Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween & IKEA

Busy weekend ahead -- slept through the service project this morning, but I'm not sure I actually signed up for it, plus that playground has been cleaned at least twice in the last month and I don't use the McDonalds coupons they give us anyway.

Today I have to major food shop with mom, get lunch, go campaigning and to a Halloween party with the campaign, make my costume (Still not sure what I'm being at this point!) and somehow make it to Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Then after that it's off to a Halloween shindig with Jen and Patsy.

Then tomorrow afternoon: I have a Roman Republic report to write, and a Internship book report to write due Monday. Ugh, think I'm going to reserve myself for 'stay at home' work -- unless some campaign stuff comes up perhaps.

Song of the Day: "We Found Love" by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris. Off the album Talk That Talk I believe. Hehe, okay, so first of all you need to know that the chorus of this song is "We fell in love in a hopeless place." But they repeat it so much in the song, that if you listen to it too intently, you start to hear other things. Such as yesterday, when I was stuck in rush hour traffic (the second time that day...) because of an accident on Route 8 (the second time that day!) this came on and I had to chuckle thinking of the lyrics as "We fell in love in a home display..." Which kind of reminds me of [500] Days of Summer when they frolic around an IKEA, or that Fireflies parody where he frolics around an IKEA, or ya know, just generally frolicing around an IKEA. If I were to write a parody of this song, it would definitly be about IKEA.

Hm, the nearest IKEA is in Pittsburgh... I wonder if we could get one in Garfield, Stow, or Akron/Cleveland? Economic Development!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Abandoned Sigma Nu House

Baaah, crazy week. This has been a very ASG heavy week, weak on CKI and other things unfortunately. I think Monday alone I completed like, 8+ office hours -- while I am only paid for 4 a week. Got home from the Safety Walk tonight around 10:10 PM. On the bright side, the safety walk went were few others have gone before -- the Abandoned ΣΝ House on campus! It was nice to breathe in that moldy air, with bad lighting, I was completely in my element!

Above is the last rubber tree in Akron - the primary reason (apparently) the University hasn't torn the building down yet. Haha, there's something strange about being able to explore an abandoned building on official business! :D

Sigma Nu's logo on a wall inside. I found the minutes actually, where the Board of Trustee's bought the house for over $400,000.

Shady bathroom.

This is pretty awesome actually, the fireplaces in here were classy! I personally would like to see them convert the building into a residence hall or office space.

On the right is the front door to the building, boarded up; we had to get in another way.

Not even sure what this room was. But I think one thing is sure: I need go buy myself a new camera as soon as possible :( my phone does not cut it in the dark.

Website of the Day: -- Apparently this is where all of the internet's memes come from, lol. My personal favorite concept is the "Philosoraptor"...

Alright, as you can see, this blog is pretty content light. Hopefully I'll have more to talk about tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleepin-up Service

Bright and early Saturday morning in Akron was Make a Difference Day. Circle K, I don't even know how many years we've been doing this -- something like 3 to 5. Got to be a Transportation assistant again and once again had a lot of fun! Especially since my bus only had to transport 2 groups of 4, and both projects were relatively near the University. So this was actually a really easy project - and I may try to get a group of CKI alumni next year together to volunteer as a public group.

Lets see, what happened Saturday? Went over Patsy's and watched the first episode of the old animated X-Men! Talk about an awesome day! The theme song was stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. We had a lot of fun mocking the various scripts, concepts and imagery of it.

Then I'm pretty sure we came back to the condo so I could change or something, and Panda joined us, and we went to a corn maze in Peninsula with Erin & Joe. I didn't know there was a corn maze there! It was really cool, and they had really good apple cider, and gigantic pumpkins the likes of which I'd never seen - but Erin being from farmland just called me "cityfolk." After that we went to Peninsula looking for a good time (cause on the way there, we passed what seemed to be a very active celebration - we figured a festival or something!) Turns out it was just a wedding, haha.

So we went to Fairlawn Winking Lizard for dinner, more good times were had, then went down to the Valley for more good times! New favorite drink: Rocket Pop! It's red at the bottom, clear/white in the middle, and blue on top! And so tasty too! Had a bit too many of those, some blue drinks, beers, and the lot of us went to bed at Erin's at like 3+ am?

