Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie Analysis: "The Worst Witch: The Movie"

Well the other day I signed up for some stupid Blockbuster program: which means I get even more free movies sent to me, more than I have time to watch as a matter of fact. Well, per my interest in movies about magic, I found this "The Worst Witch: The Movie" film that I had never heard of before so I decided to rent it and watch it this Saturday morning when I plan to catch up on my rough week's piling up of work to do.

First, the movie stars Fairuza Balk -- star of "Return to Oz", "The Craft," and other things. First, I'd like to note that I always confuse the names "Fairuza Balk" with "Veruca Salt" -- the bad egg from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can't help but notice that her characters are all the same. Dorothy from Return to Oz could just as easily have been a witch - in fact, Glinda even asks her in the original Wizard of Oz if she's a good witch or a bad witch!

But let's take a moment to focus on the film in general. Take Return to Oz and combine with Harry Potter, take out any semblance of production value and you get this film. Lets look at some similarities: an old-English style boarding school filled with little witches (the movie is a girls only school.) Our star is an amateur witch with no real skills, social outcast, disliked by most of the school, she has her only real friend that's got her back, but then also has the hear of the head master/mistress. She tries to do well, but the evil second in command of the school is always out to get her. Don't forget the evil, rich, privileged and popular school bully. Throw in a "learn to fly" scene that ends badly, and a broomstick-game where our star's broom is cursed, and voila! Magically, you have cloned the same story line!

But if you add bad 1980s graphics, and a few more musical numbers than I think anyone expected, you have a movie that is identifiably "The Worst Witch."

Next up: "Cowboys & Aliens" as I work on CKI, ASG and Student Teaching stuff!

Video of the Day: "Anything Can Happen on Halloween" by... Tim Curry? This song is from the movie, and um, is very 1980s. Also, very bad. I just... I can't even describe it, I'm not sure why the universe decided it was necessary this happen/I see this. Per the comments on youtube: "I wonder if the effects guy put this video on his resume."

Song of the Day: "This is Aperture" by assorted Aperture Science Lab-bots. Alright, originally the Tim Curry thing was also the song of the day -- but since I've found this, this clearly out-does it! Parody of sorts of "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas, only awesomer!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Appropriate Reactions

I'm going to take a minute to bitch somewhere about the shit I have to deal with.

First, Monday I came home around 9 to find mom had quit her job. We had previously agreed that mom would tell me like two weeks before she quit. Yes, I have gotten the slack from friends that I am not her mother, she is an adult, and she should only have to give notice to her actual employer. And my reaction to that is I know my mother better than them, and she is prone to random inexplicable emotional outbursts where she does stupid things. On this particular day, for example, she did not recieve her paycheck in the mail on time - which I admit is a crappy thing that deserves follow up and even perhaps a bit of bitchiness.

Having lost lost her boss' cell phone number, Mom used Google to find said boss' family member's phone numbers and contacted them to get a hold of her. (Appropriate? I don't think so.) Eventually, and the details are vague here, she met up with the boss who "had the nerve to act like she didn't know there was a problem." Well, mom ended up throwing some keys and then quit. Then she spent the rest of the night yelling at me.

I also had an annoying experience in ASG, and another coming home tonight with mom -- but I don't even feel like blogging about it. I just want to relax. Unfortunately, getting my own place does not make much sense for a number of reasons at this point.

Darn, it's going to snow all weekend, otherwise I would totally take advantage of my brief two days of "lighter" weekend to (find) and explore an abandoned building. Just turned Ghost Adventurers on.

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: The End is Near!

I'm not talking about the Mayan calendar, rather the fact that I will be graduating soon and will need to find adult things to do with my time! Sometimes I really wonder what I will do without student organizations to eat up all my time. And then I stop thinking that, because I need to catch up on all the student organization-things I have to do :(

I'm not complaining! I am already starting my list of things to do upon graduation actually. First, Graduation party, obviously. Give my family a chance to see the new house -- as they probably haven't been here. And at Christmas we were talking about how rarely we all get together, especially with this last fail-of-a-Christmas when like no body showed up?!

My Governor-ship is winding down, thank goodness, and I look forward to the freetime that will afford me. I have already spoken with my heir-apparent about potentially offering up my services as On-to-International-Convention chair should he deem it necessary. Plus I myself am looking forward to going to International Convention this year in New Orleans -- so I plan to make that trip kinda awesome if I can! In fact, earlier today at the bookstore I was thinking about maybe spending more time than just the Circle K trip down there. Maybe I'll get there early or stay late and just enjoy the city without having to think about CKI.

