Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Internship Deadline

Well, July 1st at Midnight is the deadline for the State Department internship I am applying for. But I am absolutely positively done with everything that needs to be done today! :D What a weight off my shoulders, finally faxed my transcripts and Financial Aid report in. Which were pretty much the only things on my agenda of things to do today -- so I spent the rest of the day fixing my iTunes and playing my game Star Trek: Online, which has taken up pretty much all my extra non-Sarah time since I got my new labtop. (PS: I know laptop is spelled with a P. I just like the nickname Labtop, cause it conjures images of my lab! mwahaha. To people who prefer to be snooty and correct me, well f*** you -- plenty of worse things people misspell for you to be correcting.)

Quick shout out to Star Trek Online: This game is AWESOME! It's a little bit of Sims, mixed with a little bit of World of Warcraft, mixed with typical Star Trek ship-battle games! You get to select your own character, and work out ridiculous details down to nose depth, amount of eyebrow protrusion, arm girth, finger length, etc. I am always bored with the number of Humans in the Star Trek universe, but went for the still generally Human-looking Trill (my favorite Star Trek species) as my character.

I'm trying to do some research into my chances of getting this AWESOME SUPER FANTASTIC internship; in doing so, I found the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington did a study on all the internships their students did in a year. Out of a student body of 42,000 -- , 4 students got positions. (The number of applicants, a major part of any useful equation - is unknown.) One student had this generically positive blurb to say:
"I would highly recommend the internship to other students. I was given the opportunity to report on conditions within Kenya and make written recommendations to the Ambassador regarding the release of an NGO report. The internship gave me a glimpse of my future career in the Foreign Service and solidified my choice of that career path."
- Intern at the U.S. Department of State (cite)
This one message board has a discussion about the Summer 2009 internships. (Internships with the State Department are either Spring semester, Fall semester, or Summer. Summer is mainly clerical, I guess alot of their staff have summer off.) Anyway. This message board suggests that for Summer Internships, about 3,000 people apply and about half get it. The same guy did it two years earlier, and had some tips for future interns:
"...I got paid the $10/hr... The main differences besides getting paid, was that as a clerical intern, I put together the phone list directory and took care of some of the more menial tasks, like taking confidential paper to the burn room (which was totally awesome!).

One big piece of advice I have is to choose to start the internship as early as possible. I chose to start on the first day available and it really put me in a leadership role when the other interns came in. The actual staff in my office did not want to repeat orientation material to the new interns, so they asked me to do it.

All in all, it was a terrific experience and I learned so much along the way. They really take care of the interns, with excursions to the Kennedy Center, White House, and Pentagon among others, and provide many opportunities to learn from Ambassadors and experts."

Elsewhere on that forum it mentions somebody talked to a State Dept. official who says one year they got 3,000 the next year they got 6,000... so who knows :/ Oh Well. I *REALLY* want this, and would be ecstatic to serve in any country in the world -- or heck, Washington D.C. too of course. It could be in an Embassy, it could be an office Basement burning papers in DC. I'd be happy anywhere, just the experience! Ahhh. Add to that, of course, the possibility of meeting Secretary Clinton is pretty much an awesome possibility to imagine.

State Dep. interns meeting the Secretary. (Photo: Thao Anh Tran)

Further research: This article in Foreign Policy Magazine (which I TOTALLY want to invest in some day. Birthday gift anyone!? A subscriptioN??? Hmmmm??) ...goes on to talk about the importance of granting interns security clearance, sometimes top secret clearance. Interns responded saying they were able to read classified cables, allowing them to get a new appreciation for international affairs. Nothing "sexy" and James Bond like, but still.

After reading this article about "Transitions to Living Abroad" with advice on applying (better late than never :/) -- I think I'll go back to my application tomorrow actually and fix a thing or two, maybe polish my essay a bit more.

Quote of the Day:
Me: "Oh! Did I tell you about how the Owner of Marc's, Mark--"
Me: *Strange stare* "I haven't used a verb yet..."

