Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better off Ted...

Phew, BUSY week! Starting Sunday, did a lot of Volunteer hours for College Democrats as Vice President Joe Biden came to campus on Monday! That was all kinds of a hoot. Dr. Cohen, my politics (and the teacher of all my Monday classes) let me skip out for this historic opportunity. Got dressed up and volunteered to make signs, coordinate overall, and eventually I ended up helping people find where they should be in line. Once again, I was the "College student's perspective" person in a group of mainly public volunteers. There were White House people, people from the Summit County Democratic party, and random fringe Democratic groups I guess would be the impolite way of saying it (someone I believe identified themselves as a communist O.o;;) anyway.

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic speaks.
Well I was the one telling them what "Computer Solutions" was, and helping understand the student orgs who had things to do on the 3rd floor of the Union -- like the Muslim Student Association who prays there in the afternoon. That's so cool! Akron should have a mosque, or whatever the students need - I admit ignorance as to their specific cultural requirements. But if ASG gets it's way, we'll soon have a new Department of Multicultural Affairs or something to house our new "African American Studies" major that ASG voted to support his past week. But moving on.

Governor Ted Strickland, running for re-election, introduces Joe Biden. Vote Strickland!!!
Where was I? Oh yes. So I got to do that, but that also meant that I was outside helping until the thing already started so I didn't get to stand in the cool, up-front "for people who volunteered" section. But I'll manage. Er, I did manage. I sat by the guests that had physical handicaps - in fact I stood next to a man who was screaming to Joe through much of the speech. In support of him, but it was still a bit of a disruption, but he had good intentions :-)

Joe Biden! AHHH! And candidate for Lieutenant Governor Yvette McGee-Brown, (right). Governor Strickland is down in the polls at this point to the "Kasich" guy. But Strickland needs to win, because this year is going to be an important year because of the census and drawing of congressional seat lines. The Governor needs to be a Democrat or you can expect another ten years of Republican control of Ohio x_X Which means more job loss.

"Don't compare us to the almighty, compare us to the alternative."
The only Biden-gaffe, which wasn't really a gaffe, was when he called World War II the Civil War on several occasions. No one I've spoke to has said they noticed, Laura plain out had no idea when World War II was... :(
Well that's it for now, a primarily picture-based blog because Blogger is giving me trouble with captions and picture sizes and I'm getting frustrated. I didn't really mention this, but afterwards got to shake hands with Vice President Biden and the Governor, both were incredibly nice! Biden was just an awesome guy, and even let me take a picture with him! *u*

Think I'm going to go work out at the rec center for an hour or two (HA, yeah I wish. While I would like to get into shape, I get pretty darn tired 45 minutes in.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


When you combine an inspiration like Lady Gaga, with the fact that I own pretty much all the clothes I could want from American Eagle or Hollister Co. - with a love of shopping, you have to get pretty creative to find more interesting clothes. Neon Yellow isn't as shocking as it used to be. Not that shocking is what I'm looking for, just someone that is different enough to be interesting - but still fits in to a degree. It's alot easier for a girl to find this I think than guys. Guys clothes are pretty much all the same.

Until the other day, when while roaing eBay I found several things I want to buyz! n.n Haha, sorry to the people who really don't care.
Sigh, if only I was Asian. Darn them and their non-western skinniness ><;; The following one is my favorite though!

In Other News, While trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween (Sarah is thinking one of the Aliens from "Avatar", and Brittany wants to be "Raven,") I'm still undecided. But I'm leaning towards Jafar from Disney's "Aladdin."
That's So Brittany! She's having a vision!
Haha, last weekend we were watching Aladdin and Jafar certainly has it's advantages. It would involve the turban thing, a parrot, cool robes, the snake staff. Hm. We'll see, I'd like to pick something more in people's face -- my perfect costume would be something everybody knows, but no one's ever though to do for Halloween -- like the Mrs. Butterworth costume. One of the other things Sarah's considering is "Flo" from the Progressive Commercials.

