Friday, May 18, 2012

He doesn't even go here...

Haha, just noticed that I'm on part of the UA website I didn't know I'd be on, with fellow student gov members Andrea (also graduated), Corey, and hasn't-been-in-student-gov-in-over-a-year former-senator Aaron. I don't even know who that other girl is.

Glasses... that pic must have been taken pre-March 2011.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Senior Moment

So while passing through the living room this morning, I noted that Betty White was the guest start on mom's watching of The View. Betty White is pretty much recognized as the matriarch of comedy these days, so as I often do, I checked Tumblr to see what kind of entertaining things they would have for her.

I've wondered where this picture of Betty White with a gun comes from,
turns out a second season episode of Boston Legal.

I soon noticed several posts saying that they had "imagined Betty White as Mags..." and I did not know what that was, so I googled a bit, and Mags is I guess an older character in the Hunger Games. And I found this site that spelled out some other actresses Hunger Game-fans (do they have a name?) suggested for the role - and let me just say, that pretty much EVERY old-lady actress I like is on this page, hahaha!

Prof. McGonagall is my favorite
Harry Potter character.
My Favorite Old Lady actresses:
  1. Maggie Smith [b. 1934] (Prof. McGonagall, Harry Potter)
  2. Betty White [b. 1922] (Golden Girls, et al.)
  3. Julie Andrews [b. 1935] (Mary Poppins, etc.)
  4. Kathryn Joosten [b. 1939] (Desperate Housewives, West Wing)
  5. Cloris Leachman [b. 1926] (Touched by an Angel, Wonder Woman)
  6. Lois Smith [b. 1930] (Minority Report, Twister)
  7. Gloria Stuart [1910 - 2010] (Titanic, "Old Rose")
Runners Up
So there you have it! If I am ever in a movie and say, regarding an old lady actress, "Oh! I love her!" you can say "HOLDUPBITC#, she didn't make your list on your blog! #Factchecked."

Quote of the Day: "Everything I've wanted in my life, you get without even trying, and sometimes I hate you for that..." - Patsy, in regards to #AndrewMagic. Love you Patsy! O:D

Song of the Day: "Payphone" by Maroon 5 (ft. Wiz Khalifa.) Considered by HuffPo to be one of the band's most "pop-y singles to date," I didn't really like this the first time I heard it, but lately it's grown on me. Wow though, the video is dumb, and anti-climactic.

Friday, May 11, 2012


In another excellent social life decision, I've volunteered part of my early summer to assisting the Ohio District of Circle K by chairing the On-to-International-Convention committee. Since I'm going, I figure it makes sense to help out and offer what foreknowledge I can. But that means, alas, that my weekend has been eaten up with team building exercises and camp ground activities. Not to mention the two hour drive down, alone.

Oh well, when I get back it's back to work, also celebrating Mother's Day and the season finale of Once Upon a Time that I am super excited for. Monday I really need to crack down though, it is just starting to sink in that ZOMG: I'm not on "vacation" so much as I have been released of all real responsibility. I am a free agent, loose in the world. I should be finding a legit career cause if my repose lasts a few months, there will not be a "oh well, maybe next year" -- August does not bring guaranteed employment/excusable time (ie: educational pursuits.)

I've spent the last 5 years having trouble understanding why the unemployed have so much trouble, time to suit up and get my act together!

Video of the Day: Because two years later, you can never have too many educational Bad Romance parodies: "Revolution in France" (Bad Romance parody) is an okay version of Bad Romance that tells the story of the French Revolution ("Egality, Liberte, Fraternite!") with only one singer/character, it's kinda monotonal but that's okay because certain lyrics are kinda catchy. It's no "Women's Suffrage (Bad Romance)", but I'll take it!

Hahahahahaha, upon further investigation: this artist has several other Pop-Historical hits:

This plague is bubonic, B-U-B-O-N-I-C!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time... in Maine

So, I don't think I've actually blogged about it yet -- but my new favorite TV show is "Once Upon a Time." Set in Storybrooke, Maine - it tells the tale of an evil queen who has magically cursed "all the fairy tale characters that you know and love" into real life, forgetting who they really are. Yadda yadda yadda, adventures drama romance and intrigue.

My favorite character is by far the evil queen, Regina -- just everything about her character and acting is awesome. Plus her "reality" character is the Mayor of the City, which appeals to my political feels as well. But every morning after Once Upon a Time (OUAT) airs, I wonder: what fairy tale character would I be? I wonder no longer!

In Storybrooke, Evil wears a Pantsuit

To celebrate the completion of my Honors project (well, sortof) I was googling around and could not remember the actual story of Puss in Boots. I know the character, from Shrek, but I don't know what his original story was. After reading his Wikipedia article, I'd like to claim Puss in Boots for my own.
"...a French literary fairy tale about a cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power, wealth, and the hand of a princess in marriage for his penniless and low-born master. The tale was written at the close of the seventeenth century by Charles Perrault (1628–1703), a retired civil servant and member of the Académie française...."

Trickery and deceit to gain power and wealth? Count me in! French? Double score!

Picture of the Day: Saw this on Facebook,

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes I hate you and your magic." - Patsy, about my ability to turn things in late, and still manage to make sure everything works out in my favor in the end.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Advice for the recent College Grad

"Sell your stuff on eBay and join the circus." - College

An interesting suggestion. Well, I certainly don't plan to be one of those people who literally sells their life on eBay -- maybe it's time to shed some things weighing me down. Spring cleaning is just around the corner, ironically, as summer starts. I just wish I knew what I was going to need in my next life's chapter so I know not to get rid of something useful?

Oh who am I kidding. We all know that whenever I need something I just go and buy a new one anyway.

"...recognize that life after college is a time for you to finally pursue exactly what you want to do, on every level, and that there’s an infinite amount of choice. Have fun with it!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Update

I so rarely get the chance to blog lately, that will soon change though! In less than a week, my focus will shift dramatically into "get my summer on" mode! (Right now it's in Get my Diploma mode.) Pretty soon it will be daily adventures, sunbathing, grilling, bicycling, and a bunch of other things -- but for now, Academics.

I just finished the last "assignment" of my undergraduate career (it was due March 25th. I kinda fell a bit behind on it.) But it's been turned in, and now the only school related responsibility is to finalize all the info for my Honors Project. (Also past due generally. I'm a bad person, alright, ya happy?!) But that's okay, I have like, the rest of the week to make sure that gets finished -- and if I can write that last assignment in generally 4-7 hours (19 pages) I'm sure I can pump this thing out in time. So there's that.

I've still gotta make copies of pictures for my Aunt, get graduation all settled and taken care of. A bunch of family to contact about that :(

Some Circle K financial things to worry about, including ICON/LSSP.

Gotta send my resume to a person, and set a website as my homepage (long story.)

Then some final graduation things: pick up tickets, buy robes, etc. The end is near, I can see it, now I just gotta juggle these last twenty things and I'll be set!