Saturday, December 31, 2011


My first night in my new bed! :D So comfortable up here. First of all, my new bed is like crazy tall -- which is what I wanted, lol. I feel like I'm looking down on my kingdom from up here! But went to bed watching Kill Bill last night, and was able to go to bed before 11:00! And now I was up before 9:00! And got a full night's sleep! On my way to being prepared for Student Teaching n.n

But I wanted to log the crazy dreams I had. I've found when I get appropriate hours of sleep at the right time, I tend to have more interesting dreams I can remember easier.

The first of which had me and Hermione, Potter and Ron flying around on broomsticks around Hogwarts. Only Hogwarts was in Las Vegas. And for some reason we had to land early in the morning in the rain, and we were walking through the suburbs trying to find our way back and Hermione finds an abandoned house (not unlike the abandoned house I found for realz on my way to Noisy Oyster last night) and I said something like "Do you know for sure a witch lives here? Maybe they have floo powder!" But I remember thinking "Darn these heroes, they probably have to lead some adventure, when I really just want to explore these houses, but that probably doesn't fit into the plot..."

We continue onward, and navigate through rocky Nelsons Ledges place -- filled with ridiculous Harry Potter-y animals. There was a poisonous "origami frog" which looked like it was made of paper. And white stick-bugs that came in a box with a mirror? And some kind of beaded or paper owl that also looked strange. Eventually we get through, after I ask several times "Wait, the paper frog is poisonous?" so as to make sure I don't touch it.

But then, plot shift, and I'm walking across campus on the first day of school. And I run into my old supervisor, and say hi, after making some joke about "Wow! This campus sure is inviting..." but the campus is filled with freshman so I say you're probably busy and go off. But then a dorm looks like my condo, where there's an unopened scale in the middle of the dining room. I open it, weigh myself, and it jumps around 115-120 (I do NOT weigh anywhere near that, haha) then my cousin comes down the stairs and is not really mad but acknowledges that I opened her scale (note: I got mom a scale for Christmas. This is my first noteworthy dream SINCE Christmas, when I last saw my cousin.)

The end. What a weird dream!

So, to round out the blog, let me say that yesterday my new bed came! n.n and I love it, but Amanda reminded me the day before yesterday I still needed to buy sheets and stuff for the Queen size. So yesterday afternoon after grabbing Oysters with Jen (I wouldn't recommend it) I ran to Target, and wouldn't cha know, they had the EXACT bedset I'd been looking for for weeks! I found it ON the day I needed to sleep in the bed, but haven't until now. And it was Target-afordable rather than like, ridiculously expensive at Bed Bath and Beyonce. How lucky!

Alright, so I remembered wrong -- in my head I remembered black and gray.
But that's okay, I found what I wanted anyway.
(Yes, my inspiration for my bed set was Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.)

Quote of the Day: I don't remember the exact wording, but Jen commented on how our mealtime discussion often "consists of constant wordplay instead of actual conversation."

Song of the Day: "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida. Well, the video is just Flo Rida (of "Right Round"-fame, having discovered Ke$ha) running around France, and then Europe in general (probably on tour), at one point running into Snoop Dog and falling into the Mediterranean. Playing with his iPad, and riding the Tron motorcycle (?) "Good Feeling" seems to be about really straightforward "sometimes he gets a good feeling" and sometimes he's happy, and sometimes things just go well and he's having a good time. That's it. Not really something to think too deeply into I guess, but sounds like a great song for New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Survivor: Andrew's Closet

Well, just before Christmas the Am-Vets people came to take clothing donations -- so I went through my clothes to donate what I could, and what I don't wear, and anything that maybe just got so old I can't pull it off anymore. Well, to procrastinate getting anything done today - one of my last days of Break and before New Years, I thought it would be interesting to do a quick inventory of ALL OF my clothes, lol.

