Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Head, the Finger and the Flood

Woah, BUSY night at work! (Which means I haven't been able to get much else done.) The residence hall I'm working at has had quite a night, I can't get too detailed because I take confidentiality pretty seriously, but I think it's safe to share that two of our residents went to the hospital (give or take), both from the second floor. Then a shower on the second floor started flooding, and two residents had to be temporarily relocated. Whaaaaaat is going on on the second floor? The RA's nicknamed the whole night's crisis: "The head, the finger and the flood."

But after that, I took care of some emails about the Garfield House for mom, and looked over an essay for Sarah, and did some Circle K work. Now I hope to get to catch up on some of the MOUNTAINS of homework due in April x_X

Website of the Day: Not so much a website, but a Twitter account. So a very poisonous snake is missing from/inside the Reptile House of the Bronx Zoo - and this somehow made national news for several days now. Well someone (presumably the snake) started a Twitter "Bronx Zoo's Cobra" - and it's fun to read, as he tours around New York enjoyin' some freedom! My favorite part of this story is that the national news has started reporting on the fact that someone made a twitter account. The first day I heard about it, they had 44,000 followers. Yesterday they had 150,000. Today, 184,000.

Song of the Day: "Howlin For You" by the Black Keys, this is my temporary favorite song of the week but I'm sure I'll be tired of it by Monday. My new FAVORITE movie is "Limitless" -- it was just awesomey awesomeness wrapped in awesome-bacon! And this song reminds me of it, because it is in it at two points (the end credits and when he first uses his powers to make himself over. If you haven't seen this movie, SEE IT!)

I didn't know this song was by the Black Keys, I hear Patsy talk about them breaking into her dads van all the time! They're supposed to be some big band from Akron I guess, but I've never really heard their music before now. Well, if I haven't said this yet, I really wish I had the productivity + intelligence pill from the movie! And now I just want to be like that all the time, crazy productive I mean. (And here I am blogging, Oh jeeze...) Oh well, making some of this song my ringtone is a good first step.... (not.)

Oh, and wtf with this song's music video being very Tarantino-like lol.

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