Song of the Day: "Hook Up" by Katy Perry. Well, I found an entire unreleased album of Katy Perry's today -- and on it, among other great songs actually, was the original version of "Hook Up" AKA: "I Do Not Hook Up." It turns out that Katy Perry wrote the song, didn't use it, and Kelley Clarkson bought it and made it her own! Wow! Which is good, I think, because Katy Perry seems to screechy in this whole album. Reminds me of a combination of current poppy-Katy Perry and Regina Spektor.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back Log of Blogs: Bl'blogs

Haha... so I've been meaning to post things, but I have like 4 blogs that are half done. So I've decided to kill two, and merge the other two. So forgive any temporal inaccuracies...

(Written a while go...) First of all, MAH BABY'S BACK! Wooo! n.n I've had an awesome 24+ hours straight of hanging with Sarah pretty much since picking her up from the airport in her China trip, and it's been a blast (most of all because of the not-fighting!) But I'm so happy she's back, missed her so much, and my summer's been so boring with out her. And what better way for her to come back -- but we've been watching (and I bought) the second season of Veronica Mars! I'm just all kinds of happy n.n

ANNND! My baby got me something from China -- an antique-looking (we're not sure if it really is, probably not because it's made in China, but it's got me fooled) chess set! To those who don't know, I lost my favorite chess set in the fire back in 2005 - so I've been meaning to get a new-cool-one since then. (Can't just buy a $2.50 on from CVS, that's boring.) Thanks babe, I love it! n.n We even played last night (haha, like I said - we're at the same time the boringest and most exciting-adventurous ones in our group of friends.) She beat me, I actually suck at chess, lol.

Thought I'd make a list of the things I would buy if I had more money than I do, this coming after my recent iPod, camera and new laptop purchases of course.

1. Lead dust/Asbestos mask: $16.75 each. I dunno if I ever blogged pictures of it, but the park we've come to nickname "Pat's Park" -- has a hidden underground tunnel, which is blocked off due to Asbestos. This is probably the most real danger of asbestos I've faced in my abandoned building exploration, but I MUST EXPLORE IT! *u* Therefore, a cheap mask is on my list. Unfortunately I expect everyone I go with will need/want one, and not want to buy one for themselves. Cheap asses.

Quote of the Day: This comes from a Star Trek novel I'm reading, "STO: The Needs of the Many" -- (alternate link) a description of one of my favorite characters, Captain Janeway, 's hair from the early seasons...
"The holoimages I had seen of the admiral had me expecting someone with a much sterner manner; certain pictures of Janeway, evidently taken early in her command career, had shown her shoulder-length brown hair gathered into a bun so severe as to make me imagine her ship's barber and chief engineer working together frantically to adjust its tension to prevent it from injuring any innocent by-standers." - (p.104)
Haha, I was all uber-into Star Trek back then, and I remember the Trekkie jokes about Captain Janeway's bun. So I imagine this humor may not hit most people, but I appreciate it.

Video of the Day: Haha, this isn't as good as the Key of Awesome parody -- but it's good in it's own way. I think they overdid the using-fan video segments, and under-did the referencing different parts of the Telephone video.

Quote of the Day:
*Veronica Mars' dad catches her doing something she's not supposed to, all innocent-like*

"Mr. Mars, aren't you supposed to be at the Kiwanis banquet?"
- Veronica Mars (pronounced it Kyu-wanis btw.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hand me a Towel, I'm drenched in Vanilla Twilight

Dunno why, but I'm in the mood to bash the band Owl City. I mean, seriously -- all they (he) sing about is stuff he walks past. It only loosely and occasionally rhymes, so I could seriously just sing-talk my walk through the park or a store or anywhere and make it into an Owl City song! Just yesterday, while with Panda and Sarah to confirm that the Abandoned School in Independence, OH is indeed no more, I wrote something about petting a cat so it "raises it's tale" while I walk to the street and check the mail...

Yes folks, unfortunately -- the school is no more. I found it through a tip through Amy's Dad a couple years ago, we got into it on one or two occasions (the two different buildings) and I have some sweet souvenirs -- a map and a textbook. I got Amy the plaque that was the school's credentials as an educational institution.

Panoramic of what used to be a swimming pool

We visited this place after me, Sarah and Panda returned from exploring another abandoned building up in C-town, a Church of indeterminate denomination.

Strange round shape, part of the side is fenced off. There was a pile of marble stairs that reminded me of mom...

Inside, a spare few pew/seats remain.

And outside, a hobo appears to have made his home on a grate that was not at all trustworthy with any weight based on how loose it was.

