Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleepin-up Service

Bright and early Saturday morning in Akron was Make a Difference Day. Circle K, I don't even know how many years we've been doing this -- something like 3 to 5. Got to be a Transportation assistant again and once again had a lot of fun! Especially since my bus only had to transport 2 groups of 4, and both projects were relatively near the University. So this was actually a really easy project - and I may try to get a group of CKI alumni next year together to volunteer as a public group.

Lets see, what happened Saturday? Went over Patsy's and watched the first episode of the old animated X-Men! Talk about an awesome day! The theme song was stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. We had a lot of fun mocking the various scripts, concepts and imagery of it.

Then I'm pretty sure we came back to the condo so I could change or something, and Panda joined us, and we went to a corn maze in Peninsula with Erin & Joe. I didn't know there was a corn maze there! It was really cool, and they had really good apple cider, and gigantic pumpkins the likes of which I'd never seen - but Erin being from farmland just called me "cityfolk." After that we went to Peninsula looking for a good time (cause on the way there, we passed what seemed to be a very active celebration - we figured a festival or something!) Turns out it was just a wedding, haha.

So we went to Fairlawn Winking Lizard for dinner, more good times were had, then went down to the Valley for more good times! New favorite drink: Rocket Pop! It's red at the bottom, clear/white in the middle, and blue on top! And so tasty too! Had a bit too many of those, some blue drinks, beers, and the lot of us went to bed at Erin's at like 3+ am?

Ugh, 2 hours later, we woke up to come to my place, where Jen and Panda waited while I showered and got ready for another day of CKI. This time, cleaning up a hotel at Cedar Point to fund-raise.

Quote of the Day: While exploring the Corn Maze, there were many Halloween decorations all over the place, including several of the same "haunted" looking scary black cats. While taking the picture above, one moved --
"AHHHH! That cat was real..." - Joe, Panda and everyone just kind jump scared out of their wits as an actual black cat runs off. WTF?! lolz....

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