Ugh, 2 hours later, we woke up to come to my place, where Jen and Panda waited while I showered and got ready for another day of CKI. This time, cleaning up a hotel at Cedar Point to fund-raise.

Quote of the Day: While exploring the Corn Maze, there were many Halloween decorations all over the place, including several of the same "haunted" looking scary black cats. While taking the picture above, one moved --
"AHHHH! That cat was real..." - Joe, Panda and everyone just kind jump scared out of their wits as an actual black cat runs off. WTF?! lolz....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoppin' pre-Exhaustion

Well, I'm worried if I don't type this out now I'll end up forgetting and this past weekend will go unrecorded. So lets see, starting Friday I think -- Panda texted me "I need to go shopping, like now." So drove up to Garfield to hang with her after my morning of meetings and schoolwork.

Panda's headbands, becoming her new trademark (replacing the Panda theme)
Reminds me of me and my rainbow button-up shirts!

Yay for Shopping with Panda. That is like, one of my favorite things to do - thank you consumerism! Every time I go clothes shopping with Panda I think of Patsy's voice saying "Whenever I see Panda, she always looks so cuuute!" and it's not even with a particularly funny inflection but I just think its funnier than it really is - haha. But yeah, that took a couple of hours, I didn't really find that much that appealed to me unfortunately. Except: I finally found a new pair of dress shoes!!! My old ones were like, a size (or 2) too big, so my feet always felt (and looked) weird in them. But these are perfect! Usually, while I've been on the look out for new dress shoes, they are either too tight and uncomfortable, or far too expensive (most over a hundred dollars.) These were the perfect price, the perfect fit, and design, Love'm. Other than that, not much bought unfortunately.
"Bowties are cool."
 But Panda wanted to come out to Akron for Dinner with Patsy for some reason, lol, so we went out to Johnny Malloy's and got drinks and had a good time! Went only a little later than expected, I still slept in until 6:30 the next morning when I wanted to wake up at 5am -- to be at Make a Difference Day by 6:30am. I managed to speed-shower and dress and get there pretty quickly though, and I was still fairly early I'd say. So started my EXHAUSTING weekend...

Quote of Friday: At the store I bought the shoes, I found a pair of gloves that you can operate a touch-screen phone through. I pointed it out to Panda while a sales associate was nearby...
"Hm, gloves you can use your touch screen with." -- Me.
"That's stupid. If I had to use my phone I'd just take my clothes off, er, glov--"
(We both start laughing)

Picture of the Day: Bahahaha, stole this from my cousin on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Costume Time 2011

Hm, I'm behind on coming up with a Halloween costume. I'm kind of leaning towards The Doctor from Doctor Who, but that's really just cause I want a reason to buy his tie.

If I was going to the 504 girls' party (which switched from Simpsons to Disney theme at some point), I think I would have tried a Army Guy from Toy Story. But as you can imagine, I don't plan on going to that. But still, I have Circle K Trick or Treat for UNICEF, maybe Boo at the Roo, and whatever me & the others do instead of said party.

While googling though, I have found a few other costumes I'm not considering -- but look awesome none the less.
 Optimus Prime...out of Beer Boxes!

Alright, not gonna lie, this (and other coins) have not been ruled out...

OMG, I like this one! Only not these two characters. But a lego-version of something could be really awesome... I think I'll be investigating this tonight. Well, off to a Chamber of Commerce luncheon! Haha, love my life.

5 Things I learned at Lion King 3D

(retroactive back-blogging)

Even though it's been [it was] my day to relax, I've been pretty stressed for a number of different reasons. Mom is a few of the reasons. And she insisted on asking me a dozen times to go see Lion King in 3D with her, and figuring this would be my last chance to see it in theaters  -- I finally gave in. Annoying-ness aside, I haven't watched Lion King (paying attention) in like 15+ years - and I didn't really remember most of it, enough of it to appreciate seeing it again.

After the previews for bad upcoming movies, there were several things I learned:

1. Scar is Jafar. It's like the exact same character. I had to google to confirm they're not the same voice actor (their not - Scar is Jeremy Irons, Jafar is Jonathan Freeman.) The whole story is really just Aladdin had Jasmine been a boy.

