Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stow Jewelery/Gold Cat Burglar

WWVMD? What would Veronica Mars do? There appears to be a series of cat burglaries in Stow, people breaking in and stealing jewels, gold, etc. A dead soldier's stolen cross has made major local news actually. If Veronica Mars was here, dare I say, she'd be out there solving these cases right now! And as one of my heroes, I thought I'd take a look at what the news said to see if I had any major epiphanies (that the officials had somehow missed)...

Man Pleads for Return of Fallen Soldier's Necklace

Gold military cross of soldier killed in Iraq stolen from dad; 'I just want it back'

Then there was another story in the Stow Sentry about $46,000 in jewelry going stolen! It's like something out of Batman, I tell ya. Hm, solving mysteries is hard.

In other news, I am loving my internship a lot and had a blast this weekend!

Song of the Day: Haha, after posting the "Video of the Day" below I found this -- so retroactivly putting in a Song of the Day as well. "PhotoShop Rap" by College Humor.

Quote of the Day: Haha, after a night out filled with "snarky comments" -- I was asked:
"Are you old enough to be drinking?" - D.
"Yes, I'm 22 actually. Are you old enough to be drinking D.?" (Eh hem, she was, lol)
"That was a pretty snarky comment!" - S.
"Actually, it was a pretty flattering comment." - T.
"It was a double entendre! Points for being both snarky and flattering at the same time." - S.

Video of the Day: Care of college humor, here's a funny clip parodying Jurassic Park featuring the real actor that played the Lawyer haha!

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