Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Omg Blog, I miss you! It's been too long - but it's been a busy, busy spring break. First of all, as of the Sunday before last - I am the Circle K district Governor-elect (starting April 1.) Which means Circle K has become my priority for the next year+! And priority it has been. I've already traveled to Columbus and Marietta, and have plans to visit Baldwin Wallace, Cincinnati, and Dayton in the next two weeks. And I've been in contact with a bunch of the Presidents, trying to fill our board.

But I'm going to try to keep Circle K off this blog as that enters a politically-gray area. Rather, lets talk about the other awesome things that I encounter in life! Like how wonderful the weather has been these past few weeks! I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but mom bought me a mountain bike among other things for Christmas this past year. I put it together for the most part on Christmas, but had some trouble with the break lines and tires. Well yesterday I finally got around to fixing the breaks, and now I just have to get air in the tires. Unfortunately, my bike does not fit in my car - so I'll have to walk it up to the Circle K (Gas Station) in Stow, which fortunately is just up the street a few blocks.

Life at the Condo is finally evening out to normalcy, I think. Moms finding clubs and things to do in Stow, and I've even got her finally considering buying normal adult clothes and not wearing David and Mine's hand-me-downs. She's even watching her own shows on cable, using the DVR, she uses the internet (luckily she's not on Facebook or Twitter... yet...) , AND she's writing again! :D OMG! I forgot to mentioned, David FINALLY got his Drivers License! WOOOOO! So this Summer I'm hoping I've wittled away at the list of things I have to help my family out with.

Song of the Day: Well, not so much today - as last "Friday" - "by" Rebecca Black. The internet has been filled, over the last weekend, with criticisms and hair-pulling reviews of this song. Somewhere, parents paid $2,000 to have their 13 year-old daughter put into a 'professional-looking' music video with the company writing a song for her.

Wikipedia cites observers have called it "bizarre," "inept," and "hilariously dreadful." Rolling Stone's Perpetua stated, "When you see this video, you immediately notice everything that it does 'wrong', but it actually gets a lot of things about pop music right, if just by accident."

Also from Wikipedia: As of 22 March 2011, the "Friday" music video has been viewed more than 33 million times on YouTube and has reportedly sold more than two million downloads from iTunes, where it reached #19 among singles.[11] (2011 -03-22) Based on such data, Forbes estimated that Black and Ark Music had received "easily" more than $1 million from iTunes sales, and $20,000 more from YouTube's revenue-sharing program.[40]

Lord help me, I can't get this song out of my head through much of the day :( IT'S SO AWFUL!!!

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