Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Wish List: 2011

Phew, busy week. So I thought with my Birthday being this weekend, I would throw out a few really simple Birthday gifts people could get me ya know with their spare money lying around! :D

So with my move into the condo, I'm trying to organize the family's things, especially setting up an organized system for our DVDs. And I've realized recently, that I don't own many DVDs that aren't seasons of TV shows (because back in 2005 and earlier we went through a phase of buying lots of TV shows on DVD.) Well, there's a lot of movies you could probably find for like, 6$ that I also would like. As a rule, I do enjoy me some special edition DVDs or even Blu-Ray (even though my laptop is the only Blu-Ray player we got.) Still, why not prepare for the future! Especially since our house has 2 high def TVs. But, Here's a few!

1. "Minority Report". This is one of my favorite movies. I really love movies that display the future in a realistic way, especially technology. And this movie had some awesome technology, the computer screens with the gloves, the whole car system, and the "sound wave" gun-blasters! I have to admit, the rocket packs were a little over the top, but it's Tom Cruise, what isn't?

2. "The Men in Black"/ "The Men in Black II" - Both good movies, the second maybe not as much but still pretty darned good. You may quickly realize from my interests that I'm a big science fiction fan. But I remember growing up watching the Men in Black cartoon show even, so this is def one of my favorite movies: I love that in the second movie they imply Michael Jackson (who makes a cameo with speaking role!) and Martha Stewart are aliens, hahaha...
(This is a Japanese version of the boxed set. I don't expect this.)
Woah! While googling, I just found THIS:

The complete series of Men in Black The Series! No way! Eh, probably bootlegged :-/ Huh. I never noticed each episode title was "The ________ Syndrome". But I'm getting off track...

3. I Am Legend. Another movie set in the not too distant future, where the technology isn't anything special but the action and adventure is pretty good. Another Will Smith movie; if you haven't seen it go rent it, I don't feel like summarizing it, I'll just say my favorite parts are how the whole city is abandoned! *U*

4. Bicentennial Man: I love this movie. Robin Williams is kind of annoying, but aside from him the movies worth watching! It's got the doctor from Jurassic Park! It's set in like, 2005 I think? (Lol, cause we ALL had robots by then...) And one of my favorite actresses, Lynne Thigpen as PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD! The end of this movie is soooo sad, I may just tear up if I watch it not gonna lie. I like the scenes of the "World Congress" - yay Democracy in the future! Oh hey, I forgot his name was Andrew. Wow, the Internet HATES this movie!
5. The Matrix Trilogy -- That's right, all three Matrix movies, preferably in a set of some type. Maybe even on Blu-Ray. I love the Matrix movies, despite what people say - I really enjoyed the second and third one! The second one is probably my favorite. Seraph and Niobe are probably my favorite characters, and Niobe's Asian sidekick. Because you get to play as them in the video game - which I loved and came so close to beating this one time then we had to return it to Blockbuster :-( Now I own the game and can't get past the first level. I suck.

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