Friday, February 18, 2011

HATCHED: The Premier of 'Born This Way'!

Sorry it's taken a week to blog about this, but it's been a busy week! That's right Little Monsters, last Friday morning Lady Gaga released her long awaited and much anticipated new single off her new album: "BORN THIS WAY." The radio (96.5 in particular) played it every hour on the hour all weekend! Which came as a pleasant surprise as I drove home from Sarah's at 6:59 Friday morning n.n

Then Sunday night, Lady Gaga performed her new song live at the Grammy's for the first time. Never to be out-dressed or out-staged, she arrived at the red carpet being carried "Roman-style" by her back-up dancers, having spent the entire weekend inside of a giant egg, which the egg's designer has labeled a "vessel."

During the Grammy's, I followed the Twitter chatter, watching live updates of things people posted about the Grammy's. It was actually really fun to watch so many people's opinions in real time, it was almost like a massive chat room but without speaking directly at people. WOAH, it was almost like a chatroom of thoughts for the world! Mindblowing! My *FAVORITE* tweet from that experience is my quote of the day below.

Haha, oh I almost forgot. Something that I feel will be elaborated on in the 'Born This Way' music video (due out sometime next week apparently) is the horns on her shoulders and face. (Exploring more, the video could be out as early as Monday or Tuesday actually! Another fun week ahead! :D)

They were present in her next two commercial-break-changed-outfits (lolz) and also the next night on The Jay Leno Show. OH! I watched the clips of Gaga on Jay, and she acted so bitchy to the other guest - but maybe it was just me. It seemed like she was kinda stealing the other lady's thunder. (Haha, watch the video at: The LA Times. They seem to suggest Gaga's got a bit of a girl crush on guest Sofia Vegara. I dunno, I don't see it...)

Quote of the Day: "Lady Gaga went to the VMA's dressed as meat, now she's at the Grammy's in a egg. Two more red carpets and she could be a Denny's Grand Slam." - Person on Twitter that I retweeted, Hahaaa, I laughed out loud at this.

Website of the Day: Haha, while exploring the other things above -- I found this: -- apparently the project of on-again/off-again Lady Gaga boyfriend Luc. How to diet while getting drunk all the time like a rockstar!!? Snookie, something to look into. After I finish this I'll look into it, while I do want to loose some weight, I can't say I drink all that much.

 Song of the Day: "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears. (WOAH! Surprise ending!) I kind of want the white and black pants the back-up dancers (that are guys...) are wearing. Spears continues the theme of 'slight chuckle-worthyly clever song titles" (remember "If You Seek Amy"?) with, "If I said I want your body now, would you Hold It Against Me." Note the double meaning. -_- Hm, a blog said seeing it a second time you pick up a bunch more stuff: true. I just noticed that later the back up dancers faces are freaky. Well, here, watch for yourself first:

What is with the "Plenty o Fish" product placement? The real life dating website was first in Telephone, then in another music video that escapes me... but seems more out of place and forced here. Admittedly, I had trouble understanding what this video "meant." Then I read this MTV article on it, realized it was directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund (who directed Gaga's Paparazzi and Telephone!) and they explained it in a way where at least the visuals made a ton more sense. I still don't quite get the connection to the lyrics...
"With lyrics about flirting with a cute guy in a club, the song's video could have been just a straightforward narrative, but instead Spears and Ã…kerlund gave an insider look at celebrity, abstractly hinting at a tale about a pop star who fell from space in a fiery red comment, to find fame here on Earth. Midway through the video, our pop star character becomes overwhelmed by the pressures of fame and, emitting neon paint from her hands, she breaks down. The scene of an exhausted Spears, lying face down, her huge white gown covered in paint, might be one of the most beautiful and artistic in this entire piece."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roller Coaster Wednesday

Well today has had it's ups and downs. At work, working midnight to 6 am trying desperately to stay awake even when I'm full of Redbull and bottled Starbucks.

