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Spring Break, Part 3: At Long Last, New York City!

Sorry for the long wait readers! :D

To refresh your memories of the chronology, it's Thursday (March 18th, 2010 - haha, it's taken me a month to write this!) mid-day -- we've left the disappointing Centralia, Pennsylvania and had lunch in a quaint little Diner in the middle of no where (this is pre-Telephone FYI, so no Diner jokes...) and it was really just a ton of driving. Sarah took over driving after Centralia I believe, so I got some time to read my "The World Without Us" book I'm TRYING DESPERATELY to finish this semester, massive fail. Anyway. So hours later, we pass some major city (may have been Trenton, NJ?) We're not sure.

Actually, now that I think about it it was probably New York City just from far away, lol. Oh well. Anyway, so we go through a long tunnel (The Lincoln Tunnel) that we have to pay like 8 bucks for :( then we are in rush hour traffic trying to go through another tunnel. It was here, Friday night, that my Law of Gaga was first disproven: That if at any given point you flip through stations long enough, you will find a Lady Gaga song. Though, while in a tunnel some other car was blasting Telephone n.n

Well, we finally get into New York City and poor Sarah has to drive through the streets of Manhattan! :( Which irks her a little because the crazy New Yorkers do not follow the laws of the road at all. I eventually determined the unspoken rule of New York: Just Never Stop Moving. Even if you don't know where you're going, just never stop moving.

Anyway, we finally get out of that madness and I start calling hotels in my phones GPS. They were all crazy more expensive than anywhere else, but we managed to find one that was the cheaper of the expensive. Since it was already really late, we decided there wasn't much we could get done that night and had some TGIFridays and went to bed. Haha, at TGIF's tho -- the waitress asked us if we were from out of town. We said yes. And us, making polite conversation, asked her what she recommended most - and she kept giving us ideas for amazing views from outside of the city (not realizing we were intending to spend the day IN THE CITY, that was kinda the point.) And she calls her manager over, and he gives us more ideas for views of the city. Thanks, we'll buy the post cards -- but wHat CAn We DO! Ugh.

So Friday morning, we do all the awesome fantastic things mentioned in the Theodore Roosevelt Blog of mine, then we were hoping to be done with that by like early morning, but it was 2+ something. We park at a nearby Train Station (wth!?) and try to take the train to the subway. That didn't work cause we missed the train, lol. So we drive to ANOTHER Train station alot closer to our final destination (worried parking would be Akron-awful what being middle of a work day and all.) We get there, ask a cop how parking works, and I guess he's just too tired to tell us where to pay to park so he's like "Yeah, you guys can just park here." W00t! Awesomest cop experience to date.

Long story short, after a half hour wait in the trainstation, we get to a subway station, which then takes us on a long trip into Downtown NYC -- BUT WE FINALLY GOT THERE: WOOHOO! Our first destination, the World Trade Center Site. (Day One we tried to hit all the things that had loose visitation hours, as opposed to museums or the like.)

It was pretty disappointing. Construction is on-going, and the museum has not been built yet. From there we start walking and eventually my highly-tuned senses lead us to water, and the Statue of Liberty! Wouldn'tcha know we missed the last boat. So we take some pictures on the boardwalk, and catch some strange street show by a karate-esque team trying to pay for college and fight drugs and jump over people.

AWESOMEST PICTURE EVER, lol! They had some big show where they jump over a guy, but the lead up is asking for a bunch of money and making fun of the audience pretty much. From there, we subway to Times Square - with the intent of seeing the giant American Eagle in Times Square.

Haha, inside is FOUR FLOORS OF AE CLOTHES! n.n loved it. Bought one of my new favorite shirts. And I guess if you bring a reciept to the basement you can get some ad-looking picture taken with your new merch, lol. I didn't do that cause it took twenty minutes. But we tried to take a picture of the huge wall, a guy actually offered to take our pic. But an AE employee told us not to take pictures. The guy winked that he'd gotten it anyway. Well, not exactly fail, but not exactly a win, lol.

From there, we go out into Times Square and re-enact the "YATTA!" scene from the first episode of Heroes, lol.

Well, while enjoying Times Square (and looking for somewhere to eat) a guy convinced us to buy comedy club tickets. Haha, I think we got them cheaper than we would otherwise - but still, bad idea. Should've learned my lesson in St. Louis. NO. MORE. COMEDY CLUBS.

Sarah enjoying some Rock Climbing in Central Park.

We had a few hours to kill, so we took a relaxing stroll through Central Park! And I dramatically misunderstood the proportions. Central Park is a long rectangle. What I thought was walking across the longest line was in fact the shortest line. And then bouncing around side to side confused me at some point, but I'd thougt I ended up in some kind of wormhole or something!? It really annoyed me cause my feet hurt. And so did Sarah's, she'd chosen to wore flipflops that day and after a day of ALOTTA walking -- her feet were hurtin worse.

Sarah poses with an Ice Rink. *IN* Central Park!

Haha, I also remember while walking around the park Sarah's bro kept calling asking for directions to the haunted Cemetary in Valley View. He made so many wrong turns and kept calling back. Oh Sean...

Well, the comedy club sucked. All of the jokes kinda had the same structure, even though they were different people. Alot of making fun of where people were from (except they all kept picking the same people) and guido jokes to the people behind us. Add to that the 15$ minimum drink cost, ugh -- it was just Bad. Haha, except one guy made a joke about Akron, Ohio and I REALLY Wanted him to ask us where We were from!!!

The Night skyline from Central Park was actually pretty good, especially considering Sarah's bad camera.

Song of the Day: "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert. So back on the road to DCON, I offered to drive a guy from Wooster CKI -- and he mentioned liking Adam Lambert. I hadn't known much about him except he came in second on Idol and purported lost because he was believed to be gay and you know those annoying conservative Americans and their txt-to-votes... Anyway, I really like this song by him. There's this one dance move he does at about 0:59 or so where he kinda convulses inward that just looks silly though, lol. The beat and tone of the music is pretty good though, haven't looked too deeply into the lyrics. But all his facial reactions between 0:45 and 0:55 could rival Brittany with how much they convey!

Quote of the Day: (Mom calls me, while at the hotel)
Mom: "So, I got my Census form today. The cover says "do not count students away at college. So should I write you down?"
Me: "Well mom, lets think about this, read the cover one more time to me..."
Mom: "Don't count students away at college."
Me: "....(silent frustration.)"
To Be Continued...

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