Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Eleventh Hour

Merry Christmas blog-followers, as I was telling Angela the other day -- this year has been so busy with things to do it's almost like I'm too busy living life to blog about it. A dilemma I'm certainly happy to suffer from! I just hope that I remember to enjoy the moment, if I am not documenting them quite as diligently.

The family got together for Christmas at Grandma's yesterday, and the immediate family is all here at home today. David got mom and I gifts for the first time in more than 10 years -- and he got mom cash "to make up for all the years he forgot to get her gifts." Which I thought was bizaare, and I don't think mom quite knows how to react to it, but I'll make sure she spends it on gifty-things for herself. It just seems to go against tradition to get your parents cash for a gift ever. Even gift cards are pushing it, if there isn't some level of thought put into it. Like, "I got you this giftcard to [store] because I know they have the type of shoes you like." etc.

Well, David got me "The Last of Us" -- a video game Game Stop, and people on Tumblr, have recommended to me quite a bit actually, so once I finish this blog and catching up on the Merry Christmas text messages I'll play that until 9:00 p.m. when the Christmas special of Doctor Who airs. Then I'm actually happy to go back to work tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: Mom really wanted to see a movie today, for some reason, so we humored her and saw "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" -- a remake of a 1947 classic about a man (Ben Stiller) who lives a boring life, never having done anything noteworthy and then wants to win the affections of Kristin Wiig - so he trips to Greenland, and Iceland, and the Middle East. It was actually pretty good, it definitely got me thinking and excited for my January trip to Europe!
To see things thousands of miles away,
things hidden behind walls and within rooms,
things dangerous to come to,
to draw closer,
to see
and be amazed.
- The "Motto" of Life Magazine, in the movie.
(Not sure if that's true, or just poetic.)

Song of the Day: My favorite new Christmas-y song this year has been "Sleigh Ride" by Fun. in the album: "Holidays Rule", which doesn't feature as many artists I'm already familiar with, but oh well. I first heard this song while buying 50% off clothes at American Eagle on Black Friday!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Barnes and Noble Book Cover Posters on Canvas

If you're like me, when you go to Barnes and Noble - you want those classic book cover posters on canvas they hang near the ceiling. If you're very like me, you've asked how to purchase them, or where to buy them, to no avail.

I'm not sure why all these pictures are such bad quality...

And because I'm me, I never gave up on Googling those things -- for years now I've been trying to find them, and the internet is filled with deadends. A lot of people who, like the Victorian House from Sabrina, are trying to answer you without really understanding the question.

Without further ado, our website of the day is -- the website where you can buy the canvas posters! There are actually a bunch more options than just what Barnes and Noble have purchased, too. Only downside is the canvases of the size at B&N are over $100, and my poor budget can't afford that.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 has not been The Year of The Blog

Haha, every year I think I'll blog more, and it seems I've only ever posted less. Well, had an idea earlier, and maybe I'll try posting a bit more often. But not too much today, getting over a broken thumb (and the huge cast that comes with that.) As my co-worker put it, I'm one phalange away from the apes!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Season 23 DVD Special Features: "Clothing & Color"

[Subtitle: Webisode 4: “Yardsign Wars”
(Clip from that episode, Location: behind the campaign office in Chillicothe, Alan and Andrew are constructing yard signs.)
Andrew: What to wear to Kathy's fundraiser...
Alan: I’m sure a flannel shirt will be fine.
Andrew: That’s funny; I packed all the plaid shirts I own because I figured that would best blend in down here.
Alan: You’re very good about that, you calculate your speech, and you strategize what you’re going to wear...

[Transition in camera style from episode filming, to behind the scenes IRL]

"I’m Cody Hollister, and I’m the Head Costume designer for The TV Show that is My Life."

"Of course, most of the name brands our characters shop at on the show don’t actually exist. Hollister is a joke one of the writers originally threw in based on my name, and the fact that Head of Costume Design is “H. CO” on the callsheets. So H. Co became my nickname, and then the nickname for the California surfer-themed clothing store in the show, which our characters mock for it’s bad lighting and ridiculously strong cologne. After the first few appearances, someone noticed that there actually is a Hollister, California – but it’s nowhere near the ocean. I think our characters even joked about it in an episode a while back."