This is made out of Redbull cans! WOW!
Lets see, stayed up til 2am last night somehow watching Star Wars IV with Sarah. (That was probably not so good a decision, but it was due today.) Woke up for class at like 6am this morning, had "Instructional Techniques" with the awesome bearded teacher; that class was boring. We're doing practice discussions so students can get experience leading a class discussion, even when it goes sour. We have to have 20 minutes of discussion. I talk a lot in that class, haha, sometimes I feel bad but no one else is talking and it's the point of the activity! I'm not going to leave the teacher-student hanging there. Especially when I have a valid opinion that hasn't been voiced yet.

Anyway, one of the problems was that all three group-discussion leaders used the same "Count off and move" method of dividing us into groups. I hate that. I'm going to research alternate methods of doing that now actually.

Anyway, from there Sociology with the crazy teacher who likes to pander to Freshman level humor. Especially in this unit on sexual deviancy. But he did make some interesting notes about people and how they percieve society's expected goals, and expected means of reaching those goals. I guess I'm very conformist; where as David is either a "Rebellionist" or one of the others: he rejects society's values, and also the means of prospering (ie: get a JOB, have dreams, etc.)

Then the fun. Got to have Lunch with Kayla! :D which was nice cause I never get to see her, but she was on campus for something. I was still feeling sick from last night's crazy all-you-can-eat Chicken wings dinner. Ugh. I'm going on chicken fast for the next week. Then had "Science and Technology in World History" class which is always a little interesting. Then ASG office hours, where I'm working on electric car charger legislation and trying to get people to support it which is proving difficult in these economically hard times. But had a couple hours of really interesting debate with various members, beneficial debate rather than the kind that leads to animosity. I really wish I could have been on a Debate team kind of thing in high school. Got a hold of the University budget for 2009, and we're going to start looking for ways to save the University money by cutting things.

If Best Buy can be cool, why can't we...

OH! Another good part of my day was that I got an email about subletting my room. I emailed her back, adn she emailed me back: Turns out it was Rob's friend Amanda that I met through Circle K last year! Haha. Small world. Oh man I wanna move into the Stow house already, though admittedly I'm avoiding mom to a degree after her craziness this weekend.

Well, worked 6-8, then didn't really want to work out because of the whole 4 hours of sleep and working 12-6 thing, and it just didn't really fit into my afternoon. Hoping tomorrow goes better, class and test at 10am, followed by College of Ed meetings until Senate, followed by a CA meeting that goes into the night -- but AT LAST, this CA training thing is PAID! woopwoop.

Song of the Day: "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. This random Romanian techno song somehow made it onto American charts, and I got to admit it's never really grown on me all that much. But other people seem to like it. It's too soothing for me. I honestly can't say I know any of the lyrics, and didn't really know the song's name until just now. Lets take a look at the lyrics and video shall we...

Well I can tell you know the video is boring. It's just a guy and girl walking around what looks like a city I would expect to find in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants very contemplatively. And the lyrics are very typical generic love song, I don't really see this standing out in anyway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Haha, I should probably write a blog about my birthday, or Valentine's day, or 'Born This Way', but I'm going to skip those for now and come back to them -- and rather write about the Fergie song Fergalicious! While I was enjoying some light reading recently, I felt the need to check out an early Stacey Ferguson song, while she was a member of a '90s band: "The Wild Orchard" (which sounds like a fruit juice brand....)

Yeah, greatest song ever it isn't. But it did put me in the mood to hear good Fergie: ergo, "Fergalicious."

Again, greatest song ever it isn't. But who among us can say it isn't catchy! Few artists can turn themselves into an adjective quite so well as Fergie. (Though Lady Gaga certainly has succeeded, if you've seen the tweets about Nicki Minaj's Grammys hair.)

Something I've never noticed before: the background dancers in the beginning of the Fergalicious music video? They have cereals painted on their chest. "Trix" is the easiest to make out - another looks like it could be Fruity Pebbles, but it's not the right font, and I can't make out the other two.

