Friday, January 27, 2012

Appropriate Reactions

I'm going to take a minute to bitch somewhere about the shit I have to deal with.

First, Monday I came home around 9 to find mom had quit her job. We had previously agreed that mom would tell me like two weeks before she quit. Yes, I have gotten the slack from friends that I am not her mother, she is an adult, and she should only have to give notice to her actual employer. And my reaction to that is I know my mother better than them, and she is prone to random inexplicable emotional outbursts where she does stupid things. On this particular day, for example, she did not recieve her paycheck in the mail on time - which I admit is a crappy thing that deserves follow up and even perhaps a bit of bitchiness.

Having lost lost her boss' cell phone number, Mom used Google to find said boss' family member's phone numbers and contacted them to get a hold of her. (Appropriate? I don't think so.) Eventually, and the details are vague here, she met up with the boss who "had the nerve to act like she didn't know there was a problem." Well, mom ended up throwing some keys and then quit. Then she spent the rest of the night yelling at me.

I also had an annoying experience in ASG, and another coming home tonight with mom -- but I don't even feel like blogging about it. I just want to relax. Unfortunately, getting my own place does not make much sense for a number of reasons at this point.

Darn, it's going to snow all weekend, otherwise I would totally take advantage of my brief two days of "lighter" weekend to (find) and explore an abandoned building. Just turned Ghost Adventurers on.

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