Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello internet. Not much happening today, had a light day as most Mondays - after classes went back to Garf to pick up a few things (like my Presidential Seal M&Ms, West Wing DVDs, The Great Gatsby, a Seal of the State of Ohio, and an ironing board among other things. David bought an iPod touch with his own earned money from work! >/ I am not happy. This whole "getting an education" thing is suddenly seeming annoying.

But before my day went a tad bit sourer, this morning I woke up and while wandering the internet found THIS awesome website that produced the following pictures:

Omg, that's so awesome! Lol, its Barack Obama's inauguration - in LEGO's! Also among pictures I found while wandering today, behind the scenes images from Heroes:

Elle, from the episode she's killed in. The funny caption for this image is "Dear Diary, its been one of Those days..."

OH! And can I just disclaim my disagreement with the decision to move Heroes, who's writing has been going downhill anyway, to Monday's at 8 rather than 9, making it harder for us to all get together to watch it!? ARrr. Anyway, tomorrows another light day and then a Circle K meeting, so hopefully it will go well.

Song of the Day: "Fucked Up Kid" by Mest. (Lyrics) Got this off one of the CD's Amanda burned for me I think.

"Fucked up visions in my head
I'm a f**ked up kid is what they said

But at least I know all the things that I want
And it's all, the things, I got..."

Distinctively Entertaining Video of the Day: Facebook Stalking by Parents, found by Sarah. lol, love it - DEF the reason I don't want adults on Facebook!

Quote of the Day:

Haha, courtesy of "Ima Let You" - a LOLCatz style site that has recently popped up and made a few news sites, and Amanda W. found and posted on Facebook. Also available, Imma Let You (Two M's).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2010: The Next Senator From Ohio

As I'm sure we all remember from elementary school social studies, each state has two Senators. Currently, Ohio is represented by Senators George Voinovich (R) and Sherrod Brown (D). Well, Sen. Voinovich has announced he will not be running for reelection in 2010 - so you can imagine the Democrats are eager to win the seat!

The race is basically down to two Democrats for the primary, of who will face the Republican in the final race. The Republican, by the way, is Rob Portman - President Bush's former budget director ([cite].) The two Dem's are: current Ohio Secretary of State (of the State) Jennifer Brunner (Brew-ner) and current Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher (ie: Vice Governor). Fisher is receiving alot of important endorsements, such as from Governor Strickland and Mayor of Akron Don Plusquellic (along with plenty others) but Brunner is definitely showing more momentum among the volunteer base. If she won, Brunner would be the first woman Senator from Ohio - but obviously this isn't reason enough to support her over Fisher.

I admit, I do not know much about state politics -- but I want to better educate myself, and the few readers I have so they may be better informed who best represents their views in 2010.

Quote of the Day: I went to Verizon to get my phone plan fixed (it did some, but I have much more to fix unfortunately...) while waiting like 20 minutes, I overheard an employee and a customers conversation.

Customer: "Do you make good money?"
Verizon Lady: "I made good money when I worked at a school near no restaurants, right now I work between a Chipotle and a Starbucks - and I am broke and fat. But happy!"

Song of the Day: Kanye West is a jackass. Song of the day? "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift, the actual winner of the Best Female Music Video Award. I watched the music video, also Single Ladies, and Taylor Swift's is waaay better. Single Ladies is a fun song to make fun of, but you don't take it seriously.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pic-Spam Dump

So as I have mentioned, I occasionally follow several blogs devoted to following the career of Hillary Clinton (such as All Things Hillary, Secretary Clinton, etc.) And occasionally they post a "pic-spam" which is just bunches and bunches of pics from an event or dinner or something, often with a bunch of pics of Hillary. Well, I like to occasionally post pic spams of random things I find lying around my computer when I'm trying to clean it (metaphorically speaking of course.)

ROFL! Points to Patsy for sending this to me, but I get a kick out of the fact that the first thing Mike thought of when he saw this was me too. Here we have someone's Post Secret card from the popular book series and website, that's updated daily ala` FML:

^Bonus features of my TV show: another look at the Birmingham trip, 2009. See what didn't make Facebook. Here's the Africa room of the Birmingham Art Museum.

