Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitch and Boast Friday

So in Mr. Hart's class in High School, every Friday we went around the room and bitched or boasted about whatever. Well, it's Friday -- after 8pm and I'm working the desk til midnight. And blah, it's been a long, and neutral-leaning-bad day x_X First of all, I'm sick which is obviously really really annoying.

This is what I've taken... it's also a dietary supplement, but I've still been hungry, so I dunno what that means...

It started yesterday morning, just out of no where, started feeling sick more and more throughout the day. Then last night I couldn't take it any more and decided to go to bed at like 10:00 (definitely the earliest I've gone to bed in years.) Woke up at like 12:30, 4:30, and 8:45.... yigh. Went to Presidency and Congress class, nothing particularly special going on. Both classes have big tests next Friday. I need to start learning all of the Representatives from Ohio, cause Dr. Cohen has claimed that they'll be on a test soon.

Blah, so I'm losing focus -- today was rough. Pretty sick. Went to observe at the Catholic school which went pretty cool, they're building Sumerian cities out of things found around the house. Next week me and my partner have to do an ice breaker with them, and I'm going to use the Snowball fight... cause it's my favorite, lol. I'm expecting his not to go over so well, but he may pick a different one. His right now is "who is your favorite president, organize by order..." blah. So went to an ASG committee meeting, but I wasn't all there if ya know what I mean, and I'm not even on meds x_x I ran out of cough syrup last night. Yuck, must get better quickly, there goes any real fun this weekend :(

Song of the Day
In honor of John Lennon of Beatles' fame's 70th Birthday, Imagine by John Lennon.Wow. That's a weird music video. Oh those crazy 1970s. But also check Google while it's still his birthday, they have a cool video thing as their logo.

Video of the Day: Rofl. So, we've all seen the Old Spice commercial with the built guy who jumps off a waterfall and runs on barrels with the background changing right? If not, see here. But the point of this is, Sesame Street, too prude to show Katy Perry, decided to parody this to teach kids the word "On." LOLz.

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