Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Things I learned at Lion King 3D

(retroactive back-blogging)

Even though it's been [it was] my day to relax, I've been pretty stressed for a number of different reasons. Mom is a few of the reasons. And she insisted on asking me a dozen times to go see Lion King in 3D with her, and figuring this would be my last chance to see it in theaters  -- I finally gave in. Annoying-ness aside, I haven't watched Lion King (paying attention) in like 15+ years - and I didn't really remember most of it, enough of it to appreciate seeing it again.

After the previews for bad upcoming movies, there were several things I learned:

1. Scar is Jafar. It's like the exact same character. I had to google to confirm they're not the same voice actor (their not - Scar is Jeremy Irons, Jafar is Jonathan Freeman.) The whole story is really just Aladdin had Jasmine been a boy.

2. James Earl Jones has the most epic voice in history. Seriously, he is like the best narrator in history. In fact, I think he is the voice of God in my head. He should narrate the bible. I asked around the ASG office, and most people said that Morgan Freeman was the voice of God in their head, interesting fact, lol. I love that the voice of God in most people is a black man.

3. Deforestation in Africa may not just be a result of human interference, but could be an effect of bad leadership on the part of the Lion-Government.

4. Monkey's can control the weather. Speaking of monkeys, is DisneyNature a real thing? Because they're making a movie called "Chimpanzees" which is the "real life story" of a chimpanzee left to be raised by some other chimpanzee and it looks ridiculous.

5. Hakuna Matata is not as awesome as people think it is. They make it sound like "no worries" is a great, easy way to live - and I think many members of our generation have lived their life by this. *Coughdavidcough* But as Nala points out, you can't just run away from your responsibilities. Go Nala! That's my life right there, wish I had more time for fun, but a bunch of responsibilities abound...

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Patsy said...

My friend grew up in Tananzia and she said parents say "Hakuna Matata" to their kids and it means "no mischief." In other words, they say it to their kids as a way of telling them to behave, not to live with no worries.