Andrew wearing a "Hollister Co." shirt, [Subtitle: 23.18: "New Jersey Nightmare"]

[Subtitle: 21.03: "Pittsburgh Style"]
(Clip from that episode, Andrew, Patsy & Erin are checking out at a Hollister clothing store.)
Andrew: ...ironically, the real Hollister, California isn't even anywhere near the ocean! It's like, fifty miles from the ocean or something.
Patsy: You read that on Wikipedia, didn't you?

Cody Hollister: "We knew for the age 23 season, we were going to take a major change in Andrew’s clothing scheme. Up until then he had been defined with bright colors, in kind of a High School/College-appropriate business professional with his button up shirts and polos. But once he started Student Teaching, we started the transition to real life: which direction is this show going to take next? That is going to be scary, and for anyone just graduating college, you realize all your sugary dreams kind of hit a santitizing wall of reality: will you actually find a job? How will you make money? Will you end up in a cubicle? So to symbolize that we added a lot more Blacks, Whites and Grays to Andrew’s character."

Potential Andrew wardrobe pieces
"It had been a running point that he never wore White Button-up shirts, arguably the most common button up shirt in real life, except for the funeral episode. But now we threw in a few different white shirts which are very normal compared to what he was kind of known for wearing."

Cody Hollister: "We do apply logic to each of our characters clothing, like with Patsy – she is transitioning from a very “Disney Princess” to “professional teacher”, so we are moving from college T-shirts and hoodies, to sweaters and more business casual clothes even when she is not at work, because we presume she can’t always have time to change before Andrew whisks her away to go shopping and get Applebee’s. That doesn't mean we don't include camp T-shirts whenever we can, because clearly that is something she wants to hold on to, despite Andrew's efforts."

Some screen-used, some potential Panda hair bows
"With Panda, you’re looking at the person who buys the single best thing she knows will work for her in an entire store. So it’s important that she is usually the most fashion forward character, while still remaining a normal, typical person overall. We do include things like the hairbows, the polka dot motifs because we want just a hint of that… Japanese girl style to come out in her character as well."

"With some of our guests, we have Hannah – who is always my favorite, because we send a page to go to a New York-style clothing store that no one can afford, and have them find the most different mannequin and just buy up the whole outfit no questions asked. Things that a person may not typically wear, or wouldn’t wear because you would think “Where would I actually wear this to?” before buying it. For guests like Brian, he is always reminding you he attended OSU either literally outloud, or with hats, or with actions, so we usually have him in a sports shirt that isn't a jersey that is just not the right size because, well, he's Brian and he doesn't know better."

[Subtitle: 18.25: "Columbus Woahs" and 21.02 "Skeet Skeet Motha Fellowship"]
Potential Andrew wardrobe pieces, and screen-used pieces combined for the set of a Mall scene.
"When it comes to business-y events, like work or Circle K functions, Andrew is of course in his rainbow of fitted business clothes, while most of our girls usually wear dresses. We had a lot of weddings this season, and rather than design dresses from scratch, most of those were off the rack. Because we figure this young, the characters probably couldn't afford the kind of customized, perfectly fitted dresses you see on a lot of TV shows, and they expect normal people to be able to afford it. It adds a certain realism, we hope." 

Cody Hollister: "The TV Show That Is My Life spends a lot of time shopping for clothes, or browsing around the mall, so I think fashion really has played a major role in the show. A lot of what we do is make up clothes for our characters to make fun of, like ridiculous designs in the aisles of Macy’s or something. Flashy golden sparkles, and parallelograms that don’t make any sense, or animal prints. Most of those we actually have ourselves, the clothing team we look back at stuff we made in College trying to be cutting edge that even now make us shake our heads, and we let it come to real life and kind of mock ourselves. But only when we’re secure enough that we can laugh at ourselves, which I think has also been represented in the show – like Andrew picks out certain clothes not because they are the best looking, but because they are ridiculous, like the Razzmatazz Yellow button-up or stuff like that."

Potential Andrew wardobe pieces.
"Moving forward, I think this season has seen a lot of vests as those are in fashion right now, and we do have meetings with the writing staff to see where they want to take the characters and represent that in their clothing as well." 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the Possession of Leadership

For the longest time, I thought leadership was not really a “skill” or “trait.” I thought it was just a thing you displayed, it wasn’t really something you learned or had to learn, kind of like quickness or bravery. You did something quickly; you were brave in a situation; you lead a group to a place. But the more I see groups of people from the outside looking in, the more I realize that not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Not everyone wants to be a leader. And being a leader really is a skill in itself.

