Monday, August 31, 2009

My Life According to the Black Eyed Peas

(So I don't like posting these things on Facebook, but I'm fine posting them on here occasionally when they pique my interest.) So having to wake up at 8:50am gives me ALL this free time in the morning! Lol.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to people you like. You can't use the band I used. Do not repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My Life According to (BAND NAME)"

Are you a male or female?
~ Shake Your Monkey

Describe yourself.
~ Out of My Head

How do you feel?
~ Like That

Describe where you currently live.
~ Smells Like Funk

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
~ Cali to New York

What’s your favorite form of transportation?
~ Bridging the Gaps

Your best friend is . . . ?
~ Shut Up

Your favorite color is . . . ?
~ Electric City

What's the weather like?
~ Like That

Favorite time of day?
~ Now Generation

If your life was a T.V. show, what would it be called?
~ Boom Boom Pow (and as a side note, LAWL! I'm tagging this...)

Your relationships?
~ Hot

Your fear?
~ Don't Phunk With My Heart

What is the best advice you have to give?
~ They Don't Want Music (I like this one -- it sounds deep! I may have to go listen to it.)

If you could change your name, you would change it to . . . ?
~ Imma Be

Thought for the Day?
~ Lets Get Retarded

How I would like to die:
~ Keep it Quiet and Stationary

My soul's present condition:
~ Rockin to the Beat

My motto:
~ I Gotta Feelin

What is life to you?
~ Party All the Time

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good to be Back

Okay. I have officially had all of my classes for Fall 2009 semester at least once now, but I still didn't feel like I was back in school mode til working a shift at the Honors desk. I am now working, however, my first graveyard shift -- and admittedly I was pretty tired on my way over here, dreading working and just wanting to sleep in my bed. But now that I'm here, and I get some alone time on my labtop, it's kinda nice to be "home."

So today's been pretty stressful, with some Circle K plans falling through requiring a last minute change that's going to prove cumbersome and annoying, and some financial aid problems, on top of overall financial problems -- I've just been pretty generically stressed lately. Oh! In response to my financial issues (ie: I'm only working 6 hours a week CAing. That's not gonna cut the mustard.) My possession of a car has [technically led me to conclude weeks ago] that I'm gonna get a real person job. My first choices would be American Eagle or Borders at Chapel Hill, so wish me luck!

On that note (I don't want to forget) I want to post a link to this funny website: Kempa.Com: The Barnes and Noble Experience. It's a list of funny experiences (not non-stop hilarity, but something to do on a boring night at the desk.) A friend from maaany years ago sent me that, and I laughed at it then, and still do today.

Lol, I like this guy's way of speech: Important: If you are buying something and the scanner doesn't work, and you say "Must be free!" and offer a shit-eating grin, well then shame on you. Presumably you believe the clerk is thinking: "Boy! what a silly guy! Perhaps his background is in improvisational comedy!" But you are wrong. Dead wrong. What the clerk is really thinking is: "If one more person says that today, I will attack with such ferocity that seasoned police officers will weep upon discovering the bloody remains."

BLAH! Another year of Awesome first impressions with the DM. A bunch of people were at the desk, and I asked her (passing) to see her card and she's like "I'm the DM..." and I'm like shit, I don't know what she looks like yet! So hopefully the asking for a card (showing my dedication to job) in some way balances out the negative ness. Ugggh, I need a diff job Fast.

Song of the Day: I dunno what it's called yet, but the lyrics go "I just want you to know.... I just want you to know... I just want you to know... how I feeeeeeeeeel..." it's from a comercial that plays when we try to watch full episodes of The Real World: Cancun on I'm even using Yahoo! Answers to try to identify it, cause my Verizon song ID does not work very well on my Blackberry Storm.

House Perk of the Day: I get to drink the healthy drinks I rarely got to drink before cause I just didn't have a fridge, like Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice, or Pineapple-Orange-Banana Juice. Also I'm too poor to buy Red Bull, which though I'm tired all the time, is probably adding several decades to the life expectancy of my liver.

Quote of the Day: Hahahahhahaha, okay, catching up on some Daily Show episodes, and there's one showing a "townhall meeting" with Barney Frank, King of the One-Liners. ie: people come to hear their politicians speak about Obama's healthcare plan, and can ask specific questions to clarify so the representative can best represent their area's interests.

