Andrew's Bucket List

1. Have a park bench in my memory in every Metropark in Ohio.
2. Skydive! But never bungee jump, that's just dangerous.
3. Get published! Theodore Roosevelt wrote like 40 books.
4. Watch every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
5. Be elected to public office! (City Council, School Board, Governor of Ohio not Circle K...)
6. Fund a statue of a Dinosaur! (Like Steggy II at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.)

7. Take a fencing class. (ie: Sword fighting!)
8. Go scuba diving somewhere crazy! Like Hawaii, with the Humuhumunukunuku apua'a!
9. Have an alias/disguise, and put it to use.
10. Experience the Pyramids of Giza.
11. Run in a marathon. The Akron marathon will do, as long as I get a medal.

12. Earn my pilot's license! As well as a number of license that I may or may not find useful.
13. Speak a language (other than English) fluently. Probably Japanese, German, French or Korean.
14. Be an extra in a movie or TV show!
15. Meet an Iron or Top Chef; if possible, while eating at their restaurant! (Preferably Marcel Vigneron; Padma Lakshmi would also do though.)
16. Visit Dry Tortugas, Florida National Park. Apparently it's one of the least visited, and one of the most turtle-filled parks in the country!

The island is unusually hexagonally shaped...
17. Have a secretary that I can text to bring my Starbucks, who then delivers it to my meeting, with a surprise post-it attached reading anything from important information to: "Hot!" (The Dean of Students had this happen the other day, and it was pretty funny.)
18. Finish my box of Scooby Doo checks, and all checks that read my Garfield Heights Address so I can order new ones :(
19. Go on some trip that involves flying directly from "Paris, to China, to Colorado..."
20. Cosplay as something relatively obscure at an Anime convention; perhaps Card Captor's Li Showron.

21. Ride a Horse.
22. Ride a Camel. The zoo will do, but I'd prefer Egypt or the Middle East.
23. Ride an Elephant. A zoo will do, but I'd prefer India or Africa.
24. Participate in a War Reenactment with those people who dress up! Preferably as a Union soldier.
25. Go on a Houseboat trip with my close friends. Preferably Lake Cumberland.
26. Give a commencement address!
27. Ride on Air Force One. Steal M&Ms.

28. Bury something, only to come back to it years later! Such as champagne.
29. Have a Wikipedia page about me -- started by someone else.
30. Spend the night at an Ice-Hotel.
31. Live in an Apartment above a Starbucks.
32. Be in the position of power necessary to change the fact that Ohio has 0 24-hour Starbucks, but Pennyslvania's turnpike does. Ohio should have 24 hour Starbuckses!

33. Own a genuine "Carpathia Medal" -- awarded to the Captain and Crew of the RMS Carpathia -- the ship that saved the survivors of the Titanic. 
34. Be present for - but not the target of - a TLC's What Not to Wear ambush.
35. ...