Saturday, March 24, 2012

Senate Agenda if I had more Time

Well, the following is the legislation I hope to pursue by the end of the year. Now I just have to find the time to do it :( unfortunately between my Spring Break coming right before the end of the year, Student Teaching being all the time always, and my Honors Project and Education-y project thing being due very soon, I don't know if I'll have the time to finish all of these.

·         Reaffirm University’s Dedication to Recycling & Sustainable Culture
o   Purpose: Establish that Recycling & Sustainability is important to the University, remind them of past efforts and suggestions that have not been followed up on.
·         Investigate Mishandling in the University’s Recycling Program
o   Numerous reports by students, as well as the staff of Residence Life & Housing and the Student Union that Recycling has been thrown away when inconvenient
o   If so, this is an example of dishonesty to the students on behalf of the University and must be rectified
·         Improve Visibility of & Access to the Student Union’s Recycling Program
o   The recycling bins have become increasingly difficult to find, even the maintenance people do not know where they are any more
o   If students have to work more than twice as hard to find a recycling bin than a garbage can, they are less likely to recycle on account of convenience
·         Implement a Recycling Program at the Martin Center
o   At a recent USG event, the staff there said there is no recycling program at the Martin Center
o   Our event alone purchased hundreds of cans from University Catering Services
·         Transfer Handling of the University’s Public Printers from Physical Facilities to Information Technologies
o   Will make it easier to convert to Duplex printing campus-wide
·         Investigate Alternate Building-Heating Methods into Future Construction
o   Every year students complain about the heat, and every year the University responds “sorry, nothing we can do.” So let’s do something about what they can do.
·         Discontinue Dining Services’ Contract with Chick-Fil-A
o   Numerous University’s proceed us in this ban, on account of equality of treatment of employees/hirings
o   The University is dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of all of it’s students
o   Students who are still interested in getting Chick-fil-A can go to Howe Road and use their Zipcard.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Morning routine

Happy St. Patrick's Day, blog followers! Well, with student teaching absorbing my life during the week -- (and the other waking hours often being used to nap or plan) Saturday morning has really offered my my only chance to catch up on household maintenance. This morning started repairs to the kitchen sink (which is leaking in multiple places, and required a new faucet) cleaned the counter tops to put away things that should have been organized (the Rice Cooker now lives above the Fridge!) and throwing away things that should have been trash (mom, the cheese slice wrappers, seriously!)

This is St. Patrick. Little did he know, back in the 4th century AD, that his name would come to mean a time for college students to get wasted and flash people. Also I think something about snakes...

And of course cleaning my room and folding the laundry. Usual chores, nothing too exciting. Just want the house to be clean later when I come back from St. Patrick's Day celebrations with friends! At this point, its looking like we'll be (among other things) checking out a band and Kayla has a barbecue, and the other details aren't really blog-noteworthy ;)

Blah, this weekend I really should be devoting more time to my Honors Project, and this other project I have to do for class. But I'm confident in my ability to get them done :)

Song of the Day: Whoa, it's a wayback flashback: "Like a Boy" by Ciara. Haha, this song just came up randomly on iTunes, and this wasn't half bad a song! Well, the video is pretty average -- but I think the choreography is pretty intense. Apparently it was nominated for best choreography (I wonder if that is the kind of thing that goes through an artists' mind while making the video?) But it lost out to Justin Timberlake. Remarkable fact: Ciara has the Keys to the City of Riverdale, Georgia -- where her High School is located.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's report is brought to you by the letter...

This will be a quick, one-story blurb blog: so I filled out my sort-of-last Governor's MRF for Circle K. I'm not too crushed over it. But one of the questions, I often try to find a witty answer to. They ask us to go into detail about how much communication we've had with our International Representative (and ours has been fantastic! I love her. It's the perfect amount, without being annoying.) The next question is "Are you happy with the level of communication? Elaborate."

I don't like the elaborate part of that question. It's really only useful, I think, if the answer is no. So I do stuff like use synonyms of the same word to just say "Yes I am." a bunch of times - lol. This month I had the following response:
"Yes, quite. I am exceedingly ecstatic with her excellent elucidation, excelling extremely, eliciting no further explanation."
 Hahahahaha, I don't know why, but I'm pretty proud of that! I came up with it all on my own! Well, with only a little help from

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"New Legislation, Baby!"

