Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get Him to the Union

Haha, interesting experience-filled day to add to the memoir of my life. Today I got to learn how to handle a "rock star."

As you may know, the ASG was charged (literally) with providing the bands for Springfest 2011: and while I made recommendations such as Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy, and the Far East Movement -- in the end we ended up with Shwayze, Cisco & Urban Crush. I wasn't too pleased, my main intention was to get someone with name recognition like Kent always manages to get (Bruno Mars, Drake, 3Oh!3...) but alas, we ended up having to go with someone approved by the University's student entertainment division or something? I dunno.

He's disappointed he didn't get to meet Zippy.

The story gets interesting when newly-appointed (for the last week) ASG Vice President Kenny was looking for someone to pick them up from the airport. Always eager to help, I volunteered. I had to find 5 pals (which ended up being 3 people from ASG, a housemate, and Angela) and a Roo Express driver would take us to Cleveland Hopkins, and then we picked them up, and took them back to the University. Simple enough.

The ride there was kind of fun actually, it reminded me of like a horror movie or the real world - we were a group I feel would not normally all be in the same place, whether-lone locked into this big box of a bus. But after some two-truths-and-a-lie, we got to the airport on time -- only to find out they hadn't even left Chicago yet due to the plane being delayed. So we chillaxed on the bus in the cell phone lot for like an hour, killing time. Then when they finally landed, we picked them up, and they (2/3 of them) told us that Shwayze himself had missed the plane. (This was his bandmember and manager/other band member?)

The people we picked up are Cisco (middle) and Mark Goodfeather (right.)

So I call command to figure things out, and in the mean time the Driver insists on heading back to the University, and the manager-guy insists on heading to the nearest Starbucks. Meanwhile, "command" was telling me to hold tight at the airport and await instructions. As you can imagine, drama ensued.

Eventually the driver got authorization to stop at a Starbucks along the route - after offering to stop at a McDonalds, to which Mark and Cisco noted they don't come within 5 miles of McDonalds, they wanted "a level up" from their coffee. Then it became take us to a Panera Bread. While authorization was working it's way through a dozen people, the manager decided "we were going straight to the hotel." Well, the driver was not under orders to do that - he was only able to go where his supervisor authorized him to go, which was Starbucks and the Student Union. (This band was legit angry about their Starbucks. Prompting Angela to text me: "They are more into starbucks than you are.")

(During all this, I'm trying to get things working, and the others in the group were small talking Cisco & Mark.) Their topics ranged from questions they get all the time in interviews "who is your inspiration", "what do you do when your not doing music" -- to "How do you hide the smell of weed in a college dorm" o.O; apparently a way that doesn't work would be to whip around a hot, wet towel.

Anyway, my least favorite part of the day was when I reminded the manager guy that we didn't have authorization to go to the hotel yet, and he said to the driver "Listen, I don't know about these kids -- but we're being paid to be here, and we're going to the hotel first." Oh Hell to the No. ASG is the one who footed your bill Mr. Bigshot-of-espresso. Mr. Bus driver, who has been kinda rude to them the whole time to be honest (but he was just doing his job) responded with a "Alright, well I'll drive you to the place I'm authorized to drive you. And I'm authorized to drive you to the Union." The rest of my group was pretty quiet for a few minutes after this, as the once fairly friendly (if caffeine-deprived) "rockstar" people had quickly decided to refer to us as minors. I'm 22 buddy, you're 26.

I don't remember the details exactly of what happened next, but when all the adults that were on my team were fairly silenced by the previous statement -- I said something about ASG having legit influence, and having been the one to pay for the band. I didn't say it in a bitchy-come-back way to the band people, I think I said it to someone else (with the intent of them over hearing it). The way I later heard it told, was I "put the band in their place and they were quiet after that." So I'm alright with that revisionist history - lol.

After the silence eventually broke -- one of the guys that went with us to pick them up exchanged numbers with them, to "kick it" later -- which I'm assuming will involve the illegal paraphernalia they were talking about with the wet towels.

Wiz Khalifa, probably not welcome in Quaker Hall.

Jump ahead a few hours, guess what -- Quaker Dorm had a fire alarm go off tonight! Bahahahahaha. Wonder how that happened. Well, now I'm working the desk. Rumor on campus though, is they announced on stage that there was going to be an afterparty in Quaker! Bahaha, Oh man this has been a fun night.

Shwayze's Twitter page's background. Oh jeeze...

I've googled the lot of them, and wouldn't cha know -- Shwayze has tweeted about landing in Ohio, (somehow I assume finding his way to the University) and having an after party at Pat's Irish Pub! Haha, oh Akron, I wonder how that will go.

