Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogs, Damn Blogs and Statistics

(Get the pun?)

While googling to find that link, I found the Preview for Season 2 of Glee which will apparently feature that song. (So I was going to name this blog "Department of State of Mind" and have it be about Dep of State things. But this Stats thing I found is too interesting!!! I'm going to leave my original intro here though.)

(Segway! Get it! ahahaha...)

Fascinating, and what a great example/segway: so I was googling around (it's really becoming more than a pastime for me...) and found this AWESOME list of Foreign Service Officer-related blogs and resources! What an awesome find, I'm going through them trying to find things that seem valuable and/or interesting. One blog I've found seems pretty darn interesting, a 23 year old (barely older than me) guy who is starting his FSO career (which I wanna do) and ALSO happens to be named Andrew! What a coinkidink... (I googled to make sure I was spelling that correctly.)

Anyway, the awesome content of his blog which I'm now following aside -- the design made me wanna redesign my blog (though if I got my State Department Internship I think I may start a separate dedicated one, hm, not sure...) anyway, I was looking through the revamped design options on my blog and noticed a new "STATS" bar. This came with some interesting statistics!

My blog was viewed 72 times on August 26, 2010! :-O WOW! I didn't even post a blog *ON* that day... The huge majority of my views obviously come from the U.S., but (in descending order) dozens of people have read this blog from Canada, Australia, the UK, and then less than 20 from Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France and Italy. Confirming my viewcount isn't some glitch that's counting my own views of my blog -- I only use Firefox, but 46% of my viewers use Internet Explorer (which I never use, but I'm sure it's a perfectly fine internet!) While 84% of my viewers use Windows, some of the more interesting media I've been accessed on include: 6 on iPhone, 2 on iPad and 2 on Nintendo DSi! My most viewed post was the one comparing Star Trek PADDs and Phasers to their real life equivalents. Over 400 people viewed that o.o psh, AHahaha: the google searches that have led people to my blog most often are: Lady Gaga Costume Ideas, Dover Lake Waterpark, abandoned hospital Cleveland, and lobster shoe -- haha, which leads to the first blog.

LOL! Wowwwww. I just googled Dover Lake Waterpark on Google Images. The only shots of the park itself pretty much come from my blog. Most of the pictures are tiny icons or something unrelated. One of the unrelated pictures is a shot of Chippewa Lake Park that ***I*** took! It's not even from my blog, its from some abandoned building site that stole it from my blog! (Correction, that picture IS mine, but it's in the public domain because I posted it to Wikipedia...) That's such a weird coincidence. Haha, one person was directed to my blog after googling "Korean Drama Akron"!?!?

Okay, enough blog/ego stroking for today. Readers, this only commits me to making blogs of better content with more interesting pictures! I won't letcha down!

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