Thursday, April 29, 2010

My First...

Got this quiz-thing off Facebook.

1. What was your FIRST job?
First printed-pay check job was CAing at the University, hired January 2008. Before that I worked as a cleaner with moms company sort of temporarily.
2. What was your FIRST car?
Was? My first car is a 2009 Toyota Yaris.
3. Who was your FIRST prom date?
Haha, funny you say that. First prom date was Steph R. from my graduating class. Second prom date was Liz W.
4. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
Still dating my first love.
5. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
Dad used to let me drink the foam off beer when I was a little kid. oooooh, parenting...
6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
Today? Laura said something along the lines of "Coming to class?"
7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Woke up and thought "Sarah, turn off my alarm..."
8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Mrs. Schillthorne (Sp*?) - she was awesome.
9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
Akron to Chicago, connecting flight to Denver, Colorado -- ICON 2008!
10. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
First best friend? Hm, I'd have to say Ryan D. and no not really. Occasionally we share Facebook comments.
11. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
At approx. age 8 my parents let my friend Craig spend the night -- we stayed up late watching Young Frankenstein.
12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
Saw Patsy as I was rushing to get ready so as not to be late(r) to class.
13. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Looked at my phone to see it was 9:15a. My first class is at 9:15a. Rushed to put clothes on.
14. FIRST tattoo?
15. FIRST piercing?
16. FIRST foreign country you've went to?
Canada for a class trip in like 7th grade. That was soo awesome!
17. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
Something about Mice. The Adventurers maybe? It was animated.
18. When was your FIRST detention?
Err, back in 8th grade Mrs. Crewdson would give you detention for not doing homework. But never served detention for bad behavior unfortunately, I really wanted to in High School.
19. Who was your FIRST roommate?
Michael C. Haha, I'm not using people's real last names on here just the initial for privacy reasons -- but a different Mike C. than the one I am currently living with. My freshman year Honors Complex roommate.
20. If you had one wish?
To have a super power.
21. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
How to drive stick.
22. Did you marry the FIRST person to ask for your hand in marriage?
Um, this question seems inconsistent with the rest of this Myspace-y/Facebook-y quiz.
23. What was the FIRST sport that you were involved in?
T-Ball. Err.
24. What were the FIRST lessons you ever took?
I imagine swimming lessons. Though perhaps Safety Town.
25. What is the FIRST thing you do when you get home?
Throw down my phone, forget to take it off silent, and open my laptop.
26. Who do you think will be the next person to post this?
I'm not posting this on Facebook so who knows.

Site of the Day: I thought this was interesting, a guide to Japanese names for the Planets.

Quote of the Day: "Tea Party Leaders: Obama is Hiding Birth Certificate to Make us Look Nuts."
- AAHAHAHHAAHAHaha, accidentally stumbled across This Message Board and found a quoted news article about Birthers. That's hilarious. I could not have come up with this kind of comedy gold. Birthers think the President won't show the nation his birth certificate (which has has done. Many, many, many times) just to make them look nuts and paranoid. Here's another news article that's more news-y, less message board-y about it. Love this story.

Video's of the Day: Sorry, it's still my favorite song and I'm not tired of it yet. But since my policy is not to have a Song of the Day twice -- the videos of the day are all classical version of Lady Gaga's Telephone.

First we have Yoonha Hwang playing on the Piano. This is probably closest to what I was imagining/hoping for.

Second is a classical ensamble performance with violin and everything! This is awesome too, but I feel like one of the notes are off and it's not as easy to love.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Technical Difficulties

AHH! My labtop's charger has finally passed on. Not just the charger, but part of the motherboard that the charger connects too. So my labtop is in the shop - it's been five days, and it's going to be at minimum another week!

:( I'm 'topless, and I feel Naked!

Finally, after a week of checking into the Bierce Labtop center like 6 times a day I have got my hands on a week long check-out-able labtop so I am not cut off from the world. (Though with twitter, facebook and foursquare on my phone I don't think that was ever much of a problem.

Haha, word of advice to anyone planning to check out a week long labtop though: you have to sign in ON CAMPUS before leaving, cause otherwise you can't even get it to start up when you get home. I had to drive back to campus, park in the Gallucci parking lot and wait for it to connect to Rootown (the new Tsunami to those out of the loop) to even get it to get past the log-in screen! It's working just fine now. But at the time I was parked up along the side of the building, getting creepy stares from the girl on the second floor who probably reported lil' creepy me, with my labtop in the drivers seat parked in the parking lot.