Shirts and Stuff
49 T-shirts
42 Free/CKI T-shirts
37 Button-up shirts (Casual)
10 Polos (Standard-collared)
7 Hoodies
5 Thermals
2 Sweaters
2 Polos (Henley-collared)

Dress Clothes
18 Ties
12 Dress Button-up shirts
7 Belts
6 Dress pants 
2 Suit Jackets
2 Dress Shoes

(These are not actually mine)
9 Flipflops
4 Shoes
1 "Slipper/shoes"
1 pair of Boots

Below the Belt
24 pairs of Boxers
8 Basketball/Mesh shorts
4 normal shorts
3 Swim Trunks
6 pants (Jeans)
3 pair pants (Non-Jean)

Weather-Specific Garments
1 Winter Coat
1 Jacket
1 hat
1 scarf
1 pair of gloves

...and assorted socks, undershirts, and white tees. And whatever else may be in the Washing Machine. (That comes out to a total of about 269 articles of clothing btw.)

Quote of the Day: So last night I FINALLY got around to watching Fight Club, which I've been meaning to do all of break. And WOW! That was a really good movie, lol. I like it. At one point, after getting into a fight (without spoiling much haha) a character is brushing his teeth or something when he pulls a tooth out. His friend walking by comments:
"Hey, Even the Mona Lisa's fallin apart..."
Song of the Day: "Young, Wild & Free" by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa, ft. Bruno Mars. This was on the other night when I had to go rescue Panda from the freeway, and I really liked the radio (clean) version. It actually took me a long time to figure out what this song was, cause I couldn't remember anything about it being about "being young and partying" which as we all know is what all pop music is about x_x

But lol, on closer inspection, I have several comments: 1. Snoop Dogg do not reminisce about growing peach fuzz. You are like, a grand father. (He's actually only 40, but he looks older.) 2. Smoking weed is not cool. I would like to think that I am still living young, reserved and free -- but drugs are drugs. But regardless, part of what I like about this song is it makes me feel like I should relax a bit about judging my contemporary peers for their ill-actions. "That's how it's supposed to be..." It also makes me think how with 23 just around the corner, it's high time I enter the final phase of maturing. Parties gotta be a lot more conservative, going out, life, etc.

Video of the Day: Bahahaha, this is so much better than the Gingerbread House I made for craft day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Season Preview: Return to New York

Alright, my 30 Rock obsession week is almost over, but I have been thinking of a way to return to New York city for months. Amanda has even pointed out it's been too long since this show has gone on a road trip, and last time I went to New York I definitly didn't get to hit everything I wanted. So this time, I think I'll plan ahead a little bit better. And now that the Roosevelts are not a major target of my trip, I can try harder to find a hotel in Manhattan.

  1. 30 Rock & NBC Universal Store: Ha, I had the opportunity to see this place up close last time but time was short and interest was less than it is now -- definitely taking the opportunity to go back there and find some 30 Rock paraphernalia!! Maybe an NBC page will give me a tour like Kenneth does! :D
  2. F.A.O. Schwarz: So I'm watching this travel channel thing about Christmas in New York, and they went to the oldest toy store in America! I first heard of this place during an SNL skit actually, and it turns out it's pretty awesome. They have a concierge!? A bunch of "toy demonstrator" who play with the toys to show you how cool they are (a trained Rubik's cube completer, and a guy flinging around a lightsaber.)
  3. Filming of a New York TV Show: The Daily Show? Saturday Night Live?! Who Want's to be a Millionaire?! The People's Court!? Man, it would be outstanding to catch a live taping of a TV show!!! I could totally be a behaved audience person, lol.
  4. Broadway Show: Mary Poppins, and anything Angela Lansbury is in are by far my top two interests.
  5. Grand Central Station
  6. Museum of Modern Art (MOMA):
  7. A Cool New York Restaurant: When I got to NYC last time, I did not plan food out at all - and the first meal was "whatever pizza place I could find." Which was itself a different experience. But I'd like to go to some renowned, famous restaurant!
  8. And finally, most generically: New York Shopping! New York has like, the largest concentration of people in the country -- surely there is some interesting guy's fashion options available.
Lets see, I've seen the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center site, Times Square, Central Park, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt's houses. I think that's most of the glitzy NYC landmarks.

Video of the Day: Hahahaha, 30 Rock week is almost at an end - but I've still got time to post some quotes and videos.