Before I quote, remember that Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) is known for his wise cracks, and being entertaining - lol. (Also the first openly gay member of Congress.) To add to that, he's jewish.

"[Obama's plan is a Nazi healthcare plan]!? Why are you supporting it?"
"Let me, uh... when you ask me that question, I am going to revert to my ethnic heritage, and answer your question with a question: on what planet do you spend most of your time?"
[Jon Stewart: "Aparently a planet where a mixed race President and a gay Jew are considered Nazis..."]

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Nightmare

Woah. I think I had my first legitimate nightmare - good morning Andrew's Blog fans, I woke up at 9:36 am on my first day of classes after going to bed at 1:30 am. So since I'm awake and my first class is at 12:05, I think I'll detail it for you.

Set the scene: I was driving on an icy highway, it was getting dark, and apparently I was on my way to Grandpas. Not just icy either, it's really bad snowy but not currently snowing. All of a sudden...
I see a couple aurora borealis' in the night sky! Freaky! So I think I'll grab my camera from the glove compartment. Not large ones like this, but little waves that only exist for a second and not a bunch at once. I go to grab my camera from the glove compartment, which is brand new by the way!!!, and take pictures while driving (eek.) The road gets particularly bad, and since almost no ones on it I deside to pull over to take the pictures.
Having pulled over, there are three cops walking past cause also near where I pulled over was an accident. One of the cops was played by George Clooney! (lol, cameo on my TV show b a celeb! Nice!) The complained about foreigners driving, while my attempts to get a good picture failed.

Then the details get murky, but something about the aurora borealis doesn't seem right. Next I know its day time, there's no snow anywhere, I"m getting off at an exit for a redneck town with a boatshow at what used to be a stripmall. Turn around, opting not to purchase any homegrown corn, and get back on the highway. Once again, next I know I'm home -- but not really. It's my house, but there are two giant LCD Tv's on the wall next to each other and I guess it's the house of technology freaks. The two tech freaks, one resembling the ugly guy from Jurassic Park: Lost World (pictured below)......talks about how the Aurora Borealis did something in the world, don't remember the details, but he tries running some computer program after explaining that people on the internet have been talking and they don't like what they think. When suddenly his screen goes black and has huge green writing on it, and he shows a map of the world as he's typing vigorously trying to save his computer - because, as the map then shows, someone is turning Off the Internet across the planet! Anyway, the nightmaryish portion then ensues when the screen is taken over by whatever (my instinct is aliens, lol) and shows like, airplane diagrams...

Just Like those! Only, it's a video, of those airplane diagrams killing people in various, bloody, ways, occasionally altering gravity a little bit. (Like, the diagrams killing other diagrams, not the diagrams coming to life. But the instinctive feeling was the aurora borealis would in some way make that happen on air planes!) Like, people pushing seats up til the crush the person in front of them, or ramming their head repeatedly into windows til one smatters, or kicking people so they float in a straight line at the door which then opens. It was pretty graphic, considering I have primarily of G-rated dreams I think.

So, this is my interpretation of the origins of some of these elements: First, the airline diagram I got off a joke website, but it is a parody of the real diagram you get in your seat telling you how to safely respond in an emergency. This one is full of jokes. The stripmall, perhaps, may come from the fact yesterday I did a double take when the schoolbus parking lot was being used as an antique cars show! (While typing this, that came to mind at the exact second for some reason.) Oh, the airline thing obviously cause of my flights this summer. The Aurora borealis may come from the other day I watched the first episode of Digimon on VHS cause I was sitting around at home in the mood to do nothing, and in the first ep, weird weather (like snow in summer) and aurora borealis leads to them getting sucked to the DigiWorld. Don't ask me about George Clooney or Dinosaur guy. But the thing does remind me of Signs.

Or even more so of the new show this season "Flash Forward" where the entire human population faints for like 3 minutes or something, I dunno, the comercials look kind of interesting. (My least favorite writer from Star Trek is one of the creators >>;) I dunno! You feel free to interpret my dream and tell me what it means. Hopefully its not precognitive, like the woman from Heroes, cause this summer I def don't want us all killing each other if the internet died.