Well, I'm off to Gamestop to buy Star Trek: Online, get some Chick-fil-A for Lunch, and hopefully change my oil which is like 2,000 miles overdue x_X until next time!

Video of the Day: Haha, while meandering around the internet as I often do, I found this awesome 6-part special on Star Trek: Voyager.

Song of the Day: "Dental Care" by Owl City. This is the song that drove me over the edge, it's about I dunno, his teeth? A trip to the dentist? !WtH?! silly. Just. silly. But on the topic of Owl City, I wiki'ed them, and it turns out their past names have also included "Insect Airport" (my favorite), "Dolphin Park", "Seagull Orchestra"...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Neunundneunzig Luftballons

"A resident of Ansan, [South Korea] near Seoul, reported seeing 40-50 objects resembling parachutes falling on a mountainside.

The military and police mobilized a special joint task force.

Upon investigation, the objects turned out to be helium balloons released by a local school." - (BBC News.)

What a sad place the world is coming to when music about war is art imitated.

Woah, sorry, had a deep moment. I'm back now. So I have a bunch of half-written back-blogs to post that I just have to finish and add aspects to (ie: song of the day, quote, etc.) So today was bad, but is getting better. Woke up at 6 am and realized I slept through my 4-6am shift this morning >( oh well, nothing I can do about it now, emailed my boss and we'll see what happens of it. But I was also planning to do my final project for Human Cultures that was due today at work -- so I quickly started working on that, and finished just before class. Got to class, then it was canceled cause the testing center was closed for the first half of yesterday -- which we had off for testing. I actually went in the afternoon and it wasn't a problem. So class was canceled, went and took the tests again, got my paycheck (University one, crappy-tiny -- need to get back to Censusing!) Anyway. So got Chipotle, then got a call to come into work 2pm-6pm at Honors. So now I'm here.

Wow. The summer conferences on campus are... underwhelming really. The summer staff seems like they barely know what they're doing, I'm not convinced they even go here - lol.

News story of the Day: (LINK) Woah! A new Ohio Supreme Court case has decided that police officers no longer need to use RADAR detectors to determine to pull someone over for a ticket. They can just use their own personal judgement. WTF!? That's dumb. I hope this gets overturned or changed sometime soon.

Video of the Day: haha, this is kinda interesting. A bunch of mosaics from Toy Story 3. Which came out today actually, I need to go see that.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Summer Sun & Fun for Everyone!

I've been meaning to explore this place for almost a year now. Anyone who grew up in the Cleveland-area of North-East Ohio should be familiar with the popular jingle: "Dover Lake, the Waterpark Place, Hot summer sun - and fun for Everyone! Dover Lake!" Similarly, you can imagine my surprise when Vienna and Chippewa native friends had never heard of Dover Lake Waterpark, nor Fun 'n Stuff.

Dover Lake Waterpark, according to my research, was owned by Marc Glassman of MGI until 2006 when it closed, and was sold to Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resorts -- the property's neighboring local artificial snow aficionados. (Interestingly, further research indicates that Marc Glassman is the founder and owner of Marc's stores - ie: the cheap Save-a-Lot competitor!? Go figure! So Marc's used to own, and sold Dover Lake!) The park's website has been down for some time, but thanks to the magic of the internet - you can see what it once looked like on say, February 9th, 2006? According to the "Way-Back Machine" this was the second-last time the site was updated before being removed in late 2006. According to that update, they changed it to say "now accepting applications for the 2006 seasons" but they closed before the season started. Hm, guess the decision was made pretty late. This ClevelandScene review covers things like admission, a break down of the amenities offered, etc. for any other history buffs looking into this place. (For people trying to find this abandoned place to explore, I like to offer all info I can on a silver platter :D.)

GoogleEarth view.

Anyway, so I've known the park was closed for a few years now -- and I finally today got up the nerve to go try to explore it! (Plus I was having a bad day, so two abandoned buildings in one weekend was a sure pick-me-up.) Me and Sarah grabbed our Urban-Explorer grins and marched off to Sagamore Hills, Ohio. Now, without further ado...

We followed a near-by National Park towpath, which I determined was safer and got us closer to park property while being on public property longer than say - oh, walking up the drive way. After finding the "Jaite Paper Mill" (pictures will be posted some day soon I'm sure) we found a dramatic "No Trespassing" sign...

and a few minutes after ignoring that for the most part, we journeyed into the bridle trails -- and finally, over the hills and through the woods -- could see in the distance: slivers of the park!

