Andrew's Christmas List

My friend Patsy often jokes that she can never buy me things because whenever I want something I go and buy it myself. So I'm keeping a list to see just how accurate this is. It also allows me to keep track of my own Christmas/Birthday list.

**Also available is my Amazon Wishlist: AJ Halliwell's Amazon Wishlist

Movies (DVDs unless otherwise stated):
  • Some important Diamond super deluxe (?) version of Beauty and the Beast
  • Mission to Mars
Other Things
  • Express Mens giftcards (can never have too many dress shirts + ties!)
  • These multi-tool collar stays! The Swiss-knife of suiting up.
  • Roller blades
Electronics/Expensive stuff I don't actually expect anyone to buy me:
  • A new camera (but don't actually buy me one, I want to pick mine out.)
  • Bike
  • A Legit Tent for camping, none of that rinky-dink stuff.
  • iPad-equivilent (preferably with Android OS)
  • A 1915 Funk  & Wagnall's Dictionary stand. (Because it's what they have on Charmed. The one at the bottom of this advertisement.)
  • A Roomba! Haven't decided on a model I like yet.
  • One of those dashboard police radar-detectors people use to prevent getting speeding tickets.

Things that were once on this list, but I have since bought myself:
  • Blu-Ray Player (my laptop is not exactly trustworthy.) bought a PS3...
  • Playstation 3 (Which I think includes a Blu-Ray player) bought myself - to celebrate campaign win! (11/11/12)
  • Fancy watch Thank you CKI District Board!
  • The Scooby Doo live action movies bought myself :-/
  • The Matrix Trilogy (and the Animatrix) Happy Birthday Self, 2/10/12!
  • The X-Men trilogy (I believe there is a box set...) Yup, bought myself :/
  • Black dress socks
  • Suit Vest I think 2 is enough for now, bought myself. (Bought 3 more since.)
  • Flat-bottomed, cloth tie bought myself. It was on sale at Burlington Coat Factory for like 3 bucks. 
  • Big Fat Liar
  • Clockstoppers (Netflix.)
  •  The Jurassic Park trilogy (I believe there is a box set...)
  • The Brave Little Toaster trilogy* (I bought myself the first one, the other two are on Netflix.)
  • Not-Fancy watch (ie: I can wear it exploring abandoned buildings, and not worry about scratching it)