Thursday, March 10, 2011

Despite the clouds, I'm Walkin on Sunshine!

Wow! So I've been having an awesome couple of days/weeks recently! It's really frightening how good it's been, like, I'm worried it can really only go down from here.

I got contacts! And I'm getting the hang of them pretty darn quickly. It took like an hour and a half of training at the place to learn to put them in and take them out. Then the first day it took like an hour and a half to get them out, I felt kinda dumb. But today I was able to put them in in like 6 minutes which by far is a record for me and we'll see how quickly I manage to take them out tonight. I have two types of cleaning solutions I'm supposed to use, and one of them is much stronger, must be in for 6 full hours at a time, and some kind of carbon gear does some kind of chemistrial magic that makes it not sting me! it's really quite fascinating.

I got a new phone! FINALLY, after two long years with that awful Blackberry Storm -- now I've got the Droid X and it is wonderful! Oh the apps I can have, and the ease of use I've been able to... enjoy? It's just all around wonderful. No problems at all, some minor flukes I have to get used to, but no problems. The Droid X is pretty big -- so its kind of awkward to type sideways, but I'm okay typing vertical style and prefer it actually. Then the fact that there's no talk button is just something I have to get used to -- I keep looking for it, but you have to hit the number like twice. n.n Google Goggles, Angry Birds, and a Hiragana testing ap all make my day every time.

And 3 months later -- my reimbursement check from the University finally went through! So when I least expect it, waPOW! Money!!!! n.n Not to mention the surprise random deposits from my savings bonds' interest. I'm not rolling in dough, by far, but it's nice not to have to worry too much about money every week - and all my credit cards being at zero is on the clear and present horizon. The only problem with that is that my personal economics actually functions better slightly in debt than when I'm in the black, so hopefully that doesn't go sour.

Then there's Circle K and ASG. My work load next year is going to be pretty darn light, so I'll have plenty of time coasting to graduation to do student org things. My campaign to be reelected College of Education Senator in ASG is underway, and without opposition, I don't see the election being much stress. And Circle K: Oh, Circle K... so the district is facing a slight issue with who will be Governor, and other board positions with no one running at the AWESOMELY successful DCON. So I'm strongly considering applying for the position myself.

Quote of the Day: I'm stealing one of the Hillary Clinton blogs I follow's "Quote of the Day"s.
"Some take the view that, to encourage tolerance, some hateful ideas must be silenced by governments. We believe that efforts to curb the content of speech rarely succeed and often become an excuse to violate freedom of expression. Instead, as it has historically been proven time and time again, the better answer to offensive speech is more speech. People can and should speak out against intolerance and hatred. By exposing ideas to debate, those with merit tend to be strengthened, while weak and false ideas tend to fade away; perhaps not instantly, but eventually." - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her February 15, 2011 speech on internet freedom at George Washington University.

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