Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Head, the Finger and the Flood

Woah, BUSY night at work! (Which means I haven't been able to get much else done.) The residence hall I'm working at has had quite a night, I can't get too detailed because I take confidentiality pretty seriously, but I think it's safe to share that two of our residents went to the hospital (give or take), both from the second floor. Then a shower on the second floor started flooding, and two residents had to be temporarily relocated. Whaaaaaat is going on on the second floor? The RA's nicknamed the whole night's crisis: "The head, the finger and the flood."

But after that, I took care of some emails about the Garfield House for mom, and looked over an essay for Sarah, and did some Circle K work. Now I hope to get to catch up on some of the MOUNTAINS of homework due in April x_X

Website of the Day: Not so much a website, but a Twitter account. So a very poisonous snake is missing from/inside the Reptile House of the Bronx Zoo - and this somehow made national news for several days now. Well someone (presumably the snake) started a Twitter "Bronx Zoo's Cobra" - and it's fun to read, as he tours around New York enjoyin' some freedom! My favorite part of this story is that the national news has started reporting on the fact that someone made a twitter account. The first day I heard about it, they had 44,000 followers. Yesterday they had 150,000. Today, 184,000.

Song of the Day: "Howlin For You" by the Black Keys, this is my temporary favorite song of the week but I'm sure I'll be tired of it by Monday. My new FAVORITE movie is "Limitless" -- it was just awesomey awesomeness wrapped in awesome-bacon! And this song reminds me of it, because it is in it at two points (the end credits and when he first uses his powers to make himself over. If you haven't seen this movie, SEE IT!)

I didn't know this song was by the Black Keys, I hear Patsy talk about them breaking into her dads van all the time! They're supposed to be some big band from Akron I guess, but I've never really heard their music before now. Well, if I haven't said this yet, I really wish I had the productivity + intelligence pill from the movie! And now I just want to be like that all the time, crazy productive I mean. (And here I am blogging, Oh jeeze...) Oh well, making some of this song my ringtone is a good first step.... (not.)

Oh, and wtf with this song's music video being very Tarantino-like lol.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"We can rebuild her — We have the technology!"

Oh, mother... a constant source of frustration and unequivocal support and faith at the same time. For weeks, I've been saying I'd take her to buy a new jacket - because the one she got was a hand-me-down from a family friend, and it just looks ridiculous to me -- it looks like it's got a little skirt attached to it :-(

One of the many areas I wish I could improve mom - is fashion. She wears the strangest clothes. Oh if I could get her to watch and learn from "What Not to Wear"... a show she would fit right into! She has no problem with wearing clothes that look dirty, stained, grungy, or really old (some shirts she admits having since I was born.) For as long as I can remember, she almost never buys clothes. She takes David and my hand-me-downs (mainly shirts and belts), or random packages from distant relatives. But for the past few years, when I get the time and hit the frustration level - I take her out shopping, give her my critical opinions, and she usually comes home with a few things she likes. (Sometimes she ends up wearing them, but often she thinks they look too nice so they end up living in the closet until some special occasion like family Christmas.)

We spent the afternoon watching Suze Orman, as mom's way of showing me she was serious about improving her financial future! I still wish she dressed more like Suze.

Today though -- shopping went well! I told her I wanted her to have clothes that were nice, informal, but formal enough that she could come to a campaign event for my upcoming internship and I would not be too embarrassed. A pantsuit-y kinda jacket, matching shirt, and a shirt or two else that looked good and airy for Summer, and off the clearance rack -- a Pea Coat! One that made her look not just like a normal person, but an almost fashionable woman of her age! I was so proud n.n

This afternoon, we went to Grandpa and My favorite Chinese Restaurant in the area - Tai Wah. I told the owner about Grandpa's passing (him and I went there almost every time I visited Stow) and she was pretty saddened, and mentioned how she'd seen me grow up and now I'm almost done with college! I just love it when restaurants remember you. She mentioned to mom that Grandpa and I did SO much talking over the years -- which is true, that restaurant holds special memories for me - I interrogated Grandpa about really everything he knew there trying to understand him, history, and our family.

