Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't tell the Tea Party...

Man, talk about sucking at life! I feel like I start every blog with "Sorry I've been so busy for WEEKS!" My life should not be so busy that I can't chronicle it to remember it by. So, although I have a bunch of back-stories to catch up on, I'm skipping ahead to today.

Woke up dead tired, went to Geography class (test on the Arabian peninsula! 100% I'm betting. I rock at maps.) Could BARELY stay awake for the lecture after the test, I was like head-falling-over falling asleep. But I did wake up for the brief 30 seconds when the teacher explained why Asians love tea so much: the water there used to (pre-indoor plumbing) be inherently really bacteria filled. Probably related to the fact that Westerners used cow manure for farming fertilizer, but in Asia human manure was much more popular (which observing long term trends probably relates to how Europe pwned the 20th century.) But I digress. Because the water was so bacteria filled, it could only be consumed after boiling it, and making the boiling water tea means you didn't have to wait for it to cool down! Wow!

Well, in honor of tea I think I'm gonna share some pics that missed the first Study Abroad Log. First, while looking for the second set of pictures, here's an AWESOME Cinnamon tea that I had at a Turkish restaurant the last weekend we were in Korea with Mariel, James and a few of the Moroccans I think. AWESOMES!

While I'm at it, here's the food I ordered (so colorful!) and some of the menu. A Turkish restaurant in South Korea, ahahah, gotta love globalization. It was pretty good. (Koreanized obviously, note the kimchee.) But now for the pics I meant to find of the Korean tea ceremony!

Nice woman prepares tea in the Buddhist temple we spent the night in.

We were each presented with this beautiful display! Even real twigs for use as chopsticks with those snack things, which were like cream puffs, but the chocolate in the center was very... bark-y. ie: tree bark. I dunno what it really was, but the tea was good!

Then we each went up and got pics doing the ceremony ourselves. (Not the whole ceremony actually, just this pose actually lol.) I think I was first or second cause I got the front row.
Then all the tea ceremoniers ambushed me for a group pic! I think I was second, and a girl was first cause we all got a laugh about the ladies surrounding me. Well that was my blog about tea! I miss South Korea, and if I get my State Department internship like I hope I do it'll be in Washington D.C. for sure with the Office of Protocool, so no plans in the immediate future to go back to Korea -- but I'm loving Akron, and being home, so I'll live.

Well, I'm wasting time -- gotta shave, change and prepare to go to observation at a local catholic school for my Education class! (With just an hour to do all these things, it's strange that I suddenly found time to blog right? I know, time management skills = :-P)

Quote of the Day: "Chose your parents wisely." - My International Institutions teacher. Haha, its a joke about class society.

"The only thing that fails anybody in America is schools..." (ie: not banks, the government, etc. He was being ironic, in reality schools are the only thing we as American SAY fails us.) - Also my II teacher, oh schools, :-(

Song of the Day: The World Will Never Do by Cobra Starship ft. B.o.B. No particular reason. From their album Hot Mess, this featured B.o.B. long before he was popular!

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