Monday, November 24, 2008

Inaugural Post

Welcome to my inaugural post, ie: first, opening. Welcome to the new blog, it seems AOL Blogs has ended in some fashion (AOL is on quite the downhill slide, and will likely end eventually) and my Myspace blog - eh, I don't like going to Myspace to write a blog. I feel like having my own blog site. And I'll probably end up setting it up on Facebook that it will appear as me posting a Note whenever I post a blog, so hopefully you'll get informed :D

Hello my new readers! I have to run to my one class today (cause "Fixing Schools" is canceled) Global History Conflicts and Encounters, so I'll hopefully post more later. Cause oh, do I have stuff to talk about.

lol, in blog options I can post in the font Webdings. Bet you'd appreciate that!

Song of the Day:
"Womanizer" - Britney Spears, just because for someone who's had alot of ups and downs in her life, I kinda like this song. And she definitely identifies the song enough.

Quote of the Day :
"If life was easy, I'd have to much fun!" (borrowed from a friend, from the old days of blogging)