But back on topic -- I had the special talk with mom trying to determine the color of her parachute. She knows I'm unhappy with her job at a cleaning company - cause I know she can do more, but now she's fine with mediocrity, and trying to convince her to not be fine and take initiative has been just as difficult as it has been with David. But she's willing to do stuff, return to school, learn Computers (she's going to a class at the Akron library coming up) - but the trick is finding a job she wants to get in the end, seeing what her ideal life would be!

We may have taken steps to that today. I got her to strongly think about it, and she might like getting a job with PBS or in the non-profit organization sector. So now it's just a matter of the two of us researching that (because as you know I have nothing but free time) and making it happen! I totally see potential in her, and it's really comforting. n.n David on the other hand, is still a challenge, but one thing at a time...

Website of the Day: "Damn You Auto" -- ROFLMAO, this site is HILarious! Amanda told me about I think, it's a FML-style site of cellphones autocorrecting text messages and being annoying to the owner, Hilarious to us! Go check'm out, but like any FML/TFLN-style website, it is addicting. (So long, productivity!)

Song of the Day: "Fluorescent Adolescent" by Arctic Monkeys. Today I read an article that said Myspace had lost another 10 million users in just one month January - February 2011. The Wikinews article mentioned that at it's height, Myspace had discovered such musicians as "Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and the Arctic Monkeys." So since I'd heard of the first two (and liked them,) thought I'd look up the Monkeys...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Omg Blog, I miss you! It's been too long - but it's been a busy, busy spring break. First of all, as of the Sunday before last - I am the Circle K district Governor-elect (starting April 1.) Which means Circle K has become my priority for the next year+! And priority it has been. I've already traveled to Columbus and Marietta, and have plans to visit Baldwin Wallace, Cincinnati, and Dayton in the next two weeks. And I've been in contact with a bunch of the Presidents, trying to fill our board.

But I'm going to try to keep Circle K off this blog as that enters a politically-gray area. Rather, lets talk about the other awesome things that I encounter in life! Like how wonderful the weather has been these past few weeks! I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but mom bought me a mountain bike among other things for Christmas this past year. I put it together for the most part on Christmas, but had some trouble with the break lines and tires. Well yesterday I finally got around to fixing the breaks, and now I just have to get air in the tires. Unfortunately, my bike does not fit in my car - so I'll have to walk it up to the Circle K (Gas Station) in Stow, which fortunately is just up the street a few blocks.

Life at the Condo is finally evening out to normalcy, I think. Moms finding clubs and things to do in Stow, and I've even got her finally considering buying normal adult clothes and not wearing David and Mine's hand-me-downs. She's even watching her own shows on cable, using the DVR, she uses the internet (luckily she's not on Facebook or Twitter... yet...) , AND she's writing again! :D OMG! I forgot to mentioned, David FINALLY got his Drivers License! WOOOOO! So this Summer I'm hoping I've wittled away at the list of things I have to help my family out with.

Song of the Day: Well, not so much today - as last "Friday" - "by" Rebecca Black. The internet has been filled, over the last weekend, with criticisms and hair-pulling reviews of this song. Somewhere, parents paid $2,000 to have their 13 year-old daughter put into a 'professional-looking' music video with the company writing a song for her.

Wikipedia cites observers have called it "bizarre," "inept," and "hilariously dreadful." Rolling Stone's Perpetua stated, "When you see this video, you immediately notice everything that it does 'wrong', but it actually gets a lot of things about pop music right, if just by accident."

Also from Wikipedia: As of 22 March 2011, the "Friday" music video has been viewed more than 33 million times on YouTube and has reportedly sold more than two million downloads from iTunes, where it reached #19 among singles.[11] (2011 -03-22) Based on such data, Forbes estimated that Black and Ark Music had received "easily" more than $1 million from iTunes sales, and $20,000 more from YouTube's revenue-sharing program.[40]

Lord help me, I can't get this song out of my head through much of the day :( IT'S SO AWFUL!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Steps to a Better World

In student government, I have been called on occasion "Captain Planet." It's true, I love green things, and want the world to be as environmentally friendly as possible (though when I originally tried to join ASG, that wasn't particularly on my mind.) None the less, is this cool or is this cool!

