Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Power is Yours!

Lol, okay, so um - back in like 2006 I bought this Captain Planet T-shirt. And I like things that make fiction seem more real (so rather than getting, say, a shirt with the Planeteers on it, I got a shirt like the ones the planeteers wore!)

Anyway. (I'm keeping this post brief.) So I'm at work, should be doing homework, but I'm watching The Real World: San Fransisco because Miami is no where to be found on the internetz. (Real World San Fran is set in 1994 btw.) And making fun of all the 90's things on it. And I'm sending these making-fun-of-ities to Sarah on AIM. And a guest comes to check in, and I do the check in thing, and he's like "Is that a Captain Planet shirt? That's AWEsome!" and he goes on his merry way.

So I send to Sarah:
Captai*Halliwell (3:11:35 AM): Haha, "Is that a Captain Planet shirt? That's Awesome!" - guest.
"Sarah" (3:12:08 AM): Oh 90s, how i miss you so!
Captai*Halliwell (3:12:26 AM): LoL, no, a guest I just signed in just said that to me...\
"Sarah" (3:12:29 AM): although a sweet captain planet shirt would still be awesome
"Sarah" (3:12:32 AM): HAHAHAHAHHAHA

AHAHAHHA! Oh man that cracked me up. I guess she thought a person on Real World: 1994 said that little convo and I was quoting it. I dunno, it made me laugh. Circle K open house tomorrow! So much to get done!

Oh. So I ordered a new labtop cord a week ago and paid for 2-day air shipping. I got it today. WTF Fedex! 2 day shipping my-@#&$. Had to go drive to the Fedex Place ten minutes away to pick it up at that! or wait another day...

Song of the Day: Walk Through Hell by Say Anything. Sarah made me a sweet CD the other day, and this is one of my favorite (eh, now having examined it so much actually its starting to dwindle) songs off it. We all interpret the song differently, but I think its simply a guy saying he would do anything for his girl, including painful things, because it doesn't matter as long as he has her. Crazy people on the webz seem to think its about his relationship with his mother, how Freudian...

Quote of the Day: Sarah wrote an email to a Desk boss asking if the shift she requested off had been taken. Unfortunatly, she sent it before noting the typo in the subject line: "Shit Taken?"

House Perk of the Day: So I guess our power went out earlier and reset the internet thingie. I have no idea how to work it, or who to talk to about it, but my awesome roommates are taking care of it. Which is nice, I have other things to worry about like Circle K and my classes, and Japanese! AHHH X_X that's a hard class right there.

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