It took a lot of walking through thorn-bushes, and though we were a little worried about the "audio-surveillance" and video cameras, we eventually hit the first signs of the park: piles of scrap wood, metal, torn apart concrete, dozens of plastic garbage cans and tops -- and two pontoons.

We freaked out for a second about what we thought was a security person's voice, but quickly determined it to be a duck quacking. Moving on, I had fun with a few panoramas, documenting how much grasslands had taken over the park.

It also shows how many of the buildings/structures had been torn down. Yes, urbanites, I'm afraid if you were hoping of walking the empty loop that was the whirlpool or observing the scum growing in the wave pool you will be sorely disappointed. All of the identifiably Dover-Lake-attractions have been removed or torn down. We proceeded to the next nearest building, deciding screw that camera/microphone security bluff --

And found this creepy bio-bed looking thing! Inside this first building was a loud buzzing that I determined was electrical equipment (even though there was nothing for the electricity to run now that I think about it...) and Sarah though could be a huge bee's nest. The next nearest major building (two chicken-coop looking gas-line/electric-meter stations did not seem worth exploring) was the "Polar BLAST" building which looked new, and if there was security - they probably worked from inside there. We kept our distance.

We moved on to a wooden structure I *do* remember existing, but I don't remember going into it too much. But I could remember seeing it from the beach area. Now it was filled with TONS of birds flying around, and paint and work stuff. Dunno what's goin on there, but on the side of it were two functional snowboards.

From there we walked over to the first recognizable 'ride' which confirmed for me we were where I thought. The 75ft high drop-double slide, was gone. All that was left was an impression on the ground where the slides' flattening out parts once stood. Sarah and Amanda called this the "wedge slide."
The shaded parts on the top right, yeah, that's where the slide used to be. Which confirms that hill was where the ridiculous tube maze thing that went down used to be! That was the awesomest part of the park, ride a tube down the hill for like 20 minutes. Ahh, the memories.
Well, not much is left. The ski resort next door took out the tubing and pools, and added the snow-makers. From here, it was a short walk to where you used to be able to take out paddle boats into a little cordoned off part of the lake (Dover Lake? Official name? I can't find it on the map...) all that remains is this sinking mess:

From here, we saw a big pile of metal things. Upon closer inspection, they were the former ski-lift chairs that took you to the top of the tube thing you took 20 minutes to go down. Dozens of them!
And that was pretty much it. With the exception of the parking lot which we didn't deem worthy of exploration (the thought of audio surveillance still being active in our minds.) So we headed out. Sigh, all the cool things I was hoping to find were filled in, torn down, and taken out. All that remains are the lakes themselves and a few wooden structures. You pretty much can't tell a water park was ever there! But we all remember the awesome times there, I know I remember going there with Ryan and Amanda back in the day. Ah, the memories. Goodbye Dover Lake, we hardly knew ye, and Ohio is not as fun without you at all!

We went on other adventures today, but I wanna keep this blog topic-focused. And I didn't really mention how many thorn bushes we had to go through, I came through relativly unscathed - but Sarah's legs look crazy scratched up! :( Next time pants. Gotta do some homework for my last week of summer classes!

Song of the Day: "Paper Gangsta" by Lady Gaga. Trying to pick less Gaga for my songs of the day, but I just heard this song the first time the other day. Thought I knew all the Lady Gaga songs - but recognized this as the one the girl in the prison yard in the Telephone video is listening to! The meaning of the song really has no significance.

Quote of the Day: "You get 30 points for sassy!" - Sarah, about Amanda -- making a Veronica Mars reference. I'm so proud!

Lol, in the Veronica Mars episode: "Rapes of Graff" - they go to a college Campus, and a frat douche is trying to get her to sleep with him. He tells her how many points she'd be worth (as a compliment) "...40 for being a blond, 20 more for being a natural... 30 points for sassy." Adding up to like 230 something. She later gets him in trouble with his frat for a bunch of things from rape, lying about sleeping with her, etc (watch the episode!) and says something about "my 260 points", he responds "It was 230"
Her: "You undercounted the sassy!"