Quote of the Day: As I write this, a group of residents walked past to see the Springfest fireworks saying: "Who's Shwayze? Why can't we get a band people have heard of, Kent got Bruno Mars..."

>:O I argued and pleaded for a big-name music artist. It's what the Students Want. Why will no one listen to me?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Judas Revealed

Well, spent the weekend at Key Club DCON and the Hotel did not have free internet (and I wasn't gonna pay 9.45 a day) so delayed reaction a little. So Friday(-ish) Lady Gaga's next single "Judas" leaked. Patsy can't get over the fact that the biblical story of Judas is: Jesus predicted one of his 12 apostles would betray him - and it was Judas Iscariot that told the Romans how to arrest Jesus, in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. (Jesus was then of course crucified: hung on the cross. Only to rise 40 days later on Easter!)

I love this cover art. There's a video called Gagavision 42. that shows her debating if she wants the image she loves "of her taking it with her cell phone and doing it in word" because it may look like she "did it at the last minute and didn't put any thought into it." I think it's interesting!
In the song, Judas is someone who routinely betrays/harms Gaga but she loves him anyway. At least that's how I interpret it anyway. Perhaps symbolic of an abusive relationship? Well I'll go into detail after the music video comes out, I've learned my lesson from "California Gurls" not to analyze a song until it's at it's peak of popularity and has a music video.

But I did want to show this: The music video for Judas was filmed in April, and Norman Reedus will be playing Judas. He does look very demonic, and has previously played a skeezbag boyfriend on Charmed.

Song of the Day: "Price Tag" by Jessie J (ft. B.o.B.) Jessie J. sounds familiar, I know she's had some other hit -- here she kinda reminds me of a combination of Nicki Minaj, P!nk, and a combination of the British girls I can't differentiate (Lily Allen, Kate Nash.) Overall though, I like this song as a good "average/background" song - not necessarily a hit of Pre-Summer (which is HERE!) but good.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eviction Convictions

So you may or may not know about my mom's bankruptcy back in 2008. Grandpa hired a good lawyer, and for the most part all ended well. Except for this random eviction notice we got in the mail last week?

While I was at an important function in another state, mom insisted on telling me in a very very brief phone call. Talk about a mood wrecker... but when I returned, I marched to the condo, got the letter, did some googling and made some phone calls. The letter is not a court order, and in fact the Sheriff says we are still the owners of the house - so no one can evict us.

Mom, ever willing to give in to any passing conqueror, did not think to make any phone calls, and started moving David's entire life to the condo. I now have plans slowly setting into motion to get the house rightfully purchased and ours -- if mom would just LISTEN ALREADY ><;;;

Quote of the Day:

Q. At what point will I have absolutely no options left?
A. Never. You have not lost until you decide the fight is over. Even after a foreclosure, even after an eviction you still have as much right to buy your house back in the open market as anyone else....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy, or just Tired?

Well my day has gone pretty well! :D With the exception of being massivly sleep deprived on the eve of an important lunch meeting, and the eve-eve of a crazy long drive for Circle K, all and all it's balanced by the great things that've happened - including finally finding some interested people for District Positions and getting my PRAXIS II results back!

n.n AHHhhhH! I was worried I'd have to take this thing 3 times like the horror stories I've heard. A 200 is a perfect score, and a 157 is required to pass. I got a 182! That's the equivalent of a 91%! And look at that average - I got an above average, and when broken down into sections, I got like top of average score or higher in most categories! Ahhhh! What a good day!

Song of the Day: "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. While this may not outline what I'm doing, it's sure what I'd like to do. This is a great, lazy, transition between Spring and Summer song. I can see playing this as summer rolls in, with the window down, driving to the mall on a warm afternoon...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Eggs in Court

So I'm in White House class right now, and we're in a lecture on the First Lady - and the powerpoint included a pic of First Lady Michelle Obama reading to children. One kid noted the book in the image was Green Eggs and Ham, so I randomly googled it (love having my laptop in class.) Which led me to an interesting story...
This is not the picture.

My story concerns the case of Wolff v. New Hampshire Department of Corrections. Apparently, an inmate in New Hampshire sued the facility on the basis of the food they were serving him. One of his 'documents' he filed was a hard boiled egg. The judge was not happy about this, and had the egg stricken from the record. In so doing, he took a creative approach in issuing his ruling:

Quote of the Day:
"No fan I am
of the egg at hand.
Just like no ham
on the kosher plan.

This egg will rot
I kid you not.
And stink it can
this egg at hand.

There will be no eggs in court
to prove a clog in your aort.
There will be no eggs accepted
Objections all will be rejected.

