it's Shoe-hun?"