My dear friend Patsy does not like this song as much, because she insists on being the reining "dirty girlscout" -- just ask the waitress at Brubaker's!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Wish List: 2011

Phew, busy week. So I thought with my Birthday being this weekend, I would throw out a few really simple Birthday gifts people could get me ya know with their spare money lying around! :D

So with my move into the condo, I'm trying to organize the family's things, especially setting up an organized system for our DVDs. And I've realized recently, that I don't own many DVDs that aren't seasons of TV shows (because back in 2005 and earlier we went through a phase of buying lots of TV shows on DVD.) Well, there's a lot of movies you could probably find for like, 6$ that I also would like. As a rule, I do enjoy me some special edition DVDs or even Blu-Ray (even though my laptop is the only Blu-Ray player we got.) Still, why not prepare for the future! Especially since our house has 2 high def TVs. But, Here's a few!

1. "Minority Report". This is one of my favorite movies. I really love movies that display the future in a realistic way, especially technology. And this movie had some awesome technology, the computer screens with the gloves, the whole car system, and the "sound wave" gun-blasters! I have to admit, the rocket packs were a little over the top, but it's Tom Cruise, what isn't?

2. "The Men in Black"/ "The Men in Black II" - Both good movies, the second maybe not as much but still pretty darned good. You may quickly realize from my interests that I'm a big science fiction fan. But I remember growing up watching the Men in Black cartoon show even, so this is def one of my favorite movies: I love that in the second movie they imply Michael Jackson (who makes a cameo with speaking role!) and Martha Stewart are aliens, hahaha...
(This is a Japanese version of the boxed set. I don't expect this.)
Woah! While googling, I just found THIS:

The complete series of Men in Black The Series! No way! Eh, probably bootlegged :-/ Huh. I never noticed each episode title was "The ________ Syndrome". But I'm getting off track...

3. I Am Legend. Another movie set in the not too distant future, where the technology isn't anything special but the action and adventure is pretty good. Another Will Smith movie; if you haven't seen it go rent it, I don't feel like summarizing it, I'll just say my favorite parts are how the whole city is abandoned! *U*

4. Bicentennial Man: I love this movie. Robin Williams is kind of annoying, but aside from him the movies worth watching! It's got the doctor from Jurassic Park! It's set in like, 2005 I think? (Lol, cause we ALL had robots by then...) And one of my favorite actresses, Lynne Thigpen as PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD! The end of this movie is soooo sad, I may just tear up if I watch it not gonna lie. I like the scenes of the "World Congress" - yay Democracy in the future! Oh hey, I forgot his name was Andrew. Wow, the Internet HATES this movie!
5. The Matrix Trilogy -- That's right, all three Matrix movies, preferably in a set of some type. Maybe even on Blu-Ray. I love the Matrix movies, despite what people say - I really enjoyed the second and third one! The second one is probably my favorite. Seraph and Niobe are probably my favorite characters, and Niobe's Asian sidekick. Because you get to play as them in the video game - which I loved and came so close to beating this one time then we had to return it to Blockbuster :-( Now I own the game and can't get past the first level. I suck.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ke$ha, what the %#*!@ you upto now?

Firstly, YAY SNOW DAY! :D In addition to having UA off, the school I was supposed to meet my teacher also had a snow day. So some emails will be going on there. Which will be alot easier because as of this afternoon: Internet and Cable at the Condo! *U*

Song of the Day: Yesterday I came across this video parody: "Disney Princess Ke$ha"... but the parody stars the Real Ke$ha! Hahaha, it's kinda out there (but then what Ke$ha thing isn't?) but I kinda like it. I've played it as background music a few times definitely.

Haha, one part I especially like is that the "fairy godmother" at the end is the guy from the hilarious Key of Awesome videos, Mark Douglas!

Video of the Day: Apparently it's not even her first appearance there. Last November she gave a somber interview explaining the $ in her name.

Quote of the Day: "I'll sneek in your house, and I'll leave before dawn! Your daughters will be pregnant, and your cookies will be gone!" HAHhahaha... apparently Kanye West (ft. Nicki Minaj) has a song called "Monster".... well Key of Awesome has a parody of it, which includes cookie monster, and it was average -- accept for the parts with Cookie Monster, those were the funniest.