2. James Earl Jones has the most epic voice in history. Seriously, he is like the best narrator in history. In fact, I think he is the voice of God in my head. He should narrate the bible. I asked around the ASG office, and most people said that Morgan Freeman was the voice of God in their head, interesting fact, lol. I love that the voice of God in most people is a black man.

3. Deforestation in Africa may not just be a result of human interference, but could be an effect of bad leadership on the part of the Lion-Government.

4. Monkey's can control the weather. Speaking of monkeys, is DisneyNature a real thing? Because they're making a movie called "Chimpanzees" which is the "real life story" of a chimpanzee left to be raised by some other chimpanzee and it looks ridiculous.

5. Hakuna Matata is not as awesome as people think it is. They make it sound like "no worries" is a great, easy way to live - and I think many members of our generation have lived their life by this. *Coughdavidcough* But as Nala points out, you can't just run away from your responsibilities. Go Nala! That's my life right there, wish I had more time for fun, but a bunch of responsibilities abound...

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Two Favorite Celebs!

Remarkable Fact of the Day: Hillary Clinton attended a Lady Gaga concert yesterday!!! Granted, this was a concert in honor of Bill's birthday. Still!

Video of the Day: Amanda showed me this today, apparently when Sailor Moon first came to America they wanted to make it a part-Live Action/part-Animated show, with a number of differences from the original version. (African-American sailor, and moon-windsurfers for everyone! Even Sailor Jupiter, in a wheelchair!) It is comically 90's-looking, with it's large Blossom-hats, bad dancing and hair, and denim overalls. Needless to say, thankfully they just dubbed over the original animation...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gamera Shopping

Phew, after a busy weekend of Circle K's Fall Rally - had a fun day in Garfield shopping at Pat Katan's, Parma Town Mall and Best Buy. Started with a 10$ Best Buy gift certificate, and ended up buying a Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD (The Gamera Collection of 5 movies), a double-Scooby Doo 1 & 2 Blu-ray and a tape measure. (Thinking of buying a PS3 since my laptop's bluray player is kinda annoying.)

So long story short, I spent a bit more than I'd hoped -- hehe. Got home around 10, now I'm watching a Gamera movie before bed and class in the morning at 8:50a.

Oh boy, Gamera is an old Japanese movie series... similar to Godzilla. Except he's a turtle... who's arms and legs can turn into jet rockets. And he seems to have a friendship with this kid, Kenny. In regards to MST3K history though, these 5 movies in the series represent a period when it went from a cheesy local TV show to a new level of better writing in the 1993 season. So I def look forward to watching them this week if I can find enough of time, haha. I'm thinking one a day or so.

This collectors set also stands out because it has 5 DVDs when all the other MST3K movie sets have four. It also comes with these little collectable MST3K posters that I have now a bunch of, and need to find a way to use or display.

Remarkable Info: Most Pirated films of all time
  1. Avatar (21 million downloads)
  2. The Dark Knight (19 million downloads)
  3. Transformers (19 million downloads)
  4. Inception (18 million downloads)
  5. The Hangover (17 million downloads)
  6. Star Trek (16 million downloads)   [WooHoo!] 
  7. Kick-Ass (15 million downloads)
  8. The Departed (14 million downloads)
  9. The Incredible Hulk (14 million downloads)
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (14 million downloads)

Quote of the Day:
"Kenny, I know how much you love your turtle. But there are other things in life just as important, like having friends! You don't want to live alone do you? ....if you get rid of the turtle, Daddy will get you anything at all!" - Kenny's parents, Gamera (Mystery Science Theater 3000)

"Tibby? Tibby?"  -  Kenny (his turtle, now missing, is named "Tibby.")
"or not To-Be..."  -  MST3K Commentators.