Song of the Day: "Not Fair" by Lily Allen. Found this on one of the CD's Amanda made for me. It's apparently (though didn't realize this til after I liked it) about a girl whose boyfriend is great and nice and awesome, but lousy in bed. Haha, that music video is strange... designed to look like a 70's TV show I guess.

Quote of the Day: "Mint WHORE!" - Sarah to Brit, after she asked for more mints at Olive Garden; this was WHILe the waiter was still right above us - lol.

"Ya know what, I'm over it!" - Girl on The Real World who's crazy, Ayiiia I think.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Touched by 'Angels and Demons'

Rather than take advantage of the fact I get to sleep ridiculously in tomorrow morning, I am staying up late doing stupid things on the interweb :?

So ...Saturday night, saw Angels & Demons with Kayla and Sarah in the Student Union theater, and it was actually an awesome movie! Good suspense, writing, dialogue, acting, idea, effects! It is ten times better, IMO, than the recent Harry Potter and Transformers combined. (Both combined, btw, would probably be about 3 days long...) The plot twists even had me going "Wow!" and they made sense too! My favorite part about it was that it actually promote the Catholic church, without doing so in a preachy way. I cannot IMAGINE why any catholic would boycott this film, or make any fuss expect tell everyone to go see it -- this film did more to promote the Catholic church than the church has done in my lifetime. In an age when most people of rational thought question the larger churches only to be scorned for doing so, most people I know turn away from religion for the most part. With certain exceptions of course. But even my mom had to stop going when there was a sermon on how to vote in the 2004 election.

I won't get into a rant. The official Vatican newspaper even noted, regarding the film's making Catholicism look good rather than bad: [they] called the film "harmless entertainment," giving it a positive review and acknowledging "The theme is always the same: a sect versus the church, [but] this time, the church is on the side of the good guys." Lol. At one point in the movie, I even said "I'd convert to a church that...[described the Catholic Church in the movie.]" but I can't tell you or I'd ruin the ending.

OH! In other news, I am out of my "Pokemon" week phase and am now temporarily obsessed with "The Real World." Haha, I've watched the first three episodes, and the 9th, of the current (22nd) Season. We're already picking people that remind us of each other and ourselves, I'm the black girl - lol.

Okay, off to my first day of school tomorrow, two classes, one with Kim and Kayla, the other is Japanese! WOop Woop!

Quote of the Day: "tickle-me-pissed" - like tickle me pink, when someone says they are so pissed about something but display only utter happiness. (Sarah made this up, used to describe the Real World.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing Exciting

Been too busy doing nothing lately to really post a blog unfortunately. But to summarize, I've been moving things (veeeery slowly) into my off-campus house in Akron. Attended the Presidents Retreat at Akron, for Presidents of all the student organizations on campus. That was not incredibly productive, but I went :P Also have 2 shifts scheduled, I'm gonna need to find another one though. Hey Ed Boyd of Garfield Heights is on this Tri-C commercial! Yay Garfield Heights.

Haha, so I've been in a Pokemon mood lately - playing the old pokemon game on my gameboy and making those fun references I'm so known for. The other day, me, Kyuhun, Van der Kamp, Sarah, Panda and the Akron-ers went to "Mike's Place" restaurant and then played Laser Tag. Laser Tag was a lot of fun! lol, and for the last of 3 rounds we [well most of us] picked Pokemon names, lol. I was my favorite Pokemon, Bulbasaur then some people were what, Vulpix, Squirtle, Eevee, Jigglypuff. Haha, oooh pokemon...

So on my to-do list is, among other things, is planning Spring Break 2010! After watching "The Real World: Cancun" the other day, it reminded me of the time I watched "From Justin to Kelly" about Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson's really bad singing-dancing over spring break romantic musical, considered one of the worst movies of all time. Why is Mike of Dirty Jobs advertising Ford dealerships? [Update: Never mind, seems he's been doing it since 2006. Darn, my 0 button is starting to stick.]

Anyway, so it's my job to find out where to have the 2010 Spring break. Cause it's gonna be awesome this year! ><;; I'll be 21 n.n I think my next post, if I do it when I think I'll do it, is gonna be on my Spring Break research. Oh, history error of the day: Aunt Linda asking me about "Parker Rose" for my Alabama trip. I was of course very confused until I figured out she meant "Rosa Parks."

