Friday, October 28, 2011

Abandoned Sigma Nu House

Baaah, crazy week. This has been a very ASG heavy week, weak on CKI and other things unfortunately. I think Monday alone I completed like, 8+ office hours -- while I am only paid for 4 a week. Got home from the Safety Walk tonight around 10:10 PM. On the bright side, the safety walk went were few others have gone before -- the Abandoned ΣΝ House on campus! It was nice to breathe in that moldy air, with bad lighting, I was completely in my element!

Above is the last rubber tree in Akron - the primary reason (apparently) the University hasn't torn the building down yet. Haha, there's something strange about being able to explore an abandoned building on official business! :D

Sigma Nu's logo on a wall inside. I found the minutes actually, where the Board of Trustee's bought the house for over $400,000.

Shady bathroom.

This is pretty awesome actually, the fireplaces in here were classy! I personally would like to see them convert the building into a residence hall or office space.

On the right is the front door to the building, boarded up; we had to get in another way.

Not even sure what this room was. But I think one thing is sure: I need go buy myself a new camera as soon as possible :( my phone does not cut it in the dark.

Website of the Day: -- Apparently this is where all of the internet's memes come from, lol. My personal favorite concept is the "Philosoraptor"...

Alright, as you can see, this blog is pretty content light. Hopefully I'll have more to talk about tomorrow!

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