Song of the Day: "You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship, ft. Sabi. Meh, average song, but I'm glad Cobra Starship has not disapeared and is still making popular music after they appeared on the scene with Snakes on a Plane. Bahaha@Product Placement. "Bing for iPad" pretty much says it all... The music video's not really anything all that special, thought it does give me an idea for a way to bring Polaroid back from the brink of bankruptcy (or is that Kodak?) They should try to sell new mall-print machines, that have internet access and can get updates constantly like cellphones. And you can enter your cell number, or email or something, and it'll send the pic to you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Responcibilities and a Hawaiian Fish

So today wasn't hugely exciting. Woke up early for class (not early enough, arrived 10 minutes late) I just can't seem to adapt to classes that early! It's killin me I tell ya, don't know how I'll do real school someday.

Did some ASG stuff in the office, a lot of what I do this semester is responding to stuff on a never ending list of things to take care of. It's hard to get too motivated and excited. Worked on some research for saving a Rubber Tree, and safety concerns being the chair of that committee. Then it was off to lunch with Danielle and Brit actually and that was a lot of fun cause I haven't seen her in forever! We went all the way up to Macedonia, got Chipotle, discussed some aspects of her relationship -- and what trip to Macedonia with Danielle would be complete without the obligatory stop at Walmart!

After that meeting with the College of Education on Student Success; that is always interesting, and by far one of my favorite committee assignments. Then came back up here to watch a series of City Council committee meetings; that went from 5:30 until like 8. They're considering putting in a new retirement home right next to my house, so a bunch of people from my part of town were there complaining about one thing or another. Mom and I are fairly indifferent, and haven't really experienced the problems the other residents mentioned having. (Loud, noisy passers by; light pollution; speeding cars...)

The rest of my night, unfortunately, is bogged down in Circle K stuff and other assorted "responsibility" emails. I may whine because I'm whiny, but I am quite thankful for my responsibilities and must never run away from them. My responsibilities have allowed me to surpass those that have held me back. Even if that means I don't get to explore as many abandoned buildings, or road trip as often as I like, these last few years have been a journey of exponential personal betterment and it is because of the tasks I have been given and the jobs I have volunteered for.

Song of the Day: My favorite fish is the Humuhumunukunuku apua'a, the state fish of Hawaii. (Because it was briefly glimpsed as a joke in an episode of Star Trek.) I know there is an old '50s-era song about it, and I thought I heard it the other day watching Dirty Dancing but it wasn't it. Today I googled Humuhumunukunuku apua'a -- and what did I find?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Sunday: Beyoncé's Revenge!

So the list of movies I have to watch for one reason or another has been growing and the list of movies I've been watching has screeched to a halt - so since I have a last day to myself before hell week, I think I'm going to take most of today to watch some of these movies (and of course, critique them.)

Hm, interesting juxtaposition in the movie poster of white and black. Subtle racial themes!?
The first movie on my list is "Obsessed" starring Beyoncé and Ali Larter (who played Niki Sanders, and her various alter egos on Heroes.) They actually advertised it back when Heroes was on, and for some reason it stuck out in my head last time I was at Blockbuster trying to find a movie -which was um, a fair number of weeks ago. So I got to get this watched and returned.

The Plot: Beyoncé and this guy have a perfect marriage, newborn, and a new house - but there's this hot blonde temp at work (Ali Larter) who is clearly trying to seduce Mr. Beyoncé. And not normal seduce, like crazy stalker seduce. Right now she's thumbing through his CD collection in his work desk, bribing his gay assistant with cocktails to learn more about the office's personal life. (Mmm, meanwhile I'm enjoying some steak and cheesy-broccoli rice!)
Quote of the Day: "...alot of these single gals see the workplace as their hunting ground, and this one has got you in her crosshairs."
- co-worker to Mr. Beyoncé. Haha, this is similar to what I tell Patsy, Panda and the other single ladies (no pun intended) - once you graduate work is the only place to find eligible single-folk. Cause no one you meet at a bar is going to be all that high-quality.

During the DVD previews though, there was movie that seemed potentially interesting: The Stepfather (  -- which looks like they're using the same house (and plot) as Disturbia.

(Still watching the movie.) Oh shyt, Beyoncé is pissed now. This is where it gets good! Man, that is one dumb assistant. Omg, a Beyoncé fightscene is the most awesome thing ever. We need to get her in Kill Bill Vol. 3. Hm, maybe I'll watch that today. Wow, movies over-- this was actually a really good entertaining movie! I was worried it was going to be too-Tyler Perry, but it was great! Highly recommended. (Glad I can finally return this movie...)