Short blog right now, but I'm feelin kinda antsy and restless-leg-syndromal so I'll try to update this again this weekend! Stay tuned for stories from Sarah and Brit's trip to Circle K's Spring Officer Training at OU, or my adventures with the service project at the Akron Zoo.

ERRR, Now I'm trying to watch Alias DVDs and they're not working either. Stupid Library movie scratches. And I'm trying to include an image of the pope's plane in this blog, and PAINT isn't working on this dumb labtop.

Song of the Day: "If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland ft. Katy Perry. I heard this the other day parking in North Deck, and I was excited to hear Katy Perry doing another song! I hope she makes another album soon. She's featured in it alot actually, but it doesn't seem like much - something about breaking into an art museum I suppose? lol. Go listen to it, kinda catchy, I see it being one of the first hits of summer along with Alejandro.

Quote of the Day:

"My God the pope's plane is invisible! T-the Pope is WONDER WOMAN!"
- Jon Stewart, segment on Religious jokes in the shows history.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Complaining of Sumner

Blah. Working 12midnight - 6am. It's already almost 4am and I haven't touched my homework - lol. Gonna watch this video by the Nostalgia Critic about "Home Alone 3" then try to start my Japanese homework. Then maybe work on my Content Reading homework. Fun stuff I know.

So Last night was Sumner-fest, a street-wide party on Sarah's street. That was kinda interesting. Well let me rollback a little farther, so I had got out of the Census at about 4'oclock. I try to leave Quaker, and the guy tries to charge me. I'm like "Um, I'm a student." "I still gotta charge you. How long were you here?" He isn't trying to be a dick, he was trying to be really nice about it - just doing his job, I understand. But I was angry, cause I made a distinct effort to park somewhere I was allowed to -- which is why I chose the lot that HAS THIS SIGN:

What's that you say? All Permits? You mean like Commuter permits? Yup, that's a permit. ER, University get your sh*t straight. Anyway, he tried to be nice about it and only charge me a dollar -- visiting convention price. I had to say: "I am not even lying to you right now, I really lost my wallet... like I kinda wanna go inside to look for it." (Spoiler Alert: It was at home.) Anyway, words are exchanged, and I leave without having to pay. Stupid University. As an ASG person I'm gonna try to fix that.

So go to Macedonia Battery place to buy a new charger for my labtop. They try their charger, it doesn't work -- I guess it's my motherboard. WTF!? Da*n you labtop! I am NOT paying that kinda craziness. We'll see what happens.

But since Macedonia's on the way to Sarah's work, and she's heading home -- I suggest we meet for early dinner. So we check out Rue21 (producer of my favorite pair of flip flops, they were like a dollar and have lasted 3+ years! And their awesome quality and comfort, not the generic cheap rubber, like a soft rubber + fabric!) Anyway, mens flip flops don't come out for another few weeks I guess. So we go to Fuji Hibachi, a place we tried to go to 3 years ago with Kim and Lindsey. The creepy chef/waiter mentioned to Lindsey "You look like Shakira, can you dance like Shakira?!" and we made a quick getaway.

Well, the Hibachi was very average. But it was the same price as good Hibachi at like Benni Hanna's or Wasabi. ERr. And the menus mentioned your meal came with this kind of rice and sushi -- we did not get the sushi (but everyone else at our table did) and we got charged extra for the rice. I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I don't like getting charged for things badly either. Then the hibachi guys was just strange, and he had like a handful of trying-to-be-funny phrases he would say that were not funny. And I'm pretty sure he called me and Sarah brother and sister at one point.

STAY AWAY FROM FUJI JAPAN OF MACEDONIA COMMONS! It sucks majorly. Because then, they proceeded to screw up our bill and credit card. I got another woman at our tables' credit card and she got mine. I then proceeded to buy drinks for Sumnerfest with the other woman's card (before realizing it wasn't mine.) I reported the whole story to 5/3rd today on the phone, but Monday I'm supposed to go to my local branch and talk to a manager some more.

"The Caning of Sumner." Senator Charles Sumner, for whom the street is named, was a Democrat that argued against slavery - and was famously beaten by another Senator with a cane on the floor of the Senate.

