Friday, December 16, 2011

Does Everybody Know What Time it is?

Tool Time!

Well, I have two half written blogs in the que, but I'll make this one quick. Mom called to wake me up at 6 something x_x to remind me to do something I did before I went to bed. But then I couldn't go back to sleep for some reason. So I started doing house work, and then decided to go on the computer (as I often do) and Home Improvement was on TV!

Haha, googling the floor plan of Tim's house, and then Wilson's and not finding anything - OH Wait, before I could post this I accidentally did find it, pictured above, lol.

Website of the Day (for...tomorrow?): Okay, I already picked a website of the day, but this is too cool not to list. I found it by searching for the floor plan I put up above -- "The Home Improvement Archive" has a family tree of all the characters (including the Borlands and Wilsons!) and has a floor plan of the house, a list of all the Salute to-'s, and an indepth character history!!! This site is so cool, I wish I could create a site like this about every show I love, lol.

Website of the Day: "The 15 Most Awesome Fictional Kids' Bedrooms" -- from some website called Mary Sue. Which, if I remember correctly, is the TV term for a character meant to represent the fanboys/girls in a show. (IE: A Fanfic where a random new character is the focus and saves the heros is called a Mary Sue story I think.)

Video of the Day: "Cowboys & Pokemon" -- a College Humor-esque parody of Cowboy & Aliens, by the people who made that "Pokemon Live Action video." Hahaha, this isn't as directly funny, but it still has plenty of good moments.

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