Quote & Video of the Day: "She's humping an orca!" - Red Queen, Gaga in Wonderland

xD I did not understand what the queen said the first 4 times I watched this, but after that it is-- just EVERYTHing about this video is super-amazing. HilARIOUS! "I'm flyiiiing"

Picture of the Day: Haha, wanted to put this in the other blog but since this one is so clothes-centric anyway. Zipped up, it's a hand. Unzipped, it's the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper sign xD

Politics as Usual

So first of all, VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN IS COMING TO CAMPUS MONDAY! *U* If I can get his autograph, I'm one step closer to the "2008 Collectors Set!" I think I'm at, Hillary, Michelle, Chelsea,... hm, this set really is kinda lacking now that I think about it. ALL The more reason to try to get his autograph n.n

For those who don't know anything about Joe Biden; he was a long serving Senator from Delaware (right next to DC) in fact he's often campaigned on how often he takes the train home like any "regular joe." His personal history contains many tragedies; Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania (so was Hillary! And The Office is set there.) In 1972, his wife and 1-year old daughter were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping. His commute was because he wanted to spend every day at home with his two sons after that - (his eldest would later be shipped to Iraq.) After years of doubt and anger, he met a teacher and they later married (and now she's the Second Lady of the United States!) I remember hearing her on a phone thing with College Democrats during the election. Biden's desk in the Senate was once used by JFK (each Senator has their own Senate desk, and for over a century they've been signing the inside of it -- so you can see some pretty impressive people in a desk's history!) Remarkable fact, he graduated 76th in his class of 85 from law school. Well look where he is now!

But what makes him "Crazy Uncle Joe" are his notorious gaffes. And I look forwared to what he'll come up with in a couple days, haha. Someone on Rachel Madow (a show I don't actually watch all that often) mentioned that he was like "the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving who says the thing on all ours minds but we're too afraid to say." I agree to an extent. But onto other politics...

In other news, thanks in part to Lady Gaga's political involvement -- you can expect a vote on the repeal of the controversial Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on Tuesday! She tweeted and tweeted and rallied her little monsters until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted at her! Bahahaha, politics are hilarious. One news article went so far to suggest that she is the left's answer to Sarah Palin. (Which I would GLADly accept!!!) After shoring up support in her fans with that issue, she opened fire on the controversial Arizona immigration policy. Video below. With 6+ million twitter followers (the most of anyone on Twitter; more than Obama and Palin combined) and the most fans on Facebook as well - she has been declared Queen of both. She even released a video thanking her fans for electing her Queen of Twitter, "may you always have soft cuticles while tweeting... and may you never get carpal tunnel!"

Politicians should be careful not to mess with Mother Monster. The Youth are a valuable asset when energized, convinced to support and vote as Obama learned in 2008. But the Youth, controllers of internet, shephards of all things viral and retweeted -- can be a bitch if you piss them off...

Picture of the Day: Ahahaha, this one's for Patsy. I noticed that most of the people that visit my blog come here googling Lady Gaga's shoes, haha. But googling on my own I found these PikaShoes, which I gotta say put Patsy's to shame. Patsy should wear more 8-inch heals in my professional opinion as a fashionisto. Which reminds me, a blog on clothes and my Halloween costume is coming up! =D

Video of the Day: In case the secret isn't out yet, I love Lady Gaga. She is simply awesome-super-fantastic amazing.

Song of the Day: "Fu*k You" by Cee Lo Green. So Brit posted this video the other day on Facebook and I didn't really give it much thought. I watched it, and time index 0:46 - 0:51 is my favorite scene, haha, I love the backup singers! But the lyrics are clearly not gonna get on the radio - whether lone 96.5. Well I stand corrected, heard it on the radio, and I can see it being a hit even though the butchered radio-edit has alot of odd pauses. I like it's 50's tone and feel, but overall this song is pretty average to me I'm going to say. (googling) Oooh, Okay, the radio edit is called "Forget You."