As for spring break, hint hint: I'm researching locations based on this season of "The Real World."

Random picture of the Day:
Random guide to Women, thanks to How I Met Your Mother.

Song of the Day: Yeah, this is kind of a waste of a song of the day I suppose, but Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say". For all intents and purposes, its Poker Face again by Lady Gaga. But it also features Kanye West. We've been calling the song "Poke Her Face" (the main lyrics) but I guess that's not the actual name. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to reference other recent pop songs...

"Hold up... Born In '88...
How Old Is That...
Old Enough.
I Got Seniority, With The Sorority
So, That Explains Why I Love College
Getting Brain In The Library Cuz I Love Knowledge"

{another lyric}

"She Said She Want Whatever She Like
But You Gotta Bring Your Friend
And We Can Have One Hell Of A Night
Through The Day
She Blamed It On The Al-A-A-Al-A-Alcohol"

Quote of the Day:
"She's out of his league."

"He's not even in a league, he's just a kid with a bat and a ball and a football helmet..." - Charlie regarding his brother on Two and a Half Men.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ya know, considering the number of things that went wrong (in hindsight) my day was actually going very good for most of it. The weekend in general even. Got my housing stuff straightened out, the key to the house, and now all that's left is to move my stuff in (a bed - in particular.) Had dinner at House of Hunan II (the first one is still missing somewhere...) which was cool, got to see Erin and Will and Dan who I haven't seen in a while! (Kat I saw at ICON, kinda ruining the "welcome back Kat" theme for me.) But it was cool.

Today went shopping at WalMart for some house stuff. Bought my two favorite parts of the house so far: a boat painting to put above the couch at Goodwill, as a reference to the Simpsons! (Pause: Haha, sorry, got distracted looking at Google Images of Simpsons couch gags to illustrate my point.)
Hahaha, it shall be awesome! Marge actually said in an episode that she painted that boat painting. Which is why I love the really tiny canon-point in the movie where above their bed in Alaska is another boat painting signed "Marge". Anyway: so yes, now we have a boat painting! And also the Dollar Tree had die-cuts of things for Teachers, and Patsy found me one of Mt. Rushmore and the 4 Presidents on its' profiles: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and: TEDDY ROOSEVELT! omg, I can't wait to Put Teddy's head on my door. Best Dollar Spent Ever.

Back to the Simpsons. So while googling for an image of the boat painting, I found This Awesome Blog from 2007 of somebodies. I hope with this shout out I'm giving him or her, they don't mind me taking a pic or two to show you because it's AWESOME! Back in the 90's as a promotion for The Simpsons, they recreated the Simpsons' house in Henderson, Nevada. I've never seen too many pics of it done (save a few shots on a special features feature on a Simpsons DVD) but this blog has some cool pics of it!


Song of the Day: Hm, well, the song 96.5 plays appears to be "I'm in Cleveland Trick" - which isn't actually a song. It's, first, a bowdlerized form of "I'm in Miami Bitch" -- and then it's a 'the artist came to Cleveland and recorded a slightly different line that they now use cause they think they're awesome." So God only knows what the real song is like! But I digress.

So "I'm in Miami Trick" by LMFAO is what I'm gonna go with. Okay, so I guess they wrote that song a year ago and its just popular now. Add to that, their music video got removed from Youtube for Nudity. They released another version of the music video, buts its boring and not at all popular on Youtube; rather some kids from Montana made a version which has way more hits than the actual singers' video. Now THAT's entertaining! The video itself is not all that entertaining. ...haha, one of them remind me Sean actually.

:/ its so entertaining actually it outspaces on my blog the whole reason I like this song, which is the awesome line that gets stuck in my head all the time:

"Anna wants it bad she's got some big kahunas
But I say I'll be back gotta get some more Coronas..."


Perk of Having Housemates: I came home this morning to them making waffles!

Word of the Day: Ricest: a person who claims one color of rice (ie: white rice) is better than another (ie: fried rice.)

