Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Happens in Pyongyang...

So I was logging into my blogspot account, and saw in the feed of blogs I follow: "Interesting Analysis of North Korea" and was like "WHAT!? WHich of my friends wrote about that - that is so what I was just about to blog about!?" But then I saw it was one of the Hillary Clinton blogs I follow, not one of my friends, so alls good - lol.

Anyone following the news lately surely knows that the evidence (and anyone with an ounce of logical deduction) says North Korea sank a South Korean military vessel and killed over 40 South Korean young soldiers. I'm sorry, but killing another country's soldiers on purpose is war in my book. And I understand we all want international peace, but if North Korea refuses to cooperate maybe it's time the international community kicks their ass.

No big surprise, I don't like North Korea. And I don't like when people talk about sanctions as a punishment, then no real change happens. It's the same with mom and Dave. Mom giving some generic punishment she won't even remember five minutes from now does not fix the problem. And that's the approach people take with North Korea! I don't get it! Well, I could rant on and on in circles about N. Korea - but I'd rather just share some of the interesting tidbits I've learned about them in the past two days as I googled.

Awesome Building: the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Pyongyang btw is the capital of N. Korea. The Ryugyong Hotel was, back in 1987, set to be the tallest hotel on Earth! It was likely intended to be finished by the Seoul, South Korea Olympics in 1988 - but supplies and money ran out before it could be completed. !? lol, then it sat there for twenty years. Never having been used at all, if workers wanted to continue construction on it they would have to tear it down and start from scratch because the concrete used is unsafe! How very North Korean to try to build this ridiculously ugly building (many international websites label it the ugliest building in the world. I personally don't think it's deserving of the worst title, but...) and run out of money and just Fail. Even though it dominates their capital skyline, they have erased it from tourist brochures and maps! They airbrush it out of official images of the city! Asking a North Korean about it will just force them to change the subject. (cite.) What an oddity.

I was feeling the urge the other day to visit North Korea. I think it would be fascinating, but they would probably jail me for something and I certainly don't want that. If the State Department warns me to stay out, I'll listen. Hill knows whats best for me!

Quote of the Day:
*A guy calls Patsy about the room she and Kat are trying to rent*
"Hi, is this Allen?"
"Um, no you have the wrong number. Wait, who is this?"
"I'm calling about a room."
"OH! No, the house is on Allyn - my name is Patsy."
"Oh, are you a friend of Kat's?"
"Um, I can tolerate cats..."

Song of the Day:
"I Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus. Haha, take that North Korea. That's right, pop culture sensation huhNA mun-tuhNA (AKA: Alaska Nebraska.) has made it into this blog of freedom of speech. This is the song in which the news said the video was kinda racy for her, I think it was a very tame (irony) Gaga, or a very uninteresting Britney video. I feel like it needed more variety all around. In the video, she plays a wild animal (a bird, Avis cyrus) that cannot - as you can imagine - be tamed. I dunno, I kinda like it.

(Lyrics: "For those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy..."
Oh, She's just bein' Mi-a-ley.)

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Patsy said...

when I first heard about the can't be tamed video, I couldn't figure out why she waited all this time to make a video. except I was thinking about "see you again" which makes me laugh. oh miley, she has a lot of songs about being untamed...