So last night was Sumnerfest, lol. We had a nice little group, but Sarah and Brit couldn't decide if they wanted to have a group or just the three of us, cause they'd go from inviting everyone in their phones over to trying to kick everyone out. I dunno, plans changed too often for me to follow and I think that created some friction. I wanted to go to the bar, which we all agreed on -- then they started playing waterfall and Sarah invited her rock climbing friend over. I dunno, the night kinda went down from there. Hopefully next weekend we'll be able to party more funnly :/

But we got some house hopping in, and that was fun! Met a bunch of Divya's friends that I guess I've met before, they all remembered me (!?) and could explain my blonde hair (ie: white, cutting it to highlights, etc.) It was fun.

Remarkable Fact: Sumner-fest has some kind of Official Council that makes decisions. What is this the United Nations!?

Song of the Day: "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse. Huh. Well. That was interesting. That was... strange. It seemed kinda like something they'd play in a Sunday School session. I never listen to ICP, but that is not at all what I expected. Seemed very... huh. I dunno. Haha, they are kinda just tripping and hallucinating the strange CGI's. My favorite line was something about "How does a match work anyway?" I can't say I plan to listen to it again, the rhyme scheme seems very simplistic. Childish almost. But judge for yourself...

Haha, I guess it was parodied tonight on SNL. I'll have to see that. There's also a Parody that seems to Endorse Glade plug-ins. Haha, that was kinda funny actually.

Quote of the Day: (At Jimmy Johns, me and Patsy couldn't go five minutes without a Lady Gaga reference.)
Me: "If I didn't have to work at midnight, we could take our Jimmy Johns to LUX."
Patsy: "We'd be out in the club, and eatin our Sub..."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break, Part 3: At Long Last, New York City!

Sorry for the long wait readers! :D

To refresh your memories of the chronology, it's Thursday (March 18th, 2010 - haha, it's taken me a month to write this!) mid-day -- we've left the disappointing Centralia, Pennsylvania and had lunch in a quaint little Diner in the middle of no where (this is pre-Telephone FYI, so no Diner jokes...) and it was really just a ton of driving. Sarah took over driving after Centralia I believe, so I got some time to read my "The World Without Us" book I'm TRYING DESPERATELY to finish this semester, massive fail. Anyway. So hours later, we pass some major city (may have been Trenton, NJ?) We're not sure.

Actually, now that I think about it it was probably New York City just from far away, lol. Oh well. Anyway, so we go through a long tunnel (The Lincoln Tunnel) that we have to pay like 8 bucks for :( then we are in rush hour traffic trying to go through another tunnel. It was here, Friday night, that my Law of Gaga was first disproven: That if at any given point you flip through stations long enough, you will find a Lady Gaga song. Though, while in a tunnel some other car was blasting Telephone n.n

Well, we finally get into New York City and poor Sarah has to drive through the streets of Manhattan! :( Which irks her a little because the crazy New Yorkers do not follow the laws of the road at all. I eventually determined the unspoken rule of New York: Just Never Stop Moving. Even if you don't know where you're going, just never stop moving.

Anyway, we finally get out of that madness and I start calling hotels in my phones GPS. They were all crazy more expensive than anywhere else, but we managed to find one that was the cheaper of the expensive. Since it was already really late, we decided there wasn't much we could get done that night and had some TGIFridays and went to bed. Haha, at TGIF's tho -- the waitress asked us if we were from out of town. We said yes. And us, making polite conversation, asked her what she recommended most - and she kept giving us ideas for amazing views from outside of the city (not realizing we were intending to spend the day IN THE CITY, that was kinda the point.) And she calls her manager over, and he gives us more ideas for views of the city. Thanks, we'll buy the post cards -- but wHat CAn We DO! Ugh.

So Friday morning, we do all the awesome fantastic things mentioned in the Theodore Roosevelt Blog of mine, then we were hoping to be done with that by like early morning, but it was 2+ something. We park at a nearby Train Station (wth!?) and try to take the train to the subway. That didn't work cause we missed the train, lol. So we drive to ANOTHER Train station alot closer to our final destination (worried parking would be Akron-awful what being middle of a work day and all.) We get there, ask a cop how parking works, and I guess he's just too tired to tell us where to pay to park so he's like "Yeah, you guys can just park here." W00t! Awesomest cop experience to date.

Long story short, after a half hour wait in the trainstation, we get to a subway station, which then takes us on a long trip into Downtown NYC -- BUT WE FINALLY GOT THERE: WOOHOO! Our first destination, the World Trade Center Site. (Day One we tried to hit all the things that had loose visitation hours, as opposed to museums or the like.)