From this day forth this court will ban
Hard boiled eggs of any brand
And if you should not understand
The meaning of this ban at hand
Than you should contact either Dan,
The Deputy Clerk, or my cleark Jan.

I do not like eggs in the file.
I do not like them in any style.
I will not take them fried or boiled.
I will not take them poached or broiled.
I will not take them soft or scrambled
Despite an argument well rambled.

No fan I am
of the Egg at Hand.
Destroy that egg!
Today! Today!
Today I say! Without Delay!"

 - Judge James R. Muirhead
United States Magistrate Judge

Song of the Day: "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah. I really like this song when I hear it on the radio, but when I hear it on my iTunes I think the rap part kinda goes on a little long - I bet they clip it down for the radio. This is probably my favorite song of the week. But the music video is pretty average, nothing too special, it does make me think that if I lived in a major city like New York where every building is a skyscraper - I would want to be playing on the roof like this kid ALL THE TIME! That's be so much fun, not a lot of skyscrapers in Akron, we have a few, but it's not the same.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What is Katy Perry's E.T. about?

Ladies and folks, welcome to my analysis of Katy Perry's hot off the presses music video "E.T." ft. Kanye West. Are you ready for what "looks like a Motorola Xoom commercial combined with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Wall-E and animals humping?"

It was only a few weeks ago when I first heard Katy Perry's new single on the radio - "E.T." Well that's not really true, I've heard the whole album months ago - but on the album E.T. is by Katy alone. On the radio, I first heard the featuring Kanye West version. And I gotta say, Kanye does not add a whole lot to it :/ But after a few days/week of hype, today the music video was released: on E.T.: Entertainment Tonight no less!

Here, WATCH it first. We start in some alien hubcap junkyard, where 1940s-y music is playing as we find a 1940s-style robot that looks like something out of a cyberpunk magazine. Who's teardrop shaped heart longs for another! (Behind the scenes: apparently, Katy Perry originally intended for Three Six Mafia to drop a beat at this point in the song -- instead we find 1930s Jazz singer and California Gurl Midge Williams and her Jazz Jesters singing "Where in the World (Is My Lover).")

(Note the Penguin on the screen in the middle!)
Then we find Human Xenornithologist and "big headed" Astronaut Kanye West floating in his rocketship. (It means a scientist that studies alien birds, I may have just made it up...) Apparently Humans have perfected interplanetary travel, but artificial gravity still eludes them so they just said screw it and made a ship where you can float and operate it. Anyway, the S.S. Immaletyoufinish jets through a nebula... but one of the clouds is actually a humanoid alien with a flowy dress!

So you only see the aliens head on it's body briefly before the close up, but it looks to me like the Kaminoans from Star Wars Episode II.

I'm guessing this haircut started with: Katy: "Find me something, ANYTHING, Lady Gaga hasn't done yet!"

Floating around in space, the alien morphs into a different alien this time with "different... DNA"-shaped extensions in it! One funny review called this "a combination of Queens Amidala (of Star Wars) and 'of Sheeba..." You may find yourself asking "What does the song mean?" Well Katy has said in interviews it's about finding that one person you love that is so different from anyone you've ever met before it's almost like they're from another planet!

We see some shots of the screen on Kanye's spaceship... more birds?
So Alien-Katy flies around a bit more, changes outfits and make up to be a bit blue/whiter. Then there's the lyrics: "There is this Transcendental on another level..." Yay for smart words making it into pop music! (In this instance, the word means "surpassing all others" - and is obviously about someone's love I'm sure. Probably hers for Russel Brand.) Anyway, while landing on the hubcap planet with the robot - she transforms into yet another style of alien! (Kind of reminds me when Sarah played with Star Trek Online's "build-an-alien")

One reviewer actually thought this spotted-alien was reminiscent of my favorite aliens from Star Trek, the Trill. After a Wall-E style "come back to life!" sentiment, the robot starts to wake up. (Notice during Kanye's line "I'mma probe you" there are flashes of deer and baboons mating!? o.O) So the robot "turns" into an albino black guy, while Katy engages in some NOT AT ALL SUBTLE product placement for sunglasses. One thing I don't really get though is the screen from Kanye's ship, which may have crashed? It says: " : A common bird, went extinct 2030."

Not sure if we're supposed to imagine that Kanye really looked like the robot the whole time, and that's him and his ship crashed? Maybe I'm over thinking it.

The sunglasses read: "Human Sunglasses Circa 2011." Katy Perry puts them on before revealing her legs... And the two walk off into the sunset, to live happily ever after! Overall, this was an interesting music video. It's hit the top of the charts, I hear. (Phew, making this blog took alot more than I expected - my computer has been freezing up alot lately! :( )