Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abandoned Hospital in Cleveland: Recon

MWAhahaha! After a long winter, consider this the return to abandoned building exploration!

A few weeks ago, me and Panda went a-drivin' to give her some more 'sperience, and when I saw this and we had an afternoon to kill - we had to stop and do some reconnaissance on this Abandoned Hospital in Cleveland! The Dudley P. Allen Memorial Building, aka: Saint Luke's Hospital. This article on Cleveland History suggests that it was built in 1894, and closed in 1999.

I dunno what this glass thing at the bottom is, but I can't wait till Sarah gets back and we try to explore our way into this building! A green house does not seem very logical to me. Hmm.

This is a look at the side, from where another wing was demolished at some point. Next to this building is another medical center, significantly smaller but is still active so exploring during the day/work week even during the summer is not very likely without them reporting us. There is also a brand spankin new pre-school on the opposite side, which comes with a bunch of cameras because this is the ghetto.

But just to reiterate one more time, look at how many floors this place has *U*

This is the back side of the building. Note the clock tower. There are SO many floors to this building! It is, simply, huge. Unfortunately it is surrounded by barbed wire and fencing, with occasional cameras. Note the awesome clock/bell tower on top.

Creepy window, this was a hospital - and you KNOW those are always haunted!

One potential way in, Amanda saw that this open door in this Garage extension thing.

In 2009, this news article suggests the building will eventually be turned into apartments for the elderly as part of a major revamp of the area. According to it, grants are in the works and philanthropic donations are also going into it in some fashion. So it could be un-abandoned soon! :( But yay for Cleveland trying to clean up it's act.

Apparently, there used to be many more buildings. The is a "from back-left" aerial view, ie: we can't see the front of the building in this image. That white building in the middle has been torn down and replaced with a temporary construction pond and ducks, lol. The building on the right is the still active building. There appears to be a wing in the center of the main complex that has been torn down (the middle - line in an E, sorta.)

And now a little randomness, once Grizzlies learn they can eat humans -- they do! And every bear that tries to eat a human must be shot. Also, AriZona Green Tea is awful compared to Sobe Green Tea -- I can't find Sobe anywhere lately for some reason, but I could use it to help my throat - I've had this stupid flu-thing for like two weeks. The other day I had the random urge to have a pet hedgehog again. The other day me and Brit had Chipotle for lunch, and I decided if I ever have a pet Chihuahua I will definitely name it Margarito -- Brit noted the male version of a margarita.

Unfortunately Named Seed of the Day: Rapeseed.

Quote of the Day: *as we climb-walk a ridiculously steep hill*
"uuugh" - Me.
"Come on! We're working our buns and thighs!" - Panda.
"I- cannot believe you just said that..." - Me.

"IT'S JUST A MOIST TOWELETTE!" - Kurt, Glee episode 1.20 "Theatricality" (aka: Glee Goes Gaga)

Video of the Day: So, I may have been overzealous to make "California Gurls" my song of the day a week ago -- cause I like it EVEN more now! It's by far going to be the anthem of early summer, as Ryan Seacrest put it. Here is a video from youtube of Katy Perry meeting up with Snoop Dog to work on his lyrics. She is using a hookah :( ouch, points of Katy Perry's hot-o-meter. And snoop dog is smoking in the recording studio, whaaat?! Anyway -- she mentions how she was listening to the "Empire State of Mind" song and said, "What!? California needs that!" Which is just what I said! lol.

Song of the Day: "I'm Awesome!" by Spose. Hm, I thought I'd already used this -- guess not. A few weeks before school was out, this was played three or four times on 96.5 over the course of a few days -- but I haven't really heard it since. Ala' Eminem, it's pretty white-rapper-y. Kinda also has a flair of regular, everyday normal guy in it. Some awesome lyrics from it though:
" neck's not icy,
eatin' at McDonalds because Subway's pricey..."


"Suit untailored,
ringtone: Taylor Swift,

Can't tweet up on my twitter
cause I haven't done shit..."


redtailboalover2002 said...

Just ran across your blog by way of looking for creepy buildings. Did you ever get into that hospital I wonder? Would love to find something like that to explore around here!

AJ Halliwell said... << We did get inside, in fact. It was *AMAZING*.

Anonymous said...

They are renovating this building....very slowly.....