It was pretty disappointing. Construction is on-going, and the museum has not been built yet. From there we start walking and eventually my highly-tuned senses lead us to water, and the Statue of Liberty! Wouldn'tcha know we missed the last boat. So we take some pictures on the boardwalk, and catch some strange street show by a karate-esque team trying to pay for college and fight drugs and jump over people.

AWESOMEST PICTURE EVER, lol! They had some big show where they jump over a guy, but the lead up is asking for a bunch of money and making fun of the audience pretty much. From there, we subway to Times Square - with the intent of seeing the giant American Eagle in Times Square.

Haha, inside is FOUR FLOORS OF AE CLOTHES! n.n loved it. Bought one of my new favorite shirts. And I guess if you bring a reciept to the basement you can get some ad-looking picture taken with your new merch, lol. I didn't do that cause it took twenty minutes. But we tried to take a picture of the huge wall, a guy actually offered to take our pic. But an AE employee told us not to take pictures. The guy winked that he'd gotten it anyway. Well, not exactly fail, but not exactly a win, lol.

From there, we go out into Times Square and re-enact the "YATTA!" scene from the first episode of Heroes, lol.

Well, while enjoying Times Square (and looking for somewhere to eat) a guy convinced us to buy comedy club tickets. Haha, I think we got them cheaper than we would otherwise - but still, bad idea. Should've learned my lesson in St. Louis. NO. MORE. COMEDY CLUBS.

Sarah enjoying some Rock Climbing in Central Park.

We had a few hours to kill, so we took a relaxing stroll through Central Park! And I dramatically misunderstood the proportions. Central Park is a long rectangle. What I thought was walking across the longest line was in fact the shortest line. And then bouncing around side to side confused me at some point, but I'd thougt I ended up in some kind of wormhole or something!? It really annoyed me cause my feet hurt. And so did Sarah's, she'd chosen to wore flipflops that day and after a day of ALOTTA walking -- her feet were hurtin worse.

Sarah poses with an Ice Rink. *IN* Central Park!

Haha, I also remember while walking around the park Sarah's bro kept calling asking for directions to the haunted Cemetary in Valley View. He made so many wrong turns and kept calling back. Oh Sean...

Well, the comedy club sucked. All of the jokes kinda had the same structure, even though they were different people. Alot of making fun of where people were from (except they all kept picking the same people) and guido jokes to the people behind us. Add to that the 15$ minimum drink cost, ugh -- it was just Bad. Haha, except one guy made a joke about Akron, Ohio and I REALLY Wanted him to ask us where We were from!!!

The Night skyline from Central Park was actually pretty good, especially considering Sarah's bad camera.

Song of the Day: "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert. So back on the road to DCON, I offered to drive a guy from Wooster CKI -- and he mentioned liking Adam Lambert. I hadn't known much about him except he came in second on Idol and purported lost because he was believed to be gay and you know those annoying conservative Americans and their txt-to-votes... Anyway, I really like this song by him. There's this one dance move he does at about 0:59 or so where he kinda convulses inward that just looks silly though, lol. The beat and tone of the music is pretty good though, haven't looked too deeply into the lyrics. But all his facial reactions between 0:45 and 0:55 could rival Brittany with how much they convey!

Quote of the Day: (Mom calls me, while at the hotel)
Mom: "So, I got my Census form today. The cover says "do not count students away at college. So should I write you down?"
Me: "Well mom, lets think about this, read the cover one more time to me..."
Mom: "Don't count students away at college."
Me: "....(silent frustration.)"
To Be Continued...

Friday, April 16, 2010

1989 - 2102

Hey, a guy can be optimistic can't he? Maybe I'll start eating healthier in the 2060s. I do hope to live to be a hundred though, that would be perfect. If I can live to see the 22nd century, that'd be even cooler! But do to the personal developments of a close friend lately, the topic of death and what is done with us when we die has been in conversations and I thought I'd think about what I want to do when I die (hopefully of old age at 113.) Also I wanted to explore a certain image suggested tonight.

Just to explain my longevity for a second, I want to live to be 100. My great-grandma did, and my moms side of the family is unusually longevious. It's my dad's side of the family that ruins the average by the males dying young. But I don't want to die at exactly 100, that's like only being able to enjoy your party you've worked your whole life for for a few days. So If I'm going to live to be 100, I mise as well plan on seeing the turn of the century, again. After all, Captain Archer (2112-2265) lived to be 133.

