Friday, October 22, 2010

Legislation Exacerbation

Well, it's been a busy month. And to be honest, I've just been too exhausted in my free time to blog! Even my Desk Manager at Honors has commented on how I haven't been as bubbly as I used to be this semester. But I'm enjoying the business, and the productivity it has spawned.

In ASG this past week, I got my second piece of legislation on the agenda (where most senators have yet to get their first.) My first one was Wind Turbines, the second: free parking on weekends. This was an easy thing, rather than weeks of research like with the wind turbines - this was just changing the policy to reflect what is enforced, and what most other Universities around do as well. We don't ticket for not showing a parking pass on weekends at the University of Akron, but out policy says we ticket 24/7 and visitors must pay 6$ to get into an unmanned lot. That's ridiculous, because no body uses the lot - everyone parks in the deck - but if someone did Want to follow the rules, they would be getting punished! Silliness I tell you. This signage on the picture above is misleading for a number of reasons... My goal is to have another "simple, logical" piece of legislation for the November 5th ASG meeting.

Well, I'm going to experiment with shorter more frequent blogs. But I do want to share this exciting fact the maintenance person just shared with me: the Honors Complex switched over to "Heating" today (as opposed to Air Conditioning) but someone forgot to turn all the valves or something. The Shirt-Shop, under the Honors Complex's vent system was spewing out 107° air!

I have a deep philosophical question for you: why is the degree symbol not on our keyboards, but symbols like ` and | is? I bet no one could even tell you what a | is! Oh. Well I guess the vertical bar is to signify absolute value. Well phewey. But mathematicians should not have domain over our laptop keyboards! Demand a degree symbol I tell you! And maybe even the euro logo.

Song of the Day: "Bones" by The Killers. I've been trying to expand my music based on individual songs I like, and this one popped out as one that I don't think was too popular that I liked. Other bands I've been looking into include Blue October. Oh, well there was a video so I guess it was some popular. *watches* ummmmm that was strange, though I suppose not entirely unexpected. Interesting.... um, wow. Now I'm thirsty.

Website of the Day: I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but Patsy beat me to it by a mere few hours - and I didn't want to seem like I was copying off her. But Catalog Living is by far one of the funniest things on the internet. This was cemented into law by the following video:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dogs Don't Know It's a Tie!

Omg. So I'm googling around as I often do, and I am having to physically restrain myself from buying...

It's just. So. AWESOME! Lol, but after a few wearings for shock and laugh value, I feel like there are few professional situations I could get away with wearing this to. I probably couldn't wear it to student teaching umm-ever. Internship. Job interview. ASG meetings, perhaps, if we had a vote on more Vegan options. See my dilemma? UGH! And there's a matching wallet...

The watch I could probably get away with. :( BUT NOW I WANT THE WHOLE SET...

You can imagine Why I want these bacon-inspired accessories...

Haha, Ohhh Lady Gaga... So funny story. The Key of Awesome's parody of Bad Romance jokingly referred to her crazy outfits and suggested she had a "...bathing suit made out of raw meat..." low and behold, almost a YEAR later it had come true! hahaha, I can't help but wonder if she got the idea from the Key of Awesome parodies. Well, this blog was low on substance I admit -- but high in cholesterol!

To make up for the content, I'm going to go with some BACON TRIVIA! America is one of the few countries that use the fatty underbelly of the pig to make bacon, in fact the bacon we all know as "bacon" is called "American style" elsewhere -- where little to no fat is used. In Italy, Bacon is not made in strips but cubes and is used to flavor cooking for it's fat similar to how we would use a cut of butter off a stick. Bacon comes from the German word Bacho, which means buttocks -- that of a pig obviously.

Video of the Day: Hehe, well I've been earning the nickname of the green Senator in ASG, and one of the members sent me this video from Britain's efforts to lower their carbon emisisons. I'm not sure if I find it morbidly funny, or if I should be a little scared. I mean, I don't really get British humor admittedly -- but is this a parody? I dun'getit.