But anyway, a recent conversation at my internship lead to the homework assignment of watching several 80's movies to bring me up to speed on quotes and references; including but not limited to: Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, "really any John Hughes films..." Wow, coincidentally -- Jen just notified me that Dirty Dancing is on ABC Family right now. How convenient!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stow Jewelery/Gold Cat Burglar

WWVMD? What would Veronica Mars do? There appears to be a series of cat burglaries in Stow, people breaking in and stealing jewels, gold, etc. A dead soldier's stolen cross has made major local news actually. If Veronica Mars was here, dare I say, she'd be out there solving these cases right now! And as one of my heroes, I thought I'd take a look at what the news said to see if I had any major epiphanies (that the officials had somehow missed)...

Man Pleads for Return of Fallen Soldier's Necklace

Gold military cross of soldier killed in Iraq stolen from dad; 'I just want it back'

Then there was another story in the Stow Sentry about $46,000 in jewelry going stolen! It's like something out of Batman, I tell ya. Hm, solving mysteries is hard.

In other news, I am loving my internship a lot and had a blast this weekend!

Song of the Day: Haha, after posting the "Video of the Day" below I found this -- so retroactivly putting in a Song of the Day as well. "PhotoShop Rap" by College Humor.

Quote of the Day: Haha, after a night out filled with "snarky comments" -- I was asked:
"Are you old enough to be drinking?" - D.
"Yes, I'm 22 actually. Are you old enough to be drinking D.?" (Eh hem, she was, lol)
"That was a pretty snarky comment!" - S.
"Actually, it was a pretty flattering comment." - T.
"It was a double entendre! Points for being both snarky and flattering at the same time." - S.

Video of the Day: Care of college humor, here's a funny clip parodying Jurassic Park featuring the real actor that played the Lawyer haha!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Part Where Everything Changes...

Phew, well, it's been a turbulent few weeks I gotta say. For those random international people who seem to follow my blog, and I greatly appreciate you, you should know that my girlfriend and I have split up after just over 2 years. While I'm sure I shouldn't expect her to follow this blog anymore, I still don't think it appropriate to go into the dirty details of that kind of thing in a public forum.

Star Trek (Original Series) Stage Plan for Sets

But The TV Show that is my Life seems to be having some kind of exciting arc or something. We've got characters leaving the show, old recurring characters having an increased role, and a whole bunch of sets that have been scrapped (hopefully to make way for new sets.) In addition to preferring not to go over Sarah's house anymore (to avoid the awkwardness of running into the guy I presume she'll be dating soon) - I have quit my job as a CA in the residence halls. That's two long standing sets, I'm hoping we're making room for new places and not just losing a warehouse due to low viewership!

Still haven't found our "How I Met Your Mother" bar setting... heck, now even our character set is in flux!

I dunno, I feel this air of change in my life isn't done yet. I'm hoping the next changes will be positive, however. I'm also feeling the urge to go on more adventures -- which have been increasingly difficult to fit in my time these past two years. But if I don't have time for adventure, what have I time for?

Stay tuned for new characters, plot twists, character arcs and hopefully permanent set pieces in my life!

Quote of the Day: After leaving my last CA shift today, my boss' boss (who I sent my letter of resignation to) ran into me outside the building - and we chatted briefly about my last CA shift.

"I hope I conveyed I didn't hate anyone in Honors or anything, it was just time for a life re-shuffling."
"No, you're fine! Tell me you want the job back, and I'd hire you back tomorrow."

I love ResLife! My boss and her boss are both awesome, and I could tell they had a really high opinion of me and were sad to see me go. In fact, the day I asked about resigning my boss was actually delivering me candy and pop because I was CA of the month -- heh :-/

Song of the Day: "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine (from Maroon 5). The video for this is pretty dull. The Maroon 5 guy doesn't quite look like what I would expect, but other than that no surprises. This song's pretty average too I gotta say. I like the idea of the metaphor thouhg, it reminds me of Beyonce's project!