Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Magic School Bus: "For Sail!"

So I survived the weekend! What'dya know? On top of that, I finally figured out how uTorrent works, so I was able to download the entire series of The Magic School Bus - which has been helping me through those 4 hour shifts on campus (Am. Eagle is another story...) But it's 6 am, I thought I'd share with you some dazzling discoveries of merchandise and mementos!

OMG! I TOTALLY had this toy growing up! :D And boy did I love it. I found it on eBay, but it's 30 bucks - and I don't *need* it, I have my memories from my Childhood, and it's just sit on a shelf somewhere... (NO! Must NOT buy it... fighting... urge...) But it was awesome!

Part of the point of this blog is to keep pictures I find for future reference, gotta jog those Childhood Memories some times. See, the thing came with all those pieces, that fit inside the bus (The roof came off.)

I remember being bitter about how of the things the bus could turn into, this drill one never appeared in an episode, lol...

And a submarine n.n AHHH! I love The Magic School Bus. By far the most influential TV show on my childhood. Even wrote about it in my teaching statement paper.

OMG, I wish I had a MSB themed birthday party growing up! Oh well, my parents managed pretty well, and I grew up happy and fine. !!! A Magic School Bus powerwheels, would pretty much have blown my mind... (If you didn't know, the toy I wanted growing up most was a Power Wheels...)

At some point, I owned almost all the MSB books (55+), a handful of VHS, a bunch of toys, and almost all the computer games out at the time. Alas, almost all of those have been lost over the years to random disappearance-in-my-house, or the fire. All I really have left are a handful of the handful of videos. :/ Disappointing, I hope my kids some day get to experience the awesomeness of Magic School Bus, and can learn about science in a fun way and it encourage them to be scientists, or even a teacher like me! But can't buy all the books online now, they'll have to settle for the digital copy of the torrented episodes. Ah, gotta love the internet - with it nothing is ever truely lost to time.

Quote of the Day: So my Aunt Betty is kindofa bitch. She's been evil to me (primarily) but also mom for quite some time, this time she went too far. Two hours into my nap between jobs, she decided to wake me up wondering why I wasn't at Grandpas to talk to her about the car. I wasn't scheduled to be there, mind you, because I knew I had to nap then. Nor was I supposed to talk about the car, that's moms business. But she felt the need to call me, even though moms gone over this a million time with them. I was admittedly a little groggy, because I was being yelled at and did not know what was going on because I JUST WOKE UP FROM 20 HOURS OF WORK, and 2 HOURS OF SLEEP... but she was just bringing up all kinds of stuff that didn't make any sense.

"Have you been drinking?"
"[pause]... excuse me?"
"Have you been drinking?"
"I BeG YouR PardoN!? How Dare you, I have worked 18 of the last 20 hours and was trying to get some sleep. WHat makes you think that is at all appropriate?! DO NOt, call back here." [Click...]

I dare her to accuse me of being rude.

Song of the Day: "You Make Me Smile" by Uncle Cracker. This was on in the car on the ride home from work and reminded me of Sarah. Dunno why this was on a channel I was listening to -- it is apparently country. Blegh. Oh well, it has alot of nice things that are true of us. Eh, as a song it's not really my cup of tea.


Sarah said...

You make me smile too babe :-) Love you more than a heater on a cold day!

Tami Rivera said...

I know this is an old post but what is the name of this toy? My almost 3yo son LOVES The Magic School Bus and needs this!

Maria Cruz said...

Same question as Tami. I also have a 3 yo who would love this toy.

Unknown said...

What is that bus called and where can I find one?