Video of the Day: While doing some internet research on Dover Lake for this blog, I could not find the old commercial with the jingle on Youtube :( I did however find this band performing an old song there, when I was 4 months old. Enjoy! It does not really show any of the park unfortunately, except a little of the tube slide in the background of the first five seconds.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Abandoned Hudson Mini-Golf

WooHOO! So, the Census is not as over as I thought it was. Instead, I'm being retained for phase 2 which goes all of July -- 30+ hours a week. And with no summer classes, that's a lot of hours of me making money and not being able to spend it. Combined with the money mom owes me, and my balancing my accounts -- I've had enough lately to indulge and live life a little! So I treated myself to a new 5th gen Orange iPod nano, as well as a new camera! Yeah, I'm pretty much loving life. And what better way to inaugurate a new camera than to go explore some ABANDONED BUILDINGS :D

Our abandoned building today is a former Mini-Golf/Put-put place in Hudson*, Ohio -- incredibly close to my Grandpa's house actually. ((* -- on the border of Hudson and Stow)) The first trip to Grandpa's of summer we often went here, me, Grandpa and Dave. It's only been closed a year or maybe 3 though, so I def declare it in the first stages of abandonment. In the following picture there's almost no signs of being abandoned...

As you can see, without the pumps almost all the water parts have dried up.

Poorly placed pine tree is quickly covering this hole.

Oh, and my favorite new feature on my newest camera (in addition to the 14 megapixels, and 7x optical zoom - huge improvements on my previous camera which I broke back in Korea) -- is the Panoramic shot option!!!

Sweetness 8-). In addition to a put-put course, there were batting cages, of which the mesh nets have since collapsed...

And in that little shack on the far right of this picture, ice cream was sold. They used to have a lot more picnic tables but they have since fallen apart or been removed. Even the brick-ground pattern they sat on has begun to come apart as nature reclaims the property, which is for sale.

Inside that building on the far right, not much was left except an old tube-style TV, a cordless phone and a pair of glasses.
Behind the batting cages was an arcade, which I did not try too heavily to break into. Perhaps -- ((haha, I almost typed herpes accidentally. Almost an anagram of perhaps)) -- I'll return here again sometime and try again. All the batting cages were locked with key-style MASTER locks. I told Sarah I'd go home and google how to pick those, lol.

Guess the place was named "Double Play."

Strangely enough, in almost all the golf-holes on the course -- plants were growing out of them. One of the most interesting parts of abandoned buildings is watching nature reclaim what humanity has taken and made artificial. This (really cheap, poor quality) green carpet-y material is after all inspired by grass isn't it. Well, that was the abandoned Mini-Golf place (I can't figure out what to call them, not a shop, or.... really anything. Just Mini-Golf Place.) Definitely expect more photographed adventures again in my future >D Yes, it's so nice having a camera again.

Song of the Day: Now that I have an iPod (MWAHAHAHA! Finally up to speed on modern technology.) I've gotta say "On Your Porch" by "The Format." It was on the Veronica Mars sound track, (and since I have a University labtop, I can't download music illegally -- not that I ever would of course -- but most of my iPod is the CD's I have. According to the Veronica Mars blog (ZOMG! Awesome site n.n) this song was used in the episode "Driver Ed".
"The Format is a two-member rock band from Arizona. They chose their name to make fun of the music industry's inclination towards a cookie-cutter "format" for a hit. And yet they didn't seem to have a problem with having a "hit" called "The First Single" or signing with Elektra Records in 2002.... The song "On Your Porch" is from the band's first full-length album Interventions and Lullabies, which was released in 2003."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Andrew's Oval, Part 1

Awesome Video of the Day:

If you don't feel like watching all of it, a guy in Texas is a collector of Presidential memorabilia - like JFK's Oval Office rocking chair, campaign things going back to Eisenhower, and pictures + autographs of him with each President going back to Nixon. Anyway, he built a replica of the Oval Office in his driveway (as an extension of the house, so it's like adding on a whole real room!) With a real desk, and designed to look real in every way! *u* it's soo cool.

I wanna see an Oval Office someday. Certainly the real one would be best, but for the time I'll accept one of the professional replicas. There was a partial replica back at the FDR Presidential Library & Museum. IKEA created a replica of the Oval Office in the subways of Washington D.C. back during inauguration season I guess - I don't remember seeing it! There are replicas immitating the appropriate Presidents at the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Clinton libraries. I want to seeee theeeem...