Not What You Would Expect

So interesting weekend. Saturday night, Patsy, Kat, Brit, Sarah and I went and saw The Social Network. Hm. That was an interesting movie. It was a good drama, the plot was definitely interesting... but it's been advertised a bit more as a comedy than I would say. Having seen it, I hereby pronounce it "okay." If I could go back, I'd be okay renting it rather than seeing it in theaters. Having read the movie's Wikipedia article on the other hand, the reviewers apparently love it -- but what do they know. They're all giving it full scores (five out of five stars, 4 out of 4 thumb-ups, etc.) and calling it "the movie of the year." Um, I certainly hope not. It had its good parts, but it was pretty boring.

(Movie-actors on the left, Real folk on the right! Cite: This Blog.)

Reminds me of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" -- which was promoted as a horror/scary movie about an exorcism, but actually more closely resembled an episode of Law & Order, as it was mostly in a court room. Though to be fair, we went into this movie knowing it was going to be a movie about a website. .... -_-

So I called mom the other night, and she mentioned that she had bought a microphone for the laptop so she could record herself playing the clarinet to put onto Youtube. x_x While I fully respect mom's legit impressive self-teaching of how to play the Clarinet from a point of no formal training, I do believe, I don't get her goal of trying to put the videos on Youtube. But the more frusterating part of that is THE LAPTOP HAS A BUILT IN MICROPHONE ><;;;;;

She didn't ask me, David, or the laptop's own Help search bar how to use that microphone, but just assumed when she recorded video that (probably because the sound was muted...) she couldn't hear herself. Oh mother. Anyway, hung out with Amanda and Danielle today, then watched Bill Nye the Science Guy with Sarah. That show is for kids with ADD, I tell ya! They are never on the same shot for more than 5 seconds, always jumping around, yelling at'cha.

Video of the Day: Ahahaha, the story of Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell just gets better and better. The Tea Party is trying to do everything they can to turn America back as many centuries as it can. There's *literally* a witch hunt going on now, since it became public that Delaware Tea Party Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell "dabbled in witchcraft"... This past weekend btw, SNL parodied this.

Picture of the Day: Oh my goodness. First, the picture needs no further description than Justin Bieber was at Hooters (ROFL...) Second, ya'll should be thankful that I'm the dedicated kind of blogger than just Google image searched Justin Bieber -.- to find the highest quality version of this picture. Which wasn't easy, this seems to be it oddly.

Song of the Day: Amanda was looking through my iPod earlier and noted that, aside from the "Are we Human, or are we Dancer_" song, I am missing all the The Killers songs that I like. So in honor of adding those, I'm gonna go with... "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. Hm, I've never looked too closely into this song... interesting meaning/lyrics...

Quotes of the Day: While randomly googling just now, I found this interesting quote from the Qur'an I wish more people would take to heart.

The Qur'an says "Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance." (6:108) I interpret this to mean: "Don't revile those who believe in others besides Allah, because they may, out of spite for you, revile Allah." I like this! If only this was in the Bible somewhere :(

But on a lighter note, Amanda said something funny earlier when she saw the Bill Nye DVD in my car. "Bill Nye, HE'S NOT A SCI-[ENCE GUY]" lol -- she saw the Disney logo, and meant to say something along the lines of "a Disney Show" but at the same time was reading the cover and it crossed paths in her head. She stopped herself midword, but we were already cracking up laughing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitch and Boast Friday

So in Mr. Hart's class in High School, every Friday we went around the room and bitched or boasted about whatever. Well, it's Friday -- after 8pm and I'm working the desk til midnight. And blah, it's been a long, and neutral-leaning-bad day x_X First of all, I'm sick which is obviously really really annoying.

This is what I've taken... it's also a dietary supplement, but I've still been hungry, so I dunno what that means...

It started yesterday morning, just out of no where, started feeling sick more and more throughout the day. Then last night I couldn't take it any more and decided to go to bed at like 10:00 (definitely the earliest I've gone to bed in years.) Woke up at like 12:30, 4:30, and 8:45.... yigh. Went to Presidency and Congress class, nothing particularly special going on. Both classes have big tests next Friday. I need to start learning all of the Representatives from Ohio, cause Dr. Cohen has claimed that they'll be on a test soon.