Hahahahaha, this is like video of the year. There is no way this can be topped. Today's blog will be explaining the awesomeness that is this "Bad Romance" music video re-creation/parody that focuses on Women's Suffrage.

Googling these past few days, I've seen people say things like "The more you understand the Women's suffrage movement, the more awesome this is..." It's really wonderful in it's simplicity, yet entertainment value. It contains a lot, without being pushy about the information (like Math-raps tend to be.) So let's break this song down for anyone curious what the individual elements mean:

First, we have our star: Alice Paul - real Suffragette and activist of the early 20th century. Compatriot of Susan B. Anthony herself. After Susan B. Anthony's death, she lead the crusade for equality that resulted in the 19th Amendment. She is the Lady Gaga character, and is played by Meredith Garrison. Most of the other characters in this video are representatives of people in general and not based on any one person, with few exceptions.

Woodrow Wilson - Pondering.

President Woodrow Wilson is featured briefly, often pondering. His opinion on women's suffrage changed over time, so it makes sense that this starts with people protesting outside his White House (btw: I love the sets in this video!) and finishing with him smirking.

But by far, my favorite of the real life characters is Harry Burn (played by Tripp Hamilton) because of the True story portrayed! (Social Studies crash course: to pass an Amendment to the Constitution, Congress must approve, and then 2/3rds of the State Legislatures most approve it.) Well young Harry Burn - elected at 22 - was in 1919 was the youngest member in the history of the Tennessee State Legislature. After passing Congress, the 19th Amendment only needed one more state to ratify it to become law -- and Tennessee literally came down to a tie vote.

Note the red flowers, and symbolism in the ties!

Supporters of suffrage made themselves apparent by wearing yellow flowers on their lapel, and opponents wore red roses. Well young Harry Burn was an opponent, and the flowers are actually in the Bad Romance parody. He had voted against it in some initial test votes that made it seem as if it would fail. But on the day of the final vote, he had received a letter from his mother (sent before the initial test vote.)

Because of the letter, because of his mother, despite his political leanings he voted in favor and Women Suffrage became law! He later said that "a good boy always does what his mother asks him to do."

Mrs. Burns - Harry's Mom, who we really have to thank.
Some other references: "They just passed the 15th..." is a reference to the 15th Amendment, legalizing African Americans' right to vote. "Just" is a bit of a stretch, try 40 years earlier.

At one point ("New Legislation, Baby!") they even say most of the wording of the 19th Amendment itself, and I think from here on it will be ingrained in my brain. I love videos like that that I can't help but watch a million times. Some things in history just make the hair on my neck stand up with a proudness in my country I can't describe, and watching the ending of this video is one of those things!

At one point, Alice says "Remember the Ladies..." - this is a reference to future-First Lady Abigail Adams' letter to her husband future-President John Adams, while he was helping make the decisions that would form the United States at the Continental Congress. She asked that in the formation of this new country, women's rights be addressed in a way never before so done by "his ancestors." Abigail Adams is all around awesome.

As this is the Song of the Day, here is a link to the lyrics!

Quote of the Day: 
"Comme dirait le Français:
c'est Démocratie!
Permettez-moi participer!"
[As the French would say:
This is Democracy!
Let me participate!]

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ulysses, not The Odyssey

"I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees: all times I have enjoyed
Greatly, have suffered greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone...
I am a part of all that I have met;
yet all experience is an arch
wherethrough gleams that
untravelled world..."
 This is probably my favorite line from a piece of literature ever. I first heard it when we analyzed a page of it for AP English class back in like, 2007 - and I just felt it captured everything I believed in. Travel, adventure and "zany antics" are only the beginning: there is always more, just beyond the next horizon!

I really love this quote, and over the years it got demoted off my Facebook info section, so I thought I'd enshrine it here for safe keeping so I never forget it again -- considering for the longest time this evening I thought it was in The Odyssey.

P.S: Come on, Snow Day tomorrow! I have a lot to catch up on (as usual)