Favorite Lyrics:
"...Yeah i'm sorry, i can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean i can't get you there.
I guess he's an xbox and i'm more atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair..."
"...Now I know, that I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya, trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with yo[ur] ass ain't cheap."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream Interpretation Time Again!

I am sooooo tired, I got sporadic sleep last night and at one point woke up at 5:49 for some reason x_x I also utilized the snooze a couple too many times, busy day today! Need to be awake! Must go buy some redbull...

But this last snooze I also had a really strange dream. Sarah was driving me, Brit, (maybe some other people in the backseat) to Tri-C for some event. Then, while caught in the traffic, I heard the President speaking like it was being put on loudspeaker. And I'm like "OH! GUys, ya know why it's so crowded, the President is visiting today." And they're all like "Oooooh Yeaaaah!" And we get to some building, and there's like no one there, and poor President Obama is like at a podium awkwardly in the corner without much glam or pomp - speaking kinda like this is a practice engagement. Then I want to go run to my car to get my camera, cause I figure if he's giving a speech to that few people, he'll have time to take an individual picture with me! On my way out of the building, I run into some people from ASG/College Dems that are all dressed up heading in. I say hey guys, and imagine there'll still be plenty of time even though they'll all want pictures.

Get my camera, come back, and the President heads out of the building for a smoke. I ask Sarah where all the ASG people went, and she's like "they must have came in and went right back out." So I run outside, and President Obama is no where to be found! :( He must have left with his motorcade, because it's completely quiet and calm out. Sad for me. Go back inside and the union-y building is now a private residence, and the outside is roughly a re-use of Kayla's street in Cleveland. Inside, Sarah and Brit are raiding the fridge of who ever's house this is. Sarah starts cooking dinner cause she's hungry, Brit cooks some tuna. I start reorganizing the fridge, but I start getting confused; I'll go into the cabinet above the fridge, there's an opened frozen-sandwich/sub kinda thing, and I go to put it in the fridge but the fridge is now in a different part of the kitchen! So I give up organizing, and go back outside and checking the mail box is Brent -- this grad student from the Poli-Sci department at the University.

This is a Tuna Fish.

It's the Poli-Sci departments house, and he used to live there I guess, but no one does now (Hence the checking of the mail) and there's a huge package on the porch for some building-a-deck supplies, and a clothesline-pulley. He speaks in hick to the neighbors in a nice, friendly way, then runs inside remembering his tuna! Inside, Brit reveals to him that she ate his tuna. Then I almost walk into Amanda, "Amanda What are YOU doing here!?" (She wasn't there prior to this.) Add to that she's dressed up like a Disney Princess.

Imagine Amanda, Angry, in This.
 She snaps back at me "I WAS HUNGRY!" and I just say freindly-ly back to her "Well there's a bunch of supposedly free food here!" Then Sarah eats whatever she was cooking on the stove, and the dream ends.

Thoughts anyone?

Friday, September 10, 2010

That is all

Ahhhhhh! n.n

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! You have been selected as an ALTERNATE for the Department of State's internship program for SPRING 2011. As an alternate candidate, you will be placed in an internship if the primary select withdraws for any reason or is unable to receive a security clearance in time to serve the internship. Your application may also be shared with other Bureaus who might be looking for candidates with your qualifications.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogs, Damn Blogs and Statistics

(Get the pun?)

While googling to find that link, I found the Preview for Season 2 of Glee which will apparently feature that song. (So I was going to name this blog "Department of State of Mind" and have it be about Dep of State things. But this Stats thing I found is too interesting!!! I'm going to leave my original intro here though.)

(Segway! Get it! ahahaha...)