A solar-powered wireless keyboard! It runs off of both solar and ambient lightbulb light! Fully charged, it can operate in complete darkness for 3 months! Less than a third of an inch thick, it doesn't even include paper instructions to be greener. (Not that I'd use them anyway.) At a wince-inducing cost of $79.99, it's not exactly the kind of fun extra spending I can do right now, but something to keep in mind next birthday/Christmas/lottery winning.

Song of the Day: "Him" by Lily Allen. So a few weeks ago Sarah mentioned I didn't have any Lily Allen on my iPod, so I remedied that situation and gotta say - she has alot more good songs than I'd expected! Well this one is about "capital H- I- M-" as Lady Gaga would say. It's an interesting song about what people might think God would be like if you walked into him on the street.

The lyrics I find most interesting:
"Ever since he can remember
people have died in his good name  

Long before that September 
long before hijacking planes 
He's lost the will he can't decide  
He doesn't know who's right or wrong
But there's one thing that he's sure of:
This has been going on too long..."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Religion of the Insecure

Kudos to you, Pop music industry, for recognizing that the 2010 surge in Gay Teen Suicide was a serious issue to be addressed. As a bleeding-heart liberal, I am all for the promotion of gay rights as human rights and human equality everywhere, and no one should feel society hates them for who they are or who they love! But the actual subject of this blog is how pop music has been addressing this in recent months...

Lady Gaga has set the standard for embracing her LGBT following: this has included fighting for marriage and military equality, doing all kinds of things to fight "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." But her recent song and video - Born This Way - is the highlight. I mean, the video opens with sparkly rainbow Unicorns inside of a pink triangle: a combination of a bunch of LGBT insignia.

The Message of "Born This Way" is be proud of who you are, and if you face opposition it's because you were 'born to be brave!' And everyone is beautiful in their own way, an overall feel-good song that goes out of it's way to list EVERYONE so no one feels left out:
"Don't be a drag, just be a queen
Whether you're broke or evergreen         [So if you poor, or you a tree...]

You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're Lebanese, you're orient
Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby, you were born this way

No matter gay, straight or bi
lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive..."

But this doesn't stop with Gaga. Remember this past Fall's hit "We R Who We R" from Ke$ha? That song especially seems to be the language of 'your born that way, enjoy it, haha I like your beard.' But it's not until Ke$ha's more recent video "Blow" that the gay-pride symbols come literally blasting out at our faces! In this strange video, Ke$ha is kicking it back with a couple of Unicron's sipping martini's until a strange man sends her a piece of cheese. They then engage in crazy shoot-out fight scene with laser guns which make the Unicorns, well, here watch it:

A long time presence in the industry, I feel like Pink doesn't really get the credit she deserves. She has a lot of great songs, with many great messages but only a few end up performing any good on the radio. She's been making "love yourself for who you are" songs for years -- but the recen't "Fu**'n Perfect" seems to be intentionally aimed at the recent situation.

Then we've got Katy Perry's "Firework." Watching the Firework video is another feely-good, be who you are and dance around and don't be afraid to stand up to people or ideas.

Picture of the Day: Awww, so very soon after Gaga released "Born This Way" a young girl named Maria from Winnipeg, Canada put a video of her covering it on Youtube. As the magic of youtube often can, Maria was shot straight up to stardom! And wouldn't you know, before long it was Lady Gaga herself asking Maria to autograph a shirt with her face on it...

Later, Lady Gaga invited her to duet Born This Way on stage at one of her concerts! A fan's dream come true, I'm sure.

Despite the clouds, I'm Walkin on Sunshine!

Wow! So I've been having an awesome couple of days/weeks recently! It's really frightening how good it's been, like, I'm worried it can really only go down from here.

I got contacts! And I'm getting the hang of them pretty darn quickly. It took like an hour and a half of training at the place to learn to put them in and take them out. Then the first day it took like an hour and a half to get them out, I felt kinda dumb. But today I was able to put them in in like 6 minutes which by far is a record for me and we'll see how quickly I manage to take them out tonight. I have two types of cleaning solutions I'm supposed to use, and one of them is much stronger, must be in for 6 full hours at a time, and some kind of carbon gear does some kind of chemistrial magic that makes it not sting me! it's really quite fascinating.

