Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break, or: Let the Procrastination Begin!

Well that was a fun week! I wish I could have updated this more, but I do not have ANY internet at home now :/ mom got rid of the phone line, so I don't even have dial-up anymore. Oh the ups and downs this break has taken, but its been exciting! I kinda want classes to start back up, but mainly I wish I had another week cause I do not want to do the things I have to do by tomorrow :( so posting this is mainly procrastination from my Andrew Johnson paper.

Lets see, so much has gone on, but yet, still nothing: lol. Shopping fun with Patsy, Barnes and Noble fun with Jen, hung out with some Circle K friends, took a random road trip to Pittsburgh and let me tell you: there's nothing in Pittsburgh! I mean, goddang! Came home, had to deal with David's uncooked rice bowls u.u; and mom's craziness. But got to hang with Amanda which I never get to do which was fun! And Danielle, who I don't get to see often! And Wednesday got to go to a Baldwin-Wallace Circle K event with Jen and Will, which was fun. Thursday got to hang with the gang for the first time in a long time -- went to Crocker Park, Dave and Busters, and hung with some of Kayla's high school friends who are pretty cool. Dinah lives in the coolest house ever!!!

Then came back to Akron to hang with the future-housemates/their current housemate (I dunno, "the Akron caucus"?), and got to see Kim -- another person I never get to see! It was a fun break. Wish I went on a more distant/planned road trip, but I guess I'll get to that eventually.

Real quick, an explination of my use of the word "Caucus." I consider Joe Lieberman's likeness to kayla the basis for this. He is an independant, it is said he "caucuses with the Democrats." Kayla is an independent from the Garfonians, but caucuses with us. See how simple it is?

BREAK GIFT NEWS: So, anyone who is still on the look out to buy me something: NOW 30 comes out on the 24th (Tuesday) if you want to buy me that, I would love it, cause there's a ton of songs I like on there. Note the fish I guess (???)

Quotes of Break:
(While clothes shopping in Crocker Park, the gang discusses their personal clothing styles)
"...Andrew is the only one of us with a style and actually executes it..." - Sarah. (Of course a reference to my button up shirts :D)

Similarly, Friday while shopping at Hollister w/Erin and Patsy (Erin's first time in a Hollister, she was not impressed by the poor lighting.)
[Patsy picks up a blue girls button-up] "Look, it can be my Andrew costume! Andrew, what do you think of this shirt?" - Patsy
[Andrew walks up to them with similar looking shirt for himself] "I like it!" - Me

Then of course, you have mom:
[I ask about the parental consigner agreement for my house next year]
Mom: "Well, I figured you could sign that..."
Me: "...what? No, its a cosigner thing, I'm the *first* signer..."
Mom: "Well, I figured since your an adult now..."
Me: "That doesn't make me Barbara [DeF]!"

Songs of Break:
Dead and Gone, by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake. Haha, I like this song, particularly the lines about looking to the West and the East. At first I thought it was about a gangsta whose all his homies were dead. And he was like, "I look to the West... don't got no homies by my side, I look to the East, don't got no homies by my side..." etc. Turns out the lyrics are actually he doesn't have the "old me" by his side I guess? I dunno, still interesting song.

Right Round, by Flo-Rida -- the performer that brought us Low (applebottom jeans) and In the Ayer (Who I thought was, but Okay...) Haha, this was stuck in me and Mike's head at Bob Evans the other day. Jen tried to get it out of my head by singing the McDonalds-trout song, which I still have to become familiar with once youtubes back up. So youtube has been annoying and not loaded at all since I got back, so you're just gonna have to settle with the lyrics pages :( sorry. Oh, but the video may be on the lyrics page. W/e. Haha, the Right Round video is stupid.

Rare word of Break: Prompt. "Saying that would prompt her to do the thing." Thanks to Jen.

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