Quote of the Day: " better clothes." (From video above) Haha, that reminds me of how I talk to Patsy. That is from Season 3, Episode 15: "The Bubble."

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Observations on Curiosities in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

So I'm watching Willy Wonka on ABC Family, and I have a number of questions or comments that I feel the need to share with someone, and I've already blown up twitter enough.

Let me just say that back in like, 1996 my Dad VHS recorded Willy Wonka on TV and he, David, and I watched it like a million times. He strongly, perhaps strangely, emphasized that I take away Wonka's message of "anything you want to do it, want to change the world, there's nothing to it..." But that's a story for another time.
  1. My first observation: it is not Christmas at any point in this movie, why is it a 25 Days of Christmas movie???? I thought maybe he gets the candy bar for Christmas, but no, it's his Birthday.
  2. Everything I learned about how candy is made comes from the opening credits of this movie.
  3. Where does this movie take place??? I know the director intentionally wanted it to seem like it "could be anywhere" - Europe or America, but it kinda bothers me. It was filmed in Germany.
  4. Grandpa comments on the brilliant marketing strategy Wonka uses: "He'll sell a million candy bars that way..." or something to that effect. Veruca Salt's father mentions that his factory workers had already opened 700,000+ candy bars, and were working at 19,000 bars an hour! Wonka sold almost a million candy bars to this guy alone!
  5. "Charlie, there are 100 billion people in this world..." - Charlie's mom. Um, it's 1970: try 3.7 billion. 
  6. Woah: I totally forget the mom has a singing part, haha. Talk about your minor characters... Why does she focus so generically on "cheer[ing] up Charlie", he's not even there to be sung to!
  7. "I bet those chocolate tickets make the chocolate taste terrible..." "Let him sleep, let him have one last dream..." Oh My God, this kid's life is so depressing!
  8. The Queen bids 5,000 pounds for the last box of Wonka bars in the UK. That's approximately $7,000 in then-dollars, and between $89,000 and $164,000 in 2011 money.
  9. Wow, the teacher guy in this movie sucks. As does the teacher from "Frosty Returns" which I was watching earlier. Why are teachers portrayed so meanly in movies? Is it cause kids associate us with School and winter has winter break? Cause let me tell you, we look forward to it just as much or more!
  10. When they find out the last ticket was fake - there's a HUGE crowd around the newsstand, but the candy store a full 10 feet away is all but empty? Just think -- if one of these people chilling at the news stand ran straight to that candy store, they could have beat Charlie to that ticket!
  11. Slugworth's classes are octagon shapes. The money he flashes to Charlie is blue, and he offers him "10,000 of these..."
  12. It's definitely not Christmas time. The ticket says come on the "1st day of October", "but that's tomorrow!" -- presumably Charlie's birthday is sometime in September. Oh, and talk about cutting it close!
  13. Grandpa Joe wobbles around (and almost smothers Charlie) like he literally hasn't gotten out of bed in 20 years, as they (presumably) exaggerate is the case. But if it were, he'd have all kinds of bedsores, and how does he buy tobacco? How did he buy Charlie that candy bar? How does he use the bathroom. (Though I do think there is a bedpan beneath the bed, ew.)
  14. During the parade-thing outside Wonka's, the newscaster that does the most speaking to the Camera aims the microphone at the camera for some reason.
  15. Despite how poor they are, the hat and coat Grandpa Joe wears during the dance sequence is not what he wears to the factory.
  16. All the kids wave American, German, and UK flags. So it's unlikely Charlie's from anywhere else. My theory is that the movie takes place in Berlin, that explains why there is an inconsistent representation of British, American and German influences.
  17. Why do the Oompa Loompa's listen when Mike T.V. says "Lights, Camera, Action." Btw: for years, the way Mike T.V.'s mom says "unharmed" has craaaacks me up, lol.
  18. I want to challenge the fact that reading a book is inherently better than watching TV. There are a lot of educational TV shows, and I would say I've learned volumes from TV shows and educational books are often less condensed. I've read A Time Machine, The Odyssey, a few dozen Star Trek books, -- I've also seen every episode of The West Wing, Charmed and Veronica Mars. I would say they both have added to my character and knowledge set in their own way. Not to mention historical documentaries, etc. Top Chef made me want to cook things. Eh, I'm just tangenting now.
Website of the Day: The Urban Gentleman, a random fashion blog I came across accidentally.It's so hard to find good websites about straight men's fashion.

