Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Update

I so rarely get the chance to blog lately, that will soon change though! In less than a week, my focus will shift dramatically into "get my summer on" mode! (Right now it's in Get my Diploma mode.) Pretty soon it will be daily adventures, sunbathing, grilling, bicycling, and a bunch of other things -- but for now, Academics.

I just finished the last "assignment" of my undergraduate career (it was due March 25th. I kinda fell a bit behind on it.) But it's been turned in, and now the only school related responsibility is to finalize all the info for my Honors Project. (Also past due generally. I'm a bad person, alright, ya happy?!) But that's okay, I have like, the rest of the week to make sure that gets finished -- and if I can write that last assignment in generally 4-7 hours (19 pages) I'm sure I can pump this thing out in time. So there's that.

I've still gotta make copies of pictures for my Aunt, get graduation all settled and taken care of. A bunch of family to contact about that :(

Some Circle K financial things to worry about, including ICON/LSSP.

Gotta send my resume to a person, and set a website as my homepage (long story.)

Then some final graduation things: pick up tickets, buy robes, etc. The end is near, I can see it, now I just gotta juggle these last twenty things and I'll be set!

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