Fascinating, and what a great example/segway: so I was googling around (it's really becoming more than a pastime for me...) and found this AWESOME list of Foreign Service Officer-related blogs and resources! What an awesome find, I'm going through them trying to find things that seem valuable and/or interesting. One blog I've found seems pretty darn interesting, a 23 year old (barely older than me) guy who is starting his FSO career (which I wanna do) and ALSO happens to be named Andrew! What a coinkidink... (I googled to make sure I was spelling that correctly.)

Anyway, the awesome content of his blog which I'm now following aside -- the design made me wanna redesign my blog (though if I got my State Department Internship I think I may start a separate dedicated one, hm, not sure...) anyway, I was looking through the revamped design options on my blog and noticed a new "STATS" bar. This came with some interesting statistics!

My blog was viewed 72 times on August 26, 2010! :-O WOW! I didn't even post a blog *ON* that day... The huge majority of my views obviously come from the U.S., but (in descending order) dozens of people have read this blog from Canada, Australia, the UK, and then less than 20 from Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France and Italy. Confirming my viewcount isn't some glitch that's counting my own views of my blog -- I only use Firefox, but 46% of my viewers use Internet Explorer (which I never use, but I'm sure it's a perfectly fine internet!) While 84% of my viewers use Windows, some of the more interesting media I've been accessed on include: 6 on iPhone, 2 on iPad and 2 on Nintendo DSi! My most viewed post was the one comparing Star Trek PADDs and Phasers to their real life equivalents. Over 400 people viewed that o.o psh, AHahaha: the google searches that have led people to my blog most often are: Lady Gaga Costume Ideas, Dover Lake Waterpark, abandoned hospital Cleveland, and lobster shoe -- haha, which leads to the first blog.

LOL! Wowwwww. I just googled Dover Lake Waterpark on Google Images. The only shots of the park itself pretty much come from my blog. Most of the pictures are tiny icons or something unrelated. One of the unrelated pictures is a shot of Chippewa Lake Park that ***I*** took! It's not even from my blog, its from some abandoned building site that stole it from my blog! (Correction, that picture IS mine, but it's in the public domain because I posted it to Wikipedia...) That's such a weird coincidence. Haha, one person was directed to my blog after googling "Korean Drama Akron"!?!?

Okay, enough blog/ego stroking for today. Readers, this only commits me to making blogs of better content with more interesting pictures! I won't letcha down!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looked up, Talked Down

Mmm, smell that rainy air! I LOVE IT! >D

Well, getting ready to go to the Circle K Open House tonight -- leaving part way through to drop in on the EnviormentalAkron meeting at 8, a stuttering group that has been falling on its face every semester since I've been here. With my Green work with the University, I hope to see them become much much more active and I'm going to go baring suggestions.

But lets talk about my day! Got up early to go to Geography class (boring as always; test put off til Thursday though!) Gotta memorize all the former-Soviet states, and where they are. Went to International Institutions class... and this guy is odd. First of all, he only seems to own white dress pants. On the DAY AFTER LABOR DAY? tsk tsk tsk. He looks like someone's agent, like he belongs in California.

From there, went to meet with the Springboard Tech staff about incorporating TK20 into Springboard. They were slow to answer my questions, and seemed to incorporate alot of extraneous information like trying to prove why students should have an ePortfolio (which I wasn't questioning) and how the technology fee the University charges is assessed (which was fairly off topic.) But they were pretty awkward about my taking notes, I guess I could've recorded them in secret with my iPod but that've been even more awkward lol. They made it very clear "what they were saying to me" -- like, when I asked about something they would say something like "You can't say that we said that." in terms like I was wrong, but they didn't immediately correct me -- rather than it's a secret.

From there, I had an extra 45 minutes so I went into the Dean of the College of Education's office to inquire about what data exactly TK20 collects, to provide the Springboard staff that. Accidentally found myself talking to the head of Accreditation and Assessment. She also started with the "aren't you cute for wanting to ask questions" attitude, eventually moving to the "You're asking too many questions, status quo forever!"

