Monday, March 30, 2009

It Never Ends

Well, I'd hoped this would be an easy week but I can see its going to be similarly busy as last week. Last week as I've complained repeatedly, I had that "Impeachment of Andrew Johnson" paper that I managed to turn in at 6:15am (due 10:30am) on Thursday. Then came a little less then a day of rest (well, Thursday is my busy day but it felt like a day of rest!) Then came board trainer, which was tons of fun this weekend! Got to see the District Board people, and made some good friendships that I think will make this year easier. And of course grew closer to my fellow Akron-ers that traveled with me, and got to meet Natalie's family and see her house - both of which were pretty cool!

Board trainer was a combination of fun when it could be and boring as training should be expected to be. I was not a big fan of the food, and the speeches certainly were hard to stay awake for (especially considering the ridiculous hours, sleep at 2am wake up 7:30am.) And the water smelled like rotten eggs. Got my board binder, got my board nametag, and I hope to do the best I can for the Ohio District of CKI! :D President's Council Chair, wooo!

Then yesterday's panty-trip with Circle K and to Barley House went well, and tonights Heroes with Kayla and Sarah. Lets see, general interesting things: David will be spending the night at Honors on Tuesday (not of this week) but that means I'll be dragging him to Circle K, the first meeting I'll be President-ing at.

Favorite BT Quotes:
"I will cut you!" - Samantha, simply written does not do it justice

"Look at this beautiful officer directory, no holes whatso ever!"
- Don Parker, despite fact that (taken literally) there were holes punched into it, and incorrectly as we are actually missing a PR Chair.

" bad..."
*silence* "HA!" - Don noting his mistake and Melissa shouts out on accident.

*Natalie does her stalker-thing about where her high school math teacher lives as we pass through her home town. I say something to Angela in the backseat.*
"Haha, Andrew, I can't see your lips but I know what your saying..." - Gomez

"Emily, Investigate!" - Recurring comment, she was a trooper and helped alot :D

House Perk of the Day: Apparently a large crayon will be hanging from our living room wall.

Song of the Day: "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls. When the people at trainer or on the Panty-shopping-trip sang country, I would sing this to get it out of my head. Because this gets stuck in my head pretty easily unfortunatly. Haha, as mom calls them, "those arrogant girls" (based on the song Don't Cha) which also led to me telling a Patsy story at Trainer. Their pretty crazy, but some songs are intersting.
"I see them staring at me
Oh, I’m a trendsetter
Yes, this is true, ’cause what I do, no one can do it betta
You can talk about me -
‘Cause I’m a hot topic.
I see you watching me, watching me, and I know you want it..."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break, or: Let the Procrastination Begin!

Well that was a fun week! I wish I could have updated this more, but I do not have ANY internet at home now :/ mom got rid of the phone line, so I don't even have dial-up anymore. Oh the ups and downs this break has taken, but its been exciting! I kinda want classes to start back up, but mainly I wish I had another week cause I do not want to do the things I have to do by tomorrow :( so posting this is mainly procrastination from my Andrew Johnson paper.

Lets see, so much has gone on, but yet, still nothing: lol. Shopping fun with Patsy, Barnes and Noble fun with Jen, hung out with some Circle K friends, took a random road trip to Pittsburgh and let me tell you: there's nothing in Pittsburgh! I mean, goddang! Came home, had to deal with David's uncooked rice bowls u.u; and mom's craziness. But got to hang with Amanda which I never get to do which was fun! And Danielle, who I don't get to see often! And Wednesday got to go to a Baldwin-Wallace Circle K event with Jen and Will, which was fun. Thursday got to hang with the gang for the first time in a long time -- went to Crocker Park, Dave and Busters, and hung with some of Kayla's high school friends who are pretty cool. Dinah lives in the coolest house ever!!!

Then came back to Akron to hang with the future-housemates/their current housemate (I dunno, "the Akron caucus"?), and got to see Kim -- another person I never get to see! It was a fun break. Wish I went on a more distant/planned road trip, but I guess I'll get to that eventually.

Real quick, an explination of my use of the word "Caucus." I consider Joe Lieberman's likeness to kayla the basis for this. He is an independant, it is said he "caucuses with the Democrats." Kayla is an independent from the Garfonians, but caucuses with us. See how simple it is?

