Saturday, March 24, 2012

Senate Agenda if I had more Time

Well, the following is the legislation I hope to pursue by the end of the year. Now I just have to find the time to do it :( unfortunately between my Spring Break coming right before the end of the year, Student Teaching being all the time always, and my Honors Project and Education-y project thing being due very soon, I don't know if I'll have the time to finish all of these.

·         Reaffirm University’s Dedication to Recycling & Sustainable Culture
o   Purpose: Establish that Recycling & Sustainability is important to the University, remind them of past efforts and suggestions that have not been followed up on.
·         Investigate Mishandling in the University’s Recycling Program
o   Numerous reports by students, as well as the staff of Residence Life & Housing and the Student Union that Recycling has been thrown away when inconvenient
o   If so, this is an example of dishonesty to the students on behalf of the University and must be rectified
·         Improve Visibility of & Access to the Student Union’s Recycling Program
o   The recycling bins have become increasingly difficult to find, even the maintenance people do not know where they are any more
o   If students have to work more than twice as hard to find a recycling bin than a garbage can, they are less likely to recycle on account of convenience
·         Implement a Recycling Program at the Martin Center
o   At a recent USG event, the staff there said there is no recycling program at the Martin Center
o   Our event alone purchased hundreds of cans from University Catering Services
·         Transfer Handling of the University’s Public Printers from Physical Facilities to Information Technologies
o   Will make it easier to convert to Duplex printing campus-wide
·         Investigate Alternate Building-Heating Methods into Future Construction
o   Every year students complain about the heat, and every year the University responds “sorry, nothing we can do.” So let’s do something about what they can do.
·         Discontinue Dining Services’ Contract with Chick-Fil-A
o   Numerous University’s proceed us in this ban, on account of equality of treatment of employees/hirings
o   The University is dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of all of it’s students
o   Students who are still interested in getting Chick-fil-A can go to Howe Road and use their Zipcard.

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