Video of the Day: That Guy with the Glasses (AKA: The Nostalgia Critic) reviews Moulin Rouge! Haha, Panda told me to check this out for some reason. I am pretty disappointed Critic doesn't like the movie, but it's still entertaining me, and gives me a reason to go watch the Nostalgia Critic again, and I may get around to watching Moulin Rouge soon too, lol.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why is Jack Frost a Douchebag?

Flipping through channels on this fine snow-filled Saturday morning, I accidentally found "Frosty's Winter Wonderland" (1976) on ABC Family. I'm only catching what I think may be the ending, but wow is this bad. There's a priest snowman? Frosty got married!? When did that happen? (Clearly, in 1976.) But before I could judge too harshly, a Jack Frost character made his required douchbagginess apparent.

Jack Frost from "Frosty's Winter Wonderland" (1976)

Here I guess he was causing mischief and mayhem or something, until Mrs. Crystal theSnowman (?) was nice to him and he became the best man at their wedding?? Riight.

His hair kinda looks like a combination of what I wanted mine to look like -- with that of an anime character from Yu-Gi-Oh! or Digimon or something.

Then a few days ago I caught The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, with the very annoying Martin Short playing Jack Frost - a mythical figure trying to steal control of the Christmas magic or something. He is also a douchebag, that vaguely resembles an elf.

You have 1996's Jack Frost the murderer douchebag. A serial killer being transported to his execution somehow mixes with genetic-altering chemicals, and becomes a snowman! Cult-classically bad, wikipedia claims it is a staple of frat parties. Guess not being a member of a fraternity, it's not that surprising I did not know that. Admittedly though, I haven't seen this movie in years.

Then of course, there's the 1998's Jack-Frost the negligent-father douchebag who drives himself off a cliff or something, turns into a snow man with a magic harmonica, and spends time with his son for the first time in his life while growing snow-boobs. This is clearly not as malicious as the other Jack Frosts, but he's also not implied to be the mythical figure in anyway.

Well, I'm going to go write some Christmas cards and finish watching Home Alone 2. I don't think I've ever seen this one start to finish? It's reminding me that I want to return to New York City sometimes soon.

Website of the Day: I have a whole blog about this one coming up, but the TVTropes wiki is Hilarious! It's a collection of random references to practically every TV show, brought together by cataloging every running TV cliche in history -- and naming them scientifically, lol. Many of us have heard of "breaking the fourth wall" and "Jumping the Shark" -- but what about Last Name Basis or Cassandra Truth?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Does Everybody Know What Time it is?

Tool Time!

Well, I have two half written blogs in the que, but I'll make this one quick. Mom called to wake me up at 6 something x_x to remind me to do something I did before I went to bed. But then I couldn't go back to sleep for some reason. So I started doing house work, and then decided to go on the computer (as I often do) and Home Improvement was on TV!

Haha, googling the floor plan of Tim's house, and then Wilson's and not finding anything - OH Wait, before I could post this I accidentally did find it, pictured above, lol.

Website of the Day (for...tomorrow?): Okay, I already picked a website of the day, but this is too cool not to list. I found it by searching for the floor plan I put up above -- "The Home Improvement Archive" has a family tree of all the characters (including the Borlands and Wilsons!) and has a floor plan of the house, a list of all the Salute to-'s, and an indepth character history!!! This site is so cool, I wish I could create a site like this about every show I love, lol.

Website of the Day: "The 15 Most Awesome Fictional Kids' Bedrooms" -- from some website called Mary Sue. Which, if I remember correctly, is the TV term for a character meant to represent the fanboys/girls in a show. (IE: A Fanfic where a random new character is the focus and saves the heros is called a Mary Sue story I think.)

