Friday, April 1, 2011

What is Katy Perry's E.T. about?

Ladies and folks, welcome to my analysis of Katy Perry's hot off the presses music video "E.T." ft. Kanye West. Are you ready for what "looks like a Motorola Xoom commercial combined with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Wall-E and animals humping?"

It was only a few weeks ago when I first heard Katy Perry's new single on the radio - "E.T." Well that's not really true, I've heard the whole album months ago - but on the album E.T. is by Katy alone. On the radio, I first heard the featuring Kanye West version. And I gotta say, Kanye does not add a whole lot to it :/ But after a few days/week of hype, today the music video was released: on E.T.: Entertainment Tonight no less!

Here, WATCH it first. We start in some alien hubcap junkyard, where 1940s-y music is playing as we find a 1940s-style robot that looks like something out of a cyberpunk magazine. Who's teardrop shaped heart longs for another! (Behind the scenes: apparently, Katy Perry originally intended for Three Six Mafia to drop a beat at this point in the song -- instead we find 1930s Jazz singer and California Gurl Midge Williams and her Jazz Jesters singing "Where in the World (Is My Lover).")

(Note the Penguin on the screen in the middle!)
Then we find Human Xenornithologist and "big headed" Astronaut Kanye West floating in his rocketship. (It means a scientist that studies alien birds, I may have just made it up...) Apparently Humans have perfected interplanetary travel, but artificial gravity still eludes them so they just said screw it and made a ship where you can float and operate it. Anyway, the S.S. Immaletyoufinish jets through a nebula... but one of the clouds is actually a humanoid alien with a flowy dress!

So you only see the aliens head on it's body briefly before the close up, but it looks to me like the Kaminoans from Star Wars Episode II.

I'm guessing this haircut started with: Katy: "Find me something, ANYTHING, Lady Gaga hasn't done yet!"

Floating around in space, the alien morphs into a different alien this time with "different... DNA"-shaped extensions in it! One funny review called this "a combination of Queens Amidala (of Star Wars) and 'of Sheeba..." You may find yourself asking "What does the song mean?" Well Katy has said in interviews it's about finding that one person you love that is so different from anyone you've ever met before it's almost like they're from another planet!

We see some shots of the screen on Kanye's spaceship... more birds?
So Alien-Katy flies around a bit more, changes outfits and make up to be a bit blue/whiter. Then there's the lyrics: "There is this Transcendental on another level..." Yay for smart words making it into pop music! (In this instance, the word means "surpassing all others" - and is obviously about someone's love I'm sure. Probably hers for Russel Brand.) Anyway, while landing on the hubcap planet with the robot - she transforms into yet another style of alien! (Kind of reminds me when Sarah played with Star Trek Online's "build-an-alien")

One reviewer actually thought this spotted-alien was reminiscent of my favorite aliens from Star Trek, the Trill. After a Wall-E style "come back to life!" sentiment, the robot starts to wake up. (Notice during Kanye's line "I'mma probe you" there are flashes of deer and baboons mating!? o.O) So the robot "turns" into an albino black guy, while Katy engages in some NOT AT ALL SUBTLE product placement for sunglasses. One thing I don't really get though is the screen from Kanye's ship, which may have crashed? It says: " : A common bird, went extinct 2030."

Not sure if we're supposed to imagine that Kanye really looked like the robot the whole time, and that's him and his ship crashed? Maybe I'm over thinking it.

The sunglasses read: "Human Sunglasses Circa 2011." Katy Perry puts them on before revealing her legs... And the two walk off into the sunset, to live happily ever after! Overall, this was an interesting music video. It's hit the top of the charts, I hear. (Phew, making this blog took alot more than I expected - my computer has been freezing up alot lately! :( )


Anonymous said...

You can watch the song at the beginning (Where In The World) here:

Sarah said...

"Tell me what's next, alien sex!!" It is a strange song..

Anonymous said...

This does not show what the song means. You should rename your blog. I looked up what the song means, so I can back-up my comment on the music video stating that is was completely unnecessary to add Kanye to it. My opinion is that the newer version is simply not good at all. Although it is "catchy" Kanye made it seem like they "do it" with aliens. I'm getting off point- NO HATE just it would be better if you renamed the blog.;)

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you that all Katy Perry videos are here :

Wilfredo_Ramos said...

When she transforms into the her white gown she reminds me of old Dracula in "Bram Stokers Dracula". The hair, the licking of the finger its the same of the scene where Dracula helps Jonathan Harker to shave. The white dress is remenescent of the one used by Lucy Westenra in her coffin
once she dies. The glitch that this vampire-alien creature suffers just before diving for earth looks looks like Max Headroom. Maybe she is not fully organic. She is compelled by some force to dive involuntary to earth by some force as if progammed to do so. Vampire-alien-cyborg.. What do you think?