BREAK GIFT NEWS: So, anyone who is still on the look out to buy me something: NOW 30 comes out on the 24th (Tuesday) if you want to buy me that, I would love it, cause there's a ton of songs I like on there. Note the fish I guess (???)

Quotes of Break:
(While clothes shopping in Crocker Park, the gang discusses their personal clothing styles)
"...Andrew is the only one of us with a style and actually executes it..." - Sarah. (Of course a reference to my button up shirts :D)

Similarly, Friday while shopping at Hollister w/Erin and Patsy (Erin's first time in a Hollister, she was not impressed by the poor lighting.)
[Patsy picks up a blue girls button-up] "Look, it can be my Andrew costume! Andrew, what do you think of this shirt?" - Patsy
[Andrew walks up to them with similar looking shirt for himself] "I like it!" - Me

Then of course, you have mom:
[I ask about the parental consigner agreement for my house next year]
Mom: "Well, I figured you could sign that..."
Me: "...what? No, its a cosigner thing, I'm the *first* signer..."
Mom: "Well, I figured since your an adult now..."
Me: "That doesn't make me Barbara [DeF]!"

Songs of Break:
Dead and Gone, by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake. Haha, I like this song, particularly the lines about looking to the West and the East. At first I thought it was about a gangsta whose all his homies were dead. And he was like, "I look to the West... don't got no homies by my side, I look to the East, don't got no homies by my side..." etc. Turns out the lyrics are actually he doesn't have the "old me" by his side I guess? I dunno, still interesting song.

Right Round, by Flo-Rida -- the performer that brought us Low (applebottom jeans) and In the Ayer (Who I thought was, but Okay...) Haha, this was stuck in me and Mike's head at Bob Evans the other day. Jen tried to get it out of my head by singing the McDonalds-trout song, which I still have to become familiar with once youtubes back up. So youtube has been annoying and not loaded at all since I got back, so you're just gonna have to settle with the lyrics pages :( sorry. Oh, but the video may be on the lyrics page. W/e. Haha, the Right Round video is stupid.

Rare word of Break: Prompt. "Saying that would prompt her to do the thing." Thanks to Jen.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boring Tuesday

Yeah, nothing particularly of note happened today. Wanted to sleep in but had to be up for my 8-10am shift, then got Rob's, took a nap before my 1:45 class only to wake up at like 1:35 and still have to like shower and change. Watched a movie on Lewis and Clark in history, then College Dems at 4:30, then went and visited Patsy at the Circle K office. "Is there a board meeting in the office?" "No, but I'm in the office and I'm bored!" lol. Went to get Starbucks, only to screw up my order ("Apple Chai frappuchino with whipped cream and carmel drizzle." Not supposed to have added the "frappuchino" part.) The lady got GRRR-angry at me, lol, so I'm thinking I'm gonna steer clear of Starbucks for a while. Then the Circle K meeting went well, and we went to Denny's afterward for some more fun!

Actually, as a result of this experience I'm moving Starbucks back into the "Active Lentan Items"...

My Lent Item:
Olive Garden
Starbucks again

Song of the Day: "I Don't Know" by Lily Allen. (Lyrics) So all day I've been listening to the Akron radio TV channel, and they play pretty good music. I napped through alot of it; and was almost late to class cause Womanizer came on, but they just played a song I haven't heard before and its kinda interesting. (Some lyrics)

"Life's about film stars and less about mothers
It's all about fast cars and passing each other
But it doesn't matter cause I'm packing plastic
and that's what makes my life so f**king fantastic

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault it's how I'm program to function..."
Quote of Yesterday:
"We're the same Nathan! We're the same!" - Tracy, Heroes character
"What could that mean?" - Guy hunting Heroes characters
"We're human." - Me, answering for Nathan on TV
"Or are we Dancers?!" - Kayla

(lol, okay, I guess this is hard to explain and you had to be there. Just get the joke is about the song "Are we human or are we dancer..." by the Killers. But points to Kayla for cleverness, this still cracks me up! Reference skills are almost Andrew-ian. ;) )

House perk of the Day: We realized last night that our house, Sarah/Brit/Angela's house, and Kayla/Cory's houses are all like a street away from each other! And really easy to walk to each, so yay location, location, location.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Plans, Part Two

Party went well. Sundway was relatively uninteresting, spent much of it napping in Garfield. Came back, did gang dinner, came up with some one-day trip plans for Spring Break sort'of. Err@economy, I wanted to go to new york >O

Then went to work, Sisler was closed so I had to climb in through the desk window - lol. That was an experience. But not much today, watched some Sabrina DVD's at home, and now over spring break I have to bug David to figure out what he's doing for college >>;; yeah, that's not MOM'S job or anything... also I have to make him figure out what he wants to do for Senior Project as well.