Blah, so I'm losing focus -- today was rough. Pretty sick. Went to observe at the Catholic school which went pretty cool, they're building Sumerian cities out of things found around the house. Next week me and my partner have to do an ice breaker with them, and I'm going to use the Snowball fight... cause it's my favorite, lol. I'm expecting his not to go over so well, but he may pick a different one. His right now is "who is your favorite president, organize by order..." blah. So went to an ASG committee meeting, but I wasn't all there if ya know what I mean, and I'm not even on meds x_x I ran out of cough syrup last night. Yuck, must get better quickly, there goes any real fun this weekend :(

Song of the Day
In honor of John Lennon of Beatles' fame's 70th Birthday, Imagine by John Lennon.Wow. That's a weird music video. Oh those crazy 1970s. But also check Google while it's still his birthday, they have a cool video thing as their logo.

Video of the Day: Rofl. So, we've all seen the Old Spice commercial with the built guy who jumps off a waterfall and runs on barrels with the background changing right? If not, see here. But the point of this is, Sesame Street, too prude to show Katy Perry, decided to parody this to teach kids the word "On." LOLz.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't tell the Tea Party...

Man, talk about sucking at life! I feel like I start every blog with "Sorry I've been so busy for WEEKS!" My life should not be so busy that I can't chronicle it to remember it by. So, although I have a bunch of back-stories to catch up on, I'm skipping ahead to today.

Woke up dead tired, went to Geography class (test on the Arabian peninsula! 100% I'm betting. I rock at maps.) Could BARELY stay awake for the lecture after the test, I was like head-falling-over falling asleep. But I did wake up for the brief 30 seconds when the teacher explained why Asians love tea so much: the water there used to (pre-indoor plumbing) be inherently really bacteria filled. Probably related to the fact that Westerners used cow manure for farming fertilizer, but in Asia human manure was much more popular (which observing long term trends probably relates to how Europe pwned the 20th century.) But I digress. Because the water was so bacteria filled, it could only be consumed after boiling it, and making the boiling water tea means you didn't have to wait for it to cool down! Wow!

Well, in honor of tea I think I'm gonna share some pics that missed the first Study Abroad Log. First, while looking for the second set of pictures, here's an AWESOME Cinnamon tea that I had at a Turkish restaurant the last weekend we were in Korea with Mariel, James and a few of the Moroccans I think. AWESOMES!

While I'm at it, here's the food I ordered (so colorful!) and some of the menu. A Turkish restaurant in South Korea, ahahah, gotta love globalization. It was pretty good. (Koreanized obviously, note the kimchee.) But now for the pics I meant to find of the Korean tea ceremony!

Nice woman prepares tea in the Buddhist temple we spent the night in.

We were each presented with this beautiful display! Even real twigs for use as chopsticks with those snack things, which were like cream puffs, but the chocolate in the center was very... bark-y. ie: tree bark. I dunno what it really was, but the tea was good!

Then we each went up and got pics doing the ceremony ourselves. (Not the whole ceremony actually, just this pose actually lol.) I think I was first or second cause I got the front row.
Then all the tea ceremoniers ambushed me for a group pic! I think I was second, and a girl was first cause we all got a laugh about the ladies surrounding me. Well that was my blog about tea! I miss South Korea, and if I get my State Department internship like I hope I do it'll be in Washington D.C. for sure with the Office of Protocool, so no plans in the immediate future to go back to Korea -- but I'm loving Akron, and being home, so I'll live.

Well, I'm wasting time -- gotta shave, change and prepare to go to observation at a local catholic school for my Education class! (With just an hour to do all these things, it's strange that I suddenly found time to blog right? I know, time management skills = :-P)

Quote of the Day: "Chose your parents wisely." - My International Institutions teacher. Haha, its a joke about class society.

"The only thing that fails anybody in America is schools..." (ie: not banks, the government, etc. He was being ironic, in reality schools are the only thing we as American SAY fails us.) - Also my II teacher, oh schools, :-(

Song of the Day: The World Will Never Do by Cobra Starship ft. B.o.B. No particular reason. From their album Hot Mess, this featured B.o.B. long before he was popular!