I got a new phone! FINALLY, after two long years with that awful Blackberry Storm -- now I've got the Droid X and it is wonderful! Oh the apps I can have, and the ease of use I've been able to... enjoy? It's just all around wonderful. No problems at all, some minor flukes I have to get used to, but no problems. The Droid X is pretty big -- so its kind of awkward to type sideways, but I'm okay typing vertical style and prefer it actually. Then the fact that there's no talk button is just something I have to get used to -- I keep looking for it, but you have to hit the number like twice. n.n Google Goggles, Angry Birds, and a Hiragana testing ap all make my day every time.

And 3 months later -- my reimbursement check from the University finally went through! So when I least expect it, waPOW! Money!!!! n.n Not to mention the surprise random deposits from my savings bonds' interest. I'm not rolling in dough, by far, but it's nice not to have to worry too much about money every week - and all my credit cards being at zero is on the clear and present horizon. The only problem with that is that my personal economics actually functions better slightly in debt than when I'm in the black, so hopefully that doesn't go sour.

Then there's Circle K and ASG. My work load next year is going to be pretty darn light, so I'll have plenty of time coasting to graduation to do student org things. My campaign to be reelected College of Education Senator in ASG is underway, and without opposition, I don't see the election being much stress. And Circle K: Oh, Circle K... so the district is facing a slight issue with who will be Governor, and other board positions with no one running at the AWESOMELY successful DCON. So I'm strongly considering applying for the position myself.

Quote of the Day: I'm stealing one of the Hillary Clinton blogs I follow's "Quote of the Day"s.
"Some take the view that, to encourage tolerance, some hateful ideas must be silenced by governments. We believe that efforts to curb the content of speech rarely succeed and often become an excuse to violate freedom of expression. Instead, as it has historically been proven time and time again, the better answer to offensive speech is more speech. People can and should speak out against intolerance and hatred. By exposing ideas to debate, those with merit tend to be strengthened, while weak and false ideas tend to fade away; perhaps not instantly, but eventually." - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her February 15, 2011 speech on internet freedom at George Washington University.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What to do with an old-looking, blank Journal

So if you are ever at a loss for what to get me as a gift, and you happen to be in the checkout line of a Borders, know this: I LOVE old-looking blank journals! Specifically, the ones that don't have lines; As I told Patsy's the other day, they just serve as prison bars to my thoughts. Well Sarah got me for Valentine's Day a blank antique-looking leather journal and it's awesome! What to write in it!?...

I think blank, old-looking journals are the coolest. I always imagine the movies or TV shows where the main character has to follow their great-grandfather's diary, or the maps hand drawn by some archeologist, or something cool like that! I've always wanted to find something like that in an attic or something. And if I can't find something like that in an attic for myself, by golly I'm going to leave something cool like that in an attic for my kids to find and have the fun I never had.

Like in "Indiana and the Last Crusade" (by far the best one), his father's Holy Grail diary collecting his life's work of research on finding the holy grail. The history of the real prop shows there were actually several, fetching as high as $18,000 (ah, to be a rich prop collector...) but there are countless fan replicas out there that feature far more creative inserts I'm sure.

Which reminds me, I've been trying to follow the stock market since starting my teaching experience at a local high school, and Border's Books' stock has plummeted as they seek bankruptcy assistance :(!  Nooo, I love book stores, why are they closing. People will say it's the rise of the eReader, but I'm more inclined to believe we are moving towards an economy where you have to constantly produce super high profits to stay in the game - and nows not days where people are reading much. Sad, sad times we live in.

(This is actually from a Barnes and Noble, but I'm illustrating the blank journals in the background)

I met Patsy at one of the local Borders that has no plans to close just yet for coffee the other day. Support the businesses you enjoy! They may not be there forever...

Song of the Day: "F**kin Perfect" by Pink. I did not know the real name of this song, only the bowdlerized version played on the radio... it seems pretty clear this is in response to the recent suicides/bullying crisis that has been going on with America's youth in the past year.

Aww! This is so much sadder and in music-video form. Especially when I recognize the main character as Mac from Veronica Mars.