Firstly, let the world know: if I am ever in a comatose or similar state -- keep me on ventilators for the rest of my life, no matter how miserable! I do not mind being a vegetable. There, wishes, known.

Second, should I die under other normal unforeseen circumstances - I am a registered organ donor.

Lets see, as for my burial - my view on the matter is was I important enough that people will actually visit my grave. If I am, by most measures - a normal person, I feel being buried in a cemetery is primarily a waste of beautiful fields on Earth. If I am going to sit there for eternity with only the occasional descendant visiting me, why spend so much on that plot of land? But I definitely do not want to be cremated. So I am at present open to further suggestions. Preferably, I'd like to have some kind of museum dedicated to me for some reason (this of course requires being important, etc.) and I would be buried on that land, like a Presidential Library!

As for my funeral arrangements, I'd like something simple. Dunno the details yet, obviously. But I think I'll write my own obituary in my 40s, and then update it every couple years. Eh, or maybe I prefer it be written by others, as it represents all of my life in a blurb. Haha, maybe future-papers will link to this archived blog.

There is an upcoming episode of GLee based around Lady Gaga songs. And in it, all the different characters dress in a different Lady Gaga outfit! How AWESOME FANTASTIC is that gonna be!? Well Patsy suggested tonight that at my funeral, all my friends should dress in my favorite Hillary Clinton pantsuits! So, to be clear, I expect...

AHAhahahahaha, oh that's hillary-ous.

I don't have a problem. Really.

Song of the Day: "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" by the Avenue Q broadway production. (Lyrics) lol, pretty darn funny.

Picture of the Day: Very Lolz, Pokemon-world commentary on the Health Care debate:

Video of the Day:
Parody of "Whatdya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert, by Key of Awesome - who made some hilarious Gaga parodies.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What Happens in the Club, Stays at the Club

(Sorry if this blog seems a bit jumpy, I wrote some of it one day, more of it another day, then the rest of it a week later and its all discombobulated!)

Blah, I am so overwhelmed with these handful of projects all due this week x_x one turned in done, completely. The other partially, and is due at midnight. Sigh, but now that I'm almost a third done I know how I'm going to write the rest and it should be simple its just a matter of doing it (between 3 and 7 today) cause tonight is scheduling for summer hours. But anyway...

Look how amused Kayla is with Rob!

Saturday night, a group of us went to LUX Niteclub in Akron. Sarah was away at Key Club DCON in Columbus unfortunately :(

Brit having fun with a rat-toy she found in Rob's car.

So we go to LUX, and first of all drinks there are really over priced! To the point of I don't really want to buy drinks there again, just dance. I don't even like to dance, but EVERYONE there were bad-dancers - the kind that just kinda sway or grind. It was hilarious. Then came a point in the night where Brit and Rob were dancing together on a platform, and I was supposed to get Amanda and Kayla. Well when I found Kayla, she was dancing with some guy and enjoying herself, so I didn't want to ruin that. Well Brit wanted me too, lol, I guess I left them dancing on the platform together a litttle longer than she wanted.

Well, we go back to my house, and Me and Brit dance to the Telephone video. Luckily I don't expect that video to get out anytime soon.

But the next morning, before driving Amanda home, we found this random little diner and I couldn't go an hour without making a Telephone reference so...

Picture of the Day:




Link of the Day: "Man's coat mysteriously builds enough static to instantly light a carpet on fire" ???? - THIS IS AWESOME! I am always on the look out for stories that look like news clippings that would appear on the cork boards on Heroes, but have almost never found anything. This one is certainly interesting, may this guy has electrokinesis!!!

Song of the Day: "O.M.G." by Usher ft. This song was pretty darn popular at the club, it's pretty good but it's no Telephone. The song seems very much like a Will.i.a.m-written song, or something off the last Black Eyed Pea's album "The E.N.D." Maybe it's not surprising then that the music video contains alot of "The E.N.D" tron-style imagery, and also a line or two in the background from "Boom Boom Pow." Interestingly, I guess "OMG" stands for "Oh My Gosh" because he doesn't say God ever. Hrm. Weird.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Far and Near

New York = Soon! Not that I have seriously loyal followers that are dying to see these pictures, lol. But here's a sneak peak I suppose:

Weird statue adjacent to World Trade Center site.