But what might my Oval Office look like, for the sake of creative blogging? Well, I happen to already have a collection of favorite White House art. There is a book on it at Bierce, which I find FASCINATING!

First of all, this would not be in *my* oval office -- but one of my favorite art pieces is the John Singer Sargent presidential portrait of Teddy Roosevelt. It's got an awesome story behind it, another artist had painted Teddy's official portrait but Teddy HATED it! He thought it made him look like a "cute kitten." He hid it in the darkest corner of the White House, until it went "mysteriously missing." No historic photos exist of this picture. But someone recommended Sargent paint Teddy, and he agreed to pose for half an hour a day for sketches until Sargent found a pose he liked. Well, days went by, and Teddy found it to be a HUGE waste of time (and hated standing still) and one day blew up at him, thinking the famous artist "Had no idea what he was looking for!" Angry Sargent yelled back, "You have no idea what it takes to pose for a portrait!" "Roosevelt, whom by then had reached the landing, planted his hand on the balustrade post, turned onto the ascending artist and said, "Don't I!" - (JSSGallery history.)

I love that story. Which is why I tried so hard for so long to find a print of that painting! They're all like crazy ridiculous expensive on the internet. Luckily me and Sarah found one at the Teddy Roosevelt house this past trip to New York n.n got it framed, now I just need a matte.

The Teddy portrait that does make it into my oval office would be by Philip Alexius de Laszlo -- a British painter (1869-1937), painted in 1910. This portrait was once described as...
"I used to look at it all the time when I felt bad and I worried, "Was the war in Bosnia going to come out all right? Would the Kosovar refugees ever be able to go home?"

Because if you look at that picture, Theodore Roosevelt, who was known as our most macho, bully, self-confident president, you look at that picture and you see here's a human being who's scared to death and not sure it's going to come out all right. And he does the right thing, anyway. That's what I saw in that picture..." -- President Bill Clinton
I'm going to stop there, and make this a multiple part series. I started this a few weeks ago, and now can't really think straight but wanted to update. Have a good Tuesday ya'll!

New Story of the Day:
"Obama orders Equal Benefits for Same-Sex Partners in the Executive Branch" -- I oppose "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and signed some online-petition the other day (Which you should consider signing too) which was official don't worry - I got it from Obama, I got it from Obama...

Song of the Day: "Young Forever" by Jay-Z, ft. Mr. Hudson. This is apparently a remix of an 80's song called "Forever Young." Yup, turns out that song is by Alphaville - and came out in 1984. This song took some getting used to, but I've come to kinda like it. Choice lyrics:
"Let us die young, or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never..."

Friday, June 4, 2010

I dream of ..., Genie

So just started my 4a-6a shift at the Exchange desk, and while perusing the internet today I found an article of clothing I WANT! And since "Andrew's wardrobe" is one of the tags I can use on a blog that I don't think I use all that often, I'm gonna base today's on some clothes I wanna buy. And as for the title, I occasionally check out "Lady Gaga Daily: The Fashion Blog" which documents and explores all of Lady Gaga's different ridiculous outfits and how they are developed, etc. In it, the author of the blog often finishes with "Genie, I want a pair!" ie, wishing for them. So here are some clothes, if there be a genie, that I wish for.

The first article of clothing is this Mandarin Collar Jacket from YesStyle. I like it! This is a combination of my two favorite things, futuristic-y looking things, and Asian looking things. I occasionally ask myself what business suits will look like in 40 years (because they are a slow-to-change fashion icon, business suits have changed just barely in the past 70 years. With the exception perhaps of the 70s where larger wider collars were popular.) So I want something that says "this is the next stage in business suit evolution!" that is still recognizably business suity. I'm also interested to see how futuristic movies handle futuristic business suits. I seem to remember Minority Report chickening out and not really changing them at all, but the vampire-flick Daybreakers went with changing the collar in someway. Nothing groundbreaking. Anyway, I want this jacket! Wearing it to like, DCON or ASG would be awesome n.n

Mwahaha, I love mandarin collars! I will own something with one one day!!! Then there's...