Not having any good illustrations for the second half of this blog, I google image searched for the U of A and found these gems! Courtesy of our LeBron James connection.

Then ed imp class was uneventful. Watched a movie, and I questioned some of the teachers logic (and got a scoff from the back of the room!) The teacher acknowledged there wasn't a good answer to my question, and me and Laura joked that everyone else just sits and is "taught to" in Ed classes. I ask the questions that should be asked by any rationale person, and I get scoffed at! I've taken upon the title of class cynic actually, at one point the teacher even hinted that she had expected me to questions some policy thing and was ready to discuss it. That class may be more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.

Quote of the Day: "I have done my best in life to avoid reality." - my Int. Institutions teacher. Haha, he may dress oddly but he is occasionally kinda funny.

We watched a movie in Ed Imp today with a really corny teacher hosting a panel of other teachers. She noted to one of the teachers: "Your lessons are like carefully polished stones!" which I giggled at. One of the panelists later mentioned when her students enter "the real world or college" because lol, we're not in the real world yet!

Just got a haircut, another busy day tomorrow, gonna either draw or play Star Trek Online for an hour then get some 'bux before CKI! Woop woop, ya'll stay classy.

Link of the Day: U.S. Church to go ahead with Sept. 11th Quran burning. < This makes me disappointed in America. And makes me dislike Christianity a whole lot more.

Blog Follow-up of the Day: 'Refudiate' From Sarah Palin Tops Dictionary's Words of Summer

Song of the Day: Firework by Katy Perry. I was driving home from Garfield this weekend (Orange and White soup in tow n.n) and this came on my iPod. Someone mentioned to me the other day that this is going to be the next single by Katy Perry (They wanted Peacock, but the radio version of that would be... interesting.) I just love this song.

"...Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y"

Well, that rhyme is a bit of a stretch... but I like the "Boom, Boom, Boom.... even Brighter than the Moon, Moon, Moon!!!" Oh! The other day I saw her new (ridiculous) album at Starbucks, and it is Cotton Candy Scented!!!! rofl.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tried to come up with a Tablet pun. Failed.

Haha, stole that while googling and trying really hard to come up with one. Well, I've now had my drawing tablet for 2+ weeks, and what do I have to show for it? Tools don't improve talent, they allow it to improve itself. I dunno what I think of the art I've made, almost all of which has been Star Trek-based, lol. But one thing is for sure: the more I use it, the more I understand it. There are left-side of the brain thinkers, and right-side (or at least that's what Facebook tells us--) I def believe myself to be the logical, analytical side over the artsy, musician side - so maybe I'm not meant to be a great artist. One of my personal goals in life is to kinda be okay at all skills that interest me. Like fencing, water polo, or Sail-Boating!

A website I'm a member of is DeviantArt, a place for people to post art they make and get critiques. Panda actually  introduced me to it back in the day when she would send me there to see her art all the time (I wish she'd draw more!) But I on RARE occasions used it to post doodles I really don't remember how I even photographed. The image most viewed by people actually was the Haunter-pumpkin I made last Halloween. (Pokemon fans make up a big part of the site I would say.)

That being said, my interest lately has been to be a'ight at drawing or digital art. One thing I like to do is take a minor part of Star Trek and explore it. For example, one character was a Betazoid -- a telepathic race from the planet Betazed, and even though a main character was from here the show never really explored the race's culture - and we never saw a written language! So while initially testing out my tablet, and just scribbling for fun I made up a written language kinda based on a combination of Japanese and the fact that p, b, q, and d look so much alike!
See, with that it's kinda the same four shapes flipped around in various ways. And/or modified with simple dashes or two dashes. Simple, easy to make. I also don't like how some alien languages on Star Trek look really detail-intense and complicated, that seems to me like it's not a very efficiently language. You should be able to make any single letter in only a few strokes, cause otherwise it takes forever to write! The Ferengi language for example does not look like something that would naturally evolve by writing it with a pen...