Whatever they are trying to sell, their message is interesting.

Me and Sarah atop the Empire State Building!

So I'm going to rant about some current events, large scale and local.

Firstly, yay! Thursday - 04/08/2010 (today) - is a don't-wear-shoes day. There is a popular Facebook event on the U of A's campus promoting not wearing shoes all day to spread word of the plight faced by millions of children every day, the infections, diseases, and dangers of being raised in poverty without shoes. "Always having to focus on your step, rather than other things." I'm totally participating in this, and think it's a good idea! But at the same time, spreading the word of causes and contributing to them are two different things. Next time you or I go shoe shopping, perhaps we'll check out: "Tom's Shoes" - where each pair of shoes you buy sends a free pair to helpless children somewhere.

Second, a gay student in Tennessee was sent home for wearing a T-shirt that said "I Love Lady Gay Gay." (News Link) Lady Gaga later tweeted about him, "It reminds me of my commitment + love for u, and the deep unconditional devotion I feel to write music that will liberate you from prejudice. Thank u for wearing your tee-shirt proud at school, you make me so proud, at the monsterball, you are an inspiration to us all. I love you." (later) "Been in the studio for days and hours of record after record, and when I hear that a little monster was discriminated against* BY TEACHERS" Personally, I think the shirts kinda ugly and boring. And I don't really get the direct connection between Lady Gaga and Gay-Gay. Whatever, but I don't think the kid should've been sent home.

In Virginia, the dumb Republican Governor declared this (?) month "Confederate History Month." As a History major, and someone who will one day be a degree holding-historian, why on Earth does that sound like a good idea? Any better than a Nazi History Month? You lost, you were wrong, history has decided -- Get Over it. Newspeeps are all abuzz in particular because it made no mention of Slavery in the proclamation. (News Link)

Finally, although I don't believe anyone that reads this lives on campus at the U of A: the Air Conditioning will NOT be turned on anytime soon, in particular the April 15th date has no basis in fact or policy. Sarah Ritz is all over Facebook trying to debunk those rumors, and as far as I've seen in the past 3 years of being here - no form of Student protest is going to convince them otherwise. The whole campus (sans computer labs) runs on the same heating/cooling system. It costs thousands to switch over, so obviously they only do it twice a year. To prevent the pipes from freezing, they put off the AC switch till the last minute - often til the last week or later of classes.

Remarkable fact: Looking over the ASG transition binder (being the incoming College of Education Senator), I found that students at Miami (of Ohio) University charges students a $861.51 "Student Activity" fee (what funds student orgs.) Of this, 1.50% actually goes to the student organizations. By comparison, Western Michigan University charges 21$ a year, and 90% of it does. Ohio State is 60$ a year, and 12.75% does. I can't find UA's numbers... yet.

Awesome Link of the Day: My Ed Planning teacher's beard is on the internet. (See Here!!!) I won't use names or steal pictures in case he traces it back here, not that I've ever spoken bad of him cause he's so awesome and jolly -- just covering my bases.

Song of the Day:
"Baby, It's Fact" by Hellogoodbye. No particular reason. Woah now, the music video is straaaaange. Well, by that I mean it's actually very average. Lady Gaga has completely redone the strange-video scale. Woah man, I dunno if I can handle how nerdy the Hellogoodbye guy looks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break, Part 5: Hyde Park, FDR's House

As Sunday rolled around, we needed to head home to Akron. I'd already looked into visiting Franklin D. Roosevelt's house in Hyde Park before the trip, and it looked like I'd get my wish -- cause unless we wanted to drive through the middle of Manhattan and a million tunnels (which we didn't), we'd pass relatively close to it. Along the way, we *Happened* to pass through Chappaqua, NY -- current residence of the Clintons! Alan Arkin (from Little Miss Sunshine) and "the lead singer of Survivor" also live here apparently. You'd think you'd be able to find a decent restaurant, but we couldn't find a single one! Arr.
Haha, also on the way there we crossed this toll free bridge. (The two in Manhattan cost 8 bucks a piece! Craziness!) It had several signs warning "DO NOT TAKE PICTURES OF BRIDGE" that were pretty serious. Naturally, Sarah had to stick it to'm - so for you're viewing pleasure, THE FORBIDDEN BRIDGE!:
After a morning of driving, and brunching at a Quizno's, we finally arrived in "Hyde Park, New York" -- home of our 32nd President, winner of World War II and fighter of the Great Depression. Unfortunatly, we had missed the last tour time by 20 minutes-- and the next would not be for an hour and 40 minutes :( Sarah, being infinity patient and willing to give in to my urge for Presidential sites and history this oooone time we were in New York agreed, for which I am very grateful :) (Besides, in the end I was the one driving home from 11pm to 3:30am.)