South Park Andrew.

Quote of the Day:

"Jingle, jingle, jingle, in my FACE-FACE-FACE!"
- Brit, pissed-idly remembering my waking her up with my keys that morning. lol

Funny site of the Day: Pundit Kitchen. (Source of pic above) One of Sarah's guys found this I think, alot of "Fail/lolcatz" on political pictures, lol, It's been entertaining me. Can't really think of subjects off the top of my head to search for, so I've only looked through the obvious one (Hillary, Palin,...) Oh, I'll go search for Kucinich and Pelosi.

Songs of the Day: "One of the Boys"(L) and "Thinking of You"(V) both by Katy Perry. Katy Perry's great! Thanks to Kayla for letting me borrow this CD and rip it a while back. If I'd come to the conclusion earlier, I'd've liked to see her in concert at the end of March but too late now :/ Thinking of You has some thought provoking lyrics.
"How do I get better, Once I've had the best
You said there's Tons of fish in the water
So the waters I will test..."

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Circle K shopping and Sibs Weekend

So last night I worked 2-4pm, and today I worked 4-8pm, and let me just say -- I HATE working day shifts. Without my labtop, there is nothing to do! I brought books, but I didn't read them, lol, never do :/ But yes, yesterday got to hang with Danielle and her friend Elise and her sister who came up to see Brit's play, then they came over and played DDR in the fifth floor social lounge, that was fun. Went to bed at like 4, then a random thunderstorm (that disapeared as randomly as it happened) woke me up at like 7, went back to sleep, broken phone woke me up at 9! Went back to sleep. Actually woke up at 10, went to the Circle K project--

Which was "Shop for Childrens Hospital". We had club funds raised up to buy things the Children's Hospital needs to give to children like toys and teething rings and so-and-such. Got 13 people, nice number, ended up going over to Montrose for Dollar Tree and Target. It was fun, and Kat complimented my executive decision making skills n.n yay practicing for the Presidency.

Then I went with grandpa to get my new phone battery, went with Sarah to drop Brit off in Cuyahoga Falls, then to Best Buy to buy her a iPod case for her iPod for her birthday. Then back here to work from 4 to 8 which was not fun, but thanks a ton to the bunch that visted me (over and over...) to keep me reasonably entertained!!

And tonight its off to kaylas to celebrate mine brit and sarah's birthdays (belated.)

Oops, forgot to mention the Circle K stuff: OMG! YAY ME! So first I was elected Club President, yay! Now I've been appointed Chair of the President's Committee, double yay! And now I've been selected for a Circle K Alumni taskforce, AND I won (one of two) Circle K scholarships!!! I'M SO PUMPED FOR CIRCLE K! WOOOO! Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, and will help me in the future! Haha, and I love that Jen called me "the golden boy of Ohio District CKI!" Similarly, Sarah called me butter.

...Cause I'm on a RoLL!

Just thought I'd post this picture, cause I've been looking for it for months and this way I won't lose it.

Quote of the Day: LOL, that was hilarious.

" autographed bible..." - Me
"Keep on Truckin, God." - Gomez.

Song of the Day: "Give You Hell" - All American Rejects. About a boy who tells his ex "when you see my face, I hope it gives you hell." I hyperlinked to the lyrics because the music video is just strange and stupid.

House Perk of the Day: I don't know how to better say this; Mike bought a shillilagh today, lol.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Woo/bleh, Tuesdays are busy days. Got my W2's finally and gonna use the UA-ASG free taxprep service, went to Polski's Dep of Foreign Programs and found out my application will go through next week and I'll be contact woowoo, Grandpa got my new cell phone battery, speaker at College Dems, and of course the Circle K meeting. Then work and a paper due tomorrow :(

(Watching CSPAN) lol, the Prime Minister of Britain (Gordon Brown) just joked with Obama about how they have to work out together sometime, that he's not good at basketball but maybe tennis.