Moving on. Doodling another day, I decided after seeing a commercial for a Egyptian special on cable "Hm, we've never explored their culture at all - whether alone their ancient culture. I kinda mentioned a hieroglyphic version of the language on the first doodle-image, maybe..." then more playing around, I got this:
Which I thought looked great! Ironically the first major thing I drew with my tablet... was a tablet! (buhdum, psh.) Haha, I figured the logical language had to come from something similar but different. Here ya go! Some kind of tablet from 2,400+ years ago! The Betazoid article on a Star Trek wiki mentioned that the books (not considered official by the show) gave the planet 3 moons, so I through that in there. And since they are telepathic, I thought the weird circle around the person could mean that in some way. I dunno.

Well the next day, I was doodling again! And tried to draw another one, and I didn't really like how the texture on the outer edge of the first tablet came out. So after drawing and coloring it, I messed around with a bunch of options in the art program I'm using: Coral Painter Essentials 4. (Which is confusing, cause another program right next to it is called "InkScape" - which doesn't use ink of any kind...) Anyway, more experiments with texture got me:

Which I declare the coolest drawn image of mine yet! That looks so texture-y! I can't believe I drew that n.n ahh, even if its not good I'm proud of myself and that's all that matters. This one's got texture, lighting, still gotta work out a way to make the cracks look more realistic but I like it! And now he's on a Boat, m***********. (I'd also like to note that I've just watched that now for the first time...)

So we'll see where my artistic efforts take me next! Stay tuned =D Some interesting statistics from my DeviantArt account:
AJHalliwell has 1,026 pageviews [[times people looked at my profile, or an artwork]] total and his 23 deviations were viewed 860 times. He watches 16 people, while 3 people watch him.
Overall, his deviations received 19 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 17 times, while he commented 332 times, making about 0.14 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he gave 175 comments for every 10 that he received.
His deviation [[their term for an artwork]] with the most comments is Haunter Pokemon Pumpkin with 7 comments, and it is also his most favourited, with 10 favourites. His most viewed deviation is Haunter Pokemon Pumpkin with 221 views.
9 favourites were given for every 10 comments.
Every 101.4 days he uploads a new deviation [[this is an average]], and it's usually on a Tuesday, with 9 (39%) of his deviations.
His busiest month was August 2010 with 13 (57%) of his deviations.
The majority of his deviations are uploaded to the fanart gallery (8), while his favourite category was drawings > scifi with 11 deviations.
Comments per deviation: 0.82
Favourites per deviation: 0.73
Views per deviation: 37
Comments per day: 0
Favourites per day: 0
Deviation views per day: 0.36
Pageviews per day: 0.43

Song of the Day: "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" by Katy Perry. This is a very average song, like a diet toned-down "Tik Tok" but I still like it. A good follow up to her next big single off "Teenage Dream" - likely "Fireworks" followed by "Peacock." Still, I like it, been trying to listen to NOT Lady Gaga lately to average out my crazy play-count on iTunes, lol. Katy Perry's new album is growing on my a lot actually! This, Pearl, Fireworks... Oh, and towards the end there's a random sax solo that reminds me of Step by Step or Urkel or Full House or something. Haha, I wonder if that ref is intentional... TGIF...
"...Think the city towed my car
Chandelier is on the floor
With my favorite party dress
Warrants out for my arrest
Think I need a ginger ale
That was such an epic fail..."

OMG! That reminds me I wanted to go check up on Txts From Last Night which I haven't checked in MONTHS! Yay something to do for the next few hours at work, haha.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fly on the Wall

Well, it has been a busy first two weeks of classes I'll tell ya x_x alot of my time has gone to ASG, Associated Student Government here at Akron. And I feel like I have heard more plans and interesting tidbits about the University in the past two weeks than I have in the last two years! Obviously it would be an abuse of my position to reveal and truely secret behind-closed-door details, but it's safe to say I can share with ya what is publically available - people just don't know where to look.