Saturday, the old Circle K gang got back together for one last hurrah – we had not assembled in that manner in probably 2 or 3 years; sure there have been the occasional parties, outings, or other events, but this was something different. I think part of it was also the fact that Sarah is moving to Connecticut. But it was interesting to see still how we all interacted, what roles we all played in the group dynamic.

We started off at Spaghetti Warehouse (where the food is always subpar, the service is average, but the presentation is certainly noteworthy.) And it was nice seeing the gang all gathered together again! Then we made our way over to the new Winking Lizard & Lizardville in Montrose.

April 27, 2013: Group shot from Saturday. We had some trouble with the lighting.
Skipping some details, my point is: this lovable group of service-minded misfits still cluster like lost baby ducks in any Point A to Point B situation. I have never been able to figure out in my years of Circle K, why sometimes no one takes the lead in a situation. Or why so many situations require someone to take the lead? A lot of times we all know what we have to do, it's just a matter of doing it, but we kind of flutter around.

August 28, 2008: The First end-of-year Circle K Banquet
at Spaghetti Warehouse
I think it was Angela the other day who said, when we were at a baseball game for one reason or another, that the whole point of going was to see this thing that we knew was at this location. But she wanted me to lead the way, and do the looking for it. I even asked that it was her idea, and her thing, why do I have to lead? And she's like "What do you mean!? It's what you do - it's why I brought you!"

Mayor Mills being awesome and leading.
Even though she's evil.
I don't mean to sound arrogant [in this particular instance], but I am proud of how many of my friends really see leadership potential in me. Even if it is silly things like always knowing where to take our group, subconsciously keeping track so we don't lose anyone, and making sure everyone understands whats going on and feels their voice is heard in decision making. 

Quotes of the Day: "This is what you’re like in a bad mood? I hate you." - Tiffany. 

Haha, I had some issues going into the dinner last night that I was not able to take care of because mom went missing, but I was able to repress that unhappiness enough to have a good time. I mentioned being in bad mood (which for me is still a pretty good mood - lol) and Tiffany commented, jealously.

Song of the Day: "Guillotine" by Yadi. So I have not done a great job of blogging this year because of my new job, nor the end of last year because of the campaign job, but I'm going to work on that. But in the little time I have left, one of my favorite shows is Once Upon a Time and my favorite character is Regina Mills. And ABC put out a commercial with this song, and later a whole mini-music video and I just love it and I find it getting stuck in my head fairly often. 

The Official Music Video:

Video of the Day: The aforementioned mini-music video about Regina Mills/The Evil Queen with the above song in it.  


Friday, March 1, 2013

Two TV Shows the 90's Forgot

Okay, time for another search of the internet: there are two Television shows I really liked in the early '90s that I cannot for the life of me remember any solid details about.

Name That TV Show #1: Art Show Guy! It was probably on PBS (the Cleveland station of which was WVIZ) in the early 90s, but definitely had the film quality of being filmed in sometime between the late-60s and early-80s. If I had to guess, I would say average it out in the 70s somewhere? But it was just a late-40s-ish white guy, with curly brown hair, doing art projects on a desk between him and the cameras only angle. I seem to remember my Dad telling me that this guy was actually his Art teacher in school, which if actually true, suggests it was locally based (Dad went to school in Parma.) I remember one episode had him painting a picture with a watered-down glue, and using different things to pour on it and stick to it (like coffee grounds.) The downside of blogging like this is that I do not have a picture - haha.

He is not, however, to be confused with painter guy -- a guy with a mustache and white hair, who painted as he read a book. I don't know what show that was, but I didn't watch it, that was my brother's thing.

Name That TV Show #2: Puppets on the Street! This was a live-action show that featured a guy, and a miniature New York-ish street set with a bunch of little puppets. It may have been partially animated? But I do remember this piece of art at the Cleveland Art Museum always reminded me of it --

...yeah, "Looking Along Broadway Towards Grace Church" by Red Grooms reminds me of it - lol. It was probably not on PBS, because I seem to remember it being more adult humor.

UP! Found it. "Weinerville" on Nickelodeon. (I guess it wasn't adult humor per se, just called Weinerville haha. I imagine young-me would refuse to even say it.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clockstoppers: I don't know why I remember it so fondly

Okay, let's start with the fact that I HAD NO IDEA NETFLIX'S KIDS SECTION was a different database of movies/TV shows than normal Netflix. I totally thought the kids section was just the kids movies you can find in the "normal" section, with all the bad movies removed.

