Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoppin' pre-Exhaustion

Well, I'm worried if I don't type this out now I'll end up forgetting and this past weekend will go unrecorded. So lets see, starting Friday I think -- Panda texted me "I need to go shopping, like now." So drove up to Garfield to hang with her after my morning of meetings and schoolwork.

Panda's headbands, becoming her new trademark (replacing the Panda theme)
Reminds me of me and my rainbow button-up shirts!

Yay for Shopping with Panda. That is like, one of my favorite things to do - thank you consumerism! Every time I go clothes shopping with Panda I think of Patsy's voice saying "Whenever I see Panda, she always looks so cuuute!" and it's not even with a particularly funny inflection but I just think its funnier than it really is - haha. But yeah, that took a couple of hours, I didn't really find that much that appealed to me unfortunately. Except: I finally found a new pair of dress shoes!!! My old ones were like, a size (or 2) too big, so my feet always felt (and looked) weird in them. But these are perfect! Usually, while I've been on the look out for new dress shoes, they are either too tight and uncomfortable, or far too expensive (most over a hundred dollars.) These were the perfect price, the perfect fit, and design, Love'm. Other than that, not much bought unfortunately.
"Bowties are cool."
 But Panda wanted to come out to Akron for Dinner with Patsy for some reason, lol, so we went out to Johnny Malloy's and got drinks and had a good time! Went only a little later than expected, I still slept in until 6:30 the next morning when I wanted to wake up at 5am -- to be at Make a Difference Day by 6:30am. I managed to speed-shower and dress and get there pretty quickly though, and I was still fairly early I'd say. So started my EXHAUSTING weekend...

Quote of Friday: At the store I bought the shoes, I found a pair of gloves that you can operate a touch-screen phone through. I pointed it out to Panda while a sales associate was nearby...
"Hm, gloves you can use your touch screen with." -- Me.
"That's stupid. If I had to use my phone I'd just take my clothes off, er, glov--"
(We both start laughing)

Picture of the Day: Bahahaha, stole this from my cousin on Facebook.

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