Soon to be AHAP Building, Mill Street.

Lets start with a simple question I didn't know the answer to: the building on Mill St. and College Street (if you follow the Honors Complex street up by the payroll building) there is a corner building by the bread factory that they recently tore most of the front of the building apart, and it's being rebuilt. I did not know the University owned that - but since it's under construction at the end of a national economic downturn -- I should've known! The University does in fact own that building, and it is in the process of being converted into the Archives of the History of American Psychology! This being moved from the Polski archives of course.

Though this is not the style I am proposing (YET!) This is by far my favorite design, love it! This is brilliant.
Then we've got the research I personally am doing, and as far as I know, any research I do is open to the public! My first project I'm interested in is getting a wind turbine on campus! I don't know if I want multiple small ones on buildings, a center for alternate energy studies to encourage a new major on campus, or one big turbine like the one over by the Parma Town Mall exit -- but I'm researching and that's the first step! Two years ago, the University got a D+ on our green grade so the President made a committee to improve that. A year later we got a D-. So they are strongly investigating anything that'll make us more green, we'll see where that goes!

Hm, while searching for publically available documents - I found this interesting outdated website that no one seems to have taken down explaining the expansion plans that were completed back in 2004, things like the Union, Honors Complex, and Atheletic Buildings. Also unrelated, but interesting tidbit I found: a 1994 plan by the University Park Alliance (or it's predecessor) on renovation plans. Hm, I don't think I'm going to find the document I'm looking for. But FYI: Here's more information on the University Park Alliance.

K, Losing focus. My office hours in the ASG office are 1-3 MWF :-/ but I've gotten a ton done! Wednesday I met with the Associate Dean of the College of Education, Tuesday I'm meeting with the developers of Springboard to discuss merging TK20 with it. TK20 is my enemy, and it is the main reason I ran for ASG! To bring it to an END! But along the way, I also plan to improve the lines in Simmons Hall, put more benches outside of classrooms so students don't have to sit on the floor, improve our Green grade all around, and oversee the remodel of Bierce Library.

Oh! So today, I went to classes, one was a movie the other was an easy test on the Presidents, and then I went to ASG work. Here I thought I was slacking, I'd actually done more than the other members of my Committee (Facilities & Services) -- but I went to the library to get the campus internet fixed on my laptop - and then it was torential raining. So I chatted with the girl at the Library counter (from one of my Ed classes) and our Circle K adviser Don! The girl mentioned she wanted a new library. Once the rain stopped I went to serve my office hour in ASG, asked what would be the first inkling of a step in imagining a new library, and they say getting a new building takes YEARS of labor and research! And to ask Student Body President Steve. Speak of (not) the devil (actually a pretty nice guy!) he walks in, and I quickly describe the situation, and he's couincidentally late/on his way to a redesigning the Library committee meeting and invites me to join! So that's where I spent the next 3 hours x_X but it was actually pretty darn interesting, and I may try to finagle my way onto it more permanently.

Some interesting things coming up: circulation will move to where the coffee shop in the library is, and the coffee shop will become a HUGE component of the first floor: and lots more places to plug in your laptop!!!

Well, ASG won't take up my whole life - but it certainly took up my whole week. More interesting blogs surely to come in the future!

Song of the Day: Lady Gaga tries to cover Viva La Vida, but doesn't know many of the words, by Cold Play.  Haha, it's hardly her best work. For some reason, fans are saying it's better than Cold Play's version. I love Lady Gaga, but I disagree - I mean she messes up pretty badly in places, lol. But it was interesting to hear. I'd really like to hear Lady Gaga just cover all kinds of songs! Lol, Fergalicious, Sexy Back, Independent Women, Umbrella.... I dunno.