Then next year, hopefully I will either join Kiwanis (of Stow or where I hope to get a job teaching -- Medina.) Maybe serve as "Young Professional Recruitment Chair" or something. But in the short-long term, I hope to get a teaching job at one school in particular, and be involved in their Key Club since their current adviser isn't even faculty as far as I can tell?

As for fun things, ever the materialist consumer, I really have almost all the "things" I want at this point in my life! My new bed, desk, my TV and cable is all I could want, more computer things than I need, and an outstanding phone, and car. I guess I could continue work on getting the hybrid car I hope to have some day. Then of course there's that Charmed Dictionary stand I am constantly in want of.

I want Silent Hill to be a larger part of my life, haha. Maybe I'll finally invest in a PS2 or 3 and play that again.

Finally, hobby-wise, I am considering "Book binding" as a hobby - haha, random, I know. But I love the books and props from my favorite shows that make them seem more realistic, and there are a bunch of shows' books that no one has really made replicas that are both 1. affordable and 2. live up to my standards. So clearly, it is my job. I would love to make replicas of Charmed, Sabrina, Harry Potter, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. magic books! And other books in general.

Quote of the Day: *walking through the living room, mom watching TV*
Me: " that iCarly?!"
Mom: "Yup."
Me: " you even understand the concept of this show?"
Mom: "....well, it-.... no, not really."
Me: "Yeah... maybe you should go check out it's Wikipedia article..."
Song of the Day: "I Like It Like That" by Hot Chelle Rae. Oh good, the band that brought us such philosophical ballads as "laa laa laa, laaa laaa laa" is back with more music that really doesn't contribute anything to the greater good of our race. The lyric that sticks out in my head for this one though is "missed my ride home, lost my iPhone..." Once again, what are they singing? They like things. They're happy. Good for freakin them? The video is just them on their tour bus, or on their tour. They're making money off of this? Really? Catchiness, B+; Content, F; Creativity, F. So in other words, another successful Pop Hit!

Video of the Day: Stanley from "The Office" must have hired that firm that made Rebecca Black's video, because he is the star of a music video. Capital W-T-F???! It includes parodies of LMFAO (LMNOP) and a bunch of random other references to pop culture. W-T-F- seriously.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I- I- I- I work out!

Happy New Year! Well, my new year's celebration was ridiculous - and was also likely attended by anyone who would read this blog and actually care about what I did. But on the off chance otherwise, Patsy, Jen, Panda and I had a blast down in the valley getting Otani's Hibachi and then partying it up all night. More funny quotes than I can remember were said, and at the end of the night we had a rather odd experience getting a taxi home. But we all made it back in once piece, that's pretty important!

Well, today was Craft Day part 2, where we all come over my house and do crafts! (Like a play date. For camp counselors and old ladies.) During which I worked on my family album, which I would really like to make actual progress on sometime... oh wellz. But it reminded me of a few things from my Dad's adventures that I have always wanted to search for on the goo-goo.

In the 70s, my dad went out to live on his own in California because he wanted to be a professional body builder. So he went to the guy everyone went to in those days, one Vince Gironda (other link) (third link), and ended up meeting Arnold Swartzenegger and Erik Estrada on more than one occasion!

Dad worked at and/or trained at Vince's Gym.
Dad eventually moved back to Ohio in the 80s. (I'm being as intentionally vague as I can so that creepers don't steal our identities through my blog!) But I've always wanted to delve into those details, more so than letters from my uncle in the scrap book do, but haven't gotten around to it yet. But the idea that my dad was brave and determined enough to be able to just randomly move to California and make it on his own, however briefly, is pretty inspiring. A positive message, I think, for the new year!

Happy Twenty Dozen everyone!

Quotes of the Day: Both refer to Panda, lol. We were at the bar discussing a friend of Jen's that got married and was uncomfortable around a balloon shaped like the male genitalia. Panda was quite comfortable screaming:
"Have fun being married! There's LOTS OF PENIS!"
Lol. I'm glad I tweeted that, I may have forgotten otherwise. Also: Patsy's new joke (not necessarily insulting Panda) but about her funny temper is that when Amanda was young, she always yelled and swore about things not being useful. (You have to hear it to understand.) Well we were joking about the story of how I met her, and Patsy faux-quoted:
"Who needs fuckin teeth anyway?! Who needs to chew!?"

xD I still find this hilarious.

Picture of the Day: Panda sent me this, and it made me crack up out loud.

Video of the Day: I know, with these links I'm makin ya work today, but this one won't embed and the picture is funnier with the shock of opening it in a new link. Cute Puppy Gets New Water Bowl. My next blog may be about what I want to name pets.