Video of the Day: "Cowboys & Pokemon" -- a College Humor-esque parody of Cowboy & Aliens, by the people who made that "Pokemon Live Action video." Hahaha, this isn't as directly funny, but it still has plenty of good moments.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Break plans

Hello Internet, and good morning. Wow, I gotta say Christmas break kinda sprung up on me faster than I was expecting -- I don't quite have it down packed what I need to take care of yet. It's like there are these non-corporeal ideas floating around that eventually condensate into actual plans. All I do know is thank god Finals are over! Two huge papers (11 and 12 pages) both due yesterday. Well, more accurately, one due Tuesday one due Yesterday at 6. I ended up turning them both in Yesterday because neither professor knows how to work Springboard. :/ procrastination, it's a problem.

But for realz: immediate future, buy my new Queen size mattress for my new queen size bed frame which looks awesome. (Right now I'm sleeping on my old mattress next to it... I didn't imagine buying a mattress would take this long for some weird reason.) Today, get in contact with student teaching supervisor about maybe sitting in on their class next week. Then I have a bajillion Circle K things to take care of now that the Treasurer and Secretary are resigning.

But good things will happen to. I have the Mayor's retirement party, Mayor D.'s swearing in is just around the corner, there is of course Christmas and New Years -- both of which I have to get down to planning. And as I found out yesterday while procrastinating my papers, I really want to watch more 30 Rock this break - haha, under appreciated show!

Also a road trip to Steubenville to visit with some ASG friends is on the table.

Video of the Day: Haha, avoiding finals recently I was playing with my Harry Potter replica wand -- and googled what people had done CGI-ically with these. This video I found particularly impressive!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Power of One

Song of the Day: Okay, I can't handle this: Herman Cain, a Republican presidential candidate (and former Pizza place-business man) has had a history of political gaffes, while at the same time being the front runner briefly (which basically describes every candidate in the Republican field this year...)

But it turns out that Mr. Cain had quoted a "poet" in one of the Republican debates that I haven't paid any attention to, and that poet was in fact Donna Summer. And by "poetry", he really meant a song she wrote for the movie Pokemon 2000 (the only place that song has ever been played.) Mr. Cain later admitted he got the quote from Pokemon. (Another youtube video here.)

WTF. Anyway, not remembering the song, I went to listen to it -- it's actually fairly unbearable. After like 6 seconds I can't stand any more of it at all whatsoever, but by all means, give it a try:

Oh wait, did I mention that Herman Cain dropped out of the race recently?

Quote of the day: Haha, found this as a comment on the youtube video...
"Cain used Pokémon song... but it failed!
Candidacy fled!"

Picture of the Day: Haha, while googling around and looking for new clothes as I so love to do, I found this on a new mens fashion blog I came across:

AAAhahahhahahaa! I see that shirt I wanted 2 and a half years ago is still in style!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pause. Japanese break.

For some reason, something last Saturday sparked my Pokemon senses. Which was quickly followed by my reading almost the entire website of "PokeMemes" a wonderful place with jokes that often only hardcore pokefanatics will understand.

That was quickly followed by the fact that I had two big papers to write, which of course meant Distraction via Pokemon time! I through this together, and used it as a scale by which to define how much my friends really were my friends, lol. It was as easy as download emulator, screen cap, and find the Pokemon font. I'm tempted to make a bunch of them.

But anyway. Lol, I'm too busy to let pokemon take over my life right now, funny though the site may be - and I'm never opposed to finding a reason to keep pokemon alive in our hearts and minds! Like these Bento boxes, a japanese art form of doing something cute (big surprise, I know) with your kid's school lunch box!

Who's that Pokemon?

It's Oddish!
Who's that Pokemon?

It's Snorlax, with a side of Dugtrio.
and then you have some that are entertaining even though they aren't Pokemon....

This looks delicous until I realize that whipped cream is actually cauliflower.
Major AWWWWz!

As Patsy often says, I wish I were Asian, everything they do is just so cute! Well anyway, soon I will be starting my maddening weekend of busy. Even though finals are far from my mind, my social calendar is packed with Birthday parties, Dem events, and Kiwanis things. Little rest until Sunday! But how I love it.