Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Sunday: Beyoncé's Revenge!

So the list of movies I have to watch for one reason or another has been growing and the list of movies I've been watching has screeched to a halt - so since I have a last day to myself before hell week, I think I'm going to take most of today to watch some of these movies (and of course, critique them.)

Hm, interesting juxtaposition in the movie poster of white and black. Subtle racial themes!?
The first movie on my list is "Obsessed" starring Beyoncé and Ali Larter (who played Niki Sanders, and her various alter egos on Heroes.) They actually advertised it back when Heroes was on, and for some reason it stuck out in my head last time I was at Blockbuster trying to find a movie -which was um, a fair number of weeks ago. So I got to get this watched and returned.

The Plot: Beyoncé and this guy have a perfect marriage, newborn, and a new house - but there's this hot blonde temp at work (Ali Larter) who is clearly trying to seduce Mr. Beyoncé. And not normal seduce, like crazy stalker seduce. Right now she's thumbing through his CD collection in his work desk, bribing his gay assistant with cocktails to learn more about the office's personal life. (Mmm, meanwhile I'm enjoying some steak and cheesy-broccoli rice!)
Quote of the Day: "...alot of these single gals see the workplace as their hunting ground, and this one has got you in her crosshairs."
- co-worker to Mr. Beyoncé. Haha, this is similar to what I tell Patsy, Panda and the other single ladies (no pun intended) - once you graduate work is the only place to find eligible single-folk. Cause no one you meet at a bar is going to be all that high-quality.

During the DVD previews though, there was movie that seemed potentially interesting: The Stepfather (  -- which looks like they're using the same house (and plot) as Disturbia.

(Still watching the movie.) Oh shyt, Beyoncé is pissed now. This is where it gets good! Man, that is one dumb assistant. Omg, a Beyoncé fightscene is the most awesome thing ever. We need to get her in Kill Bill Vol. 3. Hm, maybe I'll watch that today. Wow, movies over-- this was actually a really good entertaining movie! I was worried it was going to be too-Tyler Perry, but it was great! Highly recommended. (Glad I can finally return this movie...)

But anyway, a recent conversation at my internship lead to the homework assignment of watching several 80's movies to bring me up to speed on quotes and references; including but not limited to: Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, "really any John Hughes films..." Wow, coincidentally -- Jen just notified me that Dirty Dancing is on ABC Family right now. How convenient!

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