Monday, October 10, 2011

Responcibilities and a Hawaiian Fish

So today wasn't hugely exciting. Woke up early for class (not early enough, arrived 10 minutes late) I just can't seem to adapt to classes that early! It's killin me I tell ya, don't know how I'll do real school someday.

Did some ASG stuff in the office, a lot of what I do this semester is responding to stuff on a never ending list of things to take care of. It's hard to get too motivated and excited. Worked on some research for saving a Rubber Tree, and safety concerns being the chair of that committee. Then it was off to lunch with Danielle and Brit actually and that was a lot of fun cause I haven't seen her in forever! We went all the way up to Macedonia, got Chipotle, discussed some aspects of her relationship -- and what trip to Macedonia with Danielle would be complete without the obligatory stop at Walmart!

After that meeting with the College of Education on Student Success; that is always interesting, and by far one of my favorite committee assignments. Then came back up here to watch a series of City Council committee meetings; that went from 5:30 until like 8. They're considering putting in a new retirement home right next to my house, so a bunch of people from my part of town were there complaining about one thing or another. Mom and I are fairly indifferent, and haven't really experienced the problems the other residents mentioned having. (Loud, noisy passers by; light pollution; speeding cars...)

The rest of my night, unfortunately, is bogged down in Circle K stuff and other assorted "responsibility" emails. I may whine because I'm whiny, but I am quite thankful for my responsibilities and must never run away from them. My responsibilities have allowed me to surpass those that have held me back. Even if that means I don't get to explore as many abandoned buildings, or road trip as often as I like, these last few years have been a journey of exponential personal betterment and it is because of the tasks I have been given and the jobs I have volunteered for.

Song of the Day: My favorite fish is the Humuhumunukunuku apua'a, the state fish of Hawaii. (Because it was briefly glimpsed as a joke in an episode of Star Trek.) I know there is an old '50s-era song about it, and I thought I heard it the other day watching Dirty Dancing but it wasn't it. Today I googled Humuhumunukunuku apua'a -- and what did I find?

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