Turns out there are a BUNCH of things that don't come up on the normal section! Including the two Brave Little Toaster sequals, Arthur, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Clockstoppers, and well, a bunch of other things! For my purposes, I've decided to watch my favorite movie that I do not own: Clockstoppers. Which I haven't watched in like, 9 years probably.

Point, Snap-Autoupload, type in price in the box write? Um, no.
Also he's collecting checks he gets... those poor people trying to balance their books!

Hold on a second, that's not how uploading works!! ...and that's not how eBay works!! ...and that's not how checks work!! UGGH. I give up.

Woah. That was weird. It sounded like someone in the movie just yelled "Andrew!" unrelated to anything in the movie O.o. Right after the Professor/Dad talks to one of the other professors about the NASA project or something in the hallway, after he and his son leave the classroom. (About 8 minutes in.) Anyway.

So now we're at the Rock Climbing store. This movie would be much more interesting if lead Girl "Francesca" (Paula Garc├ęs) was actually a young-Jessica Alba as she kinda looks like she is. (Jessica Alba was 19 when this movie was filmed, so that would have actually worked out really well!)

Also if you see a possum during the day, because they're noctournal, it may have RABIES SO DON'T TOUCH IT!

Haha, so our star (who's name is not very ingrained in the audiences' mind yet) accidentally freezes time for the first time and encounters a frozen possum. He then (assuming the possum is dead) BRINGS IT INSIDE. The most rationale scenerio here should actually be the possum is PLAYING POSSUM (aka: pretending to be dead so a predator leaves it alone. Origin of the phrase "playing possum.") Even if his assumption was correct, bringing the dead possum inside the house to show the girl he's interested in?! Dude's an idiot.

Lol, this movie is so bad. But not really bad, it's just so "Nick movie" that it is bogged down with era-specifics. The clothes at the rave for example look like something out of "Zenon: Girl of the Future"?!? I mean, all the hair and fashion really. But also the fact that they have a DJ battle? It's very c. 2000. Just like if it was 5 years later they'd be having a breakdance battle. 10 years earlier and they'd probably be at some traditional sporting event, like Basketball or Football. ...haha, actually if I waited like 5 more minutes it does turn into a break dancing competition.

Take a moment to appreciate the hairstyles on the right of this picture.

...if you're head was spinning on a record player/turn table thing, wouldn't there be a needle in the center piercing your head or something??? Meeker, isn't that a Muppet's name? I also noticed there was a person in the crowd at the rave who had a "The Flash" shirt on, interesting reference there because of the watch.

(Meanwhile, at the hospital) OMG: The daughter/sister is just playing with a defibralator!? Safety measure much, hospital!?!?! HAHA! Oh my God, a Payphone. Yeah, ain't none of those anymore. I wonder if anyone in this has a cell phone, I haven't been watching too closely. Okay, our star's name is Zak by the way.
"I know this is the last thing you want to hear after a first date, but the cops are after me!"
You're right Zak. That is the worst thing to hear after a first date. Don't you have any other friends you can go to? I seriously have a dozen friends I would go to BEFORE the girl I just went on one date with. Although admittedly, she does know about the watch. But that just means the bad guys are more likely going to go after her too. Spread the wealth man, don't have a few people know everything, have everyone know a little and if they all somehow got together they'd know everything. Just a little look into my mindset.

Wow, well I know this movie is already winner of the "Worst Science of the Decade" award and all, but seriously, their use of hydrogen also sucks. I'm no chemist, but I know that's not how hydrogen works. Well, inconclusion, this is not a great movie - but I like it! I'm definitely glad it's on Netflix, haha. Oh my god this ending is so bad, hahahaha. Ooooooh, Nickelodeon movies....

Song of the Day: "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. You see, like Lady Gaga, all Florence wants to do is dance. And you can't dance with the devil on your back, so Florence wants to hit home her remedy: shake him off!

If you leave this song with anything, it's that you gotta shake him off. I have never really listened (read:understood) the lyrics too closely, but upon closer inspection yeah it's a nice song. It's definitely catchy, I would say this song has been stuck in my head all week, and I don't have it on iTunes so I listen to it on Spotify -- and I worry the people who can see my Spotify feed are like "Why doesn't he listen to more variety???"