Random Pictures that entertain me:
Teddy Snow-sevelt!
"Cartoon Wars"
HEEELL NO! They didz not just use Teddy's ghost (or perhaps he's beaming in, it's not clear) to support SARAH PALIN! Muh' f**kers! They also manage to ignore the fact that he served also as Assistant Secretary to the Navy, a famed Colonel in the Spanish-American War, Director of the U.S. Civil Service, and he was in the New York State Legislature.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Sure ICON was half a week, but I don't like doing back-blogs (covering things a week old) so I'm going to condense the story. The Ohio district of Circle K (represented by about a dozen, mainly District Officers) went to Birmingham, Alabama and long story short -- we got everything we wanted to get done, done! Jason Stewart of Wooster, Ohio was elected International CKI President! WOO! 54% I think, and then 14% No Confidence, and 32% went to Alex of Florida. We also got the Vice President we wanted, and practically all the amendments we wanted to pass passed. Granted, one of them we negotiated on due to a mishap on an amendment from last year!

But yes, overall the trip was alot of fun! Spent alot of time making fun of things with Katie and Clay, and often Kat. (I always manage to form groups wherever I go.)

[ be continued...]

Quotes of the Trip: I played catchphrase in the Alabama presidential sweet (they were hosting) twice, and it was a TON of fun! I made some good friends in that room. And it of course produced some awesome quotes, lol.

(I don't remember the word, but a previous clue had something to do with a knife so it was fresh on our mind.)
Alabaman asker: "Something you kill someone with..."
Everyone: "Knife...gun"
Katie (at same time): "Chainsaw!!! Hanger!!! Wire!!!"
Everyone: *pause to awkwardly stare at Katie* (XD!!!)

(next one, same Alabaman actually. We already guessed the first word "Body", second word...): "When someone goes on a killing spree, they call it a ___."
Someone eventually guesses: "Massacre! Body...massacre?"
Alabaman: "YES!" *pass to me*
Guy looking over her sholder: "...that says body massage."
*everyone cracks up*

Song of the Day: "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson featuring Ne-Yo and Kanye West. This song was trapped in my head a buncha times over my Alabama trip. I like that they say "OMG!" in the song, lol.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the Road Again...

Off to International Convention! Rather than fly, me and J.K. decided it would be cheaper to drive to Birmingham, Alabama and it would give us the opportunity to visit historical sites along the way. Also, I don't believe he's a big fan of flying. I was okay with the idea, and can't pass up an adventure like that! So I drove the 2 hours to C-Bus, and then he drove the rest of the way to Nashville, Tennessee.Unfortunately, due to other matters in my life including but not limited to ASG's increased complications about taking out the Visa and picking up my Korean at the airport, our in between-travel time was cut short. So in reality, we only got to visit one historical site on the way down - 7th President, Andrew Jackson's House - The Hermitage.

That was alot of fun. I do love me historical sites. It had a small video right as you enter -- Oh! Let me rant for a minute that entry is 17$, 11$ for student, but Student does not mean college, just high school >>;;; Jason's AAA card got us 15$ rates which is better than full price I guuuess... But at the end of the day, my comment card was FILLed with how that system needs to change. So yes, the introductory video. It was narrated by :D Martin Sheen!!!

Me, Martin Sheen and Alex - from when he came to speak at Akron in 2008.

AhhH! Loved it. He, of course, played President Jed Bartlet on NBC's The West Wing, so a 20 minute documentarial video about Andrew Jackson was cool. Interestingly, there were only like 2 other voices used, Rachel's (Jackson's wife) and some politician describing Jackson. The voice portraying the politician describing Jackson was Rene Auberjonois - who played Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 n.n so there's my Star Trek reference of the road trip! (One always pops up.)

(The back of the house, the front is not easily photographable.)

The museum was good, as a history major I liked it - but I think most of my friends would find it boring. Got to see what a antebellum house looked like and how and why it operated. Like having sky blue painted rooms reflected light better, tall ceilings kept it cooler in the Tennesee summers, etc. Jackson's legacy of course is that he fought the Second Bank of the United States and won, making sure a bank didn't have control over the federal government, and could not be owned by foreign interests. (His face is now, famously, on the 20$ bill.)

Quote of the Day:
"What kind of wall paper is this?"
- Touring person
"It's a design that was popular in the day, "ugly"." - Tourguide in Period Clothing

Song of the Day: "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship. Played on Jason's satalite radio, I have some how managed to not hear this too many times since getting back from Korea but it was on the "Top 20 National Hits" station. I like it. Haha, I like Cobra Starship's two other semi-hits, the snake one from Snakes on a Plane (which launched them to pseudo-national fame.) Then there's a song the Sailor Moon parody series on Youtube uses as Sailor Jupiter's trasformation song - "The Church of Hot Addiction" (" love is electric...")