Also from YesStyle (an Asian clothing site I believe) is this Gingham Layered Vest, which looks like two vests over each other but is one. Sure, most of my friends think I'm not artsy enough to pull off a vest :-/ but oh well :P I want it. The only problem with buying Asian clothes (as I determined *in* Asia) is that as a well-nourished all American boy with a taste for fast food, I am hardly Asian-sized. Hehe, while not fat I hope - I certainly don't fit into the same size of Asian clothes as I do American. Overcoming this obstacle (or simply finding a measuring tape to find my dimensions) are part of the reasons that have kept me from actually ordering any of this stuff.

But back to something within the realm of me actually buying, over at American Eagle Outfitters a few weeks ago - their new summer clothes came out including -- An Orange striped Button up shirt! The shirt my wardrobe hath been missing! :D But I know American Eagle clothes, while not dramatically over priced like say annoying Abercrombie, or also annoying Hollister Co., I should try to save up my money - which I am doing a very good job of - and all that credit card debt that eats away in the back of my brain almost gone! So perhaps this orange shirt will be my reward for a job well done. Cause last time I managed to keep my credit cards low, AE took my limit down from 250$ to 100$ ><;; I dunno if that affects my credit score badly, but it annoyed me. But I feel requesting it back up and then not using it *would* negatively affect my credit score. Oh credit, how little I understand you. I feel most Americans don't really understand credit - and yet we all use it! This is called technique, over knowledge - according to my Human Cultures class. Technique is knowing how to use something without the theory behind it's operation (ie: microwaves, cell phones, cars, credit cards...) Knowledge is knowing the precise details behind how something works and being able to use it (ie: the inventor of aaa.... i dunno, flat panel TVs or something, an Engineer that can explain how microwaves work and draw a blueprint of them, etc.) You're from-my-class-lesson of the day! ((Gasp! I just noticed the website doesn't have the Medium size anymore! I may go buy this in the store. ...just to keep my Credit Card in use, right...))

Dear Genie, give me these things and combined with my new buncha' flipflops from Old Navy's dollar-flipflop day, my wardrobe is pretty set till fall. Kthanx!

I swear, the world betta prepare... for when I'm a Billionaire...

On some life notes, AHHH! I'm SO excited Sarah comes back to America tonight at midnight and I'm picking her up from the Airport! n.n not exactly sure how we'll find each other, but I'm sure it'll be a Disney/Hallmark moment! n.n Until then, I've got a busy day with little time for sleep -- gotta finish my shift (another hour and 20 minutes), pick up my paycheck, cash my paycheck, shower, class, appointment with the Career center (we all pay 6$ a semester, I think I'm going to ask them about a future in the State Department), Starbucks with Laura (which I've canceled like 4 times :/), change, Work MY LAST DAY AT THE CENSUS, change, get to Garfield Heights for the funeral of a close friends ex-boyfriend, change, return a movie I should've returned this past weekend ><;;, Danielle's relay-for-life, then chill til I pick up Sarah. Okay, so it's not ALL that busy compared to my busier days. But no wonder I tagged this as Andrew's wardrobe - look at all those costume changes! It's like freakin' Music Express up in here.

Preview of Upcoming Blog: Hint, the subject is "The Oval Office..."

Song of the Day:
"My First Kiss" by 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha. Mwahaha, this is a song off my CD "things I think will be popular this summer" - and I heard it again on the radio today! So points to me. This does not relate to anything in real life particularly, just think it's interesting. I like the "OoooOoooooOOooooOOooOoooooo" part - haha. But watching the music video (for the first time right now) I realize the "normal" looking 3Oh!3 member is actually annoying, the long haired one is better. And of course, Ke$ha's hotmess of a self is entertaining in everything she does - lol. Garbage-trashy chic, as she describes herself... I'm also going to take this opportunity to inform anyone who does watch/read/go to any of the links I post about 3Oh!3, you may notice their logo is two hands connected with all their fingers apart. If you don't get why this is their logo, I realized (a WHILE back) it was because there's 3 fingers, an O, and then another 3 fingers -- haha, get itz!

