Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What to do with an old-looking, blank Journal

So if you are ever at a loss for what to get me as a gift, and you happen to be in the checkout line of a Borders, know this: I LOVE old-looking blank journals! Specifically, the ones that don't have lines; As I told Patsy's the other day, they just serve as prison bars to my thoughts. Well Sarah got me for Valentine's Day a blank antique-looking leather journal and it's awesome! What to write in it!?...

I think blank, old-looking journals are the coolest. I always imagine the movies or TV shows where the main character has to follow their great-grandfather's diary, or the maps hand drawn by some archeologist, or something cool like that! I've always wanted to find something like that in an attic or something. And if I can't find something like that in an attic for myself, by golly I'm going to leave something cool like that in an attic for my kids to find and have the fun I never had.

Like in "Indiana and the Last Crusade" (by far the best one), his father's Holy Grail diary collecting his life's work of research on finding the holy grail. The history of the real prop shows there were actually several, fetching as high as $18,000 (ah, to be a rich prop collector...) but there are countless fan replicas out there that feature far more creative inserts I'm sure.

Which reminds me, I've been trying to follow the stock market since starting my teaching experience at a local high school, and Border's Books' stock has plummeted as they seek bankruptcy assistance :(!  Nooo, I love book stores, why are they closing. People will say it's the rise of the eReader, but I'm more inclined to believe we are moving towards an economy where you have to constantly produce super high profits to stay in the game - and nows not days where people are reading much. Sad, sad times we live in.

(This is actually from a Barnes and Noble, but I'm illustrating the blank journals in the background)

I met Patsy at one of the local Borders that has no plans to close just yet for coffee the other day. Support the businesses you enjoy! They may not be there forever...

Song of the Day: "F**kin Perfect" by Pink. I did not know the real name of this song, only the bowdlerized version played on the radio... it seems pretty clear this is in response to the recent suicides/bullying crisis that has been going on with America's youth in the past year.

Aww! This is so much sadder and in music-video form. Especially when I recognize the main character as Mac from Veronica Mars.

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