Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Once, and Future Author

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on my blog before or not, but lately when I get REALLY bored (this started at the start of Winter Break) I'm making a Harry Potter textbook. The problem is writing a book takes a really long time, especially when your trying to use a non-fiction style of writing, and SUPER especially if you want a lot of pictures.

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE things that make my favorite fictions seem more realistic (a Lumiere replica candlestick? A wand from Harry Potter? The Charmed Book of Shadows? Star Trek props, you get the idea.) Well, I'd totally want a custom printed book made to look like a textbook from Harry Potter! That'd be so cool! And the easiest way to get one? Write one. PSH, not so much.

The real easiest way would probably be just design a custom dust cover and put if over a textbook. But that would be boring, I want to be able to flip through pages and read magic things from the POV of it being real! These pics, by the way, are of real props from the Harry Potter movies which I found awesome and inspirational in my endeavors.

So yeah, I'll keep you aprised on my efforts to write a magic book. Then, of course, in real life I want to write a few history books over the course of my life. Teddy Roosevelt wrote like 40 books! Several of which while he was Presidenting the United States! (He liked to keep busy.)

Some book titles I hope to author in the next 92 years:
  1. A History of Garfield Heights, Ohio: The Decline of the Modern Subrub (2014)
  2. The History of Theodore Roosevelt in Pictures (2017)
  3. Primary Primary Sources in American History: Treaties and Speeches of Americana (2020)

Website of the Day: OMG! I just found this googling an image of Theodore Roosevelt writing something for above. A THEODORE ROOSEVELT PICTURE GALLERY ARCHIVE! Like, every photograph of Teddy, categorized!!! This is going to entertain me for like, an hour and 6 minutes at least!

Picture of the Day: Haha, found this while exploring the site mentioned above....

(From website below) "At an airshow at Aviation Field in St. Louis, Missouri on October 11, 1910, Theodore Roosevelt was offered a seat as a passenger in a plane for a demonstration flight. The pilot's name was Arch Hoxsey, who had just completed a record flight from Springfield, Illinois. The plane reached an altitude of about 50 feet, circled the field twice and stayed airborne for about four minutes. TR said he wished they could have stayed in the air for an hour. Arch Hoxsey was killed in a plane crash on December 31, 1910. This flight made TR the first President to fly in a plane. There is a picture of him strapping himself in that does look as though he was the pilot, but he was not. "

Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to ride in an Airplane (as you can see, this is one of the earliest airplanes - before "passenger" airplanes of today.) He was also the first President to be seen riding an Automobile, to own a car, to be submerged in a submarine, to travel outside of the US WHILE being President, and several other cool things. This guy's an inspiration!

Song of the Day: "Dance With Me" by 3Oh!3. For no specific reason.

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