^Here's an interesting wee bit of Native American, I think, quotyness.

^Mystery language in a book in the Birmingham Art Museum. I can recognize most languages, and I can't figure this one out at all.

^As part of NBC's "Inside the Obama White House" special story, which actually looks cool - I'll watch those videos later me thinks. This pic caught my eye, a hallway in the residence of the White House with Bo (the dog), and note Hillary Clinton's official First Lady portrait in the background. So at some point Michelle Obama told a decorator, "Okay, I want the Hillary Portrait here..." Can you imagine how odd it would be to have someone you know, and comes over occasionally, 's portrait hanging in your hallway?

^Haha, Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard; Professor X) playing the Nintendo DS on an airplane - lol, wtf. Apparently he's the new ad-spokemen for DS in the UK.

^The rooftops of Akron, as viewed from the top of some building in Fall of 2008. Bigger you can see the effects of the sunset better, its actually really cool! The sprinklers* are on for some reason. (* - Why are there sprinklers on the roof?!)

^The new Obama cabinet photograph. (2009) The most diverse cabinet in history, and rather than in the Cabinet room as most cabinet pics, this one is in the East Room (I think) - with my favorite Teddy portrait in the background! (Hillary, bottom-right-green; Janet Napolitano, Sec of Homeland Security, left Red.)

Song of the Day: "Baby Got Book" - Dan Smith. AHAHAHHAHAHA! Okay, watching this again to get the youtube link I am cracking UP. Jessica G. introduced us to this Christian-version of "Baby Got Back" (the one about big butts - a song I'm not actually personally a fan of.) But the Christian version (about big bibles) is Hil-ARious. My favorite line would definitly be (instead of "makes me so horny") "makes me so Holy." "I'm tired of heathen guys, sayin they like pocket size..." "Amen- double up A- MEn!" AHahahaa, there are so many references I didn't get in this song I love it. Like "Red lettered"? Apparently whatever is the direct word of God is in Red. omg - xD there's just too many references to mention. So moving on.

House Perk of the Day: Haha, living here I got free taco's for dinner. Yay for roommates feeling the need to cook, also their friends feeling the need to cook, etc.

Quotes of the Day:
"Oh Horsefeathers!"
"(Something presumably preposterous) my right eye!" - Jessica's classic catch phrases.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crawling in my Skin

AAhhh, I hate this feeling -- I'm of two minds. There's the simple, emotionful human part and the "outside looking in, command center" part of me that performs logical thought. Right now the logical one is writing the blog. The emotional one hates this feeling -- I get rarely, every couple months maybe, when it just gets hot. And I get irritable when it gets too hot. It's 70 degrees outside in Akron at 11:28 at night but in my room its reeaally hOooot. And I am not comfortable.

I can't sit still - and there's this disturbing paranoid feeling that I need to get something done now. I'm definitely going to sleep early tonight. I just, this annoying sensation, its hot, and I'm not comfortable, and I need to get something done right now, and I have so many worries, and I can't sit still.

The logical part of me is saying: slow down. All will be well in time, you'll return to normal, but its curious that you go through this occasionally. I remember one night freaking out to mom after we'd lost the internet cause she did not understand how to pay a bill [ugggh]. It's frivolous, i know, but I freaked out, and right now I'm freaking out, the world is collapsing on me - i feel metaphorically and physically claustrophobic right now. It's just so hot, and I'm not comfortable.

And it doesn't help that I'm kind of always in an irritable mood because I haven't paid my credit cards down to zero in quite a while. The Korea trip destroyed the mysterious way I juggled my credit cards, and I am having a hell of a time getting a real job -- Old Navy for example gave me days of trouble with something about a tax background check (which I'm pretty sure is just going to make sure I am not homeless, at least thats what it makes it sound like) and then when I finally get it to work, something with the log-in system isn't working. It's just so frusterating, I want to be working to fix my credit thing so I can have peace of mind. And it doesn't help that this heat is driving my crazy. Or maybe I'm just crazy I dunno. AHHH, but that song "Crawling in my skin" is exactly how I feel right now, and that sweaty all over feeling is freakin me out and AHhhh%4**@.