Remarkable Observations:
The Hermitage is still an active farm, and there are roosters and donkeys. I actually saw a donkey in the distance, from right next to the Presidents tomb.

One of Jackson's historical downfalls is that he did have slaves, and didn't really do anything to stop slavery; from his point of view it was acceptable. But he did lay the groundwork for the civil rights movement in a way: the supporters of Jackson were the first example of a people that could have thrown the government into civil war based on differing opinions with the political elite. Rather than do so, they formed a new political party (Jacksonian Democrats) and fought the wrongs from inside the system, a method many other factions have used successfully in our great nations history.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Burn Out

Lately the car has a little coolant light that is on for the first minute while I'm driving, but goes off every time. Still, I'm thinking I probably need to add more coolant. Yet, I imagine the car overheating just on my way down the street, the engine getting explosively hot and smoke/steam coming out of the hood like the stereotypical image. Aside from the car, that's how I've felt lately.

Too much is going on, my life is too exciting - wow, things I'd never thought I'd say. What I wouldn't give for a lazy day [correction: week] to sit around and do nothing, because no one can hang out, and I don't have anything to get done. They say jetlag lasts 1.5 days for every timezone change. I passed through, um, 12. Yeah, I've still been feeling the effects of the day of airports coming back from Korea, to top that off I've been hanging with friends too often screwing with my sleep scheduel. I stayed up all night the other day, I don't even remember why!? And spent the last three days camping in far less than perfect sleeping conditions. Even now, it's 3:25 am but I have packing to do for Alabama before I wake up too early in the morning.

I am spent, exhausted, I just want to relax. It doesn't help that everything going on is in fact quite stressful. Tomorrow (today) I leave for Alabama, to go to the International-Convention ("ICON") of Circle K. I've changed the plans slightly to shorten the driving trip, cause I need to get as much done in as little time as possible. But it looks like the plan is get something from Sarah's early in the morning; drive to Akron, deliver papers (because of ridiculous beauracracy slow-down issues); drive to Columbus; then probably drive to Nashville where I'm expecting we'll stay the night. Then it's off to 4 days of business attire fun (jk) in the sunny humid Birmingham, Alabama.

As for the camping trip, it went alright- the first day was a little stressful, but that was probably just because so many people with so many opinions it was hard to coordinate everything with everyone. Still, I think camping was a bit more roughing it than some of the others were expecting. But the second day went awesomely! Me, Sarah, Dan and Brit had an awesome time canoeing, randomly road tripping to Pittsburgh, and hiking through the woods! Aw, if only we could'a rented a horse for the horse trail! We ended up getting pretty much the most Primitive site on the parkgrounds, which was cool, but I would have prefered somewhere we could park a little bit closer to. The second day, we were the only ones in like our whole little camping-street! It was awesome :D

Mom vastly misunderstanding how exhausted I am, and how much actual important work I have to do: "So, have you had time to read [President Obama's] health care plan?"

Quotes of the Weekend:
"Give Brittany a flashlight, and... .......... .... ...."
"Your joke is set to expire in 5...3, 2, 1.. BZZT. Joke expired!" - Me
"Aw, Dam* it!"
- Sarah goes to make a joke about Brit, but finds herself at a loss for a metaphor

"Hello would you like to try our new Chocolate Latte Shake?" - McDonalds
"Uh, No thank you." - Sarah
... ... ... ... ... (two minutes go by)
"Hello?" - Sarah
"Hello." - McDonalds.
- Lol, oh man, Drive-Thru fail! They didn't answer after we told them no to something, and then were all happy and random-- forget to take our order much? We all had a good laugh about that.

Ross: "Yeah, your probably gonna need the hammer to get those stakes out, they're in there pretty good I mean they were able to hold the tent in pretty good with all that rain. Yeah, I'll get the hammer in a sec and take those out... {continues talking about getting the hammer, while Kayla, Jess and Sarah actually take the tent down. I then proceed to walk around the tent, pulling the stakes out by hand, before he's done talking about going to get the hammer.} - lol, that was kind of a funny thing.