Quote of the Day: "If I tell you a lie, may your genie confound me!" - The Book of Werewolves (by Sabine Baring-Gould.) Haha, back in High School I went to my local library, and found an antique book exploring the history of werewolves from a pseudo-real point of view (at least, by reading it I wasn't convinced the author was Not writing it from the POV they may be real.) And on one page, this quote popped up and I don't know why but it cracked me up. I read that whole book over the course of a couple trips to the Cuyahoga Valley Canal towpath, while walking - I'm pretty proud of that. I think I have this quote on my facebook, so if you've ever wondered where this stemmed from -- now you know!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Future Space Shuttle Museum

Featured News Article: "Shuttles for Sale"

So, clearly I am a fan of Star Trek. And this often accompanies in Trekkers an interest in Space Exploration in general, indeed I am very interested in NASA and modern/present day space exploration and travel. I remember a time I went to the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, asked about a ship they were planning -- and were taking the exhibit down for. Unfortunatly, they had scrapped that ship plan -- but the man was impressed by my knowledge of it. n.n Haha, I've noticed lately that I take every single compliment to my head.

Star Trek actors at the unveiling of the real Enterprise.

Where was I? Oh yes. So Star Trek and NASA have a history of shared interested partners. In fact, the first space shuttle (not everyone knows this) was named Enterprise because of a write-in campaign by Star Trek fans! Little did those Star Trek fans know however, that the first shuttle was merely a test-vehicle and never actually went into space =(

Where was I? Oh. So anyway - I am interested in Space Exploration. And the Atlantis this past week flew its final mission, and is now in the process of being decommissioned. What happens to the only vehicle in Human history capable of multiple space flights when it's retired you ask? Well, they're looking to sell them to museums for 30 MILLION dollars a piece. (Keep in mind, there are 3 Space Shuttles remaining: The Discovery, the Atlantis, and the Endeavour. The Columbia was of course destroyed in 1981, and the Challenger was destroyed in 2003.

30 million is a fair asking price, that's in fact just the cost of transporting the ship basically. The ships cost 1.7 Billion each to build!

What I found interesting were the museums bidding to get them. The Smithsonian in DC I guess is being cocky and just assumed they'd called dibs on the oldest of the remaining shuttles (Discovery) and "bawked at the 30 million dollar price tag." Other "usual suspects" the article notes include a museum in New York, a museum in Florida near the launch pad, the space museum at Johnson Space Command (aka: "Houston" of the "Houston, we have a problem") - but two other places caught my attention. The "National Air Force Museum" (which I've never heard of) in Dayton, Ohio! (Yay for Ohio, but why not expand the NASA Glenn center?) The other place no doubt some of my readers have heard of and others have not. The "Adler Planetarium" is a one of the countries most prominent planetariums, and the birthplace of an old acquaintance...

Coincidentally, the topic of the Adler Planetarium came up the other day at lunch with Panda when she mentioned she was going to Chicago and trying to find out what to do there. We couldn't remember Phillipe's name, and kept wanted to call him Alejandro. Imagine. Us, me and Panda. With Gaga on the Brain. Psh...

While I'm on the topic of space exploration, I wonder who knows that I collect NASA (and other) missions patches. Or at least why, in particular I am collecting the mission patches: there was an episode of Star Trek where they had a bar dedicated to "old fashioned" NASA stuff, and it had a bunch of display cabinets. I want to make those one day! And if anyone is ever looking for a simple gift for me:

These are taken from the Star Trek website Ex Astris Scientia, and were likely collected by an old friend Jorg. I hope they don't mind me borrowing them -- but hotlinking is more annoying I'm sure.

Quote of the Day: "I wanna ride with ya'll! Ya'll got windas!" - Crazy Drunk driver, of a jeep whose windows had been busted out, driving on the freeway next to Moon & Nata on the way home from the fair the other day.

Song of the Day:
"Eenie Meenie" by Justin Bieber, ft. Sean Kingston. Okay, Justin Bieber annoys me, as I think he does alot of people my age. But not because we're jealous of the fame he has at a younger age than us. And Amanda actually yelled at me for singing to this song the other day. Oh, correction -- this song is actually by Kingston ft. Bieber. WOW does Kingston look young! How old are these people!? Sean Kingston is currently 20 - born in 1990. Bieber is born in 1994, and therefore 16. Ugh, i am pretty tired of hearing this song actually but the chorus gets stuck in my head the "Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time,..." part.

When I think of Bieber, I'm reminded of this "Key of Awesome!" parody:

Video of the Day: Lol:

"I am adorable, you can't resist my advances --
I got Carol Brady hair and I know all of Usher's dances..."