Song of the Day: See You Again by Breathe Carolina. It's a cover of the Hannah Montana (aka: Alaska Nebraska!) song that we should all despise, but it's off "Punk Goes Pop Volume 2" CD Sarah burned for me, and its entertainingly interesting. I listened to most of the CD with the housemates and they had a good laugh at a few.

Housemate Perk of the Day: Some would view this as a negative thing, but I'm choosing to view it as a positive. My Cranberry-Pomegranate juice got relegated to the backity-back of the fridge because its so packed (actually, its gotten significantly empty in the last couple days I think.) Anyway - it froze. So I shook it a bunch, and there was really only enough left for like one big cup, so now I have a frozen-slushie rather than a drink, which is kinda interesting and cool (haha, cool - get it) but yeah.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Cake is a Lie

Haha, so success of the weekend: beating Portal at Sarah's. This game is so simple but incredibly awesome!!! In fact I'm dedicated this whole blog post to it! I'll try to summarize, and oh,... If you in your life plan to play this incredibly awesome game, which I recommend you doing, and want to be surprised by the ending do not read this post. But most of the people I know don't really care, so here we go.

*********SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! ***************

"Portal" is this video game where you wake up in a prison/science lab-y kinda room as the subject, and you quickly find a gun that shoots one end of a portal (the other end is predetermined) so you use these portals to find your way through mini-puzzles. The puzzles continue getting harder, and eventually you get another gun that can shoot the other end of the portal so you can create whole worm-holes on the walls. It sounds stupid, but its ridiculously awesome!

Anyway, along the way you encounter absolutely no one. And there's alot of hastily abandoned desks, etc. and you wonder what happened, your only real clues come from the talking Artificial Intelligence that eerily guides you sort of through the puzzles. She starts out being emotionless but femininely kind in a way. (Her name btw is "GLaDOS") as the game continues she gets more and more creepy, and starts getting kinda dry humor morbid.

Along the way, the computer tells you once you complete the course you will be "rewarded with cake." But soon you find a broken wall panel, which reveals behind the sterile, clean, high tech-y facility is a rundown rusty set of rooms that someone apparently has tried to live in. Scratched into the wall is the message "THE CAKE IS A LIE!" (which has since become an internet meme.) Anyway, you're promised cake the whole time by creepy GLaDOS and soon you realize she's trying to kill you. Eventually the boss battle comes, and when you defeat her, you win when the facility blows up and suddenly your outside! Then you're taken to the cake, which wasn't a lie n.n I'm glad I didn't know if it was a lie or not, that's the spoiler, lol.

{{UPDATE: WOah! So after typing this I noticed the "Blogspot" logo has changed...
Ahhahahahhahahaha!!! The cake WASN'T a lie afterall! rofl}}

Then the end credits roll, which had me CRACKING up! It's GLaDOS's creepy emotionless voice singing...

Song of the Day: "Still Alive" - So, let me just say that EVERY video game should end in a song! This had me cracking up, cause for hours she'd been threatening to kill me and then this jolly little jingle came up. I won't post ALL the lyrics (but they're available here) and they are hilarious once. Even if you haven't played the game, I think it's still funny. So I *NEED* to put this on a CD... OMG This is gonna be my ringtone.

Favorite lines in Song:
I'm not even angry...
I'm being so, sincere, right now...

Even though you broke my heart,
and killed me.

And tore me to pieces.

And threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because
I was so happy for you!

Quotes of the Day:
"Aperture Science: We do what we must Because we can." - (The technology labs the game takes place in's motto)

"At the beginning of the Portal development process, we sat down as a group to decide what philosopher or school of philosophy our game would be based on. That was followed by about 15 minutes of silence and then someone mentioned that a lot of people like cake." - The Wikipedia Article for the Game, under Concept Development

Cleanin out my Closet

Or ya know, my labtop. Happy Labor Day everyone! So I should be doing homework right now. Instead, I'm exploring things on my computer and making ringtones I'd been meaning to get to for some time. So I thought I'd dump a couple interesting things I found on my computer on my blog, so this isn't just a boring retelling of my daily life all the time but occasionally switch it up - like with my Black Eyed Peas survey thing. First up, we have some survey of what bird I was, I think?
Then we've got a collage (incomplete) of Everything about me, I think. Mah interests.

