Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Part Where Everything Changes...

Phew, well, it's been a turbulent few weeks I gotta say. For those random international people who seem to follow my blog, and I greatly appreciate you, you should know that my girlfriend and I have split up after just over 2 years. While I'm sure I shouldn't expect her to follow this blog anymore, I still don't think it appropriate to go into the dirty details of that kind of thing in a public forum.

Star Trek (Original Series) Stage Plan for Sets

But The TV Show that is my Life seems to be having some kind of exciting arc or something. We've got characters leaving the show, old recurring characters having an increased role, and a whole bunch of sets that have been scrapped (hopefully to make way for new sets.) In addition to preferring not to go over Sarah's house anymore (to avoid the awkwardness of running into the guy I presume she'll be dating soon) - I have quit my job as a CA in the residence halls. That's two long standing sets, I'm hoping we're making room for new places and not just losing a warehouse due to low viewership!

Still haven't found our "How I Met Your Mother" bar setting... heck, now even our character set is in flux!

I dunno, I feel this air of change in my life isn't done yet. I'm hoping the next changes will be positive, however. I'm also feeling the urge to go on more adventures -- which have been increasingly difficult to fit in my time these past two years. But if I don't have time for adventure, what have I time for?

Stay tuned for new characters, plot twists, character arcs and hopefully permanent set pieces in my life!

Quote of the Day: After leaving my last CA shift today, my boss' boss (who I sent my letter of resignation to) ran into me outside the building - and we chatted briefly about my last CA shift.

"I hope I conveyed I didn't hate anyone in Honors or anything, it was just time for a life re-shuffling."
"No, you're fine! Tell me you want the job back, and I'd hire you back tomorrow."

I love ResLife! My boss and her boss are both awesome, and I could tell they had a really high opinion of me and were sad to see me go. In fact, the day I asked about resigning my boss was actually delivering me candy and pop because I was CA of the month -- heh :-/

Song of the Day: "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine (from Maroon 5). The video for this is pretty dull. The Maroon 5 guy doesn't quite look like what I would expect, but other than that no surprises. This song's pretty average too I gotta say. I like the idea of the metaphor thouhg, it reminds me of Beyonce's project!

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