Anyway, as for Hyde Park -- it was pretty interesting. More museum-y than Sarah's taste unfortunately, so she didn't enjoy it as much as TR's house or the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum back in Illinois. But springbreak was coming to an end and we were both tense with getting home in time for school and her co-op.

There was a main visitor building with (what in summer will be) Fala-the-President's-scottish-terrier-shaped bushes, a giftshop, little meeting rooms-etc. center, the main museum and library, and then his house, burial garden, green house, and horse stable. It also led into what was kinda like a metropark that might be nice to explore the trails of if we had more time and day light.

He said what he wanted for his memorial while he was still in office (in like '35 or something, ten years before actually dying) as "about this big, made of white granite" (indicates his desk.)

FDR going out and speaking to the people! I imagine this would be considered offensive today.

Interesting story: the Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was forced to leave her home country when the Nazi's took over, and aware of FDR's penchant for naval models - promised him that if he could return her to her palace he would send him the finest recreation of her best ship (or something to that effect.) Though she returned home after he died, she still sent a model to his Presidential Library as a thank you for all he did.

Historical, topic-specific ties! There were a handful in the giftshop too, but too expensive.

I tell ya, ya can't go anywhere without seeing Teddy Roosevelt! Here are some campaign materials for him, I think while FDR was in college.

Sarah models FDR's car he used to drive around the Hyde Park area, special gears to control breaks and gas from the wheel-level because of his paralysis. And below is a picture of his desk from the White House, as it appeared during his presidency:

FDR liked things pretty darned cluttered. The walls were covered top to bottom with pictures of ships, and famous battles (though only one picture of Eleanor Roosevelt in the house.) We later saw that she had her own crappy bedroom, next to his fun awesome one, and his wifes fun awesome one. No big surprise - she didn't stay there often. Sarah and the tour guide briefly discussed their relationship, and how it didn't go so well after FDR's mother prevented them from getting a divorce to save face among NY's elite. Though the tour guide abruptly avoided the topic, my own understanding of history includes several of the both of their affairs -- Eleanor's suspected though only circumstantially proven female companion Lorena Hickock, and FDR's well documented affair with Lucy Mercer.

So, when Sarah asked "Did they ever cheat on each other?" the tour guide kinda roughly said "There's no documentation." but the stuff on the internet is much more juicy. Wikipedia notes stories of while Eleanor was off, her cousin (Teddy's daughter) Alice would invite Franklin and Lucy over for dinner, saying once: "He deserves to have a good time, afterall, he's married to Eleanor..." Various other stories exist on the internet. But I personally am a huge fan of Eleanor Roosevelt, and know that my grandmother was too. She was one of the first, and most visible of the strong women leaders of the 20th century and contributed a ton with a great personality.

Back of the Hyde Park house. Err, and the people we were on the tour with - every tour I go on, there are annoying people. These people had strong New Jersey accents. I don't really remember what they did to bother me though.
FDR's backyard. As Sarah noted, "AWESOME for sledding!!!" Well, that's it for now I think. Part's 3 and 4 will consist of the two days in NYC (coming soon I promise! It's a big undertaking, so I'm putting it off...) and Part 6 will be Scranton, PA!!! So stay tuned and Happy Easter Everyone!

Quote of the Day:
Song of the Day: "Yes" by LMFAO. This song has been stuck in my head for a couple days now (not actually during Spring Break mind you...) The lyrics are all about how "everyday he lives his dream" and his dream sounds pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself, with one small correction as I noted. I actually found this song because xcrippledhope signs the song on Youtube, and I find his videos really interesting. (The ones that are sign language of good songs anyway.)

"Grandma's cookin breakfast,
she makes pancakes the best.
I check my MySpace
and I got alotta friend requests.
I get to dancin' as I,
Walk through my mansion cuz I,
Own porperty from California to the Hamptons and I,
Sip from my water fountain that spits soda, Pop!
Look out the window and wave at my nextdoor neighbor Oprah..."

Picture of the Day: Haha, I don't remember how I accidentally found this the other day -- but saw this and it reminded me of Brittany.