One of my favorite quotes from Silent Hill (this I think was the original one?) Me and Amanda joke about this alot.

I am the fictional head of the "Dep. of Research and Development", and Kayla has at times been mentioned as the head of the Dep of Transportation, here' I've made a logo adding Lodging as well.

Raaandom futuristic city picture I found in my "Pictures" file.

You want random, back when I wanted to run for district treasurer, I realized the last meeting I could get endorsed by the club at was the week I was going to be in Washington D.C. for the Obama inauguration. So I planned to make a video, and put it on youtube, and have Patsy play it before the club. Unfortunately, I did not have internet in D.C., also I was a million times busier than I expected to be, but all in all it never came to fruition. Still, here's the script! [...] Fail. Darn, don't cha know I can't find it now? I'll post it next time though.

Quote of the Day: So I have these playing cards with the Walgreens logo on the back I got for free from one of Danielle's Relay for Life's. So a group was playing Waterfall/Kings (ugh@name dilemma) and I had to make up a rule, couldn't think of one, so just said "end every sentence with "at Walgreens."" Which turned out to be an AWESOME rule! lol Someone would be "so drunk... at walgreens." "I need to pee... at walgreens." "Who's turn is it at walgreens?" "Fu** my life at walgreens." etc.

Song of the Day: "Got Your Money" by Say Anything, from the album 'Punk Goes Crunk.' Sure in the first twenty seconds they kinda rhyme the same thing with itself, which is annoying. But the rest of it is funny I can get over it pretty quickly. We played this in the car the other day, and Patsy was cracking up at how -once again- ridiculous I am. "If ya wanna look pretty tho, in my video..."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Power is Yours!

Lol, okay, so um - back in like 2006 I bought this Captain Planet T-shirt. And I like things that make fiction seem more real (so rather than getting, say, a shirt with the Planeteers on it, I got a shirt like the ones the planeteers wore!)

Anyway. (I'm keeping this post brief.) So I'm at work, should be doing homework, but I'm watching The Real World: San Fransisco because Miami is no where to be found on the internetz. (Real World San Fran is set in 1994 btw.) And making fun of all the 90's things on it. And I'm sending these making-fun-of-ities to Sarah on AIM. And a guest comes to check in, and I do the check in thing, and he's like "Is that a Captain Planet shirt? That's AWEsome!" and he goes on his merry way.

So I send to Sarah:
Captai*Halliwell (3:11:35 AM): Haha, "Is that a Captain Planet shirt? That's Awesome!" - guest.
"Sarah" (3:12:08 AM): Oh 90s, how i miss you so!
Captai*Halliwell (3:12:26 AM): LoL, no, a guest I just signed in just said that to me...\
"Sarah" (3:12:29 AM): although a sweet captain planet shirt would still be awesome
"Sarah" (3:12:32 AM): HAHAHAHAHHAHA

AHAHAHHA! Oh man that cracked me up. I guess she thought a person on Real World: 1994 said that little convo and I was quoting it. I dunno, it made me laugh. Circle K open house tomorrow! So much to get done!

Oh. So I ordered a new labtop cord a week ago and paid for 2-day air shipping. I got it today. WTF Fedex! 2 day shipping my-@#&$. Had to go drive to the Fedex Place ten minutes away to pick it up at that! or wait another day...

Song of the Day: Walk Through Hell by Say Anything. Sarah made me a sweet CD the other day, and this is one of my favorite (eh, now having examined it so much actually its starting to dwindle) songs off it. We all interpret the song differently, but I think its simply a guy saying he would do anything for his girl, including painful things, because it doesn't matter as long as he has her. Crazy people on the webz seem to think its about his relationship with his mother, how Freudian...

Quote of the Day: Sarah wrote an email to a Desk boss asking if the shift she requested off had been taken. Unfortunatly, she sent it before noting the typo in the subject line: "Shit Taken?"

House Perk of the Day: So I guess our power went out earlier and reset the internet thingie. I have no idea how to work it, or who to talk to about it, but my awesome roommates are taking care of it. Which is nice, I have other things to worry about like Circle K and my classes, and Japanese! AHHH X_X that's a hard class right there.