Quote of the Day:
"Are you on the list of people I send things to?"
"You *send* things to people!?"
(Me and girl from my U.S. History sine 1877 class, lol - the way she said it seemed really funny to me at the time.)

Song of the Day: "Good Morning, Baltimore" - Hairspray (2007). I woke up this morning, looked at my wall and the sunlight looked weird and this song just started playing in my head and was stuck in my head this morning. Look for a Single-Ladies-like song as song of the day in the near future...

New States of the Day: Starbucksistan and New Columbia. The residents of Washington D.C. do not get a vote in the Senate or House of Representatives, but have to pay taxes, because DC is not in a state. Soon though Congress will vote to give them a congressional seat. Why should a city have its own congressional seat you may ask? DC has twice the population of Wyoming, who has 2 senators -- the same as NY and CA. But long story short, some propose making DC a state - to which the real people suggest "New Columbia" (since Washington is taken) and Colbert suggests "Starbucksistan."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Clubbin' and Rice

Fine! Dang it. I won't buy the shirt, jeesh.

Popular opinion of the shirt I expressed interest in in my previous post has been more negative than the reaction to Bobby Jindal's Response-to-the-Not/so/State-of-the-Union. Which was BAD. Summarizing: The Governor of Louisiana, a Republican of Indian decent, thought by some to be a possibility for the 2012 presidential nomination responded -as is customary - to the President's address on the stimulus package. He was pretty badly lampooned, one reason being he complained, and I quote, about Obama asking for money for "something called Volcano monitoring?" The Governor of *coughNewOrleanscough* Louisiana, is complaining about money to fund natural disaster monitoring? Seriously?

30 Rock fans will get it.

So, to my loyal readers, I apologize for it being a week since I last posted. Throughout the week I come up with bits and pieces of posts then don't post them.

So this weekend was a blast!!! First I saw Brit's play on Friday, which she was excellent in! Got to hang with Kim who I haven't seen in forever and Kenny, who I've actually seen more recently than Kim last weekend. She played a slave in a rendition of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, 'Big River.' I recommend anyone who hasn't already seen it go see it! There's plenty of showtimes left, just contact me and/or Brit and we could probably set up a day for a group to see it. (I personally would prefer not to again, its long, and the other day that I planned to see it I now work during the first hour.)

Then I had to work Friday night which sucked :/ but Saturday morning was fun at Starbucks, with four hours of hanging with some Circle K gang sort of playing Free Go Natalie 30,000 grains of rice donated! I got 7,000 in the same amount of time. Then what, oh, we split to do homework for a couple hours (fail) and went to Applebee's with Jason of the Rio Grande Circle K. Always welcome in Akron! After an annoying experience with some chicken --lets say nuggets -- we ended up going to a club as Patsy had recommended to me the previous Wednesday. But the list of planners and list of inviters interestingly enough got reversed (except for me) but it was still tons of fun! I have never had so much fun dancing, cause I usually hate it, alot, like tons of alot. I hate dancing a whole bunch actually. But the next morning, I was in pain (and still am) from the fun I had.

Then Sunday was kinda a dud, woke up at 1:30ish, didn't really get anything done at all all day, went to the mall for all of 15 minutes. But got to return this stupid shirt I bought from Aeropostal that the letters crack when you bend it, which is a stupid material to make shirt out of! If I put that in the wash, it would have come out blank I tell you. But yeah, got to see a friend from high school and her fiance which was cool, went to dinner to celebrate Brit's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!!! WOOOO!) not at the wasabi place I was hoping for but Golden Corral :/ Then some more procrastinating and not doing this stupid book report, and here I am at work!

Song of the Day: "That's Not My Name", The Ting-Tings. They call her alot of things, but they aren't her name! I'm still in pain from dancing at the club to this and other things last night x_x Runner up, "Poker Face", Lady GaGa. Just because I never want to hear "Just Dance" by her ever again....

Quote of the Day:
"Hey Juicy!" - Teri, not really to the waiter of Golden Corral, whose name was actually Julius.

Other Quote of the Day:
"STORAGE FAIL" - The little digital-read out on the Vending Machine by the Honors Computer lab after selecting a drink it was out of.

Pantsuit of the Day:

In a Fox News Clip (which should always be taken with a grain of salt) they note that her pantsuit matches the caution tape on her plane, lol. This is the inspiration for me wanting to wear black and yellow the other day, sad it may seem. Just thought that was an interesting tidbit of information.